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You got it dude!! <3

He loves the smoky shimmer clouding the recycled air, the pulsing hum of bass, the tight, intimate clutter of the dance floor where the rhythm of his blood sings like a voice he can still hear: step right, now left — oi, that was my foot.

-everything under the sun (chapter 1)

He’d taken to the job he’d been given — that had almost sounded to Taiga like an offhand suggestion — wholeheartedly, as if his life depended on it, and that along with the fact that he’s so polite and soft-spoken in the midst of this boorish, foul-mouthed hellhole would make him remarkable enough, but it seems like the more Taiga thinks he’s learned about Kuroko, the more the layers peel back to just reveal more layers.

-Hoist the Colors (chapter 2)

He didn’t come into this place very often, claiming it was because work kept him too busy, or because putting up with Kagami was such a pain, but he supposed the main reason was that his self-control when it came to sweets was downright dismal, and the café was a deathtrap of sugar and saturated fat that was best avoided as long as he wanted to keep wearing skinny jeans.

- Bring Me Roses (chapter 2)

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I was tagged by @taigainside and @izukillme, thanks guys!! <3

I’ve already laid out my full list of WIPs for this prompt, so I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about a few I didn’t get to touch on, as well as discussing some of my currently updating fics.

everything under the sun 

the massive, self-indulgent pastel/punk college AU I’ve been waiting to write for over two years now. I think I’m finally going to tackle it next month for NaNoWriMo (at least to try and get it to 50k, the structure and milestones might motivate me and help me along). I’ve talked about it a little before, drawn some things for it, and made a playlist, but I still don’t think y’all realize just how deep this thing goes. the logline is “Kagami doesn’t realize what he’s getting into when he agrees to meet the rest of Kuroko’s friends”, but the real gist of it is trying to capture the impact people have on each other’s lives, the wonderful weirdness of the college experience, the feelings of being young and in love… it’s the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on, part of the reason it’s taken so long to get to the point where I can actually write it, and let me tell you *slaps roof of 14-page outline doc* this baby can fit so much self-projection in it. I’m excited and terrified and you should be too.

Full-Frontal (or, “draw me like one of your American boys”)

AoKaga nude model AU. they… say write what you know? I’ve got this one outlined and have started to draft it out, but I haven’t made any serious progress just yet. it’s just a oneshot, and it’s very self-indulgent, but it’s a nice simple project to come back to when the others get too stressful.

beards (re: playing it straight)

I’ve had the idea for awhile now of writing a real fake dating AU, in which the fake pairing never actually get together, and help each other get with other people instead. basically, Aomine and Momoi are each other’s beards, it’s a mutually-beneficial arrangement since Momoi is secretly with Riko and is tired of fending off hopeful straight guys, and Aomine is still in the closet and doesn’t want to deal with relationship advances of any kind. things get complicated when Momoi suggests breaking off the deal so she can be with Riko in the open, but Aomine is still in denial and clinging to the illusion, despite having finally met someone else he actually wants to be with.

worst kept secret

part of my Aomine/x collection… there is no plot whatsoever, the only thing you need to know is the working title for a long time was “the glory hole fic”.

Crazy = Genius (+Balls To The Walls)   

I’m planning on writing an Aomine/Oikawa crossover someday, just you wait. these two titles refer to what would essentially be two parts of the same concept, the first from the alternating points of view of Momoi and Iwaizumi, who are at turns completely baffled and weirdly understanding of Aomine and Oikawa’s nonsensical relationship. the second would follow the boys themselves, and show exactly what kinds of insane scenarios they get themselves into. 

The Night We Met

the AoKuro time-travel fic nobody asked for, inspired by a song of the same name by Lord Huron. in the middle of Aomine’s post-Teiko slump, he’s suddenly transported back in time to the moment he and Kuroko first met. he’s then forced to essentially relive middle school, with all the memories and knowledge of how things will eventually pan out still intact. I’ve got this one about half done already; it should be around four or five chapters long by the time it’s complete, I’m just trying to wrap up one or two existing fics before I publish any more WIPs.

and speaking of wrapping up existing fics…

Hoist the Colors

the AoKaga pirate AU I started to take my mind off being trapped in quarantine, after binge-watching the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series back to back and listening to the soundtrack for several days. chapter one (out of five-ish) is already completed, and I’ve got a very clear outline for the rest of the story, I just need time between projects to string it together. 

Bring Me Roses

why yes I am still planning on finishing my AoKuro Florist/Tattoo Artist AU, thanks for asking! I’ve got foreshadowing and subtext to follow through on and more flower symbolism to write, I can’t just leave it hanging forever. I’ve got about half of the second part already written out, and I know exactly where it’s going, I just kind of lost steam somewhere in the middle and have to find the motivation to pick it back up.

I’m tagging: @bakugoukatsuki-rising@hybristophilica, @meiyanaalexia, @hadenxcharm, @spaztictwitch@homiro and anyone else who’d like to give this a go! 

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listen im playing aokaga stardew valley with my friend and this cracked me the hell up

heres the boys dancing


heres the boys making out in the hot spring


heres aomine being jealous 


heres aomine being the big spoon


heres kagami about to destroy luau



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hells yea man!

aoaka fucked up employer/employee AU

an idea my friend Vee and I were batting around that I accidentally got invested in until I had a whole entire plot planned out. …whoops.

the gist is Aomine works for Akashi at some kind of soulless corporate… place (law firm?) it’s heavily implied he only got the job because Momoi put in a good word for him, and that Akashi only keeps Aomine around bc he’s pretty to look at and has, shall we say “skills”, in areas unrelated to the actual business. Aomine meanwhile is enamored with Akashi bc he’s attracted to power, follows him around like an extremely flirty puppy in a suit, acting entirely inappropriately for the workplace until Akashi just has to “discipline” him in his office. …it gets dicey real quick. 

YOI college AU

on my most recent yoi rewatch I suddenly came over with the need to write these characters somehow, and I could totally see them in a college setting… I don’t have much of a plot structured just the idea of them having a real dysfunctional family dynamic and getting into all kinds of shenanigans… of course it’d be Viktuuri, but there maaay be some implied Viktor/Chris and Yuuri/Phichit too, either present or past.

ANR sequel bait

how bout I give you the logline and you decide whether it’s something you’d be interested in.

After two years of doing everything himself, local single dad Aomine Daiki finds himself buried under more help than he can take.

thanks for asking! ^^

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okay so

-AoAka: still don’t have a specific *plot* yet but more like pieces of scenes -mostly fluff and angst and hurt/comfort-, probably canon compliant and slice of life but with a deeper study of aomine’s problem with the team from akashi’s pov, and then an after-canon time jump where akashi apologizes and he and aomine “make up” and get to know each other deeper + akashi’s daddy issues and aomine’s depression


-AoKagaMomo mafia au mmmh i already know it would end up multichapter so the mere thought is exhausting lol

but the idea is: momoi is the boss, merciless and thirsty for blood (and revenge?) and aomine is her right arm, most loyal guard dog she could ever get. they would literally die or kill for each other; aomine crosses ways with kagami, lone street criminal or another boss’ man, and they’d either hate each other’s guts or respect the fuck out of each other; aomine would bring him to momoi and kagami’d be fascinated by aomine and momoi’s kinda weird kinda twisted relationship but he’d like it (and join)

-masked dance au: aomine and kagami attend a masked dance, both of them bored out of their mind and hiding to avoid dancing, and when they meet each other outside on the balcony they find in each other someone worth spending their time with; probably gonna add some slow dancing scene maybe, and then another meeting, maskless, where they recognize each other somehow

-joker au: aomine goes totally ape shit after a mental breakdown; probably gore-ish and very nsfw; kagami would either try to stop/change him or he’d love everything he does and join him

phew!! this was fun to do lolol thank u sm for asking bby i appreciate it

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