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1 - love

‘I still don’t know why you need me to go.’ Aomine fretted and fumed for at least the eighty-sixth time that afternoon. Kise just rolled his eyes at him.

'Because you’re my plus one, and you love me very much.’ he said. He’s had just about had it with his tantrums so much so that he stopped giving a shit about providing him with a legitimate reason to tag along.

Kise was applying some nude sort of make-up on his eyelids, gently closing one at a time as he swabbed and brushed over them. He bent over the sink to be as close to their bathroom mirror as he could, the door wide open and Aomine leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest like the disgruntled boyfriend he obviously was.

2 - sky

Kagami liked the buzz of the city. Since he was a little kid, he’s only ever lived in concrete jungles here and in California, moving back out to the nature only when he had people to surf and mess around on the beach with – yet, he caught himself thinking about that property in Nagoya’s countryside, staring up at the night sky and wondering if the stars were any more visible there right now. The time he saw them most clearly was also back in America, at a late night beach party, far away from the city and all its lights, and it was just him, a couple of basketball buddies, some beer and a campfire.

Something told him that the sky was just as clear in Nagoya as it had been back then.

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2. Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to writing – in your current project, or a future project

I’m so excited/terrified to finally start my knb college AU. I’ve been sitting on this idea for almost two years I’m so ready but at the same time I’m so not ready.

The gist is it’s every single self-indulgent, chaotic, projection-ridden idea I’ve ever wanted for these boys all rolled in a big ball of shenanigans and character growth. It’s a beautiful mess and I can’t wait to make it happen as soon as ANR is done.

6. What character do you have the most fun writing?

This is gonna come right the fuck out of left field, but I love writing Himuro. I have so much fun writing just… snark, and that boy is the perfect outlet, there’s no bottom to that salt mine. I remember getting a similar kick out of writing Tsukishima in the past, I just live for sassy dialogue. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

7. What do you think are the characteristics of your personal writing style? Would others agree?

My style is very present, I think (which is funny bc there was a time I never would have considered writing present tense) focusing on what’s happening and how it makes the character feel in the moment. I like to write specific, detailed imagery, but I try to keep it short and relevant to the scene, so I can move along and focus on what’s important. I wouldn’t call it fast-paced, exactly, but it is pretty to-the-point. And I think, based on the feedback I’ve received, that people who read my fics might agree with that. I’ve heard that my writing is very personal and character-driven, and I think that might be a byproduct of the time I spent writing in first person. Now I write almost exclusively third person limited, but I still like to get in the character’s head and tell the story from their “point of view”, I guess. 

14. At what point in writing do you come up with a title?

It depends almost entirely on how quick I’m able to come up with a pun lol. Sometimes a fic has a title before I’ve even written the first sentence, sometimes I have to scramble for something, anything in the last few seconds before I publish it. A lot of the time I’ll have a working title like “that one really fucked up aokaga oneshot” for pretty much the duration of writing a new fic… and a lot of the time I’ll end up using song titles, even though we’re past the days of writing songfics. 

17. Do you think readers perceive your work - or you - differently to you? What do you think would surprise your readers about your writing or your motivations?

I think, to a degree, people get different things from my writing than I intended – which is good! The way a piece of writing can be interpreted completely differently depending on who’s reading it is one of the best things about being a writer tbh. I think people might be surprised, though, how different my fics often turn out from how I set out to make them. These days I’ve usually got a pretty detailed outline for what’s going to happen, but even with all the preparation in the world, sometimes a fic will take a sudden detour I didn’t expect, or something I wrote before will take on new meaning and change the direction I meant to go in. This definitely happens more with my longer fics, but there are times even with oneshots where I look back at what I set out to write, and what I ended up writing, and they’re completely different.

19. Is there something you always find yourself repeating in your writing? (favourite verb, something you describe ‘too often’, trope you can’t get enough of?)

I tend to write a lot of scenes with characters talking while in the car (cars are an intentional motif in ANR, but in something like GWGE there’s not actually a lot of narrative purpose to this) I don’t know why, maybe because it’s a convenient way to have characters talk one-on-one, or maybe it’s because I’ve had a lot of meaningful conversations while riding passenger, couldn’t tell you, but it’s cropped up more than once in my current fics and will probably feature in some of my upcoming ones (the college AU strikes me as a likely candidate), and I think it’s worth taking note of.

20. Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about (symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, callbacks or clues for future scenes?)

SINCE you mentioned Bring Me Roses, and I never really get to talk about it, pls allow me to go on a lengthy tangent about my most underrated fic of all time. (Like 90% of the reason it’s still incomplete almost two years later is because the response when I posted it was so underwhelming, but I still stand by it. Someday I’ll finish it, hopefully, if just for myself.) 

I’m so fucking proud of the language in this one. It’s not perfect, by any means, but the imagery in my opinion is very strong, and almost every line of dialogue is saying something without really saying it. There are frequent allusions that something happened to Aomine’s mother, relatively recently, and that Momoi is worried about him overworking out of grief or guilt, but none of those things are ever actually stated. There’s also some pretty heavy implicit flirting between Aomine and Kuroko, even if it’s a bit unusual and they’re both playing it coy at this stage, the chemistry is there and the interest is mutual. And of course, because it’s a florist AU, the flower symbolism… I spent so long researching bouquets, plant husbandry, how to prep and preserve cut flowers, and of course… flower meanings. The main ones that keep getting brought up are dahlias, which have just as many negative connotations as positive ones, including betrayal and instability, but also dignity, creativity and change, and come in a variety of colors shapes and even sizes (Islander or “dinnerplate” dahlias were definitely going to feature in part 2… as well as the connection between them and Aomine’s mother). I know a lot of these things might not hit as hard because there’s no actual payoff (yet), but still, in terms of “show don’t tell” and setting up things to come, I don’t think I have a single better example in my fic repertoire, I really went all out with this.

It’s a shame I never got to follow through, but I got the impression that there just wasn’t a lot of interest, and even if that alone is kind of a dumb reason not to continue, after I worked so hard to pull off what I did, the lack of response really killed my motivation. (I wonder sometimes if it would’ve been better received if it was an AoKaga fic… actually, I don’t need to wonder, I’m sure it would have been, but that’s not the story I set out to tell and I’m not going to change it.)

21. What other medium do you think your story would work well as? (film, webcomic, animated series?)

Oh, I’d love to do some of my fics as comics. I even tried it at one point; GWGE was going to be a comic originally, before I decided a multichapter fic would probably be less exhausting (the first couple pages are still floating around in my art tag somewhere, though this was back in high school so the quality is… heh).

22. Do you reread your old works? How do you feel about them?

Yeah… I reread a lot. Usually while I’m working on a new chapter, I’ll go over the ones that lead up to it to make sure I don’t repeat the same phrases too much and that the continuity lines up, and I’ll also admit to going back and just reading my own fics for fun. Sometimes the only one who’s written exactly what I want to see is me. 

How I feel about them depends on the fic… some of my older ones are a mix of nostalgia and cringe tbh, but there are some I still genuinely enjoy revisiting from time to time. 

24. Would you say your writing has changed over time?

Oh hell yeah. For… better and worse, honestly. I feel like I’ve lost some fluidity and confidence in my writing, and it sometimes turns kind of stilted, so I try to overcompensate which results in pretty jarring changes of tone, but at the same time, I’ve gotten much better with rhythm and syntax, my grammar skills are always improving, and I’m able to incorporate a lot more intentional meaning and subtext without always stating things outright.

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“The match against Seirin had woken something inside of him, something that died in the moment when even the purest love he had ever known in his life, the love for basketball, had abandoned him. Since that time at Teiko, without realizing it, he was drowning in a abyss he didn’t see the bottom of.”

A story of personal growth, love, friendship, acceptance, faith and healing.

i’ve worked on this for years and i’ve finally posted the first chapter. it’s completed and i’ll update weekly and i hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it

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Just showing off my humble AoKaga/KagaAo collection this late AoKaga month uwu

I’m gonna scanlate some of these, they are absolute gems~

This gotta be my fav tho, look at the nice cover and the thicc collection!

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Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga

Character(s): Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Youzan Miura (Aomine-Kagami)

Tag(s): au, kid fic, same-sex adoptive parents, aged-down youzan, aged-up characters, fluff, slice of life, first time parenting


Youzan is a very quiet kid. Taiga realized soon after he sat on the back seat with a stiff straight back. His big eyes looking out the window, hollow and blank. The car ride from the institution to their house is long and quiet with only the small-volumed music from Daiki’s playlist filling the white noise. Taiga braces himself to start conversing with the eight years old, but Daiki beats him to it, clearing his throat from the driver’s seat.

“So, Youzan-kun…” Daiki’s face is plain, watching the road with focus while occasionally glancing at the rearview mirror. “Have you had lunch? We can buy your favorite food if you want?”

Taiga glances back to the child, now looking down at his shoes. “I have. We ate natto and eggs,” his face doesn’t show any shyness or nerves, just a blank stare. “I don’t have a favorite food.” Taiga glances at his husband who’s clenching his jaws tight. Daiki gulps,

“I see. Well how about we get a burger on the way, we can heat it later if you’re still full. I—we both love burgers, you can choose if you prefer cheeseburger or teriyaki.” Aomine bit his lip, now looking at the child from the rearview mirror. His eyes widen in hopefulness.

“Burger is fine,” a curt answer.

Both Taiga and Daiki share a glance. Then Taiga pipes in, “that’s great! Ah—do you… do you play kendo?” Taiga can see the wooden sword sticking out of the back seat with two bags of Youzan’s clothes. Youzan only stiffens and looks up, meeting Taiga’s eyes who smiles before averting his eyes fast. Both Taiga and Daiki already knew the answer, born to a family that held Japanese tradition close to their heart, lived with only his dad who was a kendo instructor since his mother died when he was still very little. After that, living under Osaka’s child institute since no relatives can take care of him after his biological dad died of cancer last year. It must feel like a whirlwind for the poor boy. 

“Yeah, dad is–” he startles and looks down, “Dad was a kendo instructor, so I’m really good at it.”

Taiga worriedly glances at Daiki who is biting his top lips, his brows creasing. “I see. That’s wonderful, Youzan-kun. I’m looking forward to seeing you play. You know,” Daiki looks up with a ghost of a bitter smile, “I also play sports. Do you play basketball?”

Youzan looks around and slowly looks up. Daiki widens his smile and Taiga can feel his chest tightens. His husband… is trying very hard. “Uhh… no. I don’t have friends so they never ask me to play with them.”

Taiga turns, his face slacks. His right hand reaches but stops in uncertainty, “We’ll be your friends. Let’s play basketball sometimes. Would you like that?” he gives him his warmest smile and Youzan seems to mull over his words before nodding shyly. Taiga takes this as another point. Hopefully, they’ll score their adopted child’s heart soon. In fact, he prefers if he can drop saying adopted and make Youzan refer to them as his parents sooner.

“Taiga, we’re here. Drive-thru or take away?” Daiki mutters. 

“Drive-thru. it’s faster that way than waiting in line.” Taiga answers, glancing at the glass wall of Maji Burger.

“You guys’ll wait in the car anyway. Ordering to the drive-thru always ends up with us in the waiting bay.” Daiki raises his brow, despite still making a bee-line behind an SUV.

“Yeah, but the line in the drive-thru is shorter. It’s already three pm, Daiki. Youzan’s gonna be pretty tired.”

“Ah. Right, right… Youzan-kun, do you want ice cream or chicken nugget…?”

“Taiga takes out his wallet which Daiki takes without a word, pulling out his card. “Just order both. Get three burgers each so he can pick.”

“Do kids eat that many? Ah… they got a new seasonal burger.”

“Mmm… no, I can just whip that up on my own. Ooh~ they got chocolate pie. Most kids prefer chocolate over fruit flavors. Order a sundae too.” Taiga points at a picture. 

“Have you checked his allergies…?” Daiki whispers.

“He doesn’t have an allergy to chocolate or dairy, why haven’t you checked his health record?” Taiga glares.

His husband only turns his attention to the intercom, opening his window. “…I skimmed it. I got a bit busy lately.”

“Idi—dummy, it’s been sitting on our desk for a month.”

“Yeah, yeah… shut up, I’m gonna order.”

Taiga can feel laughter bubbling in his chest but he can only hit his husband lightly. He wonders if Youzan feels uncomfortable with their bickering but the kid seems to look at Daiki in fascination as he casually orders thirty burgers and a few other things. He asks if they can pay with debit and takes out his card. 

Predictably they have to park in the waiting bay as an employee delivers their food. The car is quiet for a while until Youzan’s voice breaks the silence. “Um… I really like chocolate… Thank you.”

Both Taiga and Daiki turn at the same time, a similar eager and delightful look that makes Youzan flusters at the attention. Taiga’s smile is wide, “of course! We’ll try a different chocolate dish. I’ll take you to our restaurant once we settle in!”

The boy tilts his head, “you have a restaurant…?”

Daiki puts his hand on Taiga’s shoulder, grinning. “Yep. He’s not a chocolatier but your papa is the best chef here. Try it once and you’ll never want to eat out ever again.”

Papa…?! Youzan blinks a few times as Taiga glances at Daiki with worry. He frowns at his husband as Youzan looks down, mouthing ‘too soon’ as Daiki furrows his eyes back and glares. The two watch with worry as the young boy, still hanging his head and trembling lips half-whispers, “I… I would like to try your food…”

A shot to the heart. Taiga can’t help clutch his chest at the polite boy. Daiki already turns to face the steering wheel and Taiga widens his eyes as his husband’s own trembling lips, the corners of his eyes gleam with teardrops. Taiga’s face red and this time he reaches Youzan’s soft jet black and ruffles them lightly. “Of course… thank you, Youzan.”


Later on, after Youzan washed up and changed his clothes, the eight years old is once again surprised, sliding into an empty seat with an unsure look as he watches a mountain of burgers on each of the couple’s trays. There is another tray filled with five cheeseburgers and five teriyaki burgers on his side of the table too along with the chocolate pie and orange juice. Staring hard, the boy takes one of the burgers—a cheeseburger—and unfolds the wrapper. He takes a bite, feeling the burst of juicy patty filling his mouth. He bites into it more, his eyes half-lid. He opens his eyes as he chews quietly—dad used to scold him if he’s eating noisily—and widens his eyes as he watches Taiga practically shoves a whole burger inside his face, his cheeks bulging and a drop of sauce stains his left cheek. 

He bit into something sour and bitter and his face folds in disgust. Taiga raises a brow and Youzan quietly opens his bun and pinches a pickle out. Biting his lip as he rubs his stained finger to the tissue on his tray. There is still the sticky feel of sauce on his finger and he automatically puts his finger on his mouth, realizing too late and immediately puts his hand on the table with a panicked look. 

Taiga who’s been watching him snorted. The boy seems flustered and confused, but Taiga holds a hand for him to reach. Without a word, he cleans the rest of his finger with his own tissue, “you’re such a neat eater. Must be a surprise seeing us eat like this, right?” Daiki chuckles beside him, he is chewing while he watches Youzan mutter a small thank you. “You know, I also didn’t like pickles when I was a kid. I still didn’t like it that much but it doesn’t put me off as much as before.”

“Mmm… I don’t eat burgers often. Da— it’s not good for you,” Taiga gives him a funny smile. He realizes the boy barely holds eye contact but he seems like he is trying. Bitterly, despite not knowing how it feels, he realizes how hard it is to adjust to a new family right after the only family you have is gone.

“Mm, not exactly. But yeah, fast food isn’t good for you,” he wants to laugh at Youzan’s surprise face, “but you need to eat, it’s already dinner time anyway. Next time, let’s make burgers together. A healthier version.”

“What’s this? You never let me in your kitchen other than to wash the dishes.” Daiki teases. Taiga rolls his eyes. “You know, Youzan-kun, you can eat unhealthy food sometimes. Heck, I’ll buy you lots of candies, we can try different types of chocolate.”

“Yeah, because you’ll let yourself in eventually. Doing shi—stuff I told you not to.” Youzan shakes his head as they continue to bicker, frowning.

“No, I want to be healthy.” The couple stops and links. “I have to be healthy so I can be the best in kendo!” Youzan gapes as both of the men in front of him stop eating and hides their faces under their hand, a frustrated look on their faces. Ah, I must’ve said something wrong

Taiga’s stern and calm face breaks into a constipated look like he’s in pain. His free hand clenched into a fist while Daiki inhaled deeply. Before Youzan can say anything, Taiga cracks the biggest smile. “Of course! Youzan, you know we’ll support you no matter what.”

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10) nostalgia + AoKaga

The Bulls’ first stringers were good that year. People were saying it felt like 1984 all over again, and others claimed that was an exaggeration; but nevertheless, they had a new ace with ridiculous jumping power, and the whole team started to work around his skills and hoping it would be enough to win the Championship.

Aomine thought it was dumb. Championships were won by teams, not individuals, but apparently, the Bulls’ management was desperate enough to once again put all their hopes and money into this new person with enough anonimity that they all just referred him to as “The Rookie”.

The Chicago Bulls marched in through the gate opposite from them just as soon as he obediently took his place on the bench. One of their shortest players had this really vibrant, familiar mop of red hair which matched the red of his jersey, and Aomine immediately locked eyes with him over the court.

They both yelped.

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