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#ao3 fanfic
chellywrites · 22 minutes ago
5, 6, 15, n 19! also, it looks like you rlly like spirited away, have you ever written or considered writing any spirited away fics?
5. satosugu adopt kids (yikes) (jujutsu kaisen) - i feel like every jjk writer has one little self indulgent family fic squirrelled away and here’s mine: firstly i’ve deleted everything to do with curses because they pose too much potential for angsty and also because i can’t write action scenes whdjdj! secondly, gojo steals (legally) megumi (no tsumiki in this au because i’m afraid of how to write her), while getou saves the girls from a bad situation. mostly it’s just daily dramatic domestic shenanigans with some kids :D
“only one of the bunnies is paying him any real attention, happily sniffling at his ankles, and for it’s troubles suguru lifts it up gently, as he makes his way into the living room. he’s sure eventually the rest will get bored and follow. even before he enters, the sounds of national geographic on the television are barely distinguishable from the volume of satoru’s laugh and nanako’s petulant whines.
megumi is sprawled on the floor by the table, one of his two dogs is most definitely in the corner eating his homework, for the third time that week; this time, suguru decides, he will not help the boy try to fix it in a panic before the deadline. satoru should have been a responsible parent and prevented it from happening. the other dog is unsurprisingly, being used as an oversized cushion.”
6. temple au (jujutsu kaisen) - one of my three endgame itafushikugi wips! nobara and megumi help yuuji revive the cult of sukuna after sukuna accidentally messes up and reincarnates into yuuji, nobara realises she has ancestral blood in the cult and megumi stumbles upon the temple while avoiding his own clan issues. it’s a super fun, supernatural au which is more silly than serious tbh.
“nobara was sometimes not unlike a piranhas, less prone to attack than people expected, but easily riled up by the scent of fresh blood.
as though to prove that just sometimes, he was some god’s favourite, their destination comes into sight. amongst the wane light of a waxing moon, the structure stood hulking and proud. it was eerie, with the way the wood gleamed as though newly polished, the shine carmine of the tiled roof. the silence of it. buildings this grand, this intricate, should creak in their foundations, the windows should rattle in their frames, the walls should groan under their load.
they come to a natural stop. nobara somehow manages to rock on her heels despite the uneven mud.
“we’re here.” megumi says, just to be annoying. “
15. watermelon sugar type beat (jujutsu kaisen) - another of the three itafushikugi wips! set semi-canon this time, it’s just a silly one shot (?) spawned from my own hcs for the trio, where they go to sendai and do silly teenage things in yuuji’s hometown! i also wanted to try and write the visiting the grave scene a la chainsaw man. no expert sorry because the state of this wip is best left for my own eyes jsjdjjd (it’s a mess OTL)
19. take a deep breath, take a deep breath, take a deep breath- (genshin impact) - zhongli loosing his gnosis isn’t as straightforward as he explained (or expected) and through plot armour magic shenanigans, our favourite liyue teens have been de-aged at his behest. it’s blatantly an excuse for me to have zhongli play house and maybe if i’m up for it explore his loneliness and detachment for his people and humanity as a whole. anyway, as they saying goes: “from the mouths of babes” for the wisest of introspections.
“zhongli holds hu tao upside down by her ankle. now this would be quite feat perhaps, if he wasn’t a millennia old god and the girl in question had been her normal size. unfortunately, as he listens to her squealing laughter and forces his grip a tad tighter as she shakes in his grasp, hu tao was very much not her normal size.
there are other issues, of course. there’s the fatui mages unconscious on the ground, the remnant sparking of electro over the dark lake of wuwang hill, the other not quite normal sized people clustered around his leg.
“mr zhongli,” xiangling says in a very quite voice, much higher than her usually chirping tenor, “what are we going to do now?” ”
spirited away! -
firstly nonny you’re totally right! i love spirited away and it’s probably one of (if not my number one) favourite movies of all time! funnily enough, despite loving ghibli movies and content, i’ve never thought to or attempted to write a ghibli based fanfic - spirited away included! i feel like most of the time when i write fics it’s because there’s something else from canon my mind wants to run away with and see. however, in the case of spirited away, i don’t think there is? the film and story are so well made and self contained i am want for literally nothing jsjdjd. i could (do) just watch it again and again and enjoy the way things play out. same could be said for other films like howl’s moving castle and kiki’s delivery service, which feature heavily in my other social media accounts (and make up far too much of my personality). but it’s not just ghibli that gives me this vibe funnily enough, some anime/manga i consume also feel complete enough that i’m happy to just leave them be fic free (the shock and horror of it)... others however, i have a personal vendetta to bend to my emotion driven will OTL...
wip title ask game!
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bookofnyx · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My Little Draculove, a sequel to What Part of Forever.
CHAPTER IV: be my fire
His anxiety wouldn’t be the winner, not anymore. His resolve to be happy and to fight against his inner demons had to be as strong as his desire to fight any outer demons threatening his loved ones, and the techniques he learned — mantras, fighting, using his senses — now became physical, like a bridge over a canyon that only stretched larger with time.
The necklace grounded him. His Cullen emblem. The crest of his family. He could do this.
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ravenyenn19 · 51 minutes ago
Guys. My internet took a crap and I had to wait to upload the DWOD chapter, THEN BECAUSE THE AUDACITY I HAD TO PROMISE MY FRIEND TO WATCH WITH HER... I’m stuck waiting for several more hours. *cries in kanej* On a side note, chapter is going to be uploaded soon and I’m sorry but there was nothing I could do. I hope you guys still want to read after Shadow and Bone, I love writing it so much. <3 
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natandwandaseries · an hour ago
Omg I just reached 250 bookmarks!! Thank you all for your support of my series and reading along!! This is a milestone I honestly never imagined I would reach when I started Silenced
I’m about to hit 2,000 kudos, 250 subscriptions, and 80,000 hits as well! You are all amazing!!
Thank you!!
(And happy Friday!!)
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ao3feed-bakudeku · an hour ago
by Anonymous
Words: 77, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku
Additional Tags: Sexual Tension, Anal Sex
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yakarmi · an hour ago
I just woke up and am hypothesizing:
Has anyone else every thought that a large part of the reason romantic fanfiction is so attractive to women is that a majority of the authors are women? And women know how to write the female gaze. Having the female gaze applied to your favorite media (which is probably heavily effected by the male gaze) is attractive.
I remember a poll someone did for fanfiction authors and a large chunk, much bigger than 80%, were women and when I write a lot of the times it’s my fluff scenes that readers seem to be more effected by.
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betweentimeand42 · an hour ago
Fanfic Collection: This is Spinal Tap
Here's another installment of "all the fics I wrote for a certain fandom," and this one goes to 11 6. It also features a crossover with my previous collection, Wayne's World. I saw this movie once years ago and liked it, but it wasn't until I watched it again more recently that I stopped resisting the urge to write about it, and so... this happened.
In chronological order according to the canonical timeline:
"Naval-Gazing." A pre-canon story based on a significant deleted scene from the film that implies David St. Hubbins' bisexuality, in which David brings an Italian sailor to his shared flat with Nigel and Nigel mistakes his jealous feelings for homophobia.
"A Private Show." Smut, filth and smut. After the cancellation of a concert while on tour, Nigel overhears David and Jeanine in the hotel room next door taking out their frustration in a very physical way... which causes some frustration of his own.
"All the Way Home." Based on another deleted scene where David and Nigel play the first song they ever wrote together. The first fic I wrote for the fandom, and kind of weirdly sad to boot (considering the thing's based on a comedy film).
Together Looks Good When You're Alone Looks Good When You're Together. Probably my favorite fic that I've written this year- it will be hard to top it. After the release of Marty DiBergi's "fuck-you-mentary" turns Spinal Tap into a laughingstock, the band regroups to record an album that will put them back in favor with the American market. However, recording is interrupted when Nigel falls ill with a stomach virus... and though David knows it's best to practice social distancing, he just can't help himself, and ends up falling ill as well. While quarantining together, he and Nigel end up growing closer than they'd ever expect.
"Wayne's World: The Spinal Tap Interview." Exactly what it sounds like. Wayne and Garth invite Spinal Tap on their public access program during a promotional tour for Break Like the Wind. Written in sketch format and featuring plenty of recycled jokes from both canons.
"Smashing Good Tunes." Inspired by real events (aka, the baffling outrage that followed Phoebe Bridgers' 2021 Saturday Night Live performance). Nigel and David hate-watch Phoebe Bridgers' smashing performance over Zoom, and scheme over what they can do to make her pay for the guitar she lightly dented (if that).
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louisapennyfeather2021 · 2 hours ago
What if I write a series of shorts from Welcome to Camp?
I can introduce more of the newsies and introduce their back stories better.
I can get some different interactions.
Should I do this?
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elecktrum · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 4/4 Fandom: Final Space Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Avocato/Gary Goodspeed, Quinn Airgone/Gary Goodspeed, Avocato & Gary Goodspeed, Avocato & Little Cato (Final Space), Gary Goodspeed & Little Cato, Gary Goodspeed & Sheryl Goodspeed Characters: Gary Goodspeed, Avocato, Quinn Airgone, Little Cato, Sheryl Goodspeed, tribore, Fox, Ash Graven, KVN, Hue, Mooncake - Character Additional Tags: Dark Humor, Friendship, Love, Survival, Desert Island, living on worms, invictus, No beta we die like redshirts, Titans, a goddamned forever ball, Team Squad (Final Space), polyspace leanings Summary:
They have no ship, no food, and if they didn't have each other, they'd have no hope. How will the Team Squad cope - not to mention survive - trapped in Final Space on a stupid planet?
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kawayls · 2 hours ago
what’s that one specific fic you’re desperate to read but no one writes and your brain goes offline each time you sit down to try and I write it?
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theghoulinyourattic · 2 hours ago
The reason I love the found family trope is probably because I only have like two friends (not exaggerating) and I crave a closeness that I just don’t have in my life
I have no one who knows me intimately and loves me unconditionally and that fact is slowly crushing me to death
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champagne-daydreams · 2 hours ago
Song rec for Chapter 6 of Guardians of Balance
I don't know what hurts the most / Holding on or letting go
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onemoresomething · 3 hours ago
Chapters: 4/5
Fandom: SK8 the Infinity (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Nanjo Kojiro | Joe/Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom
Chapter preview:
Kaoru tries to replay the conversation from the previous evening back in his mind now, but the effects of one too many glasses of wine was distorting the memory. He could only remember diluted expressions and beginnings of unfinished sentences.
Think Kaoru -
If Kojiro wants you to date -
But not date someone like Shishido -
Then did he mean someone like -
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hedgebelle · 3 hours ago
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Category: M/M
Fandom: Batman - All Media Types
Relationship: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne
Additional Tags: Unreliable Narrator, Unrequited Lust, Sexual Tension, Objectified Nightwing, Extremely Dubious Consent, not a comedy, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Jason Todd is Robin, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Writing Exercise, no beta we die like men, JayDick Week 2021, Holding Hands
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elenyafinwe · 3 hours ago
This are 3 out of 5 comments on Adamantine on FFnet
Tumblr media
All spam. FFnet does nothing about it, although I reported them all, and I’m not the only one with that issue. 
Today I got another review, that’s not spam, but, well ... I’m not happy either. The text has 27k words. Maybe I’m ungrateful, maybe I’m picky, but I don’t care. Paraphrased the commentor say: “The only thing I have to say, is, that out of 27k of words those around 200 words dealing with one minor detail, that’s not really important for the overall story, are wrong. The canon says a slightly different thing.” And that’s all. Like ... really, dude? That’s everything you care about? That this fucking minor detail is not 100% accurate? That’s all that bothers your and you even took the time to let me know? The fuck why? 
I don’t use FFnet actively. I only post there because it’s only three clicks more for me. The page sucks, it looks like some prehistoric relict from 2000, and reading there is not enjoyable. Not to mention the lack of support that does nothing to prevent spam.
I honestly consider deleting my acc or simply stop posting there anymore. I get most of my feedback on ao3 anyway and it’s way nicer there (shoutout to @moontheoretist​ you comments blew me away *-*). Damn, this is frustrating where it should be a fun experience.
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