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little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
Sorry for requesting twice i read the rules and tried to open the link where it would be easier for u to see the requests but I couldn’t so i am sending here.Can u do 18. "i can't sleep without you." i am saying it again really really love your work <33
Tumblr media
”i can’t sleep without you”
Tumblr media
pairing: levi x reader
cw: misunderstandings between levi and y/n, fluff
Tumblr media
- time away -
you and levi had a bit of an argument — the type of argument that ended up with the both of you yelling at the top of your lungs and decided to take the time away to give each other some space to breathe.
you both remained professional though, communicating with each other during training but you were not on speaking terms outside of work.
you moved back to your room for the time being, it felt weird to sleep in your room again after sleeping in levi’s bedroom for almost two years but you were managing.
however, levi wasn’t managing as well as you were. he was so used to sleeping next to you at night and having you encased in his arms that it felt off for him to not have you there.
it was hard for the both of you but if it meant making your relationship stronger then you would bare it for as long as it needs.
levi found himself sleeping alone again just like for the past couple weeks now. he tossed and turned in his bed and fought hard with himself before getting up and leaving his bedroom. he walked down the hallway until he was standing in front of your bedroom door, bringing his fist up to the surface and knocked softly.
you awoke to the sound of knocking as you groggily opened your eyes and got out of bed. you were still half asleep when you opened the door, your tired eyes barely able to recognize the faint outline of your lover standing in between your doorframe.
“levi? why are you still up?” you asked tiredly, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes with the back of your hand.
“i can’t sleep without you” levi admitted, playing with his thumbs and refusing to look at you. your eyes softened, your past conflict was suddenly forgotten. he was still your lover and no type of conflict would ever change that.
“you can sleep here if you want“ you said, smiling tiredly at him as you moved to the side to let him inside your bedroom. levi was hesitant for a second but entered your bedroom anyway.
you got back to bed, facing the wall as you felt levi get in bed with you. he faced the other side so your backs were towards each other.
you laid in silence for a few minutes, the sound of your soft breathings filling the room — neither of you being able to sleep despite being in the same bed together.
“y/n?” levi asked softly, turning his head a bit to look at you. you hummed in reply.
“can i- can i hold you?” levi asked hesitantly and a smile pulled at the corner of your lips. you turned around and faced his back, wrapping your arms around him.
a sigh of contentment left your lips at the feeling of his powerful body wrapped in your embrace again. levi turned around at the contact, wrapping his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.
levi ran his hand through your hair and you snuggled up into his chest, feeling sleep slowly engulfing you.
“i’m sorry, for everything these past couple of weeks“ levi said as you shifted a bit to look up at him. “i’m sorry too“
”no more conflicts and misunderstandings. i don’t like being away from you” levi said, burying his face in your hair. you smiled, pressing a kiss on wherever your lips can reach.
“that i can agree on“ you whispered, you could hear the smile forming on levi’s lips as he pressed a kiss on the top of your head.
“tch. i love you, brat” levi said and you chuckled. “i love you too, levi”
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saveyourt3ars · a day ago
Be clingy with Levi, always text him, tell him you miss him, send him selfies, tell him about your day, he fucking loves it even if he does call you an annoying brat
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sunny-theauthor · 2 days ago
Dad! Levi Hcs
Tumblr media
Header made by me
Dad Levi just makes me so happy :) this man deserves so much happiness
Prompt List
Pairing: Dad! Levi x Gender Neutral! Reader, Female! Reader when mentioning pregnancy
Warning(s): Fluff, mentions of pregnancy
Tumblr media
Ok, ok, hear me out - Levi would be a great dad
He didn't have his parents growing up, but he would sure as hell make sure his children do
He would also make sure they actually have a childhood
Dad Levi would be super careful and gentle with his newborn(s) cause he's scared he'd hurt them
He's terrified of being a father, but his S/O knows he'd be great
Levi would be a super strict dad
He wants nothing but the best for his kids and will do whatever he has to do for that
He definitely would be very against them go it into the scouts
He wants to keep that part of his life, the death, the depression, and the sadness away from what makes him the happiest; his family
Levi with a pregnant S/O would be super sweet, caring, gentle, and attentive
He wouldn't know anything about pregnancy or giving birth
When his S/O goes into labor, he would absolutely freak out
He would be able to stomach giving birth because of everything he's been through
He wouldn't puke or pass out
He would be incredibly sweet and wouldn't leave your side until the doctors made him
He would cry when he held your child/children for the first time
He would let you pick the name(s)
After you give birth, he would fall asleep in the hospital bed with you
He wouldn't like feeling/seeing the baby kick when you're pregnant; it just makes his skin crawl
!Pregnancy Over!
You would have to teach him how to feed a baby, change a diaper, hold a baby, etc
Man would be clueless
Levi would definitely want a quiet, peaceful life with his family
He would want a small cottage in a quiet village far from Shingashina
He wouldn't want kids until after the war's over, but having them earlier is okay
You guys would trade off who puts the baby/babies back to sleep when they wake up in the night
"The baby's awake"
"I did it last time"
TONS of baby toys, blankets, stuffed animals, etc
He loves baby clothes and thinks they're super cute, especially baby shoes
He'll cry over a pair of baby shoes
"Levi, they're just shoes"
"But they're so little, Y/N! Look how cute they are!"
What I'm trying to say is Dad! Levi > Anything else
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astridthevalkyrie · a day ago
Tumblr media
A Scene Popped Into My Head But Instead Of Writing A Whole AU I’m Just Going To Write That One Scene <3
—> Scene Capture Fics Masterlist
—> Today’s Feature: Dad Levi! {Nanny!Reader}
—> a/n: man, this is way too long for a scene capture fic. but i'm also too tired to give this more context aside from rich father levi makes my brain turn to mush. enjoy!
Tumblr media
There are four people total in the room. You, for starters, sitting nervously on the coach with your hands crossed over your lap, clothed in a teal blouse and dull brown pencil skirt that hopefully makes you look as respectable as you are. Across the room sitting on the floor, six year old Isabel, giving you a reassuring, toothy grin and a hidden thumbs up that really does make you feel better. On the loveseat sofa, Dorothy, upright and haughty, the bane of your existence and the reason why you’re practically soaking in dread right now.
And finally, on the seat facing Dorothy’s, Mr. Ackerman, cravat ajar and hair tousled from Isabel tackling him when he came in.
Her father.
“So,” he drawls, impatient as always, “what is this about?”
“Well, where do I begin?” Dorothy asks snootily in that nasty tone of hers. You’ve gotten used to it from dropping Isabel off to school, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still make you cringe.
“From the beginning, I imagine,” Mr. Ackerman says dryly.
“Alright, then. Your nanny is a disaster. I can’t imagine what you were thinking when you hired her. She makes all the rest of us look terrible.”
Even though you know it’s not true, you look down at your hands, ashamed to be in this position, tattled on like you’re the child and not the nanny. Heat burns your cheeks; you hope no one notices.
“Take last week for example. The trip to the marine museum. Over there, she abandoned the child to do some exploring of her own.”
“That’s not true!” Isabel’s soft voice cuts in, sounding like she’s in tears from just the mere accusation. However, you know that it’s simply her Daddy-Will-Take-My-Side-No-Matter-What voice, which makes the heaviness in your chest lighten just a little. “The only time she wasn’t with me was when Ben spilled some juice and she had to get napkins from the bathroom!”
Ignoring both Isabel and the dangerous flash in her father’s eyes, Dorothy rattles on. “At the bake sale, I saw her slip one of the cupcakes to the janitor for free! A couple weeks ago, I also saw her out with Mr. Jaeger—the gym teacher! If she fraternises with him behind your back, imagine what else she does. And oh, worst of all, the other day, I saw her smacking the poor girl right on her arm!”
Already, Isabel is spluttering, but Mr. Ackerman holds up his finger to her lips, and she pouts, but settles down. His gaze turns from her to you, and calmly, he tells you, “Explain.”
At his order, you sit up, jumping into your own side of things. “Sir, the janitor had been starving all day, I just didn’t think one cupcake was going to make that much of a difference—“
“It didn’t,” he cuts in smoothly, “Especially considering you and Isabel were the ones who spent hours making them.”
Dorothy gapes, but you nod, feeling emboldened by his support. You’d known that Mr. Ackerman was not an unreasonable person, but you’ve also only been working for him for a few months, and someone who ran in his circle could potentially carry more weight than your word. But thankfully, it looks like that that isn’t the case.
“Eren—Mr. Jaeger—and I weren’t on a date or anything. He’s my best friend, and I’ve known him since way before I started working here. There’s nothing inappropriate going on, I promise.”
“And if there was, I couldn’t care less, considering I don’t dictate your dating life unless you were dragging Isabel to your dates.”
“I have no plans to do anything of the sort. As for me hitting her, that never happened, I have no idea what she’s talking about.”
“I have proof!” Dorothy cries, digging out her phone. “I caught her on video—“
Gaping, you finally turn to her with an affronted look. You’d afforded her the benefit of the doubt up until now, hoping this just came out of a place of concern for Isabel. But to stoop as far as to record you looking for a fuck-up? This is now something being done with malicious intent.
The video shows your back, leaning down to talk to Isabel. This had been a few days ago, but you know damn well you’ve never harmed a hair on Isabel’s head.
In a swift second, video you’s arm comes up and swats Isabel on the arm suddenly. The clip ends right after, and Dorothy snatches her phone back to her chest triumphant. “Well?” she asks, eyes gleaming.
There’s a heavy, pregnant pause, and then Mr. Ackerman snaps, “Do you think I have”—with one quick gesture to Isabel, she’s covering her ears with her hands in an instant—“shit for brains? She’s obviously swatting a bug or something in that, Isabel doesn’t even look hurt.”
Your shoulders droop, finally relaxed and reassured that you’re not going to lose your job.
“I’m sure it’s hard, Levi,” the irritable woman says in a fake soothing tone, “to raise a child on your own. But perhaps this woman isn’t the answer. Petra handled it all so well—“
“Right, let me just dig her up real quick,” Mr. Ackerman hisses, quick enough for only you and Dorothy to catch it. “I don’t know what the hell your problem with my nanny is, but you’ve already wasted too much of our time, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Also, I know we’ve known each for years, but we’re not on first name basis, Mrs. Richmond. Don’t visit again.”
And Dorothy leaves alright, albeit with huffs and complaints under her breath. But as soon as she’s gone, so too is the tension in the room. This is something you’ll cry about later, knowing your strange insecurity about wanting everyone to like you. You’ve no idea what you’d actually done to anger the woman.
But for now, you simply watch, content, as Mr. Ackerman picks Isabel up and kisses her cheek. “Oi, don’t take this as some excuse to stay up late having fun. Have you had dinner?”
“Only one bite.” Isabel pouts, almost always compliant for her father. “Then she came and I couldn’t finish the lasagna that (F/N) made.”
“Lasagna sounds really good right now,” he mumbles into her hair, “go finish up and then get into your pajamas.”
“Your bed.”
“Your bed!”
You hide a smile. He always relents so easily, it’s kind of endearing.
Hopping down, the little girl scurries to the kitchen, leaving you and Mr. Ackerman alone in the living room. You stand up, making your way to follow her. Friday nights, when Mr. Ackerman is back early, you get to leave early as well, since he prefers to put Isabel to sleep himself. The only time you’ve stayed the night was the time she had a high fever and her father was so worried sick that you had to take control.
He’s not nearly as cold as he seems. Around Isabel, he’s a sweetheart.
“Hey,” he murmurs, before you can go, “next time someone starts pulling shit out of nowhere, tell me. I’ll take care of it.”
“Thanks.” You smile, tucking your hair behind your ear. “And thank you for believing me, Mr. Ackerman. I promise that I am never going to do anything to harm Isabel. I care for her a lot, and I would never hurt her.”
This seems to relieve a worry in him that he wasn’t even sure he had. Nodding slowly, he looks at you, eyes dark but sincere. “You’re doing a good job. I don’t think I need to tell you, but you are. You’re…” He exhales softly, now looking quite tired. “You’re taking care of both of us, and that’s more than what you signed up to do.”
Your cheeks flush. You weren’t sure he’d noticed the subtle ways you tried to help him out, whether by always heating up the food for him after putting Isabel to bed, draping a blanket over his form when he collapsed on the coach due to exhaustion, or the situation with Isabel’s fever when you’d grasped his shoulders tightly and told him she’s going to be okay. trust me, she’s going to be okay, I’m not going to let anything happen to her.
It seems like your affection for the junior Ackerman may have stretched to her father, your boss, and he’d picked up on it, despite your best efforts to be subtle.
“May I?” You gesture to his cravat.
Mr. Ackerman doesn’t take his eyes off you. “Go ahead.”
Stepping up right in front of him, your nimble fingers get to work, slowly loosening his cravat. It’s less cumbersome than a tie, you can see why he enjoys wearing them. When you finally loosen it enough, you give it a tug, but you underestimate your strength, and end up tugging him forward instead.
Mr. Ackerman’s eyes widen, not by a large amount, but enough that you can see the blue flecks in the grey ocean.
Taking your wrist in his hand, he gently guides it downwards, and the cravat slips off, clutched tightly in your fist.
Your throat is dry as he stares at you, unwavering. It’s the fact that he stood up for you. It’s just the proximity. It’s the whole environment. You are not attracted to your boss.
“I should get going.” You swallow, gaze helplessly falling down to his lips. “Mr. Ackerman.”
He doesn’t miss it, because of course he doesn’t. “I think we’re close enough for you to call me Levi.”
Levi. The name sounds delicious on your tongue. You could say it a hundred times and never tire of it.
He’s so close…
“Da-a-ad!” Isabel prances into the room, and you practically leap away from him. What the hell are you thinking? “Come on, let’s go eat lasagna!”
Levi apologizes to her profusely, scooping her up once more and exchanging a single meaningful glance with you before leaving the room.
Fuck, your heart is pounding so fast.
This will be a great story to tell Isabel’s gym teacher later. Eren will surely cackle at your misfortune, but hopefully, this time you won’t get spied on, and no one else will realize that you most definitely have a crush on the man whose daughter you’re taking care of.
With that somewhat comforting thought, you follow the father-daughter duo into the kitchen, willing your racing heart to calm down.
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thecommanderzoe · 2 days ago
So hear me out. 
I’m terrible at writing meta posts and things but I’m going to try. 
Tumblr media
I honestly think this is such an important scene for Hanji as a character.
Looking back, the first time we see her, it’s having Hanji and Levi taking down titans like it’s nothing. We see her excited to go on another mission. We see her walk Eren to the trial. We see her patch him up after Levi’s kicks. We see her compassion when treating Sawney and Bean. We see her skills in making weapons against titans with the female titan. We see her kindness with Ymir, making sure she got the medical care before anything after the castle. We see her leadership skills when facing off against Bertholdt on the wall. We see her theories come true with where they would have taken Eren, with the weak points in the armour, with where Eren and Historia are... you get it shes full of theories that come from facts and are correct. 
We see Hanji formally introduce herself to Historia using a name the girl hadn’t heard in years. We see her shocked face when told she would be the next commander. We see the anger and guilt she felt with Pastor Nick. We see her smiling when watching the cadets get rowdy over the red meat before this mission. 
Hanji has core values she sticks too. 
And the times that she slips, like the time Moblit tells her she’s got that mad look in her eyes when capturing Annie. When Moblit protects Hanji in the scene with the MPs and Nick. She was blindsided by his death but the moment Moblit comes in to stick up for her she fights back with her little act. When Moblit reminded her about her compassion when doing experiments on Eren’s hardening. 
You may have realised my point. 
But in this scene. Hanji’s just come back to finish the job. She’s just lost everyone in her squad. She also know Moblit sacrificed himself with one final act of saving hers. She’s angry. She’s upset. She is grieving. 
And Reiner is there for her to take it all out on. 
But Jean says something to make her stop. It reminds her of her core values. Knowledge. Compassion. 
I think here Hanji’s face is so sombre in the last panel. I think she realises if Moblit was here, it would be him saying it. Jean has taken Moblit’s place as her anchor. Keeping her grounded. And it hits her. Moblit isn’t there anymore. She’s changed over the events, yes, but I think losing Moblit has just sunk in during this moment. 
I hope this made as much sense in words as it did in my head. 
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peace-for-levi · a day ago
Your Body, A Masterpiece [Levi Ackerman x GN!Reader]
TW: nsfw content/smut (minors dni!), canonverse levi, feminine words used to describe the reader (wife, mother, motherhood, etc.) and female anatomy is used. potentially OOC Levi lmao. wee bit of dirty talk, tons of body worship, levi is soft in the bedroom in this one. Reader talking down on their body (calling themselves ugly, big, soft, etc.) Levi being blunt. Oral, missionary, pretty standard procedure sex... I think that's it? Let me know if I missed anything. If you're looking for hot sex, this is the wrong place - this is more emotions-focused. It's definitely smutty, but i can deffo write smuttier, lmao.
synopsis: you have been rejecting levi's advances to be physically intimate for weeks over fears your postpartum body is a turn-off for him. he shows you that you are as beautiful to him now as you were back then.
It was late enough when Levi arrived home from the headquarters, approaching eight in the evening.
The house you two had was small, but it was cozy. It was at the end of a cul-de-sac, a ten minute horse ride from headquarters. Ivy had forked out in every direction of the house and the vines hung precariously over the front door. He walked his horse into the stables of your house and fed his horse before turning back to the small front garden. The lilies and lavenders in the window sill pots were standing to attention in the light of the fading sun; you must have watered them recently. He peered through the window of your shared house and noticed the amber light coming from the kitchen and everything inside him perked up.
This was what you had done; you were there to provide a sense of excitement every evening when he was finished with paperwork and training.
To have gone so long in his life without having a home to return to, or even having a real house of his own.
It was everything a man could ask for.
Not to mention his beautiful three month old daughter, Isabel.
As he opened the front door of the house, he could hear you trying to shush your child into a slumber. He saw you pacing back and forth and he could hear the exhausted breaths of your child from across the kitchen; she must have been crying for a while now. When you heard the sound of Levi removing his forest green cloak, you turned around.
"Oh, Levi," you murmured, softly, now holding your daughter over your shoulder.
Levi immediately glided over and took the child from your arms. He wasn't used to shushing or calming down the baby - you and him both knew that while you were on maternal leave from the Survey Corps, you'd probably be spending the most time with the baby - but he was getting used to it.
"Is she okay? Has she eaten?" he asked as he shifted his weight from one leg to another, creating a little bounce. The baby wriggled in his arms, noticing that her mother wasn't holding her anymore. "Agh, I know, little one." Levi was quick to surrender, not wanting all your hard work to vanish and passed the child back to you.
"Yeah, it's wind down time now for her. Isn't that right, Isabel?" you cooed. Your eyes always lit up talking to your baby girl, but there was something else there too.
Levi noted something akin to exhaustion in your eyes. While motherhood suited you, he noticed a not-so familiar dark cloud hanging over you these days. He was trying not to broach you about it; Hange told him that becoming a mother can have a huge toll on a person mentally just as well as physically. If it was just a bit of exhaustion, he didn't need to worry too much and he just had to make time to help more.
He also didn't want to put you in an uncomfortable position to talk about things when your mind was so preoccupied with child-minding. Your mind was elsewhere and he knew this because whenever he went to touch you - even just a soft rub on the arm or a kiss on the forehead - you'd stiffen up and freeze.
You'd tell him eventually how you were feeling, right?
He didn't want to be selfish and he knew that it was probably the last thing on your mind, but it had been a while since you two had last been intimate. The six week wait was up but when you looked so in your head and forlorn, he knew better than to initiate it. But then you started sidling out of his embraces or trying to break free from when he held you in his arms at night.
"Levi, I drew you a bath upstairs if you want one," you said, still bobbing up and down. You let out a gasp upon hearing the shallow breaths coming from your child; her eyes were shutting. "Much better now, aren't we?" you said with a smile.
Even so, he knew you were still that same kind person he fell in love with all those years ago.
He took a look at your apron from today's endeavours; covered in crumbs from baking and making dinner, not to mention baby spit-up...
He held his arms out again, continuing the game of "pass the baby."
"I'll put her to bed, you go take the bath. I can always have it tomorrow." He assured you as he rested the child on his shoulder.
You patted him on his other shoulder as a silent thanks and hurried upstairs.
The two of you had two cots bought once your little darling was born; one for upstairs and one for downstairs. In case it was naptime and you were busy doing housework, you could always keep an eye on her while you made food or cleaned. Levi walked into the sitting room and laid the baby down on the sofa closest to him while he stirred the fire, rocks of coal falling against each other and sparking fresh embers. Isabel inhaled sharply and he was quick to his feet as always, but once she settled again, he could only watch in awe.
She was so, so perfect. She had his black hair and gunmetal eye colour, but your infinitely softer eyes. He remembered moments before she came into the world when the nurse commented on the amount of hair she had. He remembers the first time he held her after you and the way her stubby fingers wrapped around his thumb. How she was initially upset leaving her mother's arms but then felt serenity within her father's resolute constitution.
You had given him a child and he was so thankful. It may not have been ideal timing - the war with the Titans raged on as ever and with the battle to reclaim Shiganshina happening in just a month, he was a bit stressed - but he was so thankful for you two either way.
"I wonder if your mom will tell me what's bugging her." He mused aloud, stroking her cheek.
By the Walls, she was just so delicate looking and so, so fragile. How your body managed to give him this was something he was sure he'd never fully comprehend, but was ever-grateful for. Your body nursed and housed her for nine months and it wasn't always easy, but you handled it with such grace most of the time. You may not have considered it a pleasant experience and perhaps your definition of 'grace' differed from each other - Levi was just blown away by your strength to do this.
After a few minutes, he scooped up his little wonder in his arms and walked up the stairs. He walked into the little box room that was next to your shared bedroom. She settled instantly and he was grateful for the few hours of sleep the two of you would get before she woke up for a feeding or a change.
He walked back through the hall and noticed the door to your bedroom was closed. You must have just come out of your bath. He pressed the door open, wanting to get changed into something looser but the sight before him shook him to his core.
You were standing in front of the full body-length mirror with your bathrobe pulled up. He could hear soft whimpers coming from you as you poked and prodded your skin.
You just couldn't help, though; your body was so different now.
Squiggles of red and purple painted the skin on your tummy, hips, lower back and around your upper thighs. These marks were everywhere. You were no stranger to stretch marks - when you were a cadet all those years ago and when your muscles were growing, they were totally natural - but now, they looked so... horrible and ugly. They didn't belong there. Not to mention how soft and dimply your stomach and thighs were once you were ordered by Commander Erwin to stay at home. You lost all your muscle definition and were left with dimpled skin that was bumpy and full of these prominent marks.
You hated the way you look, and you were sure your husband did too. After all, he fell in love with you back when your body was much more defined, right? Why would he like it now that it was different and, well, bigger.
You already decided he wouldn't like it so you found it easier to distance yourself from him and his advances. You knew he probably wanted to be intimate by now - you were needing his touch too, after all - but you were scared of what he'd think. These thoughts had been plaguing your mind once you got the six week clearing and the obsessive thoughts never left you alone. It was easier for you to reject him now than have him reject you months down the road.
Levi was very quick to stop your spiralling once he stepped into the room.
"[F/n]? What are you crying for?" he asked as he approached you.
"U-Uh," you began in a stammer, fastening the rope of your robe, "it's nothing, Levi."
"Yeah, I've heard that enough times from you to know you're lying to me," he said, and he intended for it to come out as a chastisement. You two were married - what was the point in lying to him? He inhaled sharply, though, - Hange had told him hormones can still be wild for a while after birth - and placed a hand on your shoulder, hoping you'd turn around. "Come on, tell me what's bothering you."
You whirled around on your heel and faced him, and only then could he see how upset you were. He was taken aback by this and you could see it on his face by his parted lips, his thin brows raised in surprise. Your cheeks were red from crying and you showed no signs of stopping.
"I-I'm... I'm so... hideous looking!" you choked out, burying your face into your hands. "I'm so ugly and big, and all these marks are littered all over me!" you cried, lifting up your robe again to show him.
Wait, you were crying over your body? Levi had never seen you cry over something so unimportant (to him.) You continued to criticize your figures and he tried to listen - listen so that you could let this all out - but he hated listening to you be so negative. "[F/n]--" he tried to interrupt but you weren't in the right state of mind to listen to reason.
"M-my stomach is so soft now and I have lost all my muscle definition, a-and my thighs are softer and dimpled. And I know you don't like the way I look, it would just make perfect sense..." you rambled, and Levi's lips parted even wider at the last sentence. "I mean, why would you? I'm so different now! And-- And then... how long will it be 'til you don't like me, as a person..." you said while sobbing. You buried your gaze and wiped your eyes, you couldn't face him.
Levi was dumbfounded. This was the reason you were rejecting all his advances, no matter how small? Because you were concerned about how you looked? Why didn't you come to him when your thoughts started to spiral out of control?
"Why didn't you come to me?" he asked, plainly. "You haven't been yourself for a while - and you think I haven't noticed? You honestly thought you could be all gloomy and think I wouldn't notice?"
"I-I guess--" you began but he quickly cut across you.
"I'm the gloomiest asshole ever, [F/n]. You called me Captain Moody for years. I see these things, I do."
You bit your lip in embarrassment. You did feel a bit stupid for trying to hide your feelings in front of your husband, in front of Levi no less - someone who was so attentive to detail. Your tears were still fresh though and still trickling down your face. Levi sighed and walked towards you, taking your hand in his. You wiped your face as he dragged you towards Isabel's room.
The pale, blue light of the moon filtered through the windows and illuminated the bedroom. It hadn't been long since Levi blew out the candles. Levi's hand squeezed yours and the two of you looked at the nesting child.
"Look at her," Levi gestured, whispering softly as he rubbed and squeezed your hand, "she's pretty cute, no?" he asked. He knew you found her cute but you were sniffling too much to answer. "She is, isn't she? She was inside you not too long ago."
You nodded at the obvious fact and with eyes completely wiped and nose no longer running, you squeezed Levi's calloused hands back.
"She's one of my favourite things. I do have my tea, and I do enjoy Eren cleaning my office because he does it best... but they don't bring me joy the way she does. Especially with how she's beginning to smile and laugh these days..." he continued. "I don't sleep much but when I do and she happens to wake me up, I feel no resentment or frustration."
Levi paused; no matter how long you two were involved romantically, speaking for long periods at a time would always make him cringe or be difficult.
"...You gave me a daughter. You gave us Isabel. You made me a father," he told you. "Something I never thought I would become in this life."
Your eyes were drawn to the way Levi's long, slender fingers danced up and down the baby's thighs. He traced around the stubby-looking knees and the rolls of fat. Probably a foreign sight for him having grown up in the Underground District. It was a sign she was being well fed and that she probably wasn't going to die of starvation like all the other unfortunate kids he had to witness pass away. Much like how he was on the brink of death until Kenny came along.
He walked back into the hall and gestured to you to follow him back into the bedroom. He turned to face you once you both stood in front of the body-length mirror.
"You're obsessing over your body when you had a whole person growing inside you? Tch, of course you'd look different. Of course you'll have new marks and scars and bumps, and of course you'd look a bit bigger... and you think I'd be that shallow to look at you a different way because of that?" he asked. "You're honestly so stupid at times, [F/n]. Must I show you how little I care about the way your body looks? Ah-- let me rephrase that. Must I show you how much I like your body, regardless of how it looks?"
You almost had no time to react to Levi's lips caressing yours. You immediately tried to get out of his hold, your irrational thoughts thinking this must all be an act or that he was lying. You successfully pulled away and Levi's war-exposed, blood-stained hands moved to hold your face in place with such gentleness - he was always so gentle with you - you practically melted into his touch.
That was the power Levi had.
"Let me kiss you, [F/n]," he whispered huskily against your lips, "Come on, won't you kiss me?" he asked, rubbing the tip of his nose against yours.
Your eyes softened as you gazed at him and he smiled softly, kissing you gently. His lips always caressed you with such warmth and passion, it would always leave you weak in the knees. As he pulled you closer, you could feel his hands grab at you desperately having not been able to hold you like this in months. Perhaps you made him weak at the knees too...
It didn't take much convincing for his tongue to slip against and past your lips, relishing the way you taste and the way you feel. The kiss grew passionate and hot - almost like the two of you were tumbling against each other - and Levi moved to kiss the side of your mouth, your cheeks, your jaw, his nose tickling the hollow of your neck. Levi latched onto your sweet spot in no time and sucked, no hesitance in wanting to mark you. The feeling made you release a moan, a noise he hadn't heard in a while and he was desperate to hear more of it. Levi took a step back admiring the handiwork of two new love bites before placing more kisses to your lips with his hands holding you at your waist.
"Bed." He whispered hoarsely in between smooches and as you walked yourself back, Levi began to tear at your robe.
He noticed how you weren’t helping him take it off and once he had the strings opened and pulled it off, you were quick to hide yourself. You were wearing just your brassiere and panties and your hands went to wrap around your frame. Levi and you had been intimate countless times and he was upset you were so unconfident in the way you looked. Oh well, he’d just have to show you how much he loved the way you looked.
He took your hands and held them at your sides and pressed his lips to your collarbones, leaving sloppy kisses in his wake. His hands were quick to wrap around your back and gently lift you up. Unclasping the bra, he guided you out of it, lifting your arms up. You rose with the motion of his disrobing and sat up again. Levi caught your gaze and pressed his lips against yours again before admiring the way the flimsy material fell off you. He shrugged off his tan military jacket and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Once they had all been popped open, he attempted to lower you again.
“Lie down.”
He laid you down gently and moved to pepper your torso with more kisses, coming to the swells of flesh on your chest. He let his thumb go to one of your perked nipples while his tongue latched onto the other, swirling around in circles. You swallowed a moan, loving his touch too much to think about the way you looked. He continued to appreciate the softness of your breasts and the majesty that was you - his beloved - and the whimpers that escaped your lips at his advances were like music to his ears. He switched sides, thumb rubbing over the sensitive nub and suckling on the other one, but not too hard of course. Your fingers danced and threaded through his dark locks.
“F-Fuck…” you moaned, softly. The sound of your voice in this position made him groan himself as he felt the blood rush to his member. He was paying attention to every sound that escaped you
His mouth continued to work at your nipples and breasts and you weren’t sure how long it had been since he started fondling your breasts, but you didn’t mind. His hands gently knead the mounds of flesh together and a chuckle escapes your lips as your back arches. This sight alone was so arousing to him. If it weren’t for him wearing his military pants and if he was just in his underwear, you’d be able to see the wet patch left behind.
By the Walls, he could never wrap his head around the fact you had wound yourself up like this for months. He had no problem with the way you looked; you were his definition of beauty.
In fact, you were the epitome of beauty to him, his wife. He wasn’t going to say it now but he was disappointed he wasn’t making you feel beautiful. Sure, he had a lot on his mind all the time as Captain of the Scout Regiment, but he always tried to make time for you.
Well, now he’d just have to try extra hard to show just how wonderful you looked to him.
Levi Ackerman didn’t really have a type, as such, as he never thought love was for him. But you were love to him - you were - and you are joy, and that, to him, was beautiful… so your appearance - though it was always a bonus to him - never mattered too much.
He continued to kiss you and savour you like the work of art you were as his nose dipped down the valley of your breasts until he made his way to your midsection. This was where you were most insecure. He leaned up and his fingers traced along every single bump, dimple and squiggly red or purple line. You pouted.
“Levi, don’t spend too much time there.”
“Why?” he asked, bluntly. His fingers made swirls along all your stretch marks, admiring the way they twirled and decorated your tummy and hips. “They’re pretty cool if you ask me.”
“No, they’re not. Stop it.” You rebuked, looking away.
“They are a testament to your strength and everything you’ve done for Isabel. How could I not like them?” he said, lips leaving more kisses wherever he saw fit… which was pretty much everywhere. He looked up at you and noticed how your eyes were still cast the other way. “You don’t believe me?”
Your silence was his answer.
He sighed heavily and leaned back on his haunches. “I have seen comrade after comrade die, be it in my arms or discovering them dead on the way home… I have seen terrible things throughout my life, horrifying things. Trust me when I say this: you having new stretch marks doesn’t bother me at all. Understand?” Once you nodded, he leaned back down and attempted to continue his advances, but not before asking if it was okay with you.
Getting the all clear, he continued to trail his lips dangerously close to the lining of your panties. He leans up and softly rubs your wet heat, admiring the wet sounds it made. He hooked his index fingers and pulled them down, admiring the way your body would always comply with his gestures. He flicks the material onto the floor - it can be tidied later - lays down on his toned stomach, softly massaging your inner thighs; another insecurity. You had gained a bit of weight and lost your muscle definition but if you decided to go back to the Survey Corps - which Levi was vehemently against - you could always get them back and if you did go back, he did say to do it on your own terms. And so, this time when his fingers trailed over the faint stretch marks, you didn’t mind as much.
They were a part of you, after all.
Levi was more often than not a gentle lover in the bedroom and while he could be thorough and passionate, and even rough on the odd occasion, you could always feel the love behind his gestures. Even so, it surprised you when he left butterfly kisses along your inner thighs and spoiled you with his chaste kisses more. This was more gentle than normal, but you appreciated it.
As the cold, frigid night hair brushed against your wet heat, you angled yourself so that Levi’s kisses would be inched closer to where you wanted to feel him most. His fingers spread out and he massages your thighs and he looks up at you and smiles warmly at you. His gentleness and the slowness of it all made your heart swell with love for the man in between your legs.
You started to feel silly for hiding yourself in front of your ever-attentive husband, but Levi had been so careful not to push you. You didn’t know if you should have told him this sooner or whether this was the perfect moment, or if this was just fate. It didn’t matter now, though. Nothing mattered right now while your fingers threaded through his hair and he treated you like you were fine china; like you were the most precious thing in his universe.
Simply because you were.
Finally, it happened. Levi’s fingers made contact with your slick folds to slowly spread. It had been a while since you two were last intimate so he knew you might need more prepping than normal. Which he had no problem with at all. His breath hitches as he moves to separate your folds; you’re dripping for him. This would normally make him want to rush into things but he knew this time sex could be painful for you so he had to reel it all in. He couldn’t help but groan at the way you felt though; he wanted so badly to please you and make you feel all his love and admiration for you. He admires how your juices make his fingertips slide against each other. He brings his fingers to his lips and makes sure to lap up all of your goodness.
“You taste as good as ever.” He murmured as he looked up at you, and you could see the glint in his eyes that were full of want for you.
His fingers return to their slow movements, rubbing you up and down and he sees the way your pussy clenches around nothing as his sensual touches. He licks his thumb and begins to touch your hardened bead, rubbing it just the way you liked it while his fingers continue to tease around your weeping hole. Your body tenses every now and then, trying to get used to this feeling that used to be so familiar to you. Your toes curl and your face scrunches up and contorts with pleasure. You let out soft moans, your clit more sensitive than normal, and Levi treating you just right. So right.
Your eyes flutter close as he presses his tongue against your clit and begins to lick it softly. Meanwhile, his fingers are prepping to enter you. One finger at a time and at your pace; you were setting the tone here. You continued to moan his name softly as his fingers traced around your entrance, the speed of his tongue increasing. You groaned and your back arched as he let his middle finger dip into your entrance and he let up in speed so that you could focus on adjusting to his fingers more. He edged his finger in more and you clamped your eyes shut; it was as if you were a virgin all over again. He wasted no time in finding your sweet spot and you clenched around him, letting out an even louder moan.
“F-Fuck!” you cried out, writhing in pleasure with his touches.
“You’re so tight…” he whispered, huskily against your clit before continuing to lick. He couldn’t wait to have you clenching around his cock but that could wait. In fact, if you decided to stop now, he didn’t mind. Tonight was all about you and the last thing he wanted to do was tire you or cause any pain. “You feeling okay?”
It takes less time than he thought when he thought you might have been ready for a second finger. He wasn’t about to stop the magic with his tongue either. His fingertips rub against your gummy, velvety and his tongue doesn’t let up, lapping at your clit like it was his lifeline. You continued to grind against his face, pushing him in for more and more. You could feel yourself slip into that familiar feeling of heavenly bliss, warmth spreading across your belly as your muscles tightened and wound up.
“Oh, god… Levi, fuck… It feels so nice…” you choked.
He only smiled against you, pausing briefly, but quickly continued, determined to make you cum on his fingers and he’d do this again and again, over and over, until he was sure you understood how much he liked your body.
“You taste so damn sweet…” he groaned. His cock strained against the confines of his pants and with his other hand, began to unbutton them. He left you briefly to pull them down and leaving him in just his underwear and your hands shot out immediately to try to pull him back. “Ha-ha, you can wait like a good girl for just a few moments, can’t you?” He taunted, tossing his pants behind him. You could make out the wet stains of his grey boxers left by his precum. He returned to his handiwork on you and you jerked upwards and whimpered, grateful that you weren’t left hanging too long.
He occasionally looked up at you and was so damn pleased with himself knowing you were feeling good. You were dripping for him and he couldn’t get enough of you. You tasted so nice and having you clench around him reminded him of the times you were intimate more often and how you two would have sex a few times a week. This might have been before you were pregnant and before Isabel was born, and he knew these moments were going to be a bit more fleeting and few and far between; hence why he had to cherish it. And he could never, for the life of him, get over how pretty you looked when he did fuck you.
He hovered over your midsection briefly. “You’re beautiful. You mightn’t see that now. But I find you so fucking magnificent.”
You swore you felt your eyes well with tears at his words. Levi wasn’t always so loving with his words - his love was always expressed with gestures - so this was lovely to hear. You felt a lone tear drip down your cheeks and he was quick to stop his ministrations.
“Shit, are you okay?”
You stifled your groan as best as you could when he stopped, but you appreciated him checking in on you nevertheless. “Y-Yeah, Levi, I am. I, just… I love you, a lot. And I’m sorry for keeping this from you.”
Levi said nothing except leaned forward and pressed a loving kiss to your lips. You could taste yourself on him but you didn’t mind at that moment.
Levi resumed his actions, your moans and his touches now becoming relentless. He wanted you to cum so bad. You threw your head back in ecstasy against the pillow and cried out. Your moans grew in pitch and volume.
“Ah, ah, hahhh… Levi, fuck, please-- please don’t stop, please don’t stop!” you chanted. Levi continued to ravish you and he wishes he could see your pleasure-filled expressions as a portrait in his own private museum. If only you knew how good you looked. “Levi, fuck, I’m gonna--”
He wants you to cum all over him. Make a mess. Do whatever it is that feels good. He’d take it all and live with it; he’d take all your hollowness, your negativity, your insecurities and he’d shoulder that burden himself. He wanted you to give him absolutely everything. He wants you to see yourself as beautiful the way he does you. He wants you to want sex with him again because he is having the time of his life right now. He wants you. He’s hungry for you. He’s desperate for you. And he really wants you to cum all over him; to cum all over his cock.
Then he felt it. He felt your body seize up, your mouth beginning to water and eyes clamping shut. Your walls clenched around his fingers and his mouth helps you through your orgasm. Your pleasure has your eyes rolled back into your head and you’re seeing stars dot your vision. As he overstimulates your wet cunt, you let out a choked sob almost drunk from the pleasure he was providing you.
Oh, but he wasn’t done just yet. He wanted to make sure you were more than ready to take his cock.
As you came down from your high and when your senses restored, you noticed Levi hadn’t left the spot between your legs. He chuckled darkly and lowered his face again and your clit was so sensitive, you almost yelped when his tongue made contact with it. His fingers snaked back into your wet heat and you were dripping for him. He trails his tongue down to your clenching, tight hole for a bit before returning to your clit and he is going faster than before. The coil in your stomach was quickly winding itself up again and Levi was all for it; he wanted you seeing stars as many times as your body could handle, but with a sleeping baby not too far away, it was probably wishful thinking.
How your daughter hadn’t woken up by now was a miracle and both you and your husband were so grateful.
It was a sight to behold; watching Levi lap your juices up like he was starving and pleasured you with his fingers against your sweet spot like there was no tomorrow. “Levi, stop, I’ll cum again if you don’t stop, ah--”
“I want you to. Cum for me, [F/n], cum all over my face.” He ordered, his voice raw with lust. You hardly take it - cumming so quickly - and Levi really tested your limits tonight. His fingers assaulted your velvety walls and he was so addicted to the squelching noises coming from your tight cunt. An addiction he never wanted to get over. Your second orgasm that night washed over you suddenly and your arousal squirted out in large droplets, splashing against his face. He withdrew his fingers that were wet with your juices and hastily rubbed against your clit, prolonging your orgasm once more and your back arched more, a few more droplets coming out. “That’s a good girl…” he praised, flicking his hand dry of your wetness. “Beautiful… just beautiful…” he said, completing with drawing his hands and letting his lips capture yours in a heated, tumbling kiss.
“That-- that felt so good…” you mumbled, your speech slurring as you tried to ground yourself again after two powerful orgasms.
“Good, I’m glad.” He replied and he kissed you. He held you close as your body continued to jerk for a bit and he leaned into your neck to plant kisses there, anything to help steady you. “You want to continue or do you want to call it an end here?” he asked, wiping his mouth. You shook your head quickly. Your body felt so limp and heavy, but you just wanted more. You forgot how good sex would feel. “Alright…” he said and began to shift between your legs once more
He was quick to remove his final barrier and his cock stood tall against his chiseled abdomen. He leaned down and held it at the base as the tip teased your lips. He pushes forward, trying to get the sensitive tip past your tight walls and you immediately tighten around him, and not in a pleasurable way. Your walls clamped around as you tried to make room for him and your nails immediately dug into his muscular shoulders. With soft hushes and whispers of soft nothings, however, Levi was quick to try to get you to relax.
“Shh, shh, I have you…” he whispered, softly.
You let out a pained groan as he tried to push in further and it did take a few deep breaths for him to make it all the way in. Levi stayed like that for a few moments - he was happy to just have you clench around him for the night, even - and let you get used to his length. Levi wasn’t outrageously big; definitely comfortably average, but he was thick, and he knew exactly how to use it. He groaned at the feeling of how warm your pussy felt around him; he was in heaven. This had to be what heaven felt like, right?
Your two orgasms definitely helped him edge in slowly, but after not being intimate for three months and with added dryness you felt down below from labour, you both knew not to expect it to be a great sigh of relief the way it normally is. You slowly began to loosen around him and your grip on him loosened. Levi breathed heavily into the crook of your neck and peppered a few kisses over the bruises he left before.
He moves to thrust as slowly as he could and you have to close your eyes; it was temporary, you just had to grin and bear it. Levi rocked his hips slowly inside you; he was happy out to go this slow; he had been starved for a while. He was happy to get you off with his mouth and have the image of your cumming on his cock help him visually as he jerked himself. So to have you take his cock inside you was a certainly unexpected surprise. It takes a few painstakingly slow thrusts for Levi before you get used to it and you pull him closer to you for more. He is quick to catch the hint as you ground yourself against him and he increases the pace a bit. Tonight wasn’t going to be a fast tumble where he fucks into you hard and deep - not unless you were absolutely ready - and he was going to savour every moan, every whine, every whimper and twitch of your body.
“God, I’ve missed this…” he moans into your ear. You peer up at him and he notices another lone tear coming down your cheek. He sweeps his thumb across, wiping it away and caressing your face softly. “You okay?”
You moaned out as the tip of his cock brushes against the sweet spot of your gummy walls. “Yeah…” you murmured. “I missed this too…”
He slowly increases the pace, noting that your body seems able for it. By now the bed is groaning under the movement of his thrusts. “I missed you.” He whispers softly. “I missed the way you felt, the way you take me so well all the time.”
You let out a moan when his language became crude. He pressed you further into the mattress, wanting to hit that wonderful spot inside you. Your walls are slick with wetness and some of his own pre-cum, and the thought of that causes Levi to let out the most guttural of moans.
“So. Fucking. Good.” He groans, his voice being punctuated by his thrusts into you.
He looked at you with such love and you really couldn’t hold back your moans. You purr out his name like it is your own religion and you just want more and more; you can’t get enough. You didn’t want him to stop, goosebumps dotted your skin and you were left with a jolt of shivers when he hit that spot inside you. Your mind was blank now, all you could think of was Levi. All you could focus on was the way his eyes shut everytime you clamped around him and the sound of skin slapping against skin.
“M-More… give me more.” You moaned and your voice sent shivers down his spine.
He thrusts into you harder now and his arm swoops around your back and pulls you closer to him. He’s drowning in the feeling of your tight pussy around him. It’s so good, it’s almost overwhelming.
“Ah, ahhh, oh god-- Levi, I’m--” you moaned out.
“Good girl, you’re almost there.” He encouraged. As soon as he said this, his thrusts grew sloppy and inconsistent. He was so, so close. You were definitely doing your best if you were trying to milk him for all he was worth. He began to curse under his breath as he approached his own orgasm. When your third orgasm of the night washed over you, it took every ounce of self-control to not orgasm also; your walls clamped down on him as you wailed his name. He held you impossibly tight, shushing you and pressing kisses to your cheek.
“Good girl, good girl…” he mumbled, though he looked so blissed it was like he was saying it like a broken record. “That’s my good girl, taking my cock so well…”
You got a feeling he was gonna pull out so in your hazy state, your hands went to his bottom and held him there firmly. “Please cum inside me, Levi. Please fill me up, let me feel you.”
“Fucking hell…” he groaned. He didn’t need to be told twice, but he also didn’t want to risk anything. “Haaah-- shit, are you sure?”
“Yes, I timed it.”
And that was all he needed. A few more sloppy thrusts and his hips came to an abrupt stop, your walls being coated in strings of his cum. Your body still clamped around him and he almost didn’t want to leave. But alas, all good things must come to an end; Isabel’s sharp cries pierced the air from your midnight escapade. He sighed heavily and pulled out, momentarily admiring the way his cum pooled at your entrance.
“I’ll go to her, you clean up.” He said as he placed a kiss on your lips. He hurriedly searched for something loose he could slip into. He pattered over to the bathroom and washed his hands thoroughly before walking to Isabel’s room. He felt her between the legs checking for wetness and lifted her up to smell and was relieved to find out there was no diaper to be changed. He leaned over to pick up the baby and took her into his arms and was back to bouncing on one foot and then the other. “Sorry, little one, did we wake you?” he said in a hushed tone, and he smirked. “I’ll just blame your mother. She can’t hear me saying that now.”
“Yes, I can!” you called out from the bathroom.
“Okay, it was partially my fault too…” he whispered to her, as if she understood what the hell was happening. Isabel was good at sleeping tonight though, and it didn’t take much bouncing around for her to fall back asleep. Levi placed her back in her bassinet, returned to the bathroom to wash up, and changed back into something to sleep in. But he didn’t get into bed with you.
“Levi?” you called out, rubbing your eyes, clearly exhausted from that.
“You rest now, I’ll stay up for a bit and finish a bit of paperwork.” He said, swiftly.
“Ever the insomniac…” you murmured through a yawn and you shut your eyes.
Extensive aftercare was now a luxury with a baby around - before Isabel, you two would always bathe together - but now it was a case of washing up quickly and being in each others’ arms and silently whispering. It was better than nothing, but it wasn’t the same as before.
You knew not to argue with Levi’s insomnia anyway. You would often fall asleep within minutes of your orgasm and he’d still be awake staring at the ceiling for a few hours. Tonight, however, Levi was going to be staring awake at the ceiling or doing paperwork - that was a swift lie he came up with on the spot - he had something else in mind.
Once he was sure you were asleep - which didn’t take too long after any nightly session with your husband - he tiptoed over to the mirror and carried it out of the bedroom. He carried it down the stairs until he found a cupboard big enough to hide it in. It’d be too much of a hassle to unscrew the bathroom mirror, and that could be done tomorrow, but this was a good start.
Levi was tempted to smash the mirror right then and there, but that would also make a noise (and it was actually a nice mirror.) Hiding it would have to do.
He crept back up the stairs and went back into the bedroom, slipping under the covers after he blew out the candles. You were quick to cuddle up against him, always finding comfort in his radiating body heat.
“Wow… did you finish paperwork already?” you mumbled.
“Yeah, didn’t take too long.” He said, staring over at the now empty corner of your bedroom. “Good night, [F/n.]” He said, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
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belavender · 2 days ago
Bimbo Mikasa is so cute like you’ll tell her you want her to take you to bed and she’ll be like ok and tuck you in. Presses a sweet kiss to your forehead before going back to doing whatever she was doing.
this is a little long so
let out a big sigh before flipping the blankets off of yourself. tiptoeing out to the kitchen n seeing her studying real hard at the dining table with some cute glasses on. she looks up to see you coming over to her, soft smile on your face, desperately trying to communicate what it is that you want. but she just looks up at you with curious stare.
"thought you were tired?" she asks, a tiny bit concerned. a giggle almost forms from the sweet way her eyebrows raise. you lift your leg, swinging it over her hips as your arms cross at the back of her neck.
"couldn't sleep." you whisper. your lips are so close now that you sit in her lap, but you still keep pushing forward. she lets you give her one soft kiss before she pipes up again.
"i have just the thing." she smiles, right before gripping your thighs and sliding you right off, hurrying out of the kitchen with you left standing alone, eyes staring blankly at the wall as you process the rejection. but there was still hope. a lot of it, you soon realize. she was going to get something. maybe the dildo in the top drawer of your dresser? the little vibrator she keeps in her bag? maybe just some lube—to help her slide her fingers inside. on a normal day the idea of a quick finger fuck would leave you painfully unsatisfied—but right now it was enough to have you rubbing your thighs together in anticipation. you were so wound up. yeah, you could try and get yourself off, but you’d only be thinking of her while you did, leaving you even more frustrated by the neglect. you needed her to give you something—anything. you know it’s pathetic, but you were one denied orgasm away from getting on your knees and begging for scraps.
scraps—fuck, even that’d be nice. her making you get off on her pillow while she watched. not even touching you, just telling you how fast and how hard, telling you when and where to cum on her soft sheets. maybe she’d even let you slide your fingers between her pretty folds if you gave her a loud enough moan. god, just the thought of her wet pussy on your skin had your hand moving down. so close to situating it between your thighs just to relieve some of the aching in your needy c-
“got it!” she pops out from around the corner, walking over to give you a quick kiss on the lips which you can’t help but chase after its gone.
you hear the pocket of her hoodie rattle for a second before her hand comes up, holding a little bottle where you could see it. she doesn’t even have to say anything for the defeat to wash over you, all it takes is that little purple label to tell you that your sweet, kind, and very dumb little girlfriend doesn’t even suspect that there’s a single filthy thought in your mind.
“melatonin tablets!” she smiles proudly. ‘s cute.
too cute. so cute it has u taking the bottle from her hands, n putting it somewhere to the side before u press her ass against that dining room table. ur hands already slipping past the hem of her shirt, that stupid expression somehow still on her face. guess ur just gonna have to show her how bad u need ur pussy fucked if she cant figure it out on her own :/
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
- nsfw visuals with levi -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
watching you give him a blowjob in the mirror
- levi strategically asks you to give him a blowjob when he’s sitting in front of the mirror on the end of your shared bed. the sight of you kneeling in between his legs, head bobbing up and down on his cock and his hands being tangled in your hair was enough for him to cum on the spot.
burying himself in your breasts after a long day
- levi was stressed and he has been asking you the entire day if he could suck on your breasts to help him relax for a bit. after a lot of begging from him, you finally let him since you too were in need to relax for a bit — you were in awe to see his closed eyes when he toyed with your tits, releasing soft sighs to tell you that he was finally relaxed.
reclaiming his property
- levi got a bit jealous when some boys were looking at you when you were walking with him in trost and when you got back to headquarters, he just had to reclaim what was his. completely pussy drunk, soft sighs and sinful moans coming from your lips to remind himself that he owns you and every part of you.
acting like a brat and he had to teach you a lesson
- levi had enough of your attitude and he doesn’t even care if your legs were shaking or if you were overstimulated. you needed to be taught a lesson and if you were begging him to stop or slow down from the overwhelming pleasure? he will only make you cum again.
making sure you’re more than ready to take him
- hurting you when you were supposed to be making love is the last thing levi wants to happen so he rubs the tip of his cock on your clit a few times to get you ready and wet to take him completely without any kind of pain.
teasing you to see how needy you get for his cock
- levi is a huge tease, quite literally. he kissed you and touched you the entire day only to smirk smugly when he pulls away. when you’re both finally in bed, clothes were barely off and he was in between your legs, you were stupid to think that he would give you what you need right away. no, levi teased the fuck out of you with his cock just to see you squirm and beg him to make you cum.
wearing his shirt during movie night
- it was a weekend and you and levi decided to watch a movie before going to bed. however, you decided to wear his shirt and the sight of you wearing his clothes was enough for him to slid his hand down your panties. it didn’t take long until you were both masturbating each other, the movie you were supposed to watch being long forgotten.
riding him to hear him moan in your ear
- when you and levi are having sex, you would ask if you could ride him and the second you asked, he understood what you wanted in an instant. he let you bounce on his cock, hands on the flesh of your ass as his hips rutted against yours every now and then. once levi is close to cumming, he pulled you close to him and moaned in your ear — sending you over the edge. he loves hearing your moans in his ear too, he just didn’t want to say it directly.
challenging him to use only one finger
- it was a mistake to challenge levi to make you cum with only one finger, you should've known better when you remembered that the man was skilled in everything. it didn't take long until he had found your g-spot and not only did he made you cum, he also made you squirt. levi moaned into your pussy as he took in every drop of your juices, not wanting to waste any of his prize for winning that stupid challenge you gave him.
watching his cum drip out of your pussy
- nothing turns levi on the most than seeing his cum dripping from your pussy. the thought of breeding you, swollen tummy and carrying his child was enough for him to gently fuck his cum right back into your sensitive hole.
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shiiradesu · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I. Bicker
Tumblr media
II. Accident
"Why can't you be careful?" "Stop doing that again." "Hey, are you listening?"
Tumblr media
III. Luck
"Be careful."
"You too."
Tumblr media
IV. Worry
"Be safe, alright?"
"I can take care of myself."
Tumblr media
V. See you "Devote your heart."
Tumblr media
VI. Farewell
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jumpinguptothesky · 2 days ago
The Soul Smuggler - Chap 1
Tumblr media
Title : The Soul Smuggler - Chap 1/?
Summary: Hange Zoe is a detective in the Trost district crime unit. For years, she has dedicated her heart to stopping the evil deeds of the Titans, a criminal organization that spreads terror throughout the city. But one day, she crosses paths with one of their top assassins: The Soul Smuggler.
Warnings : Angst / Explicit depiction of violence
This story was inspired by the Web Toon: "Purple Hyacinth" which you can read here! The plot is not the same, but I wanted to write a similar story for Hange and Levi! I especially want to thank Ness (GlassesAndSwords) without whom I could never have posted this fanfiction. She spent an incredible amount of time reading it and making corrections, I am eternally grateful to her! Thank you Ness, you are wonderful! <3
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