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#ao3 stuff
ilovemybarricadebabies8 months ago
The excluded tags filter on Ao3 is such a fucking lifesaver. I love it so much.
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torchstelechos6 months ago
Hey guys! Just a quick reminder for our dear fanfic author friends, but when tagging relationships please remember the different tag meanings! "&" is platonic and is usually used for friendships and family. "/" is romantic and/or sexual in nature and is usually used for fanfics that explicitly state that these characters are together romantically or sexually. Then, there of course, is the HomeStuck tagging, which does indeed use diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts to differentiate the relationship types (see homestuck wiki for more info). Other notes for tags, "A+ parenting" tag is used sarcastically and means that the parent is shitty in some way, usually abusive. There are more than one character death tag, please use them to differentiate.
The only reason im bringing this up is because ive noticed a trend on the ao3 dsmp fanfics that alarm me, people have started mixing the relationship tags up. This makes it very hard to find fanfics and could lead to people purposefully reporting your fanfic if they misunderstand your tagging. So! Please remember to ask other fanfic authors about tags, and to tag correctly. :3 your doing amazing and i want to make sure that none of you get in trouble for your hard work!
If anyone else feels the need to add more tag explanations, please do!
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awkwardjester10 months ago
You already left kudos here (derogatory)
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kaz-brekkers-left-glove2 months ago
why are the best ships always the chaotic one becoming slightly less unhinged because of their love for the methodical and organized one, who in turn becomes slightly unhinged themself. did that make sense?
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anelonenthusiast3 months ago
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i keep a list of funny ao3 tags in my phone (because i鈥檓 a weirdo apparently) so here are some gems
Gay People Can Sense Other Gay People Like With Magic Or Some Shit
no one dies because i said so
the first chapter is already so gay and it鈥檚 probably just gonna get gayer
lots of mentions of death, because death is kinda the theme
i hope to make you sad, in the cool kinda way
and they said infinity war was the most ambitious crossover ever
the working title for this was 鈥渢his is gay鈥
sad as fuck i am so sorry
I Tried
technically canon compliant
Author is Sleep Deprived, The Author Regrets Nothing, The Author Regrets Everything
i take a hammer and fix the canon
Oh No A Nazi
I Am Also Sad And Gay
i suppose you could interpret it as platonic if you read it upside down with one eye closed, 鈥榡ust gal pals鈥
Everyone is Gay, Everyone is Alive
religion as approached by a poor atheist
I Woke Up And Chose Pain
(edit: i made a part 2)
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riceballcatfb3 months ago
My favorite Kyoru fanfics
The Furuba fandom is full of talented fanfic writers, and I wanted to share some of my faves. I marked all the TWs I could remember, but make sure to read the tags on each fic's page. 馃挄
I also write fanfics at:
"To Have and To Hold" by AmyNChan:
"Baby, take this next step with me" by cold_flame:
"catblocked" by miss_coverly: (*implied sexual content*)
"Lunch Break" by cold_flame:
"Kick" by KammieCeleek:
"Annunciation" by Geoduck: (not technically? Kyoru, lots of Yuki)
"Singsong" by lugubrious
"settle down with me" by furubaish:
"i'm home" by animation_nerd:
"Tenderness" by thesohmaestate: (*implied sexual content*)
"Surprise, Baby! Part 1鈥擧ajime" by KyoruQueens
"Between the Raindrops" by Pr3ttyM3ssy: (*implied sexual content*)
"Ice" by sparklyfaerie:
"Saint Claws" by gotemsayingwow:
"(un)Romantic" by sparkleyfaerie:
"Millennium" by f3tid:
"I Don't Want To Go Home Alone:" by gotemsayingwow (*implied sexual content*)
"Hatsumode" by sparklyfaerie:
"Day's End" by sparklyfaerie:
"Alone Time Can Be Fleeting" by Spunkangel: (*light sexual content*)
"Tohru's Birthday" by Geoduck:
"The Company We Kept" by gotemsayingwow:
"Baby Bump" by bipolarweeb:
"Cat's Spirit" by bipolarweeb:
"Just One Picture" by bipolarweeb:
"my heart on your sleeve" by miss_coverly: (*implied sexual content*)
"what we were dreaming of" by gureisu:
"and i held you in my arms" by peachilized:
"Box Lunch" by floraltohru:
"Keep Me Warm" by zhiantara:
"An Attempt Was Made" by Why_is_gamora:
"Our Job" by ashe_urbanipal:
"not even the rain has such small hands" by miss_coverly:
"vigilante" by floraltohru: (just light Kyoru)
"i got lost while the sunlight was painting us gold" by Vulpeculate:
"you're such a dream to me" by thewinterose:
"you can practice on me" by shedreamsofstars:
"put your lips close to mine" by shedreamsofstars:
"i know i've kissed you before, but i didn't do it right" by a-bigail (spacepuck): (*implied sexual content*)
"Bathroom Escapades:" by Anon_xoxo:
"Sink" by sparklyfaerie:
"New Memories" by TeacupOctopusTopHat: (also AU)
"Just a Dream. Nothing More." by riceballinthebasket: (pretty light smut)
"inertia" (a series) by miss_coverly: (also just slightly AU, ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"Flush" by sparklyfaerie:
"Seeing Red" by reconquer: (light smut, mostly just amazingly hilarious)
"hell was the journey, but it brought me heaven" by zhiantara:
"Everspring" by f3tid: (not complete as of July 5, 2021鈥攍ooks like it might have been dropped, but still FUCKING amazing)
"feels so good to feel" by gureisu: (pretty light smut)
"put your lips on my skin and you might ignite it" by thewinterose:
"i like my body when it is with your" (a series) by thewinterose:
"Fanning the Flame; Waking the Animal" by TripleX_Tyrant: (*fans face* woo it's hot in here)
"Lost in Paradise" by Lolita_pen:
"Curves and Edges" by Sophia_Ravencrest:
"Running Hot" by BeigeRabbit:
"Sweet Disposition" by truthwallflower: (looks like it'll turn into smut? ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"...i'll protect you from your dreams" by liquorisce:
"small voice, dark hallway" by a-bigail (spacepuck): (*also labeled as AU*)
"Gratitude" by gotemsayingwow: (also pretty fluffy)
"crybaby, crybaby (i need to cry, baby)" by thewinterose: (*implied sexual content, TW: grief*)
"Tonight you belong to me" by palamig:
"our fingers dancing when they meet" by shedreamsofstars:
"Why is today so special?" by modzy78:
"such a pretty face" by The_Eclectic_Bookworm:
"It Bothers Me Too" by riceballinthebasket:
"Green" by sparklyfaerie:
"Better Off" by riceballinthebasket:
"Never Again" by Pwrites:
"Sappy" by bipolarweeb (also tagged as hurt/comfort):
"Year of the Cat" by Anonymous: (*also some sexual content, not explicit*)
"does the galaxy hold a different story" by meadoe:
"pining and desperately waiting" by thewinterose:
"must be love on the brain (that's got me feelin' this way)" by thewinterose:
"i'll come closer to you (if you come over)" by thewinterose:
"Written on your skin" by palamig:
"enumeration" by floraltohru:
"The Night We Met" by pettyimperfections (LOVE IT):
"and hear the harmony, only when it's harming me" by miss_coverly:
"What's a White Lie Between Friends (& My Family?)" by AnxietyAvocado: (*TW: brief attempted sexual assault, not detailed*)
"Two Lines" by KammieCeleek: (*light implied sexual content*)
"The Other Side" by proseprincess: (*couple of smutty chapters,* ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"your face turns red and so does mine" by skyexplosions: (rated M, ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"Tohru's Leaks, Kyo's Leaks" by Geoduck: (*humor; light sexual content, not explicit*)
"Second Visit" by Geoduck: (*TW: PTSD;* tagged as hurt/comfort, also a lil fluffy)
"gimme three steps" by winryrockbae: (*TW: alcohol, bar;* humor, fluff)
"(i'm so) heavy in your arms by liquorisce: (angsty)
"a scattered assemblage" by floraltohru: (a bunch of oneshots, some Kyoru; ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"Family Ties" by pchanpro: (a collection of Kyoru oneshots, ongoing as of July 5, 2021)
"seeking eden" (a series) by ArtificalFlavorz: (looks like it was dropped, but still amazing; *mutual pining, smut*)
"heat wave" by ArtificialFlavorz: (looks like it was dropped, but still amazing; a collection of Kyoru oneshots)
"in the cracks of light, it was you i dreamed of" by sailorshadzter: (collection of Kyoru oneshots, ongoing as of July 5, 2021, rated M, )
"Let's Chat" by AnxietyAvocado: (the sex talk lol)
"A Word Sparks a Story" (a series) by f3tid (collection of Kyoru oneshots, ongoing as of July 5, 2021):
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heyimboredtalktome5 months ago
Me whenever I read a good fic:
Tumblr media
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remy-the-lemon-berry3 months ago
shoutout to the kind commenters on our fanfics who reassure you that they鈥檒l love and appreciate your story no matter how long it takes to write a chapter, and that they want us to stay healthy and to take breaks and they wish us the best of luck staying motivated 馃挏
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anti-ao3-bingo6 months ago
Anti AO3 Bingo
Tumblr media
How To Play:
Take a Bingo Card and when you see the usual posts by Antis and the like making the usual claims and arguments about AO3, mark them off. Play as normal Bingo, with filling a row, column, or full diagonal being a win.
Winners... well, we're sorry.
The full list of The Usual Arguments used is here:
AO3 has investments: Yes, because it's a good place to stash the rainy day fund until it's needed; they're not nefarious capitalists getting rich off donations.
Donate the extra money to a real charity: They are a registered nonprofit organization.
Just another corrupt company: One of several related bits of rhetoric that paints OTW and AO3 as for-profit companies seeking to benefit from its userbase.
Redefining Pedophilia: One of the classics where "pedophilia" can mean a breathtaking range of things, including two teens dating, or a height difference, or more.
Abuse!: A popular invocation/accusation; we possibly could have split this one down into multiple boxes
Underaged Tag: Another popular invocation, that the mere existence of the tag is bad. Typically, "They should just delete the whole Underage tag"
Reading About Abuse Is As Bad As Doing It: Argument from purity, seeking to police media consumption. (One wonders what they feel about murder mystery fans)
Writing About Abuse Is As Bad As Doing It: Same as #7
AO3 won鈥檛 moderate their archive: Or at least... won't moderate it in the way that the complainer wants them to.
Think of the Children!: And why is a child reading something that is marked as not being for them the concern of anyone other than their legal guardians?
Age Check 鈮 Consent: Because clearly it's not the fault of the child for saying that "No, I'm over 18, let me see the Adult Stuff"...
Tagging Is Bad: Ah yes. And so are warning labels on other products. Have a peanut allergy? Tough luck for you!
Tagging Is Condoning: Or just describing what's in there and showing awareness of it.
AO3 is stealing the donations: Standard libel, has no basis. AO3's books are transparent.
But GoFundMe!: Fallacy of relative privation. Yes, it sucks that GoFundMe has become the US' largest healthcare provider, but the sums that AO3 raises, while large to an individual person, are a rounding error when it comes to the scale of medical debt.
What are they doing with all of the money: This is one of those fun ones, because it's always said conspiratorially, meant to make the reader suspicious about possible embezzlement, as per #14, but the books are transparent.
They鈥檙e selling your data: Nope. They aren't. See #3.
Stop tagging the kinks: Ah yes. Because letting people know what's in the story is Bad.
Decent people shouldn鈥檛 be writing about that: Appeal to purity, again.
They should go make their own archive: They did! Where did you think that "Of Our Own" came from!
AO3 is scamming people: [Citation needed]. See #16.
AO3 just wants traffic: See #3.
Allowing this on AO3 will normalize it: Ah yes. Because a niche fanwork with a few hundred readers will cause a sweeping cultural change that more mainstream works with similar content have not yet achieved.
Double standards for sex vs regular violence: Funny how it's always the sex that's the issue, isn't it? The "Graphic Depictions of Violence" tag never gets this sort of pushback.
Fiction equals Reality: See points 7 & 8.
Jaws Effect: Popularly invoked as part of Fiction Equals Reality--except that they get the causation wrong.
Goalpost moving: More of a tactic than an argument, but so common it had to be included; you show them AO3's books, and then suddenly they're not valid or asking about something else. Etc.
What Fandom Purges?: How quickly we forget our history.
Just seeing the tags makes me ill: An appeal to purity/personal disgust, that just so happens to be a little more honest.
Pedophile! [Free Space]: Because when in doubt, call your ideological opponent(s) a predator of children with zero evidence. Who cares if it dilutes the meaning of a very serious thing?
As a final note, we're independent and not affiliated with the OTW or AO3.
There are a dozen cards, each on their own post (because Tumblr has a limit of 10 images on a post, so why not?). Feel free to download and use them.
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