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Non Binary Stars - Written in the Stars, Part 1

  • Explicit
  • 23.6K words
  • Namgi, romance, soulmates AU, angst, humor, smut

Big Hit Producer Kim Namjoon has orbited his supposed soulmate for years. It’s frustrating, this constant state of almost meeting. Then the words on his arm disappear. Right as a bike messenger with a very familiar face is struck by a delivery van and pretty much dies in front of him.

Working as a bike courier by day and underground rapper pretty much any other time, Min Yoongi’s life and work takes him all through the Gangnam district of Seoul. The regular changing of his soul words is a given, right up until they disappear as a van runs him down.

Near death finally connects Namjoon and Yoongi, but that’s the easy part.


Colliding Stars - Written in the Stars, Part 2

  • Explicit
  • 33.2K words
  • Taejin, romance, soulmates AU, angst, humor, smut

No one is prepared for the New Year… especially when Big Hit manager Kim Seokjin discovers his soul words were spoken—by no less than a dozen people in the same night—but he has no idea who said the ones that count. Meanwhile bartender and club owner Kim Taehyung becomes inexplicably withdrawn after the Big Hit New Year’s bash. There’s an emptiness building in Tae’s soul, and he can’t figure out the source. All he knows is something is missing… and it’s tearing him apart.

Or… Tae said the words. And Jin didn’t.


Hidden Stars - Written in the Stars, Part 3 - COMING SOON

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Oof… there’s a long way to go here. But my first story went someplace unexpected and magical… and I’ll probably not even come close to a bingo, because I have TOO MANY IDEAS.


IMPRINT / 8.6K, mature

When it comes to allowing the dead to use him as a temporary voice, medium Min Yoongi takes personal protection very seriously. He starts every day with a visit to Kim Taehyung, who inks the best body wards in the city… But what is Yoongi to do when the imprint Taehyung makes leaves Yoongi craving far more than a professional relationship? 


Originally posted by jjungcooks

Vante’s Body Shop.

To the uninformed, it sounded like a place to get a car fixed, or maybe—given its quaint semi-basement location beneath a chic eatery in Hongdae—a discreet adult store or spa. It was actually home to the best body ward witch in all of Seoul. If not for the recommendation of his best friend and Seoul police detective, Kim Namjoon, Yoongi might never have known what a difference a body ward could make, especially for a medium. Now, Vante’s was the place he visited every day he worked to magically “armor up” before his shift. His work paid better than average for a government employee, what with the high rate of burnout and hazard, so he could thankfully afford the nightly process of getting inked.

He was running late tonight, his fourth week working with the ward witch, so it was almost sunset as Yoongi hopped the bus from his apartment, transferred to the subway, and exited at the Hongik University Station. From there, it was a few blocks’ hike to the shop. He slipped into the store, breathless, the bell above chiming his arrival just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

“Cutting it close tonight, eh, Yoongi-ssi?”


Originally posted by callietae

Kim Taehyung—Vante to most everyone who ventured in here—greeted Yoongi with a cheery wave. The reception area was a small kitchenette and café style seating, where Taehyung currently poured steaming water into a plum colored cast iron teapot. Yoongi’s gaze fell on strong hands, climbing slowly to the almost painfully lovely face gracing him with a welcoming smile.

Taehyung was tall and of an almost stocky build compared to Yoongi’s slight frame. Skin golden and warm next to his own moon-kissed tone, dotted here and there with absurdly attractive freckles and moles. He scooped a long, veiny hand through his hair, black and wavy and shaggy enough to earn the scorn of clean-cut elders, wild enough to make Yoongi’s fingers itch to touch. To tangle and tug.

“Would you like some tea?” His voice was something…special. Low. Calm. Just a hint of huskiness. “Lemon balm tonight.”

He’d never been the biggest fan of being out and about, but somehow, Taehyung soothed the tension in him away with a smile and a handful of words. Here, he always felt welcome. Safe.

“Ah, Taehyung-ssi. Sorry I’m late. I may have run the last two blocks.” His cheeks burned, partly from effort and the winter chill, partly from being caught out. “Tea sounds wonderful. Thank you.”

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