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welcome to an anime/writing brainrot ♡

— ray, they/them, full-time simp, minor

— anxiety club member

— sometimes i hate my life ngl but i don’t have it bad


writing requests

— you can see the fandoms and characters i write for here, and my masterlist can be located here!

— i love au’s, angsty aus, fluffy aus, yandere aus, you name it, it’s awesome

— i don’t write anything nsfw/18+, pieces with heavy s#cidal themes, canon x canon [unless reader is in poly relationship, it’s a comfort ship to me, or it’s one of those ‘you can do it’ motivational pieces - idk what they’re called], canon x oc, oc x oc, ped0philia, and heavy themes of abuse [though this will be lifted if it involves a canon character’s already existing backstory. for example, if it was a bnha comfort and todoroki talked about his past, that would be alright]

— you can do two requests for one-shots in one go! just make sure that you do more after that, make sure to wait at a maximum of two weeks because i may have more requests to finish not that anyone would do more than two lmao

— be elaborate when requesting! is the reader shy? is the reader oblivious? is it an au? what are the reader’s pronouns? give me some backing to work with! [for example; previously *insert character here* got into an argument with a stubborn y/n and they don’t know how to apologize]

— forgive me if i come out late with requests;; i procrastinate WAY too much

— oh, songfics are also awesome! if you want a songfic, just tell me the song and i’ll listen to it, and then i’ll see what i can do!



— currently, matchups are closed, but i’ll do them at some point!

— when looking for a matchup, look here for the people you could be matched up with/fandoms i’ll do it for

— make sure to list a brief description of your looks, personality, and some of your favorite/least favorite things to do! zodiac signs and personality types help too :)

— these generally take longer, but i’ll take as many fandoms for one request [ex; ‘can i have a matchup for danganronpa, aot, and hxh?’ yup, i’ll do that!], but keep in mind it takes a while to consider these things lol

— if you don’t get the character you want, don’t take it personally! this is just who i think you’d work best with, i’m not the ultimate decider of anime soulmates,,


becoming mutuals

— i need more friends lmao

— there aren’t many dni’s, but if you’re racist, homophobic, a terf, or overall toxic, please do not talk to me!! i want my page to be a safe space, and i believe this will keep it that way

— don’t be afraid to send in an ask as anon, and take as long as you need to come off anon :)

—  if we have similar interests and you’re chill, i’ll love you forever ngl

long story short, it doesn’t take much for me to love you, so please send an ask/dm!


also stan jayhung and hobi btw,, k-pop is v lit

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Ooffff, where to start, anonie!!!😆🙈💖

At this point, I can not rate them🙈 Like, from all my favs, I can’t say which one is my n°1… I love them all so much😭💖

But here are some of my fav animes and my fav characters😊:

  • Attack on Titan: Levi, Eren.
  • Haikyuu: Tendou Satori, Kuroo Tetsuro, Tsukishima Kei, Nishinoya Yuu (well, mostly ALL😆😉💖)
  • Kuroko no basket: Kuroko Tetsuya.
  • My Hero Academia: Dabi (a.k.a. the double “T” mister, Todoroki Touya😉), Todoroki Shoto, Aizawa Shota, Midoriya Izuku.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna Ryomen, Gojo Satoru.
  • Yuri on Ice: Victor Nikiforov.
  • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Takano Masamune, Onodera Ritsu.

I know, I have weird tastes😆🙈💖🖤✌

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