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#ao3 fanfic

AU. Set in modern times, Relena is a doctor pursuing a cure for an unwilling patient - with a terrible disease. (Explicit content)

Heero sat on the edge of the bed. Tentative fingertips slipped down the length of his chest. Followed by the heat of her breath, her lips. Her tongue. He closed his eyes and let her continue – trying to quell one kind of hunger building inside him while allowing desire of another sort to build, and heat his blood. 

“Were you,” she murmured, her palms smoothing over the length of his shoulders. “Was your body always…" 

He brushed his thumb over her cheek. "Cold?" 

"Your musculature…your skin…” Aqua-blue eyes met his gaze; long, black lashes dusted high cheekbones. “Everything is so perfect. But, yes, it's—" 

"I’ve always been cold." 

 She lifted the corners of her lips. "Even to me?”

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Trick ‘r Treat (My Halloween Sweet)

(Title is a link to story on AO3)

After causing his little girl to miss out on her first Halloween last year, Klaus refuses to allow himself to ruin it for her again! Costumes at the ready, and candy on the brain, what Halloween mischief will ensue?

Will everything go as smoothly as planned for his sweet, or will his health decide to pull a trick on him once again?

** Halloween one shot to accompany my daddy!Klaus series “Lullabies Go On, They Never Die, That’s How You And I Will Be

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… of Updating A LOT has been the title of my version of an October fanfic challenge that I was doing on my own this year’s October.

It’s now the last day and looking back, I can say I managed to do quite well for myself - despite the obvious lack of posting in-between.

Seeing as I’ve managed to get ill smack in the middle of this month, I can be excused from fulfilling it daily. I still managed to post a TON of works, dear readers! :D

I’ll delete the Series I’ve created on AO3 for the purpose of keeping track of the works I posted this month, methinks. It served its purpose and I have a better idea for a series coming up… so stay tuned, eh? ;)

As per usual, you’ll find the full list with links underneath the cut. Enjoy~


Originally posted by voxambrosia

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Rating: General Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Genre:  Halloween themed BTS housemates AU

Category: M/M

Relationship: Sope (Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi)

Word Count: 3698



Summary: The maknaes are once again playing matchmaking by sending Hoseok and Yoongi to a funfair. On Halloween. While it’s raining. Oh, and Yoongi totally doesn’t want to kill them at all.
Who would have thought that it would have actually initiated something between the two of them?

AO3 Link

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Ongoing Fic: Man That You Fear Ch. 3 (Explicit)

Fandom: It Chapter Two (Antichrist!Eddie/Nephilim! Richie AU)

Relationship: Richie Tozier/Eddie Kaspbrak

Summary: Eddie Kaspbrak, a successful Risk Analyst for Docet Insurance, has an uncanny ability to discern who is worthy of a contract from his company. But what he doesn’t tell his superiors is that visions of sin, both the past and those to come in prospective clients, are what keep Eddie in the number one position.

Richie Tozier, a comedian whose jokes bring laughter, joy, and a surprising amount of healing to all who witness him, is in a heavy place following a personal loss.

When the two collide, will darkness overshadow the light, or can Eddie’s nature be redeemed in the face of Richie’s endearing presence?

Happy Halloween 🎃

Man That You Fear-DRHPaints on AO3-Link

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But wait! There’s more!

Enjoy these two super fun fics! Perfect for a Halloween Eve. 🎃


Originally posted by notbigondoors

“When in Rom(ania), Do As The Ghosties Do” by Blizzard_Fire

Characters: Steve Rogers & Vision

Prompt: Character A has to spend Halloween night in a haunted Romanian castle on a dare from an old schoolmate

Rated General


Originally posted by eclipse-valkyrie

“Where was the body?” by Panda365

Characters: Jennifer Walters & Darcy Lewis

Prompt: A body has been discovered

Rated General

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