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anelonenthusiast · 14 days ago
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yamayamawrites · a year ago
Tumblr media
this is a call out post for myself
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marytylerperry · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
When someone leaves kudos and comments on your story in AO3
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mysticmilks · a year ago
Fanfic Writer’s problem #214234524399
Me: I want to write a quick PWP for this very specific sex thing
Also me: I'm 5k in. They've only now met for the first time, and instantly disliked each other
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nekkosayuri-chan · a year ago
WayHaught Fan Fiction Picks on AO3
Hello earpers!
Here you can find my top picks of WayHaught FanFiction. If you guys ever think a story deserves to be there, send me the link and I will make sure to read it.
Here we go:
WayHaught Fan Fiction tops by Genre
Arranged/Fake Marriage or Dating  & Wild west/Ranch/Historical/War AUs:
You Made Me Love You:
for the price of seven good cows:
Red Haught Rancher:
Open Range Hearts:
What You’re Worth:
A Roll in the Hay:
you can have my heart (i don't let nobody see that):
Homesteaders, You and I:
No place for promises here:
The Revolutionary War (of the Heart):
Wishin and Hopin:
For Better or Worse:
Girl in a Country Song:
From Hell to Purgatory:
What a Lovely Way to Burn:
Come Sundown:
At Her Service:
Play Pretend:
All I want for Christmas (is You):
Every Scar Has a Story:
Cross the Plains:
I'll Fight for What I Want(Even if it Kills Me):
Other Shows/Movies/Games/Books AUs:
Remember Me:
The last of us:
Enchanting The Knight Commander:
Reunited By The Greek's Vows:
Proposal On Detours:
'Floating through a dark blue sky':
Under Control (It's You):
This Is Falling:
Hero not for hire?:
Cinderella and the Billionaire:
Deputy/Officer/Detective/FBI Agent/Undercover Spy AUs:
Dancing through life:
Dance with the devil:
Two Can Play This Game:
A Nurse and A Pup To Heal her:
Girls Are Like Guns:
Code Red:
Worlds Collide:
You're a Queen:
Death Before Dishonor:
we could be lifted:
Ever Yours:
these sins of mine (oh my god):
We Only Have Tonight:
What Kind of Unicorn is This:
Where the hell did you come from:
Trans Nicole/Nico/Nicholas & Waverly;
Punch & Rivet:
The Bandit and The Barmaid:
for the mercy in you:
Not an Illusion:
on choosing one's own name, or the quiet strength of being vulnerable:
Doctor AUs:
A Heartbeat Away:
Sable Clouds, Silver Linings:
Stethoscopes and Lap Dances:
Doctor Earp will see you now:
I Undress My Mind And Dare You To Follow:
Sports AUs:
Of Rocky Starts and Smooth Finishes:
Face the Music:
Apex Jump: A Roller Derby Love Story:
London Love:
Out of My League (got my heartbeat racing):
Stop Making Eyes At Me (But I Don't Really Want You To):
Hidden Talents:
Ride On:
Scars Heal, Glory Fades:
Fire In The Cold:
Hidden In Plain Sight:
Carry on:
skinny dipping:
I feel College:
Getcha Your Head in the Game:
Actor/Singer/Dancer/Public figure/Assistant/Bodyguard AUs:
Playing the Part:
Theatre of dreams:
Under Your Sky:
Dirty Mind:
What She Writes (between the lines):
Puzzled Hearts:
Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll:
All my days:
Welcome to Purgatory:
Half the World Away: +
Wayhaught- Ocean Eyes:
dance like nobody is watching:
Coffee Shop/Book Shop/Any Shop really AUs:
Whenever I'm alone with you (you make me feel like I am young again):
Guns and Roses:
"How do I say 'F*ck You?' in flower?":
kiss me (on this cold december night):
Christmas Cake…:
Teacher AUs:
Empty Space:
B R E A T H L E S S:
Pull Me Out Of The Dark:
Learning to Love Again:
Dry-Pressed Shirts and Acid-Washed Jeans:
let our hearts be the only sound:
you are my secret:
Jostle that buckle:
shh it's a secret:
To the Beat of the Music:
Scales on my heart:
Soulmates AUs:
I stayed in the darkness (with you):
Take Me As You Please:
find a home, lonely heart:
Side Order of Soulmate:
College/High School AUs:
Definitely Something:
I'll spread my wings (and I'll learn how to fly):
Take Your Time: (roommate)
Couldn't Help Falling For You:
The Truth Is Now:
Meet Me:
I Trust You (I Know):
High-School Memories:
If It Ain't Broke:
The Things That Scare Us:
Rental Love:
You Got My Head Spinning:
Are We Electric?:
Purgatory Prep:
Three Thousand Miles, Two I Love You's, One Last Goodbye:
Sincerely Yours, M:
Ghost River U:
Smiling At Me From Your Front Porch:
What I Want To Do Most:
Sun in her eyes:
Meet Me in the Stacks:
CEO Nicole/Waverly AUs:
Tell me you didn’t:
Too Haught to Handle:
Homeless AUs:
Not a Cheap Date:
A House Is Not a Home:
Christmas AUs:
Pining All The Way:
Nicole Clause:
Affair/Cheating AUs:
Wedding Crasher:
Dawn at the Homestead:
The One with her Best Friend’s Wedding:
It's Not Over:
Parenthood AUs:
Run to her:
Professor Earp Meet Sheriff Haught:
What’s it going to be: (a bit cringy)
Let's Make A Baby:
Alpha/Beta/Omega AUs:
For The Kingdom, But Mostly For Her:
Not So Typical: +
Busted Bottles, Broken Bones (Darling, Let's Hurt Tonight):
Blue Eyes:
Lone Wolf:
Holding on too Strong:
Dance Night:
throw me in the deep (and watch me drown):
The Auburn Beast:
Ends of the Earth:
Prairie Wolf:
Other AUs:
Why’d you Come in Here (Lookin’ Like That):
There are things I wish I never knew, but none of them are you:
The Gift:
Falling For You:
Show Me Where Your Loyalties Lie: (Pirate AU)
525,600 minutes:
Like a Boomerang:
are you gonna be my girl? :
Mixed Signals:
all the lights that lead us there:
Young Bloods, Raise Hell:
strawberries & cigarettes (always taste like you):
Chain Reaction:
Paper Trails:
Arms Open:
Magnetic North:
Night Skies:
Out Of The Wild Blue:
Into the Robot Wild:
Felix Natalis:
When A Stranger Arrives:
Without Her:
Author’s note 1: There is no particular order for these picks, I enjoyed them all equally.
Author’s note 2: This is probably only a quarter of the stories I have read and I only chose a few one shots for this top. Another list dedicated especially for one shots will be available soon.
Author’s note 3: Drive link of the document is here. Enjoy!
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kaspbrakian-kid · a year ago
Tumblr media
Artwork done by @haflacky for my book series Mint and Honey/Ginger and Mud! Look how beautiful 💙 I hope you guys love it because I really do! Thanks so much!
This is a gift for getting Mint to 10k on Ao3 and for getting Ginger to 2k already!
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holdingforgeneralhugs · a year ago
It's so heartwarming as a writer when people enjoy your stories and leave such lovely comments. It makes the effort all worthwhile
Tumblr media
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webtrinsic1122 · a year ago
The confidence/determination I need
Tumblr media
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