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Keeping a Fanged Creature Caged (ao3 link)

Teen+ (Blood, Needles, Snakes)

He wouldn’t honour them with words. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t let himself.


He knew that he could talk, but he also knew he shouldn’t. That slaves who talked got beaten worse than those who didn’t.

This is the first part of the series I mentioned a while back. It will replace my Grim Poems Series and instead of the Reapers, this one will follow the Phantomhive Servant’s! I hope you enjoy my Wounded Servants Poem from now on! ~<3

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  • So this idea I borrowed from my darling Orin and I just couldn’t help myself! This is going to be a three part story, I hope you like it!  ❤️
  • Part 1/3 
  • On Ao3 here!

The first flower petal Jaskier notices is snow white.

He clears his throat, coughs and on his tongue he finds the single petal waiting, stained by the remnants of blood after the djinn attack.
He studies it, so tiny and frail between his fingers. From the window behind him he can hear the sorceress purr and Geralt, his Geralt groan.
Jaskier drags the elf with him towards town. There are questions he needs answered and the Witcher is obviously busy.

When they are alone he shows the petal to the elf. Simply holds it up and looks at him, demanding an explanation as if the elves have all of the awnser.

”What’s this?” He asks.
”It was in my mouth. Is this the djinns magic? Or the sorceress?” Jaskier asks, his throat still a little sore.
”Her name is Yennefer.” The elf says and picks up the petal and studies it. ”And no. It is past the season of flowers, but it could be just a flower.”
Jaskier doesn’t like the phrasing of that. At all.
”And if it's… not just a flower?” Jaskier asks. ”And if it’s not the djinn and not.. Yennefer.” It’s hard not to spit out her name. The elf obviously harbors feelings for her and it seems unwise to upset him. ”What is it?”

The elf hesitates, twirling the petal between his fingers.
”Tell me, bard. Is there elven blood in your family?” The elf studies Jaskier closely, as if he suddenly would reveal pointy ears. This is not the question Jaskier expected. Also not a topic he is comfortable with, considering the prejudice roaring around the continent against anyone with barely a drop of elven blood in their veins.
”Why? Is it an elven curse?”
The elf gives him a forlorn smile.

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There it is, finally, I’ve posted the dreaded #HomeSweetHome chapter on “Master Of Debauchery”:

Chapter 33 - Home Sweet Home

…on AO3, explicit, members only…

If you want to know more about the story in general or discuss this chapter, please join the comment section on AO3 or the ‘Master Of Debauchery’ group chat, here.

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