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Just a little while ago I made the 50 fic post and now here we are celebrating another milestone oml can you believe it??


But thank you so much to all the writers who contributed to adding more content to the fandom! I’m an active fan of all your works!

Why am I thanking y'all like I’m Endo himself tf-



Originally posted by ssuzumi

Taglist for ✨attention✨:

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Hello, I’m looking for the tumblr of the Ao3 user  “ladydeathfaerie”

I don’t even know if they have a tumblr! Last I interacted with them on Ao3 was in 2018, but I wanted to get in touch to compliment them on one of their fics that I have treasured for so long, entitled “Draw Your Bow Across the Strings of My Heart.”

Link here, if you want to read it:

Disclaimer: this piece of fanfic IS NOT MINE. I am posting a fanfic link to SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK. I AM NOT CLAIMING ANY CREDIT FOR WRITING THIS. THAT CREDIT BELONGS TO THE Ao3 user: ladydeathfaerie

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KinkMas Prompts and Pairings

In case you were curious or had a request for a prompt that doesn’t have a pairing beside it yet…

Edit to add - yes, I will consider femslash for these as well!

25 Days of Kinkmas Prompts and Pairings

(in no particular order)

If you have a specific pairing request for any that don’t already have a pairing near them, drop me a message! 

  • Praise Kink (Kevin/Shawn)
  • Wall/Window Sex (Orton/Batista)
  • Semi-Public (Kevin/Scott)
  • Blindfold (Shawn/Scott, w/ Kevin)
  • Spanking
  • Threesome (Gargano/Ciampa/Balor)
  • Voyeurism
  • Video/Pictures (Cena/Orton)
  • Lap Dances (Shawn/Hunter)
  • Lingerie 
  • Daddy Kink (Undertaker/Shawn)
  • Oral Fixation
  • Held Down
  • Dirty Talk (Chris/Eddie)
  • Alpha/Omega (Gargano/Ciampa)
  • Breath Play
  • Biting (Hunter/Demon!Balor)
  • Impact Play (Kevin/Scott, w/ Shawn)
  • Prostitution Roleplay
  • Slow Sex
  • Hair Pulling (Bret/Shawn)
  • Angry Sex (Gargano/Ciampa)
  • Deep Throating
  • Knife Play
  • Double Penetration (Kevin/Shawn/Hunter)
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD will kpop fanfic writers STOP giving context clues based on a person’s hair color. HOW CAN I GUESS WHO THAT IS WHEN EVERY MEMBER CHANGES HAIR COLOR FIVE TIMES A YEAR?! Pls help I’m exhausted! Just say something specific about them and I will know who you’re talking about but “a tall blonde came into the room” gives me NO INFORMATION whatsoever

Ps: i still love y’all tho

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“Writer Struggles”

Me: *in the perfect headspace to write* awesome! Now I can update The Split

Universe: let’s fuck with him

Cars outside: *screetches*

Dogs: *barks at nothing, demand attention*

Mum: *goes in and out of my room, keeps asking me questions*

Me: *tries not to cry* FOR FU…. *lost all inspiration, frustrated starts doing class work instead* just one night is all I ask….

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again, i don’t know who will see this but, yeah, ANOTHER SHAMELESS AD OF MY self-indulging CHILUMI FIC(!!) again, i just wanna share, pls go easy on me folks im… im a frustrated breadcrumb– i mean im soft ;;A;;

if anyone is interested… please kindly read it here and im gonna go incognito again now–

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Okay if anyone had free time, is unbiased, and would like to give me feedback on a thing I wrote on ao3, hit me up because I would appreciate it immensely.

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reason 1 of why i cant be allowed to write stories: i have killed the main character. it is the first chapter. they will die again, because “death becomes her” will always be a great movie but falling apart is not, but cannon through the stomach is hella funny. the movie ive been watching isnt “death becomes her” or even close to it so my mood is weirddddd

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