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#aoi kanzaki
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Cuando ves a alguien decir que una shipp de KNY es mejor que otra… Plz, no sean así, cada quien sus gustos, y sus razones del porque les gusta shippear esos personajes pero en serio, que esto no termine como el fandom de Boku no hero.

Respeten, no desacreditan una shipp que le guste a alguien, si no quieres ver algo tan fácil que es bloquear o ignorar (así como cuando ignoras el aviso de no salir de tu casa por el virus) (?).

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kanao x aoi hc perhaps? like if kanao isn't out on missions, how would they spend their day? I can imagine kanao trying to help aoi w housework but in the end making it worse (bc gotouge said she's not so good w housework lol)

Imma do this platonically since gotouge says they’re adoptive sisters I was not privy to this knowledge before

  • Aoi takes care of the housework since Kanao is clumsy and bad at it. Kanao can cook though, so she does help with that
  • Aoi scolds Kanao for being bad at housework, saying “how will you ever take care of yourself?”
  • Kanao is like ? because she’s such a strong fighter that she’s never thought about it
  • On days off, Kanao always hangs out with Aoi. They go to town and get sweets for themselves and the girls, supplies for Shinobu, and sometimes they surprise the boys with treats, too.
  • They talk about Kanao’s new teammates a lot, and Shinobu and the other pillars. Neither of them are particularly gossipy, but they share everything and if one of them heard something you bet the other will know immediately
  • Aoi used to have nightmares really bad, so she and Kanao shared a room. That way if Aoi got scared, she wasn’t alone.
  • Aoi really admires Kanao and wishes she had the courage to fight by her side. Kanao always encourages her, saying she’s doing something very important by helping around the Estate and acting as a nurse alongside Shinobu.
  • After Shinobu’s death they trade off wearing her haori and/or hairclip. Kanao had to relay the news and they both cried
  • Aoi always teases Kanao about Tanjiro and her obvious soft spot for him~
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Very smol snippet of what’s going to become a full fic of after the events of kny chapter 200 (lots of angst will be there but then there will be fluff)

“He had refused to eat when he woke up.” A rushed voice could be heard in one of the hallways of the butterfly estate, disturbing a fellow patient that rested on his bed by the door.

“He had refused treatment too.” Another voice said. “His fever is really high and it’s a bit worrying, seeing how almost everyone has healed by now, yet he is still in the same state from when he was brought in. I mean he’s delirious now so we are managing to force feed him.”

The first voice spoke again, “What should we do Aoi-san?” It sounded more like a plea than like a question.

A sigh could be heard, “Just- keep a look on his temperature, and check if his wounds are healing. And if his fever doesn’t break by morning then I’ll go see something else we can do.” A small pause and a whisper could be heard, “Shinobu was much better at this.”

“Alright.” Footsteps started to echo in the hallway.

“Wait-“ the footsteps paused, “What did you both say his name and rank was again?”

“Tomioka Giyuu, and he is the water pillar.”

And with that Sanemi’s eyes snapped open welcoming him to the darkness of his room, leaving only his mind to wonder, how badly screwed over the water pillar was.

Again I said I was going to start writing something regarding the new chapter didn’t I

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This…this is what finally broke me after seeing so much fanart and post on multiple platforms about chapter 200.

No clue what platform the artist is on since this gets reposted everywhere but if you can see that little signature then congratulations you can read their name atleast!

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HC for morning cuddles with your choice Ladies (I don’t know your limits but you can many you want to)?

lol sorry! my limits are 4!


— okay, you will literally have to make aoi stay in bed because she is definitely feisty in the mornings. like you literally have to hold her tight begging for her to rest more since she overworks herself while she just squirms. but don’t worry, she’ll eventually give up since she is/was exhausted from coaching the bois and chores.

—aoi has her back towards you whenever you and her sleep together because she finds it embarrassing to have you watch her sleep or see your smiling whenever she wakes up. seeking her warmth, you just spoon her, winding an arm around her frame, grasping her hand and tangle your legs with hers. she immediately freezes up but gradually gets use to it and secretly begins to love it. but of course, she won’t tell you that.


Originally posted by waifubuki

— shy babie will be very nervous to get out of bed since one, she loves your presence and two, she doesn’t know what to say since she’s still new to this sort of thing but like I said many times, be patient with her! though it she really has to leave she’ll either nudge your arm or quietly tell you that she has to prepare for sum or be sum where.

— there’s a bit of a small gap between you two but nevertheless your arms are wrapped around her! she doesn’t know where to really rest her hands at so she keeps them on your stomach. kanao will have a cute little shy smile on her face if you play around with her hair and talk about random things to her. although she would quietly respond to a question or so before growing slient and continue to hear the sound of your gentle voice.


Originally posted by chuuyanyakahara

— you already know mitsuri gonna stay with you, no questions asked!! you don’t even gotta beg for her to stay in bed cus she gonna beg you instead if you try to leave!! love hashira pretty imagined to this day to come where she gets to have morning cuddles with her future lover so she is gonna be all giddy!

— i swear, she is gonna drown you in smooches so that’s going to get you up in seconds. mitsuri finds herself laying her head on your shoulder just so she can look up and admire you! her strong arms are secured around you so you can’t leave! please don’t try to- be prepared for a lot of rambles from her because she is just thinks bout everything!


Originally posted by fairytailwitch

— shinobu is a morning person most of the time but she doesn’t mind spending a bit of her morning with you. hell, if she wished, she would stay in bed all afternoon to try and catch up with you since she’s busy all of the time. soft and sleepy shinobu is everything in the mornings.

— since she’s tiny, she would curls into you with ease. shinobu will definitely be the one to have you wrapped up in her short arms because she adores you in her embrace. she much prefer for you to face her so she can take in your peaceful face and give you nice butterfly kisses. and I’m telling y’all, shinobu has a bed head in the mornings so she will be grateful if you comb her locks down with your fingers.

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doing household chores (laundry, cooking, cleeaning) aoi scenarios/hc it's up to u :)

I love Aoi and I really love writing for her!

Also I’m sad about the recent scans, so hopefully writing this will cheer me up!


Aoi Kanzaki S/O helping her with household chores

  • When you first offered to help Aoi will doing chores around the butterfly estate, she declined. Aoi believes that she is fully capable in doing all the chores she was assigned to by Shinobu and doesn’t think she needs any help with them. If you try to persuade her, Aoi will just simple wave you off and tell you to go do whatever you were doing before you had this conversation with her. Aoi is definitely a tough cookie and won’t crack unless you keep asking her. When she’s finally annoyed and can’t take your constant babbling, she’ll let you help her with one job, and only one
  • You better be really good at what chore she gives you. Not only is she going to spectate you doing the chore she assigned you to, she’s also going to judge you harshly on whether you did good or not. If you do an extremely well on the chore, Aoi will praise you for a moment. She’ll compliment your work and finally her strict facade will disappear. If you do poorly on the chore, Aoi will be extremely disappointed in you. Sure, she’s judging you harshly, but she definitely had more faith in you. She’ll either make you do the chore once more or she’ll just do the chore herself
  • After a while, Aoi becomes more lenient on you helping her with her daily duties. One night, Aoi decided to make a very long schedule of the chores you both were going to do around the house. The next day, she walked up to you, holding the paper in her one hand and told you to read it thoroughly. After your done reading it, she’ll give you a quick smile before grabbing you hand and leading you both to your first chore of the day. She’ll never say this out loud but she actually really enjoys working with you. It means that she gets to spend more time with her one and only and do one of her favorite things!
  • One of Aoi’s least favorite chores to do is weed the butterfly garden. The only bug she stands is butterflies because there constantly around her. Aoi can deal with things like centipedes and spiders, but it doesn’t mean that she enjoys dealing with them. They just make her chore a lot harder. While your weeding the butterfly garden, you may notice her jump a few times. Whenever she jumps, it just means a bug caught her off gaurd. When your both done weeding the garden, she’ll force you and her to wash her hands until they turn red. Aoi just finds outside tasks to be more tedious than inside ones
  • Now, one of Aoi’s favorite chores is cooking. There is just no limit to what she can make. Aoi just loves the whole idea of baking for everyone in the butterfly estate and seeing their faces light up whenever they eat her meals. When you help her with baking, she may be a bit stricter than before. Aoi just wants to make sure every meal is high quality. You do like to suprise her though by booping her nose with a little bit of batter. Aoi will have this look of pure shock on her face before taking some batter and smearing it on your face. Sure she’s strict, but it doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun
  • Taking care of Naho, Sumi and Kiyo is a really important job. She has to make sure those three girls are safe and sound. Naho, Sumi and Kiyo are well behaved girls but it doesn’t make the job any less stressful. This is the one time where Aoi is extremely happy that you decided to help her out. You two may even give mini assignments to the three girls just to keep them busy. Aoi really enjoys the time she spends with you and thinks you do an amazing job with taking care of those three
  • After a long day of helping each other out with chores, she’ll thank you for you incredible work. Aoi is not big on physically affection but you definitely earned a kiss from her! She’ll quickly smooch your cheek before turning around and saying that she hopes you get a goods night’s rest. Once she goes to her room, she’ll start working on the next chores list for you both to do. She’d never thought she would take help from someone with household chores but she did, and she’s glad that the person to help is you
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I would love for gotouge to know that I’m absolutely in love with all the characters we were given but I cannot accept the decisions that were made, ever.

I hate you.

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May I ask for Shinobu, Kanao, and Aoi with an S/O that can restart their life when they die by anything other than growing old? The S/O has committed suicide countless times in an effort to change the routes were the girls are destined to die, but there's this route where the exhaustion finally caught up to them, and they break down silently until the girls saw them. Thank you in advance!!!

Oh no problem! I really hope you enjoy these love!

Also quick note to anyone who actually reads these things, I luv you and you’re amazing. Have a great day.

And finally, @idrinkboystears You have something to read!

Shinobu Kochou , Kanao Tsuyuri and Aoi Kanzaki with a S/O that can restart their life whenever they die


Originally posted by waifubuki

Warning: Spoilers & mentions of Suicide

Shinobu Kochou

  • Shinobu remembers the first time you told her about how you could restart your life by dying. She remembers you sitting her down, two cups of lukewarm tea waiting for the both of you. It was a very serious conversation and this is the first time where Shinobu didn’t smile all the way through it. Shinobu was dead serious in knowing all about your power or curse, however you’d like to look at it. She’s extremely intrigued about how you can reset your life when you die and honestly wants to know how you gotten this power
  • Even though you said you could help her change her fate, Shinobu doesn’t really want you to. As a demon slayer, she’s destined to die as soon as she joined the corps. It’s the cold hard truth. She’s not as strong as the other pillars, and yes she is envious of that, and yes, it does make her angry to know she’ll die weaker than the others but at least she’s dying for the sake of the safety of others. So she doesn’t want you ever to die for her sake! Not now or ever! She’ll tell you that with a smile plastered on her face as she holds your hands to her heart
  • One day, was a horrible day for the both of you. She wanted to visit you and tell you a few updates about the posion she was creating. She’d open the door to your room to see you laying on the ground, passed out completely. Of course she was extremely worried about this, so she’d called over to Aoi to help her pick you up and bring you to the nearest medical bed. Aoi and her made sure to lay you down carefully and that’s when she started to do a health examination on you while you slept. She found almost nothing to be wrong with you. Shinobu thought this may be a side effect to your powers, so she waited, sitting right next to you to ask what was going on
  • Once you’ve finally awoke, she hands you a jug of water and waits about an hour or so before she asks you what happened. Before she asks, she tries to get the mood of the room to be light-hearted, Shinobu throws a little jokes here and there. Then she finally asks you what has been going on. You were suprised by the sudden seriousness in her voice. You looked down at the white blanket covering you and that’s when you finally confessed. You confess about how you would kill yourself to change the future of people in your lives. Shinobu smile immediately drops after hearing those words
  • You start to have a breakdown in front of her. Telling your girlfriend that this has been bothering you so much lately and you don’t know what to do about it. You just decided to bottle it all up until your body couldn’t handle the amount of negative emotions. Shinobu grabs on to your hand and has a long talk about this. She honestly thinks you should stop killing yourself. She’ll tell you it’s not right to keep inflicting that kind of mental and physical pain onto yourself. Shinobu wants you to know that she’s always here for you whenever you want to talk about this. After this conversation, Shinobu will always make sure your doing okay mentally. She really does care for you and doesn’t want you do pull this kind of extreme moves anymore for the sake of yourself and others people

Originally posted by waifubuki

Kanao Tsuyuri

  • When you first told Kanao about your ability to die but still have the chance to restart your life she was extremely suprised. Kanao knows that some people at born with special abilities, hers being superhumans eyesight but your ability was on another level. Kanao really didn’t know how to process this type of information at first, she kept on thinking that you have to die to use your ability and she honestly hated the thought of you dying. She didn’t bring it up at the time because it your ability but your ability really did bother her
  • You thought things went back to normal after you tell her that power you have but it didn’t for her. It’s all she could think about. Kanao hates seeing anyone she gets close with be hurt or killed. It reminds her about her sister, Kanae. She doesn’t want anyone to die on her watch, and not even mutiple times. Kanao didn’t even realize something like this could affect her this badly, so one day after a lot of thinking, she decided to talk to you about it once more
  • Kanao made sure to politely ask join her in the butterfly garden in the afternoon if you weren’t busy. You of course agreed, not wanting to pass the chance up to spend time with your girlfriend but honestly you were a bit nervous. Kanao sounded serious and she normally didn’t ask you to meet her anywhere, you were the one who did that. You still waited patiently until the afternoon came about, you were a bit nervous but you shook it off. You finally got to the butterfly garden and saw Kanao sitting down watching all the butterflies fly around her. You greeted her and she merely patted the space next to her, her way of telling you to sit down
  • Kanao waited a few moments before finally speaking up. She had to gather the courage to actually talk to you about this and made sure to choose her words carefully. She told you how she didn’t like the idea of you having to die mutiple times to change the lives of other people. Kanao thought and felt like she sounded like a hypocrite because her path required her to put her life on the line to help the life’s of other people but your case was a bit different than hers. You stared at her for a moment not knowing what to say back. Kanao realize this and quickly apologise for bringing this up
  • You shook your head at her statement. With tears in your eyes, you finally told her about everything that’s been bothering you about your ability. You told her how much you hated dying but you felt like you owe it to the people around you. These thoughts were weighing you down and you really couldn’t handle it anymore. Kanao was shocked to hear this and she had a worry expression on her face. Kanao slowly reached her arms out for you, she honestly didn’t know what she was doing, but she wanted to comfort you. You quickly grabbed a hold of her arms and hugged her tightly, saying you don’t want to do this anymore. Kanao just held you back, not knowing what to say at first. Then she told you that you didn’t have to do this anymore. After a bit, Kanao made sure you promised her not to kill yourself for the sake of changing other people’s lives. It was an emotional time for the both of you but it would change the outcome of your lives in a positive way

Originally posted by aoflameandco

Aoi Kanzaki

  • Aoi doesn’t believe you at first when you tell her your able to die and come back to life to change other people’s faces. She just thinks your joking around with her and tells you it’s not funny and to get back to work. You have to tell her mutiple times that your telling the truth. Aoi is one hard cookie to crack and still won’t believe you. Then you say you could show her and that’s when she where she draws the line. She’ll set down whatever she was holding in her hands, let’s out a big sigh and tell you that she believes you. Aoi honestly just decided to believe you because you obviously weren’t going to let it go and she had work to do
  • Again, things go back to normal. Aoi doesn’t even think about what you told her because she’s so busy. She doesn’t have time to think about the nonsense that you sputtered out of your mouth a few days ago. However, after some time has past, she starts to notice a change in your behavior. Aoi notices how tired your looking and how your not acting like you normally do. Now your girlfriend ain’t having none of this, so she arranges a meeting only between you and her when she’s going to discuss what’s going on with you. You can’t even think over backing out of this meeting because she’ll dragged you by your leg to talk to her if she has to
  • Finally the meeting has arrived. Aoi is standing across from you with a stern look on her face while your just sitting down staring at her. You honestly have no idea what’s going on until she just asks what’s wrong with you. Aoi doesn’t like beating around the bush and want to know the source of your problem so she can fix it. You give her a confused look for a second then you think about what she just said. You honestly didn’t know if you wanted to tell your girlfriend what was going on but you felt like you couldn’t hold in your feelings much longer. Besides, there were no secrets kept from Aoi
  • This is where you start to break down. When Aoi sees you start crying, she immediately rushes to your side, knowing this is some serious stuff your about to discuss with her. You tell her that your ability has really been bothering you and you don’t want to keep dying anymore. Aoi rubs your shoulders as you tell her all of this. After your done discussing what has been bothering your, Aoi grabs a handkerchief and wipes all the tears away from your face. Aoi talks to you in a soft voice telling you that everything is okay and that you don’t have to deal with this stuff alone. Like Kanao, she makes you promise to her that you won’t die for sake of changing other people’s lives. She even does the whole pinky promise just to make sure you won’t
  • After this talk, Aoi keeps a very close eye on you. She also lightens your workload to give you a break for a little while. To others, she may seem like she doesn’t care about what your feeling but she really does. She even bakes you a few things with Naho, Sumi and Kiyo to cheer you up. You greatly appreciate the things Aoi does to make you feel better and you couldn’t imagine your life without her. You made a promise to her to keep living and that’s what you plan to do
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