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yoshi-g-teh-first · 2 hours ago
Rough drafts are getting written! More info to come at a later date!
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stucky-on-spiderman · 6 hours ago
New fic is up!
Summary: “Sleep can affect seizures in many different ways. During normal sleep-wake cycles, changes in the brain’s electrical and hormonal activity occur. These changes can be related to why some people have more seizures during sleep than others, and why not getting enough sleep can trigger seizures.“
Steve feels guilty that he let this happen to Bucky.
It’s a Saturday afternoon when he wakes up, only Bucky doesn’t know that.
The only thing he knew was that he wasn’t in the comfort of the bed he shared with the man he loved. He couldn’t feel the silk sheets that were cool to the touch of his metal arm. He couldn’t feel the dozens of pillows that he had propped up behind him as he slept, the pillows that they had argued about buying. It was unnecessary to have so many pillows, but Steve liked them, and Bucky didn’t argue.
Bucky never argued with Steve. Which is probably what led to this. Led to Bucky waking up on a Saturday not even knowing that it was a Saturday.
He may have not known what day it was, but he was aware that the day was sunny and could feel the heat on his face. His eyes scrunched as he became increasingly aware of how bright it was.
“Is the light bothering you?” There was a voice, but Bucky didn’t recognize it. He wanted to say yes, yes it was way too bright, but he couldn’t even find the energy to nod.
His neck was stiff, as if there were bricks placed at the sides of his head, preventing him from any range of motion.
“I’ll shut the curtains, just hold on, love.”
He was confused, but the bewilderment settled as the room suddenly became dark. His eyes weren’t open but the light that was causing his eyelids to furrow behind the heat was suddenly gone and Bucky was grateful for that.
He was grateful to the voice in the room.
“Sam’s on his way, you’re going to be fine…” The voice cut off and Bucky could tell that it was shaking. Was the voice sad?
Bucky was aware that he wasn’t flat on his back like he normally was when he woke up. He was used to opening his eyes in the morning to the sight of the white ceiling tiles that he used to count at night when he had trouble falling asleep.
He usually woke up to turn his head over and stare at his still-sleeping boyfriend, who slept in a fetal position, cuddled close to Bucky’s side. He always wondered if his metal arm was cold when he wrapped it around Steve’s shoulder, but his lover never stirred.
But Bucky wasn’t in his bed, and he wasn’t on his back. No, Bucky was rolled over on his side, one arm sprawled across the floor and the other tucked nearly under his chin, supporting his head. His right leg was extended straight, and the left was bent upwards towards his stomach.
“I’m so sorry… This is all my fault.” The voice continued.
He was secured in place, he realized. Stuck to this spot on the ground. The itchy carpet fibers irritating his cheeks as he tried to move his head.
He startled at the sound of loud footsteps approaching him. He wanted to shy away from the unfamiliar presence but felt too tired to compete. Suddenly, there were hands on his wrist, gripping tightly and he felt the steady beat of his pulse underneath the stranger’s fingers.
“What happened?” A new voice asked, stern, but tinted with worry.
“It’s my fault.” That was the first voice again. Bucky wanted to open his eyes to see who was speaking, but he felt weighed down with exhaustion.
“Stop saying that, Steve.” Steve! His boyfriend, the love of his life. Was that who the voice belonged to?
“It is though!” The voice was anxious. Steve was anxious. “It was my stupid idea to pull an all-nighter.”
“His pulse is strong and he’s breathing fine.” That was the other voice again, not Steve. The other voice sounded matter-of-factly. They were calm, Bucky decided. Calm was what he craved.
“How long did it last?” The tranquil voice asked.
“Just over a minute. But he’s been unresponsive for almost 10 now.”
Unresponsive? No, Bucky was very much awake. Should he let them know?
He tried to move his head again, the feeling of bricks still stopping his neck from turning to face the voices. He felt a strong hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t try to get up yet. You’ve just had a seizure, Buck.”
A seizure? Oh right. He had seizures. It’d been a while since the last one. Almost a year if Bucky remembered correctly. It was so hard to recall right now as he laid sprawled out on the floor, his head throbbing. He swallowed back a metallic taste in his mouth, causing a wave of nausea to overcome him.
“Are you with us?” That was the non-Steve voice again. Bucky grunted in response. He tried to provide them with a coherent answer, but he couldn’t seem to form a word.
“Good, that’s really good, Bucky.” Someone was rubbing their fingers through his hair. It felt nice, comforting.
“Can you tell me your name?” Bucky felt himself frown. Name? Why does the voice need his name? His lack of answer seemed to cause a commotion, as a pair of fingers were suddenly prying his eyelids open.
“Did he hit his head?” The face in front of him was asking.
“No, I caught him.” That was Steve again. Steve! Steve was someone he loved, someone who made him feel safe.
“Yes baby, I’m right here!” Huh. Had he been talking out loud? “Sam’s here too.” Sam, right. He knew Sam. Sam was their best friend.
“Your name is James Buchanan Barnes, but you prefer to be called Bucky.” That was the voice in front of him again. Sam? That was Sam. “You had a seizure about 20 minutes ago. It’s Saturday, just after 12. You’re in the living room of your apartment that you share with Steve.”
Listening to Sam’s voice was relaxing and he was thankful for the information he was being provided. The confusion was beginning to lift. The hand in his hair was still now, except for the slight shaking he felt against his skull.
“This is all my fault Sam. You’re the one who told us he needs to keep a constant sleep schedule, but he’s been dying to have a Star Wars marathon, I didn’t think staying up all night would do this! He hasn’t had a seizure in 10 months!” Steve was frantic, panicking. Bucky wanted to reach out and hug his boyfriend. He hated when he was upset.
“It’s no one’s fault, man. Sometimes there are other reasons. Medications might need to be adjusted. Stop blaming yourself, he’s fine.”
“‘m fine” Bucky repeated.
He heard a slight chuckle. “See?” That was Sam again.
He jumped as he felt a pair of lips on his temple. “Sorry! Sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m just so glad you’re okay.”
Bucky sighed in contentment. Steve’s touch felt nice.
His world was going black again.
“Should we take him to the hospital? It’s taking him a while to come to-“
“No hospitals…” Bucky struggled to respond to his boyfriend, but he knew the hospital was a place he did not want to be. He hated the smell of bleach and the bright lights, the poking and prodding of doctor’s and nurses and the memories that flooded back to him of his days in that stupid chair.
“Okay. Okay, baby, no hospital.”
“He’ll be fine, Steve. He’s just tired. Let’s get him to the bedroom.”
Yes, the bed with the too many pillows that Bucky had grown to love. The pillows that Bucky didn’t argue with Steve about buying, because he never wanted to argue with Steve. How he didn’t want to argue with Steve about staying up all night despite feeling out of sorts, because he would never pass an opportunity to spend time with the man he loved, even if it meant giving up the sleep his body so desperately needed.
His thoughts were interrupted as he suddenly felt himself being lifted off the floor. His arms were strategically placed around the shoulders of the two other men, as they dragged him down the darkened hallway. He felt weightless as the they carried him to the bed, placing him gently onto the cool, silky sheets. He smiled at the comfort, as his head laid back onto the array of pillows, each a different size and colour. Someone placed a blanket over him, and he snuggled against the sudden warmth. 
“If he looks like he’s going to be sick, remember to roll him on his side.” That was Sam again, speaking from somewhere across the room. He became aware of another body pressed closely beside him, radiating more warmth that Bucky was grateful for. “And don’t leave him alone until he’s fully conscious.”
“I’m not going to leave his side, Sam.” The fingers were back, caressing his hair.
“You’re a good boyfriend, Rogers.” Bucky knew Steve was blushing at the comment, though his eyes were closed. “You two deserve each other.” 
“He deserves much more than what I have to offer.” Bucky hated when Steve talked about himself like that.
“Don’t you say that, Steve. He loves you.”
Yes, yes, I do. Bucky was thinking, wishing he had the energy to tell him.
“I just want him to be safe, Sam. Seeing him collapse like that, after 10 months without one… I almost didn’t know what to do. Like all the first-aid training you put me through was erased.”
“But it wasn’t. You timed the seizure, you put him in the recovery position, and you kept his airway clear. You saved him, Steve.”
“I guess.”
“You did! Steve Rogers, you need to learn how to accept a compliment. And pull yourself together for when he wakes up.” Sam nodded towards the now sound asleep Bucky. Steve smiled down at his boyfriend. “He looks like an angel when he sleeps.”
Sam rolled his eyes, taking the captain’s comment as his cue to leave. “Call me if you need me. You love birds be careful.”
Steve nodded as Sam let himself out before adjusting himself so that he as snuggled up against the cool metal of Bucky’s arm. He liked the feeling of the cold on his face, as they lay under a pile of warm blankets.
The next time Bucky woke up, he knew it was a Sunday. He was on his back, staring up at the white ceiling tiles that he counted when he couldn’t sleep. He turned his head to the side, smiling as Steve snored lightly beside him. His head was propped up in the crevice of his metal elbow, but he didn’t seem to mind the cool touch.
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hana-bean · 7 hours ago
(don’t) leave me alone has been updated—chapter 8 is here!
We start to move the focus to Usagi and there’s a lot to unpack. She even finds some things deep in the suitcase she didn’t expect. That would explain the extra weight, no?
keshi returns!
Tumblr media
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schplove02 · 15 hours ago
Did you know Chapter three (Forgetting You) of Sam’s secret has been posted? Well, now you do! Go check it out :)
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marisferasiop · 19 hours ago
Tfw you wanna dive headlong into a fic you've read before, a comfort fic I suppose, and then you remember after clicking that it hasn't updated since like fucking October 2020 and the last chapter was a cliffhanger.
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taekook-fic · 21 hours ago
05.04.21’s Update
Title : My Baby
Author : wontoz
Tags : Vampire jeon jungkook, vampire kim taehyung, fluff and smut, dom/sub undertones, top jeon jungkook, bottom kim taehyung, tugh riding, pwp, biting, etc.
Chapters : 1/1
Words : 4,412
Plot : Taehyung didn't think that taking in the abandoned child he stumbled upon while on duty would become the best decision of his life.
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anuschkalova · 22 hours ago
Ocean Deep // UPDATE
Ocean Deep by anuschkaLova
97k - WIP - Explicit
Pairing: Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson
Chapter 12 now up on AO3!
For the first time in his life, Harry was throwing a party. A real one. A big one. The last one had been 16 years ago when he’d invited his class mates for his 10th birthday, playing blind man’s bluff and eating cream cake. Despite the fun they had, it all ended in tears, so little Harry had enough of parties that involved people who weren’t his friends. Adult Harry shared the same viewpoints, but tonight, he pushed the past aside to forget the present and celebrate the future.
With Gemma and his father gone, Harry was the man of the house, and as the host of this great spectacle, he did everything to please his extravagant guests. Everyone was welcomed, every snob and every diva, and so, it didn’t take long for the place to get crowded. The night was young and wasteful, empty champagne bottles littering the shiny floor in every room, music loud with people’s screams even louder, the party was like a battle field, dancing bodies fighting against the booming music, teeth crashing for messy kisses, sweat dripping, drunks stripping. 
They all let go, forgetting who they were to become someone new for the night. Harry watched over them, sipping on his beer as he stood on top of the staircase, it would be his only beer for tonight, because he needed all his senses to find him.
Read here on AO3
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schplove02 · a day ago
Chapter two (Rooftop Conversations) of Sam’s Secret has been posted! Go check it out, bestie!
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henryccdl · a day ago
Wrote something short and sweet for my take on a "Blood" Moon Knight!
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tevinterprivate-eye · a day ago
Tempus Mori
“Sorry, but you’re going to have to do a little better than ‘we can’t find him,’” Dorian said, leaning heavily over Leliana’s desk with his palms pressed into the solid wood, completely disregarding personal space.  He had yet to get a straight answer from anyone and was, quite frankly, feeling less than charitable with his patience these days.
“I don’t know what else you expect me to tell you, Dorian,” Leliana replied.  She wove her fingers under her chin and met his eyes with unflagging steadfastness, her calm only betrayed by the hardness around the edges.
“The truth would be nice.”  Dorian pushed off her desk and folded his arms over his chest.  He knew the answer before she spoke.  It was always the same thing.  Platitudes, reassurances, we’re doing the best we can’s.
Extra!  Extra!  Read the new revised chapter of Burning Hearts, this time from Dorian’s perspective!  
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chibinico · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cold Heat Chapter Three is out! Levi was a devoted alpha, the best kind of alpha out there. No one else from Eren’s mating trials was this devoted. Sure, they treated him well and thought it was enough. But Levi… Eren’s nostrils flared with arousal as he swallowed the sudden pool of saliva in his mouth. Wait, shit. Eren slapped his hands over his scent glands and leaned away with wide eyes. Arousal was a dead giveaway; he was in pre-heat.
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astaticworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i would consider myself a fairly serious author, yeah
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autobot2001 · a day ago
Cross in The Light Ch. 31
Author: Autobot2001 Genre: Fanfiction Fandom: Transformers Rated: T Warning: None Pairing: None Description: While Crosshairs is happy to be going on a little vacation with Lightning, he’s not liking he has to get Lightning away from the house so Jamie will come back and see Drift, which means he’ll never see Jamie without going behind Lightning’s back. Lightning feels this is the only reason Crosshairs thought of this trip. The two brush their thoughts to the back of their minds to enjoy their at least two-week vacation.  Links; Ao3: FFN: Wattpad:
Tumblr media
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siiickbraiin · a day ago
hello all! i have a fic rec. with this one, i am going to SCREAM at u guys to read every tag before reading! it is rated explicit and has a major character death warning. so please, be careful!
now, let’s get into it. this fic destroyed me and by the end i was barely breathing, i swear.
stop all the clocks (this is the last time i’m leaving without you) - firethesound
it’s just over 44k words and is drarry! like i said, please read the tags. this fic was beautiful.
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theherorosalyn · a day ago
"He had grown soft, and the goddess was punishing him for it."
Chapter 13 of my slow burn dimileth fic Hand in Gauntlet is now up.
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schplove02 · a day ago
Here’s the link:
If the link doesn’t work, just message me and I’ll send it to you there :)
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schplove02 · a day ago
Sooo... I posted the first chapter of my new story!
Chapter one (Big Mistake) of Sam’s Secret has been posted on AO3! Please check it out and tell me what you think :)
Also, I might post the next chapter early... so tell me what ya think!
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So I saw this on @frightenedofrabbits page but also on other peoples pages, but I don’t remember all their username handles, sorry. But I kept seeing this WIP game pop up on my dashboard and it seems like fun. I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I’m assuming I can still participate.   Rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! (if you could tell me in the ask what you prefer i would appreciate that) and then tag as many people as you have WIPs Now, if  I was to list everything that is in my WIP folder, I’d be here for awhile. So, I’m just going to list the ones that I frequently work on. And these all apply to the Stranger Things fandom because that’s my current obsession of the year. 1. Human Enough 2. I’ll Stand By You 3. In the Dark No Longer 4. Serial Killer AU 5. Stop This 6. Out of My Head I don’t have anyone to tag for this, sorry. But feel free to send asks if any of these make you curious.
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