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animepopheart · a day ago
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★ 【kyomitsu】 「 進撃の巨人猫ver. その3 *ネタバレ注意* 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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saveyourt3ars · 2 days ago
Levi is the sort of person to hope. He hopes that you’re free to hang out. Hopes that you drive home safe. Hopes he can hug you tight the next time he sees you. Hopes you’re out there doing well. Hopes you’ll text him back. More than anything, he always hopes that you’re okay and that you're safe.
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dailylevilove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
snk #41: “Trust”
“Goddammit, it makes me sick. Nobody knows a damn thing about this world... Not us or anyone else. Except for those bastards at the center of it all.”
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shiiradesu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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astridthevalkyrie · a day ago
congrats! you unlocked my go to maladaptive daydream, collegeboyfriend!levi -
>collegebf!levi who is a morning person so his classes are predominantly in the morning and yours predominantly in the afternoon (self indulgent bc I am decidedly not a morning person) so you always wake up to a semi snarky good morning text exchange (eg. "why aren't you here? :(" "bc not all of us can wake up at 10:30") that doesn't match the fact that he slid his pillow into your arms before leaving bc it was still warm and smelled like him and maybe you won't complain (he knows you always will and secretly likes that you're so needy (it's not that big of a secret)) AND the fact that there is a fresh pot of coffee in your shared apt kitchen even tho he only drinks it as a pick me up in the afternoon and rarely ever first thing in the morning (insists black tea is much better in mornings but doesn't have the energy to have this fight w you anymore (to which you snark that he might if he drank more coffee))
>collegebf!levi who isn't in your major but you once caught him reading your textbook when you came home early one day and he grumbled something about only doing it so he doesn't have to just sit there and listen to you complain about not getting it.
>collegebf!levi who sees your attempt at aesthetic studyblr worthy notes and scoffs but gives you pointers on how he organizes his (beautiful without trying) notes
>collegebf!levi who is v meticulous about both of your studies and is the reason you keep a calendar of both of your upcoming due assignments up somewhere in the apt so you both can remind each other about it/help. acts like he's annoyed when you get on him about the assignments he's been putting off bc you always promise you'll reward him w kisses once he's completed them.
>collegebf!levi knowing what class you're most likely to get bored in and studying the slides for his own class beforehand so when you inevitably text him during that class he won't miss too much (still has definitely said "maybe if you didn't fuck around on your phone so much you'd understand" when you complained while studying for a test and definitely not bc he thinks the way you pout and scribble at the corner of the open page in your notebook is cute)
>meeting collegebf!levi at orientation bc you were the only one willing to talk to him bc you were also the only one whose bad attitude about having to attend rivaled his own (he pined for you for almost a year after that before asking you out)
>not yet collegebf!levi who after first semester asked what you were taking so he could take it w you, saying "if you're gonna steal my notes we might as well be in the same class" - this is actually the origin to why levi has the prettiest notes in the first place, not that he'd ever admit it was just another way he was trying to impress you)
I am an escapist and collegebf!levi is my paradise of choice. please do not get my started on my favorite variant of this which is varsity soccer team captain collegebf!levi -xx
anon, come here and make out with me rn because i am obsessed with these. i don't know what i did to deserve them, but thank you thank you thank you i l o ve you. so in return, i'm gonna add on to your stuff and tack on some more—because maladaptive daydreaming is truly my favorite way to cope.
collegebf!levi headcanons:
putting his pillow in your arms is a sweet beyond sweet gesture, and it's beaten only by the real thing. levi definitely pretends to dislike when he wakes up and you're coiled around him like he's your body pillow, but he'll never tell you how difficult it is to get up and get ready for the day instead of staying in bed with you. what makes up for it is going to bed, eating whatever the two of you manage to throw together before falling into the sheets all tangled up in each other. which is why he gets awfully cross if you stay up late working on an assignment, because this is him time. this is not laptop time. and while you might be slightly sated by a pillow, the same does not go for him.
when levi reads your textbooks or your essays, he's actually interested. he'll ask questions, he'll make comments. it's not even him trying to be considerate by taking an interest in what you do (although that's definitely a heartwarming side effect), levi is just the kind of person who likes to pick up knowledge where he can. when he doesn't understand something, he asks you to clarify, and very much enjoys watching you explain, especially if it's something you're passionate about.
no because i'd fucking hate him i'm telling you. he has these neat scribbled notes that make your extravagant, multi-colored, gel pen drawings look downright sloppy. he shows you his minimalist style when it comes to writing, how less is more, and how as long as you stick to one style, your notes will be much easier to read and study from later. plus you won't be stressing about color coding it in class either. he knows that they also tend to look messy because you doodle on the sides, so he sets a "doodle page" that you can get all your restless energy out on instead of messing up your painstakingly pretty notes.
if you promise him kisses? you better fucking pay up. he's not going to say it, but if he finishes an assignment and doesn't get immediate gratification, he's going to get sour and will not move on to the next one until he gets at least a peck on the cheek. scowls when you imply that you've pavlovian conditioned him and protests, "that's not what that means, there's no trigger that makes me do anything—" "sounds like something someone who's conditioned would say" "shut the hell up."
at first he couldn't believe himself, but then it becomes routine. playing imessage games with you in class. doing rapidfire rounds of 20 questions. or just texting absolute nonsense back and forth. once you told him you ditched class to go get tea and levi immediately told his professor he wasn't feeling that well so he could meet up with you at the cafe. lies and says he's actually there for the tea. when you innocently say that he could have just waited until class was over, he snarks that at the very least he's not losing anything by missing class while your participation grade is the only thing keeping you afloat. then he buys you tea to get you to stop pouting.
when you met him, it was during one of those dumb go around the room and mingle! things they do at orientation. no one even bothered to mingle with him since he was sporting a glare that scared most people away, but you plopped down right next to him, made yourself at home and demanded his name. when he simply gave you an unamused look, you held up your little bag of blue tickets that the tour guides were giving out and explained you needed to meet at least six people to win free parking for the year. couldn't he help out? in the spirit of not giving this shitty university even more money, he muttered a quick, short, "levi," scoffing when he saw you write levi - angry at the world on your list of new friends sheet. without asking, you take his sheet and put your name on it as well. the two of you end up being put in the same group and sticking together because of familiarity, but by the end of it, he's the one who puts his number in your phone, under the name angry levi that you add a <3 to and still haven't changed to this day.
when levi pines? he pines. every little thing sets him off. if you sit down next to him in the library unprompted, his heart skips two beats. when you leave a group of people you were talking to so that you can jog up to him and start singing about how well you did on your midterm, he has to look away for a second so you don't see him blush. and the first time you hug him, just a quick gesture of thanks for bringing you an umbrella so you could walk back to your car, levi stumbles back, not because you pushed him particularly hard, but because the action surprises him so much that he loses his breath for a second. you're warm and snug in his arms, the whiff of your hair that fills his senses is his new favorite scent, and his fingers just briefly cling to you when you pull away all too soon.
soccer captain collegebf!levi?? the one who scans the crowd before each game to find you beaming from the crowd in his jersey and feels the need to impress you? soccer captain levi whose heart pounds in his ears every time he scores a goal and he can somehow make out your cheer in a screaming mass? captain levi who breaks away from his cheering team and adoring fans to catch your speeding body in a tight embrace so he can listen to you joyously exclaim, "you were amazing!" levi who's naturally a bit tired but still doesn't make it home even after the post-game dinner because you're pushing him down and straddling his hips in the backseat of his car, purring in his ear about how well he played, and fuck, he's mesmerized. he can't keep his hands off you. especially not when you're cooing how someone who played so well deserves a reward. levi will gladly cash in.
the two of you move into an apartment together a year after dating. it saves costs and you get to live together, plus levi is quite literally the best roommate you could ask for. he’s tidy, he has healthy habits (aside from the insomnia, which you help him with) and he makes you a much more organized person. grocery lists, to-do lists, schedules—your refrigerator is more paper than food. but it’s home. you wouldn’t trade it for the world, and neither would he.
his two best friends are almost always crashing at your place at least once a week. it’s practically become tradition—friday night is now game and movie night with isabel and farlan. it’s always the four of you in front of the television, Isabel’s legs on levi’s lap and her head on farlan’s, while you’re cozied up on levi’s other side, with his arm slung around you cozily. pictionary is almost always either you and farlan vs levi and isabel or you and isabel vs levi and farlan because they claim it’s unfair for you and your boyfriend to be on the same team with all your inside jokes and gestures. cheating! isabel cries every time.
and speaking of gestures, in the one or two gen ed classes you and levi have shared, it’s always amused looks and dry exchanges. you’re always trying to see if you can get him to laugh, but uptil now you’ve only succeeded once. it happened so suddenly that levi had to disguise his laughter as a coughing fit, and he refused to look at you for the rest of the hour because he knew it would happen again if he tempted fate.
drives. you. everywhere. except for when it's after soccer practice, you're usually the one picking him up and tossing him a granola bar as he walks off the field and up to where you were standing and admiring his moves. his hair is sticking to his forehead and he always says that you should wait until he gets home and showers before you kiss or hug him, but softens every time you ignore him and place a warm kiss on his cheek anyways. then he flops into the passenger seat, chooses a song from your playlist, and asks how your day went.
levi insists that showering together is more efficient and he shuts you up with a single shove if you raise a brow dubiously as though to say yeah, okay, more efficient, sure. your boyfriend prioritizes cleanliness, of course, and he takes his time washing your hair and diligently scrubbing your skin. there’s usually only time for this on the weekends, but he loves doing it, and he loves even more when you return the favor. mentally, he swears he could get drunk on your touch alone.
grocery shopping consists of you in the cart and levi pushing you around while you make demands that he ignores if they’re too unhealthy. one vat of ice cream at a time, granola bars and crackers over chips and cookies. if people give him, or god forbid you, dirty or judgemental looks, he's giving them one right back, just challenging them to say something, anything, about his fucking girlfriend because she can do whatever she fucking likes (except get a second vat of ice cream :/)
when you’re sick, he takes such good care of you. not only does he write all your emails telling your professors that you’re sick, he goes and gets the material and makes a neat little outline of what you have to catch up on so you don’t feel too overwhelmed afterwards. he makes you soup and gets you fizzy drinks, gently rubbing your back and speaking to you in soft tones to try and keep it down. the only time he’ll leave is when he has class, and the whole time he’s tapping his foot impatiently because he wants to go back home and make sure you’re alright. texts you every five minutes if you need him to get something, come back, anything. you reassure him that you can survive a couple hours by yourself.
back to pining levi—your friend group does a secret santa thing and lucky you, you get to get a gift for the person who’s quickly becoming your best friend in college! so you get him this really nice tea set because he's made the best tea you've ever tasted (coffee is still better though) and when i tell you levi's heart beats so loudly in his ears when you hand it over, dear lord. he struggles not to blush or stutter in front of everyone, just gives you a quick, gruff thanks that everyone else kinda finds rude but you find endearing. the first time you go to his dorm after you guys start dating, he offers you tea in the same set you gifted him.
levi also takes you home to meet his mother during the holiday break. you're slightly nervous but he's completely calm, so relaxed that he falls asleep on your shoulder on the train ride there. (you take a picture, of course.) kuchel is more excited than everyone else, she's not seeing if you're good enough or anything like that, she's just so happy that levi has someone he cares for and who cares for him back. kenny, on the other hand, asks you if you're sure you want to doom yourself like this and cackles when levi glowers at him.
the two of you used to study all cuddled up, levi resting on the floor with his back against the couch while you sat in his lap and curled up against his chest, but you two quickly learned that that led to either you turning your head to nip at his lips, cheeks, ears or it led to him leaving a slow trail of kisses down your neck, both of which were enjoyable but extremely distracting. so now you study across from him, with your legs stretched out, meeting his in the middle.
if you ever overwork yourself, there's no ifs ands or buts, you're taking a break. he will snatch your laptop, binders, notes, phone, whatever from your hand and he won't give it back until you eat something or take a nap. you pout and resist saying that you can't sleep without him (how do you sleep like a baby until noon every morning then? he wants to ask, check and mate) so at 3 pm on a saturday he picks you up and throws you onto the bed, sliding in next to you and pulling you close. you're asleep within minutes, and levi usually follows soon after.
anyways, yeah, these aren't worthy of the absolute treat you provided me with, but college boyfriend levi is everything i've ever wanted, and sooner or later i'm going to cry that he's not kissing me at this very moment. sweet maladaptive daydreams, everyone! xx anon, ily <3
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kyojuuros · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wonder if there was any other choice we could have made. Maybe this was set in stone from the start. Still, I can’t help but think... what if... that day... I chose another answer? Then, maybe it wouldn’t have come to this...
For @myukasa. Happy Birthday, Chiara! 
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claudemblems · a day ago
Sweet Dreams | AOT Headcanons | Fem!Reader
In which you fall asleep on the aot boys and accidentally leave them a flustered mess ft. Levi, Armin, and Jean
Warnings: none just VERY LONG as usual 
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
Levi Ackerman
Tumblr media
No one really knows about your relationship with Levi outside of Erwin and Hange
1) because he trusts them the most and 2) they wouldn’t shut up about you guys getting together so Levi supposed they had the right to know when it finally happened
The two of you had been able to enjoy the romance and the butterflies in private for a while because it wasn’t too hard keeping your relationship statuses a secret in the first place
You and Levi had never been ones for being lovey-dovey in public, after all
But it wasn’t long before the news was finally broken
And it was all because you’d fallen asleep on his shoulder in front of the other scouts (✿◠‿◠)
Levi had been explaining the details of the next mission to his squad when poor, bored, and sleep-deprived you totally conked out
Levi glanced down at you when felt the weight of your head hit his shoulder, and right as he’d started to wonder if he should wake you, he saw the dark circles under your eyes and the peaceful expression you wore as you slept, and that’s when he knew that he couldn’t bring himself to wake you
So he’d simply patted you on the head, briefly smoothing out your hair before continuing on with his report
(Though internally he was freaking out because oh my gosh YOU FELL ASLEEP ON HIM 🥺 Don’t expect him to admit that out loud tho)
He was keen on discussing the rest of the mission but the scouts were not ready to move on from what they’d just witnessed
The room erupted into chaos as Levi’s “brats” asked question after question like “How long have you been dating???” or “Did you guys FINALLY make a move??”, much more interested in his love life than he wished they would be
Realizing there was no digging himself out of this, he revealed that, yes, you two were dating and you both had wanted to enjoy the privacy while it lasted
It didn’t last nearly as long as Levi wanted
He continued to be bombarded by the excited chatter and questioning of his scouts, and by that point he’d completely given up on explaining the rest of the mission to them
But when he looked back down at you fast asleep on his shoulder, a serene expression on your face, he realized it didn’t matter if the whole world knew your secret. Because you were his, and that was a fact he didn’t mind everyone else knowing
Armin Arlert
Tumblr media
Ever since you and Armin became a thing, you two can’t bring yourselves to ever leave the other’s side :3
It took so much courage for Armin to confess and now that he’s with you he wants to cherish every moment you spend together <3
And that means the two of you are often in the library or somewhere secluded talking about the ocean and the world beyond the walls
You two could honestly go on for hours about your theories and grandiose ideas lol but it’s very cute (trust me, everyone around you thinks you two are adorable)
The 104th squad was staying up late one night after a mission that (mostly) went well, relishing in the victory
Basically it was just all the teens huddled together gossiping about anything and everything, like most teenagers do
Armin was showing off the contents of one of his books, reading aloud the detailed descriptions of the sea, the creatures that could be found there, and a type of natural phenomena called volcanic eruptions
The squad was engaged in lively conversation, bantering back and forth on what the world must be like without titans roaming it, questioning if sea water was really salty, wondering what they would do once they claimed their freedom
Normally the conversations intrigued you, but that night you were simply worn out and could barely keep your eyes open
Armin noticed this and suggested you go get some sleep, but once you answered that you weren’t ready to leave him yet, he relented (with a light blush dusting his cheeks <3)
“You can sleep on my shoulder then, if you want. I’ll carry you to your room when you fall asleep.”
You gladly took up his offer and passed out, and suddenly Armin could feel everyone’s eyes on him and his sweet girlfriend slumbering peacefully on his shoulder
The 104th squad erupted into squeals and whistles before Armin hurriedly shushed them, reminding them that you were trying to sleep
So they opted for giggling quietly and shooting Armin some knowing looks ;)
Gosh dang it all of his friends love to make him even more flustered than he already is
He couldn’t really focus that much on their words though because you’re sleeping on him and gosh you’re so cute his heart is literally about to give out— 
He let you snooze on him for a little while longer before taking you to bed. He brushes a strand of hair behind your ear, planting a chaste kiss upon your hair as his way of saying goodnight
Then he remembered that all of his friends were watching him (with grins on their faces) and poor Armin turns bright red
That’s when he finally carried you off to your room, choruses of “You go Armin!” and “You both are so adorable!” trailing him all the way
Jean Kirstein
Tumblr media
Jean is always happy to have you around him. He quite literally lives and breathes for your love and he’s constantly got his hands on you
What can I say? He likes to let people know that you’re all his ;)
From the start of the relationship, Jean assured you that he doesn’t mind if you want to be really lovey-dovey with him. In fact, he’s eager to receive any sort of affection from you. He melts every time you give some to him
He makes sure to return it tenfold, of course
Always invites you to sit on his lap, his hands wrapped protectively around your waist. It doesn’t matter if it’s during a meeting going over the details of the next mission. He’ll take any opportunity to feel you against him
This leads to Levi getting onto him all the time because gosh dang it Jean CAN YOU FOCUS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR FIVE SECONDS
At some point Levi stops caring and just lets you sit on Jean’s lap or whatever during the meetings (only informal ones, of course). As long as you pay attention, he won’t scold you too harshly
So you’re always touching Jean one way or another, but don’t think he still doesn’t get unbelievably flustered at your romantic gestures
Like the first time you fell asleep on his shoulder
Jean swore his heart actually soared right out of his chest
He was simultaneously blushing really hard and also grinning like an idiot
He pointed it out to EVERYONE who walked by 
“Do you see [Name]??? She fell asleep on my shoulder!!! Isn’t she so adorable???”
He also took the opportunity to rub it in Eren’s face
“[Name] is so cute, falling asleep on my shoulder without a care in the world. It’s such a nice feeling seeing how much your lover trusts you. Too bad you don’t have a girlfriend!!! That must suck haha :) ”
Levi had to come in and break up their fight jkadsjas
Jean will NOT move when you’re sleeping on him. If that means he has to stay in the same spot all day and all night, he’ll keep as still as a rock. There’s no way he could wake you up when you look so gosh darn adorable!!!
Kisses your hair and whispers sweet nothings into your ear even though you won’t hear him. He can’t resist from telling you just how grateful he is for you every chance he gets
Sometimes you do hear and you kiss him back before going back to sleep
Jean.exe has stopped working
Jean’s bashful but also a huge flirt with you. It’s kind of fun to wonder which side of him you’re going to see next ;)
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nelapanela94 · 23 hours ago
It'd been a hectic day. You were to sign a pile of reports of the latest expedition and submit them first thing in the morning. It was exasperating, the stack of paper didn't seem to come to an end soon. You've been working all day long without any rest, skipping lunch to catch up. Now you were not only exhausted, but hungry; and worst of all, you hadn't seen your Levi the whole day.
Suddenly, the door opened with a loud thud noise. Levi stomped into your office with a grouchy look on his face and flumped on your couch, arms crossed over his chest.
You chuckled at his childish demeanor, earning a glare from the raven-haired.
"Good evening, my love" You sweetly greeted ignoring his sulkiness, which made him draw his brows together even more. "You seem annoyed, what's wrong?" You tilted your head to the side with an innocent look on your face, pretending you didn't know the cause of his grumpy mood.
"If you don't tell me what's going on I'm afraid I can't help" You shrugged and put the quill down. With your fingers interlaced, you stretched your arms out in front of you, then above your head before resuming your work.
Your attitude irked Levi even more, but he was still reluctant to speak. He pouted, jutting out his lower lip like an angry child. It was utterly embarrassing.
You were not giving in, though. You knew exactly why he had stormed in your office, but you wanted to hear it from him.
Levi sighed in frustration. His cheeks felt warmer and a shade of pink crept across his face. He turned his head to the opposite side avoiding your gaze and finally grumbled "I'm here for my daily dose of hugs and kisses"
"See, it wasn't that hard"
(I just came up with this in my lunch time :3)
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leviskata · a day ago
mile high club with levi <333
Mile High Club; Levi Ackerman
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: Levi makes flying a little more bearable for you ;)
✧ pairing: sugar daddy levi x f!reader
✧ includes: NSFW! detailed smut, established relationship, semi-public sex, daddy kink, degradation kink, praise kink, mentions of breeding kink, tummy bulge, unprotected sex (stay safe!), little aftercare
✧ a/n: a nice warm up for kinktober! thank you for the request, anon! I will try to publish all the remaining requests by the end of September too so :))))
*Mile High Club: a euphemism that refers to a highly unofficial group, composed of those who have had sex in an airplane in transit.
✧ wc; 3,332
Tumblr media
Your eight-hour flight was never going to be delightful, no matter how much free wifi you had. Even the shows or movies you've saved on your device won't keep you awake for more than five minutes.
“Levi...” Your voice came out impatient to your partner who currently read through emails on his laptop screen with a cup of hot tea in hand.
It was no secret that he was a wealthy man. His luxurious Cessna Learjet 60 midsize private cabin says otherwise, which you are currently on right now for a small getaway to the Mediterranean seas
“Yes, baby?” Jacket loosely hung over his shoulders, Levi flawlessly shrugs it off before cracking his knuckles and turning to you. “I'm bored.” You simply answered.
He then reaches for the nearby intercom, pressing on the button before talking into the speakers. “What time do we land?” He asks before a brief moment of silence lingered the space. “Still about four hours, sir.” The pilot answers.
“Alright.” Levi sighs, reaching for his laptop screen then shutting it close. He slides off his booth to sit beside you on the leather seat, gently scooping you in his arms.
“Leave us.” He spoke to the nearby butchers and they immediately obliged, heading to the doors of the jet lounge and shutting them off, giving you your privacy.
His expression was positively devilish when your eyes met. He appeared to be undressing you with his looks, radically changing the dynamic between you two from the sweet one you'd enjoyed previously. You squirmed a little in your seat as his gaze traced over you in a way that made you throb.
Levi cautiously placed his hand over yours and then began to move it up. With an inquiry in his eyes, he gazed up at you. Do you wish to continue? The lights were turned off, and the space between you and him was pitch black. You returned his gaze and offered a small nod, allowing him to glide his hand up to his crotch. You could tell he was getting harder already, and you could tell he was well aroused even through his jeans.
You could feel his bulge against your stomach as he pressed into you. You murmured quietly into the kiss, his plump lips brushing across yours, leaving you gasping for air. He pushed his tongue into your mouth and stroked it up against yours as he moved in time with your hips when you started rubbing up against him, yearning for a bit of friction.
“A little eager, are we?” Levi asked, pulling away slightly to smirk at you. His voice was barely above a whisper, making it raspier than his regular voice. Your hands went down to his pants, fumbling with his belt buckle in response.
He smirked as a look of lustful desire took over his eyes. Levi pulled up the long sleeves of his white shirt over his forearms before he slid his hand into your skirt, keeping his lips pressed to your neck. As his fingers began to move in circles around her pulsing bundle of nerves, You couldn't help but release an errotic gasp.
Once you became accustomed to the feeling, you leaned her head back in pure bliss, closing your eyes. His fingers kept their rhythm, causing the heat in your in between your legs to only grow stronger.
“Aghhh, Mhmm, f-f-fuck me already!” His lips tugged into another smirk at your words, impressed yet laughing at how forward and desperate you were being.
“Naughty girl, what a fucking filthy mouth. You wanna put it into some good fucking use?” His breath hot on your neck, causing a chill to run down your spine. He adds another finger into the rhythm, spreading them apart inside of you, creating lewd, wet noises from your pussy.
Not wasting any time, Levi undid his trousers, pulling it off along with his underwear in one swift movement. The sight of his impressive length almost made you jump and ride him right then and there, but he wat fast to stop you with his strong arm.
“Patience, darling.” His hands pushed your shirt up, your cupped breasts under your bra was now exposed to him, his lips immediately latching onto your cleavage, prompting fervid moan from your sweet lips.
You reached behind to unclasp your bra, but you were too late, as Levi already expertly unhooks them, letting your bare chest exposed to him once and for all.
“Turn around.”
You did as he said, his hands brushing against your skirt's waistband. He kissed your neck and pulled your panties down with them. The cabin was cool, but his hands on your now-bare hips felt like fire before he took them away.
Levi used both of his hands to spread apart your legs, allowing him to enter. He then slid his tip inside of you, before pulling completely back out. "So wet for me, [Name].” You gasped at his teasing actions, taking a handful of the blankets under you.
Levi slowly pulls out before sinking back in halfway, “So fucking tight, I'm gonna have to fuck this pussy more often. Shit!” He exclaims before pulling out and now pushing his full length back into you with full force. “Mhmm, Oh my god, AH!”
“So good.” He growled in your ear as he began rocking his hips into yours, creating an obscene sound throughout the cabin with every meet of your skin and hips.
His deep grunts mixed with his shaft hitting your G-spot with every thrust only made your stomach knot, growing more and more heated by the second passing. "Fuck, daddy," you whimpered.
Levi then pushed your shoulders down, and pulling your ass further up, making for a better angle to pleasure you from; and it was effective. He was now able to completely fill you up so your hips would touch with every thrust. You threw your head back, eyes closing, and lips apart, all focused on the intense bliss he was causing you.
"You feel that?" He asks, taking your right hand in his, guiding them down your lower stomach wherein you felt a growing bulge with every thrust. “Daddy's right there, slut. You feel how good you're taking me? F-fuck! Might as well just breed and cum into this pr-pretty pussy.” As his pace quickened, and so did your climax.
You knew with the angle he was working from, the pace he was going with, and how deep he was going, it would completely consume you faster and harder.
"Shit, I'm close," You muttered, beginning to touch yourself to intensify your orgasm. "Fuck, baby, me too," He agreed, actually letting you pleasure yourself and watching as you do so.
His last few thrusts were slower, yet harder than the rest, completely sending you over the edge. As your climax hit, his did too, pulling out of you completely and quickly laying you on your back, then spilling his release onto your stomach.
When he collapsed on top of you, Levi nuzzled his face into your neck as he grunted into your shoulder, eyes squeezing shut, trying to contain your cries of satisfaction.
“That's a good girl...” Levi reaches for one of the mini warm towels, carefully cleaning the filth off of your bodies. “Daddy fucking loves you.” You smile with heavy eyes as you felt him throw a warm blanket over you bare body. “I'm pretty sure that's enough to fuck you into sleeping, brat. Good night.”
Achievement Unlocked– Welcome to the Mile High Club...
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reading together~
Early art, lineart, nsfw art & more in patreon~
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solarfry · 2 days ago
Erwin Smith redraw challenge from the No Regrets OVA on instagram 💫
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Tumblr media
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I'm not sure if I already posted this here but it's still hilarious so I'm just gonna post it again
I live for Erwin x Basement-kun = Canon
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: eren jaeger x reader warnings: angst, death, choking but not in that way because it’s in the lethal way wc: 1048
a/n: i just wanna know what in the island devil possessed me to do this tbh i apologize in advance but umm?? enjoy?? it hurts real good -birdie
Tumblr media
Even after leaving her behind in Paradis without so much as an explanation, even after the carnage and chaos he had unleashed on Marley, there she was, peering at him through the bars of his cell with as much adoration as she had always held for him. His eyes, however, were cold, lifeless, unblinking as he stared back at her.
She reached her arm through the metal columns tentatively, to place a hand on his bare chest. “Please say something.”
“You're the one that came down here,” he spat menacingly, “Doesn't that make you the one with something to say?” His unexpectedly harsh tone felt like a slap to her face. She recoiled, arm falling back to her side, but nodding at his insinuation nonetheless.
“I just wanted to see you, Eren.” Her eyes scanned his, desperate to find any remnant of the light and passion they were once full of, and the soft fondness they once held towards her. “I missed you.” Sadly, his eyes remained unchanged - dark, and void of all emotion. 
She reached into her pocket, feeling around for the brass key that she had been given moments prior by the Commander. “I’m not even sure why they’re keeping you in this cell when you could very well break out of it at any moment,” she breathed out a mirthless chuckle as the lock clicked open.
She had let a few hesitant moments pass before she made her way to stand before him in the musty cramped cell. He remained unmoving as she brought up her arms to wrap around his waist, head resting on his chest.
“You know of all the unspeakable things I’ve done. None of which you’d ever have approved of, so why are you even here?”
“I’ll always be here, Eren. Beside you, through thick and thin,” she replied matter-of-factly, as if he was already supposed to know the answer, silly - and he did. “Even if it means fighting with you.” Her hold around him tightened as if she was willing her sentiments to flow through him by sending them through her embrace. “Fighting for you.”
“Tch.” He gritted his teeth, “And to think I was the suicidal idiot?”
She let out a small laugh, a breathy chime of a sound, as she absentmindedly traced shapes along his collarbone for what felt like an eternity. This was a declaration of war against the most powerful nation in the world. This was certainly no time for the proclamation of love that she had set out to make tonight.
By the tiny crease between her brows, he could tell she was thinking hard about something. His patience was growing thin, agitation and frustration taking its place. Before the silence encasing them could drive him to insanity, she spoke again.
“We never stood a chance, did we?” she asked him knowingly, a small pool of tears had gathered in the corners of her eyes.
“We did once,” he replied flatly. She blinked up at him as he brushed her tears away with his thumb. “Before all of this.” His eyes met hers and he saw a million emotions at once - worry, longing, love; he willed himself to burn this image of her permanently into his mind.
He knew that after this moment, he'd never see those eyes again - not in this lifetime.
She sniffled, as her tears had started cascading down the gentle slope of her face. The hand that had been tenderly cradling her cheek had slowly made its way down towards the side of her neck - she leaned into his touch contentedly, like second nature. She was as soft and warm as he remembered. 
He felt her pulse fluttering quickly, beneath his palm. All these years and he still had this effect on her.
In the dim lighting of his cell, he etched the image of the rest of her features into his mind. Long lashes, smooth skin, cute nose, and delectable lips he wished he could kiss for the rest of his days. She was as breathtaking as ever.
“I love you,” she sighed softly under her breath. Eyes still closed, lashes flitting ever so softly, in a state of temporary bliss, she remained oblivious to the fact that her life was now in the claws of a monster.
Slowly, he turned his wrist, large hand nearly encasing the entire column of her neck. Her eyes shot open, a silent question behind them, one that he’s heard many times before, falling from her lips. Is everything okay?
“Hey, there you are. Is everything okay?” concern laced her voice as she jogged up and sat down on the grass next to him. “Armin told me about what happened in the mess hall with Jean.”
He let out a sheepish chuckle before replying. “Yeah, I just let him get to me again.” He hadn’t yet turned around to look at her but if he could guess, he’d say she was rolling her eyes.
“When will you two ever stop bickering?”
All she ever wanted was for everyone to get along. All she wanted was peace.
His heart clenched, as did his hand around her neck. Her look of questioning was replaced by the terror of realization. “Ere-” she let out a pain filled gasp. “Eren?” As fierce of a soldier she was, she was always just going to be a small, fragile girl in a too cruel world. 
Her hands shot up, tiny fingers trying to pry off his own. She was helpless, her body pinned to the wall by his much larger form, feet no longer touching the cold damp stone of the cell. No one to hear the struggle, no one to save her.
The sound of multiple pairs of footsteps thundered down the stairwell of the cellar, various shouts of her name echoing through the damp air. One voice registered above the rest. Jean, he seethed, lifting her higher off the ground. Why couldn’t she have chosen Horseface? It would have saved her from this fate.
Choking for air, she managed to rasp out a why laced with distress, confusion, terror.
He leaned his forehead into hers and tightened his grip. “Because I love you too.” He watched as the light left her once glittering eyes.
He gave her peace.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
snk #41: “Trust”
“And the reason they still haven't found her... is because she was pulverized by a Titan into a puddle of  jelly!” “No... Because the Titan in hiding was... Annie Leonhart herself.”
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