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#aot x reader
prettyboykatsuki · a day ago
eren who cries and makes a dramatic fuss to get your attention and comfort 👀
cw ;; drunk!eren, loverboy eren <3, established relationship, suggestive line right at the end
a/n ;; bruh..i need you to know that i like this idea so much i speedran my homework to write this out LMAO
i had a whole elaborate thought about why i think eren is kind of a lightweight and how he's an emotional drunk. he does genuinely get.. emotional. it happens a lot actually - he'll think about something random and get all sniffly. you're not sure why armin has the title "crybaby" when eren is right there, but you digress.
it's in erens nature to want your attention. on his hierachy of needs, you're the very bottom, the most basic like food and water. whenever he gives you a half-way glare, it's your way of knowing that he wants attention. it doesn't matter who you're talking to, doesn't matter where you are. if eren wants attention, he's gonna have to try everything
you'e grown mostly immune to his advances. when he pouts or whines or gets handsy, you gracefully step out his way and give him a little look, behave yourself. after that he tends to leave you alone, goes completely out of your sight for about an hour and half before making another half-assed pass at you. it normally works the second time round.
eren is always a little more tipsy than his peers. his tolerance is low and he blacks out at least once every two weeks. he's learning his limits well and you know that, so you think him being this drunk is an elaborate ruse for your attention.
it must be, with the sad looking pout he's got across his cheeks. his eyes are glassy and green, you think he's so pretty that you would do anything he asked. he frowns at you.
"you don't love me,"
you give him a pointed sigh.
"'ren, you're so drunk,"
"spent the whole night.. talkin' to jean. and not me. you don't even like me do you,"
you give him the most exasperated laugh but before you know it, he's crying. cried himself into a ridiculous stupor and now he's sobbing, the poor and pretty thing. you would feel bad, you do just a little as he tackles you, face buried in your shoulder. he's so big and he's curled up in your side.
"i'll fight jean.. swear i'll do it,"
"why're you fighting jean??"
"because you're supposed to love me," his arms are around your waist, pulling you into his lap, a mess "me and only me and no one else,"
you take his face in the palms of your hands and kiss him slow, soft. he tastes like IPA and home, letting your mouth rest against his. wiping tears from his face.
"i do love you, 'ren. more than anyone ever,"
"say you swear,"
"cross my heart, baby,"
eren lets you stay like that in your lap, head buried in your neck and hands traveling unfamiliar palces. it's so warm you hardly notice until he hums into your ear.
"'m gonna fuck you so good when we get home,"
you smack his shoulder when you feel him smile.
"you're a menace,"
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devilkou · 2 days ago
❝I Wanna Hear You❞ ft; Eren Jäger
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings; 18+ (minors dni) + afab reader + college au + dorm room sex + eren being a little shit.
Word count; 0.9k
Note; This was inspired by a real text someone on my dorm floor sent to our groupchat that I still think is funny. Hope you enjoy <33
Tumblr media
“I thought I said eyes on me,” Eren all but growls, his bottom lip jutting out into a childish pout, “What the hell are you even looking at right now?”
His nostrils flare as he looks down at you, a couple of strands of hair slipping out from the sloppy bun he sports. You shouldn’t have been searching for your phone while he was balls deep in you. Your attention was supposed to have been on him and only him. Grabbing your phone from your hand, Eren’s eyes widen as he looks at your screen.
“Wait, baby, don’t-“
A never-ending stream of messages poured into your dorm floor’s group chat. Scoffing, Eren rolls his eyes, “This is what's so interesting?” he mutters, “Seriously babe?”
You squirm beneath him, your lip trembling as you reach for your phone.
“No,” you assert, a whine working its way up your throat, “I felt my phone buzz and thought it was something important,” pouting at him your cheeks puff out in annoyance, “I’m waiting to hear back from my student advisor!”
“Then why are you on Instagram?”
You send him a sheepish look, allowing yourself one last futile attempt to grab your phone from his clutches, but he holds it out of your reach reading whatever nonsense your floormates were sending.
“Someone should get them a muzzle for Christmas,” Eren read aloud, scoffing to himself, “I’m tired of hearing their obnoxious squeals, it’s giving me a headache.”
“Okay I think that’s enough of that for-”
Cocking his head to the side he laughs, “Are they talking about us baby?” you nod, biting your lip in anticipation, “How pathetic, whoever this is must be jealous their partner doesn’t make them feel half as good as I make you feel,” he mutters more to himself than he does to you, “So this is why you’ve gone quiet.”
Eren caresses the side of your face, his calloused thumb smoothing over the top of your cheekbone as he shakes his head in disappointment.
“I was trying to be mindful,” you said, your fingers wrapping around his wrist, “Just like you promised to be mindful of my walls.”
Gesturing to the pillow shoved between your headboard you give Eren a pointed look.
“I promised that?” he questions, tossing your phone aside so he slip can out of your grasp, “I don’t remember that.”
Dislodging the pillow from its spot, Eren drops his hands on either side of your head. The necklace he wears around his neck dangles low enough to graze your chest. The cool feel of the metal against your heated skin elicits a shiver, it wracks up your spine and leaves you feeling helpless underneath the mischievous glint in Eren’s soft green eyes. The veins in his arm pop out as he fists the sheets, slowly rolling his hips against yours. Softly groaning you try to shove him away in an act of protest but nothing you do or say is going to stop Eren from pounding away at your dripping hole.
“Please don’t,” you wail, fingernails sharply scraping against his shoulders, “People are…. Fuck… people are trying to study Eren!”
His head tilts to the side as he all but sneers at you, “Based on those texts I’d say that’s highly unlikely,” stroking your cheek Eren let out an exaggerated moan, “Baby I’m just trying to give them something real to complain about.”
The headboard thumps against the wall the legs loudly squeaking as the bed rocks in time with Eren’s movement, your pleas falling on deaf ears. He’s enjoying the panic-stricken look on your face, the way your eyes grow watery with each wanton moan that escapes you. It’s deliberate, the way he toys with you, each desperate sound even sweeter than the last, but it’s the asinine, overwhelming need for retribution that spurs Eren to be as obnoxious as ever. He didn’t care much for the thought of others, but once apprised of their needless opinions he couldn’t help it.
Stifling a whimper, the palm of your hand is clapped over your mouth. Your chest heaving as your force down the string of curses that threaten to leave you.
“You’re no fun,” Eren gripes, wretching your arms away from you, pinning them down in either side of your head, “Seriously, baby you needa loosen up!”
Gritting your teeth you attempt to focus on anything but the heat lapping at your core, it’s futile; you and he know it. There was no use in attempting to hide the utter bliss which besieged you for he knew your body too well. A flurry of jumbled words are spit out but they’re lost amongst the incessant ringing of your phone, the loud rhythmic thumping of your bed, and the theatrical pants Eren forces out.
“I hate you,” you growl, your mouth falling open into a gasp, “Never … ‘M never gonna live this down!”
Dropping his forehead against yours, Eren’s shoulders drop into an unsympathetic shrug, “Who gives a shit,” he grunts, his eyes zeroing in on your cunt, “You won’t even remember them by the time we graduate.”
He was right, you knew he was right but you’d never admit it. His ego would grow far too big. Your pussy squelches obscenely loud as his cock stretches you out, the bulbous head rubbing right up against that one that makes your toes curl. Laying limping in his grasp you accept the fate he’s chosen for you, relishing the sparks of pleasure zipping through your veins, igniting your very being on fire.
“So be as fucking loud as you want baby.”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to devilkou 2021. do not modify, repost, or redistribute.
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pennylanewrites · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
tell me again // levi ackerman x gn!reader
Tumblr media
genre: tooth-rotting fluff
word count: 1.5k
cw + tags: canonverse, pillowtalk, casual nudity, slightly suggestive, brief mentions of scars(not graphic), soft!levi
aot masterlist
Tumblr media
you fell back on the bed after the warm lavender-scented bath, earning a click of the teeth from levi.
“you’re gonna break it.”
“only if you help.” you winked at him, watching him take your clothes from the floor, fold them and place them on the chair. “levi.”
he turned to you as he sat on the edge of the bed. you poked his thigh with your toe until he grabbed your ankle and flipped you over. you groaned against the pillow, feeling his hand snake on your calf, then your thigh, before his body fell over yours.
“my pretty blanket.”
“shut it.” he whispered against your shoulder, leaving kisses over the pink protruding scars, reminders of your constant wins over the titans.
“wanna kiss.” you tilted your head back, but you couldn’t reach his mouth without spraining your neck, so levi rolled to the left side of the bed, turning you to face him. you snaked an arm under his body, wrapping it around his waist, the other cupping his flushed cheek.
he leaned up and closed his eyes, brushing his mouth against yours. your lips hugged his bottom lip, his lips hugged your top one, moving in a slow kiss.
you pulled away and rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment.
“tomorrow,” he started, cautiously. you knew he didn’t want you to go to the expedition, even though you had recovered from your injuries a while ago, “we should-”
“i’m coming to the expedition and you can’t stop me.” you cut him off, making him look at you weirdly. understandably, he rolled his eyes before tightening his grip around you.
“that’s not what i was going to say.”
“oh.” you felt heat creeping up your cheeks, embarrassed that you assumed something completely wrong.
“let’s go out. after the expedition.”
“out?” you blinked at him; you were already in the countryside, how far out could you go?
“on a date.” he flicked your forehead in annoyance, making you wince. “idiot.”
“levi, that’s sweet, but...”
but we can’t.
he sighed, kissing your cheek before shifting to stare at the cracked ceiling. you did the same, still turned to the side to hold him.
“i know people in the inner wall. one of them has a tavern.”
“and how will we get there?”
“i told you. i know people. so,” he glanced at your excited expression, “come back alive. please.”
your heart fluttered at his whispered words, making you smile and shower the side of his face with kisses. he winced and rolled his eyes, but made no efforts to push you away.
“hey, levi?” you mumbled after calming down.
“what now?”
“i love you.”
his eyes grew wide, silver oculus facing the ceiling as his lips parted.
“fuck, i-i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have-”
“tell me again.”
“tell you...right, i-i love you.” you fidgeted with the pendant around your neck, averting your eyes from his figure. you were about to stand up and run off, embarrassed to the point of your hands trembling, but levi shoved his face against your cheek, kissing the hot skin softly.
“i love you.” you said, more surely now, smiling at his childishness.
“never stop saying it.” he shut his eyes, enjoying the moment, breathing in your fresh smell, the aftermath of lavender salts in the bath water.
“i won’t, i promise.” you brought your hand up to caress his forearm, feeling him relax and sigh against your cheek.
“hey, brat?” he tilted his head up and leaned down to stare into your eyes, brows furrowed and lips pursed in a thin straight line.
“don’t die. that’s an order.”
“always so strict.”
“i’m serious.”
“okay, i won’t.”
“but you have to do something for me.” you grinned, watching his expression turn into a confused one.
“tsk. i’m not in the mood for your-”
“say it back.”
“say what back?” he fell back on his side of the bed, putting his stoic expression on, though the blush spreading on his chest and neck was visible even under the pale moonlight.
“i love you, levi.” you said, loud and clear, and felt him tighten his hand around your arm, and swore you heard his breath hitch in his throat.
“i love you.” he replied, voice as soft as would be a fall from the sky on a field of flowers.
“tell me again.”
“sh-shut up.” he turned away from you, but you rolled over and lain on your stomach, your hand drawing figures on his chest.
“i love you, ___.”
“i love you.”
“again?” you tried, smiling wide and trying to calm your heart that jumped up and down your chest in a triumphant dance.
levi held his weight on his elbows and gripped your arms to bring you closer to him. his forehead rested against yours, noses brushing barely.
“do you want me to shout it from the rooftops, brat? because i will.”
“what would the corps say if the great captain ackerman showed a hint of emotion in front of them?”
he rolled his eyes again, but his lips curved slightly upwards and you thought you could watch him for hours at a time. he was truly beautiful.
“i love you, okay?” he whispered, closing his eyes and tilting his head up to leave a kiss on your forehead.
“i bet you do.” you giggled, bringing the covers over the two of you and getting comfortable in his arms.
“so much.” he continued, making you turn into putty as a new heatwave washed over your body.
“how much?”
“a lot.”
“how much is a lot?”
“as much as you want it to be, brat.”
Tumblr media
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leviverse · a day ago
getting weak thinking of levi's reaction when he's making you suck his fingers and you take them deeper, maintaining eye contact while your tongue swirls around them. damnnnn
cw: minors dni, slight choking, heavy mentions of sexual intercourse.
Tumblr media
levi's favorite position is always about you riding him. he can see it all: the arche of your back, your bouncing breast and the slow rolls of your eyes when he fucks you from below, hips crashing against yours and pulling the softest moans off your parted lips. and they're always so inviting — swollen and shiny: it could be considered a fucking crime to leave them untouched. and from how you are now, head thrown back and neck fully exposed, low-lided eyes and mouth hanging low, the filthiest of thoughts fill his mind, pushing him to do things that only you could be the cause of. intoxicated by the view, he doesn't think twice before shoving his index and middle fingers down your mouth, without a warning.
he's gentle at first, teasing your tongue with the pads of his fingers, firm grip of his hand on the back of your neck to keep you still. but when you grab his wrist to push his fingers down your throat, saliva dripping down his knuckles and walls slightly spasming around at the sudden intrusion, he swears to god he's losing his fucking mind. pupils blown wide and lips parted, he watches how good you are at sucking his fingers, muffled moans vibrating against his skin as you bounce up and down his cock.
they bump against the back of your throat each time, and he can't take his eyes off you: not when you look so debauched, on the verge of unravelling any moment. levi grabs a fistful of your hair, hips rocking against yours so fervently it has your body jolting forward. and if it wasn't for your hands pressed flat against his torso, you'd be flying god knows where, the strength of his thrusts enough to make it happen without a doubt. you look so desperate like this — tears rising to your eyes, strangled whimpers stuck in your abused throat and thighs trembling from either side of his body. a sight for sore eyes that brings him closer and closer to his high.
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
can I request levi sfw 27. please and thank u if u do it 💕
Tumblr media
"shut up and kiss me already"
Tumblr media
pairing: levi x reader
cw: a clingy levi, slight teasing
Tumblr media
- clingy needs -
you have been teasing levi the entire day — dodging his attempts to kissing you or just kissing the side of his lips to annoy him. you’ve been teasing him since you both woke up and he was having none of it.
honestly, you just wanted to see him lose his self restraint and whine in public for you to give him a proper kiss.
it was almost the end of the day and you were covered in sweat and dirt from training the entire afternoon. feeling sticky, you headed inside the building of the headquarters with the intention of taking a shower.
“are you done training?” levi asked, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and you nodded at him.
“good. now give me a proper kiss, you brat” levi grumbled, following you as you giggled and turned around. you proceeded to lean in and kiss the side of his lips as he almost growled in frustration. “y/n-“
”i’m covered in sweat and dirt, levi. i’ll give you a kiss after i get cleaned up” you chuckled, walking in the direction of the hallway where his office was located. you could hear levi’s stomping from behind you — acting like such a five year old over a kiss that you didn’t want to give him.
you got weird looks from your comrades, shaking their head and chuckling lightly at the sight of their usually stoic captain being grumpy and acting like a child. levi didn’t give a fuck though, he just really wanted that kiss.
once the door to his office was closed, you felt his arms wrap around your waist securely and you let out a squeal. levi turned you around so you pressed up against his chest and you chuckled.
“levi, i’m disgusting. i need to take a shower” you laughed, trying to push your clingy boyfriend off of you but he held you firm.
“not until you kiss me” levi grumbled, narrowing his eyes at you and almost daring you to deny him of that kiss once again. you laughed even more, finding the results of your teasing to be quite amusing.
“levi, stop. i’m all sticky and disgusting. i thought you didn’t like to be near anything filthy? let alone kiss someone who is covered in sweat and dirt” you reasoned, pushing him off again but he continued to hold you firm.
“oh shut up and kiss me already” levi said, cradling the back of your head as you gave up — not kissing him all day left you just as needy as him. with a chuckle, you pressed your lips against his.
levi hummed in satisfaction, finally getting what he wanted since that morning. your lips moved in sync as you pulled each other closer.
“tch. was that so hard? now go take a shower, you’re disgusting” levi groaned, dusting himself off and you rolled your eyes.
“and you just kissed this thing you’re calling disgusting” you pointed out, a smug smile playing on your lips as it was levi’s turn to roll his eyes. a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as well as he shoo’ed you into the bathroom.
“hurry up and get cleaned. you still owe me a lot of kisses”
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achillesunhinged · 2 days ago
i wanna be yours
Eren Yeager x fem reader
warnings: bottom eren, edging, oral (f receiving), mommy kink, use of word mistress
notes: short n sweet with a weak ending. this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile and i wanted to get rid of it, go wild bottom Eren enthusiasts.
Tumblr media
“how’re you feeling baby?” you asked softly as you stroked Eren’s cheek.
the man below you slurred slightly, spit dribbling out of the corner of his mouth as he melted into your palm, “g-good, mistress.” he whimpered. a sinister smile found its way on your face. “that’s what i like to hear, good boy Eren.”
“please let me cum?” he begged. “i’ve been good mommy, i promise i’ve been so good!” he cried, hips bucking into yours. you did your best to conceal the moan that left you as his thick cock rammed into your walls, but you knew he heard it by the way his dick twitched inside of you.
your hand rested on his hip, pushing his pelvis down, “shhh, not yet baby, be patient with me love.”
tears ran down his flushed cheeks, the skin a pretty tinge of red covered in a sheen of sweat, “please please please! i can’t take it i need to cum!” he whined. you clicked your tongue and gave him a look of distaste, “you beg so pretty sweetheart, give mommy a little more, hm?”
he moved until he was leaning slightly against the headboard, his hands found your hips then your thigh, nails digging into the plush skin. it was pathetic, seeing him on the verge of tears beneath you as you hovered over his cock.
you had been edging him for an hour now, languidly stroking his cock, bringing him near completion, only to stop when the words “i’m gonna cum!” left his mouth in a sharp gasp. you almost felt bad for him. almost.
you finally began lowering yourself on him, earning a loud groan from Eren. your cunt clenched around him, you already felt so good, you had to hold back from riding him like there was no tomorrow.
“f-fuck mommy,” Eren panted. his tongue lolled out of his mouth as you began to swivel your hips, “that’s it baby,” you cooed, “let it out, tell me what you want.” you stroked his cheek with the pad of your thumb, wiping away the sticky sheen of sweat and tears. “wanna fuck you, wanna make mommy feel good.” he said.
you smiled and pressed a deep kiss to his lips, your tongue licked into his mouth. he kissed you back with as much fervor, hands desperately clawing at your skin. you pulled away from the kiss, a string of spit connecting the two of you. Eren looked pitiful, fucked out. dried tracks of old tears streaking down his face. you pulled off of his cock and laid next to him, pulling a whine from his throat.
Eren looked at you in question, “you wanted to make me feel good love, now’s your chance. if you want to cum.” you said. Eren nodded and nestled himself in between your legs, hot breath fanning over your cunt as he massaged your thighs.
his middle finger prodded at your clit, sending a jolt through your body before he latched his mouth onto your pussy, drawling out out a low moan from you.
you hand snaked into his hair, fingers tightening at the roots as he lapped at your clit, “that’s it baby, making me feel so good.” you whined. your hips bucked into his mouth, causing him to lick at your cunt with more fervor.
your orgasm was quickly approaching, creeping in on you at a slow pace. your legs tightened around Eren’s head as your moans increased in volume, “ ‘m gonna cum baby, gonna cum,” you whine. Eren slipped two fingers into your walls, pumping his fingers in and out of you as he bit down gently on your clit, pulling you to release. his own groans vibrated against your cunt, you watched as he ground his hips into the bed, hoping for some friction.
he crawled over you once again, slotting his fingers into your mouth, the taste of your cum danced along your tastebuds as you licked his fingers clean before he withdrew his fingers.
“fuck me baby, make mommy cum again. you’ve been so good for me honey.” you whined. Eren sat in between your legs, holding his cock. he let out a shuddering sigh as he nudged through your folds, gently pressing the tip into your cunt.
“that’s it baby, keep going darling, you’re being such a good slut for mommy.” a low moan escaped you as Eren bottomed out, suppressing a whine. he began to fuck you at the most delicious pace, slow and hard, he fucked you like there was no tomorrow.
it was like a switch flipped in his brain, a moment ago he was under you, crying and begging for you to let him cum and now he’s railing into you, hand switching between your leg that was thrown over his shoulder and your breast.
Eren angled his hips and thrust, pulling another strangled moan for your throat, “f-fuck mommy,” he panted, “feels so good.”
your back arched off the bed as he fucked you harder, pulling you closer and closer to your orgasm, “‘Ren please don’t stop!”
your orgasm found you quickly, hot pleasure searing through your body, Eren continued to fuck you like the good boy he is, “please let me cum mommy, please!” he begged. he doubled over, pressing your leg to your chest as he thrust deep inside you, nudging your cervix with his cock.
you stroked your hands through his hair, kissing his sweaty forehead, “you can cum baby, been such a good boy for me.” you said.
Eren came with a high pitched moan, slowly thrusting his cum into you. he relaxed on top of you, not bothering to pull out.
“did so good baby, ‘m so proud of you pretty boy.” you murmured, pulling him into you, Eren hummed, nestling into your chest, “love you baby.”
you smiled, a certain warmth filling your chest, “i love you too.”
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arminsatiable · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
summary ;; the kind of father the warrior men would be.
featuring ;; reiner braun, bertholdt hoover, porco galliard & zeke yeager + fem!reader.
content warnings ;; none.
love note ;; click here for part one ! crossposted onto ao3 !
Tumblr media
the dilf dad ™
reiner would 100% be the dad that everyone has a crush on.
the mothers at the daycare centre would fawn over his tall stature & chiseled face, which tends to annoy you, but you honestly can’t blame them for appreciating a work of art.
not only is he sculpted like a greek god, but he’s also amazing with kids, & that’s something a lot of eligible singles are after.
he often likes to take his kids to the park, pushing them on the swings & watching them climb up the play set, it’s rather sweet.
he’d be the kind of dad to include his children in his workout routine, like having them sit on his back while he does push-ups, while his children clap in awe at how strong he is.
he’s another person who grew up with an absent father figure, so it only encourages him to be the best he can be.
Tumblr media
the soft-spoken dad ™
he rarely lectures his children, mostly out of his kind & non-confrontational personality.
the children would observe bertholdt’s calm demeanour, & they’d probably imitate it, so thankfully tantrums & noise related incidents are kept to a minimum.
he would buy his children colouring books, then sit his lanky ass down at the small kids table & colour in with them, praising them for making such pretty art.
he definitely puts the pictures his kids draw on the refrigerator, with all of the cute sparkly magnets they like.
since he’s basically the height of a giraffe, he lets the kids climb onto him, like he’s some sort of play set.
he always speaks so gently to his children, never once have you heard him raise his tone at them.
Tumblr media
the clueless dad ™
porco would have no idea what he’s doing throughout his parenting journey, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to be a great dad to his children.
he’s heavily dependant on you, seeing as you’re better with the little gremlins than he is.
just don’t leave him alone with the kids at home, because there’s bound to be a huge mess once you return.
he’ll often try to cook them those kid-friendly meals he reads on those mommy blogs (yes, he reads parenting articles), but he end up having batter & other weird ingredients slathered across the countertops, floors & walls.
he’s probably let the kids watch a few movies or tv shows that they shouldn’t watch at their age, but frantically covers their eyes during inappropriate scenes.
despite his failures & hardships, he never stops trying to become the best dad his children could ask for.
Tumblr media
the helicopter dad ™
colt is another doting father, who truly believes that his little angel of a child can do no wrong.
he can’t stay mad at a face that cute for more than ten seconds tops, before he begins to coddle them & apologise.
he’s also quite cautious when he plays games with his kids, checking every minute that they haven’t injured themselves or gotten themselves stuck in a tree somewhere.
who knows? kids are pretty unpredictable, but he’s mentally prepared for every possible scenario.
there was a day where your child fell over in the backyard & scraped their knee, & colt nearly lost his head over it, scrambling inside to clean the tiny wound immediately.
he’ll watch the children’s favourite movies with them over & over again, as much as watching ‘the little mermaid’ for the hundredth time wants to make him tear his hair out.
Tumblr media
the deadbeat dad ™
okay, zeke’s not really a deadbeat dad, though he seems like he would be at the first glance.
he knows from personal experience what it’s like to have a shitty father, so he does his very best to avoid being like grisha.
he doesn’t force his children to have his beliefs, or join any sports teams, or decide their lives for them.
zeke would definitely let his kids develop into their own people, with their own personalities & interests, which is something you truly admire him for.
he isn’t the most physically affectionate father, but he regularly tells his children how much he loves them.
he would teach his kids how to play baseball, & you always manage to find them all in the backyard, playing catch.
Tumblr media
copyright © arminsatiable
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ackerfics · 2 days ago
I cna just imagine during labor reader is just screaming at levi. Like, at one moment she's screaming "WE ARE N E V E R DOING THIS AGAIN" or "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEE" and then the next minute she's screaming at him telling him how much she loves him all the while Levi's hand is being crushed and Levi's just sitting there like: ":') I know beautiful, I love you too-"
levi legit doesn't know what to do, what to feel, what to react when you scream the first two sentences in the hospital room. he's just being silent beside you, enduring the tight grip you have on his hand. he doesn't even show the slightest wince because he knows you'll scream another "this is your fault, levi, we are never having any more children after this" if you see the discomfort on his face (he has every right to feel this way .... you're practically cutting the circulation in his hand TT^TT). levi will even pleadingly glance at the doctor if the baby is out because he can't feel his fucking hand. the moment you cry out how much you love and appreciate and adore him, his thoughts just flew out of his head and he's sitting there with a pained smile. are your pregnancy hormones kicking again right when you're giving birth ??? oh God, his soul is ready to ascend to the heavens. good lorde, help this man pls.
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maries-gallery · 2 days ago
imagine fucking the insecurities outta armin by riding and praising him telling him just how good he's making you feel while holding his hand
send thirsts
He is such a mess. A pink flush blooming on his cheeks and features contorted in pleasure as you gently roll your hips against his, whispering sweet praises in his ear. Any insecurities he had melting under the gentle glow of your smile, gazing down at him like he's the eigth wonder of this world.
Ocean blue eyes glazed over with need and swirling with desire as your fingers mesh with his. Your warm plush walls sucking him in so deliciously, silk lips pressing wet kisses to his nape making his head spin.
“You’re so beautiful, Armin. Such a good boy for me.”
And he can only moan under you, drunk in the way his name glides from your petal lips so naturally, on your kisses and the warmth of your palm sipping through his.
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honeymaki · 2 days ago
Maybe think about Yelena fiddling with her gold chain, lounging next to you on the sofa while watching a movie. Thank about the way she slowly, absentmindedly lifts it to her mouth and nibbles on it, clicking it with her teeth and twirls it with her tongue. Think about when she catches you staring, heat dotting your cheeks and think about the sly smirk she gives you when you look away. Now think about when she’s crowding you on said side, grunting for you to bite the chain, bite it baby girl, three fingers deep in your twitching cunt and panting hot in your face. Thank about cumming round her fingers and letting the chain go when you cry out, body pulsing and jittering and eyes hypnotised by the golden chain dangling in your face.
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lemonlordleah · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pick a WiP you have sitting in drafts, complete it, and submit it for the collab. This collab is about writers motivating each other to complete pieces in their "to-do" pile!
Tumblr media
The creative mind is restless. From the time we wake up, to the time we lay our head to rest, authors struggle against the urge to daydream. After all, who wants to live in the present when they could lose themselves in a fantastical world of their own design?
But the creative mind is also fickle.
Writers are gifted with the innate desire to tell stories, -- a blessing to be sure -- but do you ever find yourself thousands of words into writing an epic tale, only to have another demand its chance to be told? Now, instead of bringing together your protagonist and their beau in a modern romance, you're conjuring spells and crafting rituals in a high fantasy novel, abandoning your former piece indefinitely in a pile of lost WiPs.
Until November 1st 2021 I welcome any and all authors to submit completed wips to be shared. These pieces can be about any subject, so long as the author is over 18 years of age with their age clearly posted in their bio. We might find it easier to motivate ourselves if our fellow authors prod us gently with a quill :)
Tumblr media
List will be updated as pieces are submitted <3
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erwinslut · 2 days ago
hiiii! it me. back again with an erwin req ;>
for this one I was thinking what if y/n sees erwin for the first time after he left your district to join the survey corps but tonight it was because he was out with his comrades in celebration of him being the new commander. Things got heated between them…and they also both got heated…since it turns out erwin has been trying not to admit his feelings and to avoid the unavoidable since he does not know when he’ll be gone (as per canon).
(I was thinking y/n is someone who confessed way back to erwin trying to ask him not to go through this suicidal path he was about to take…but he still did. That was his mission in life.)
Also, this song actually made me think of this req hehe
// @eru-lloyd
warnings: I don't think there are any except there's not a definitive ending, you can assume we follow canon </3 this is set pre-fall of wall maria! I feel like there are likely spelling mistakes bc writing I do at night is chaotic! commander kink is hinted at <3 thank u eru for being Patient with me!!
my ko-fi if you ever feel like supporting me!
my kinktober event
Tumblr media
It couldn’t have been him, could it? Your eyes narrowed in on the large blonde man currently leaning over the counter to presumably sweet talk the bartender into giving his motley crew of rowdy Scouts another round of drinks.
He was tall, with broad shoulders and an easiness to him that surprised you. You rarely saw the Scouts outside when they trailed back through the streets, looking defeated with their wounded barely hanging on and to see them so carefree was interesting. Another blonde joined the first one, clapping him over the shoulder and as the first one turned, you caught a glimpse of a familiar nose and a pair of eyebrows you couldn’t have mistaken.
Huh. So it seemed that Erwin Smith was still alive and damn had he only gotten more attractive. You recalled your school days, your silly awkward crush on him had evolved until you’d been unable to bear it any longer, confessing to him in a rush that confused the both of you. You still remembered the way he’d looked at you, with that soft kindness that was intertwining with pity as Erwin had run a hand through his hair. He’d apologised because of course he had and you’d remembered the sinking feeling of rejection, as Erwin had all but sputtered out he was intent on joining the Scouts and he didn’t know how long he’d remain alive once he was able to leave the Walls.
Why? You’d asked him that then, you’d ask him that now. Why had he pursued death so brazenly, to this day?
He, or his nosy companion, must have caught sight of your staring, as you were brought out of the memories of your childhood by the clearing of a throat close enough to you that you jumped. Eyes flicking up, you found a familiar pair of blue eyes studying you, his mouth quirking upwards as you met his gaze.
“L/n, it’s been a while. You look good- ah, um- not that you didn’t always but y’know, you’ve grown up now I guess?” He sounds unsure and you both ignore the way the sandy-haired companion laughs as he slinks back to join the Scouts now looking curiously towards the two of you. Erwin eyed the seat across from you expectantly and you pulled your lip between your teeth as you nodded, unable to stop the smile that itches onto your face.
“Thank you, uh, same to you! You’ve gotten so tall, I only recognised you because of your brows.” Erwin grimaced, folding into the seat in front of you, long limbs looking out of place against what now looked like a child’s seat. His broad shoulders hunched in a little as he leaned to rest on his elbows, looking up at you with those same, gentle eyes.
“We’re actually celebrating me becoming commander today, it wasn’t exactly the best of circumstances but Miche wouldn’t let me not celebrate. I think Levi is lurking here somewhere, just beware of a demonic-looking dark-haired midget and Hange is the loud one at the table- the dark-haired one looking straight at us.” You make brief eye contact with the Scout, a slightly maniacal looking individual who doesn’t shy away when you all but catch them staring. They smiled faintly, large eyes taking in you and Erwin before you turned back to him, noting the way his eyes were lingering on you before he seemed to catch himself.
“Congratulations then Erwin. I guess you’re still a little suicidal then?” Erwin slow-blinked before his mouth quirked up again with mirth.
“I guess so. You’re still living in this district or have you moved on? You’re not dressed like you’re in the Garrison or the MPs?” You laughed at that, ignoring the tightness that took hold in your chest. He thought you’d be one of them, one of those who chose the safer option, who served the useless royalty and upper class who hid behind the walls and the towns of less fortunate, policing the regular people and enabling the rich to stay that way.
You shook your head, a little more fiercely than you had intended and Erwin’s glorious brows bunched as he sat back a little, properly looking down at you and you wondered if the way he tilted his head was deliberate.
“I’ve moved on from our old district, I’m usually within Wall Rose but I have friends in Maria so I am often moving between the two. And although I considered the Scouts the most out of the three, I don’t think I’d be brave enough to risk my life like you all do. I’d prefer to do nothing but live for humanity than pretend to do something.” Erwin considered you, his features softening in a way that reminded you of when you were both younger, before he’d grown into his features entirely.
“You know, the Scouts could use brains like you. Hange over there is probably dying for another assistant- and don’t think I don’t remember how smart you are. You would be vital to the Scouts, even if you didn’t want to leave the walls. I’m the commander now, I’m sure I could make an exception for you.” You narrowed your eyes at him, choosing to take a sip of your drink rather than respond before you’d considered his words properly.
“I’ll get back to you on that, commander.” You let your voice drop a little on the title, noting the way his pupils blew and you were reminded of your crush on him at that moment.
“As much as I’m glad you’re safe here, there’s also a part of me that wants to know that you’re safe always. And you being one of us would be the ideal solution-” You snorted softly, flicking your eyes up to meet his again.
“You say that, but think of how I feel and how I would feel. I didn’t even know if you were goddamn dead until today, how would I feel watching you leave and not knowing if you’d come back? If you’d suffer when you died? If you lay injured for hours on the back of a cart, rendered unable to walk or worse, unable to even move? If you even want me to consider taking you up on your offer, you have to consider what you’re willing to put me through.” Erwin seemed to mull your words over for a moment, his face drawing in thought and you wondered if he understood what you were trying to admit to him without spelling it out.
“What will it take to convince you then, hmm?” There’s a glint in his eyes that spells trouble and he’s rapidly closing the distance between the two of you, his face very close to yours and you can smell the sharpness of his cologne as he leans in slowly. Your eyes dropped to his lips before you could stop yourself, lingering on the wetness left there from his beverage.
A wolf whistle from the table across from you both seems to snap Erwin out of his game and you don’t miss the cheeky smile he shoots towards the dirty blonde, who rolls his eyes at the two of you.
“Get a room!” Hange calls and you feel your gut twist at that, taking in Erwin’s reaction to the implicating words. He doesn’t outwardly react but the hand that finds your knee beneath the table squeezes once and the smile he sends you as you widen your eyes at him is warm and teasing.
“Shall we?” Erwin’s voice is warm honey and you stand slowly, hoping your knees won’t give in at the look he aims at you as you do. The dirty blonde whistles again and you ignore the table of Scouts as they all turn to watch the two of you leave, Erwin’s palm blazing hot as it finds a home on the small of your back.
Tumblr media
kiss kiss smooch
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suyasgf · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘀: I’m excited to be working on my first kinktober event! I’m kinda anxious cause this is my first time doing something like this and I want to do it well so please be nice.
warning: dark content underneath read-more. Read at your own risk.
𓆩♡𓆪 send any requests for any character from aot, haikyuu, tokyo revengers, and Jujutsu Kaisen! please read rules for kinks! heres a small survey if you’d like to request anything or you can just request in my inbox!
𓆩♡𓆪only eighteen and older can send requests𓆩♡𓆪
all these are subject to change and may not be written on time.
Tumblr media
mitsuya x f!reader (bunny girl)
𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘀: where he makes you a bunny costume and cant help but feel turned on.
warning: semi-public sex, collars, slight pet play, mentions of ‘bunny’.
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 OCTOBER 15
atsumu miya x reader
𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘀: where you and atsumu make some interesting halloween candies and can’t keep your hands off each other.
warning: Dark content, drugs, dubcon, semi-public sex, friends with benefits.
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 OCTOBER 22
Yuuji Itadori x reader (virgin killer reader)
𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘀: where you see the cute new boy and can’t help but wonder if hes been with anyone else.
warning: taking of virginity, dom!reader, semi-public sex.
Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 OCTOBER 29
eren jeager x reader (angel)
𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘀: where eren can’t take anymore of his little step-sister’s teasing and thinks he ought of teach her a lession.
warning: pool sex, brat taming, stepbro eren.
Tumblr media
all works belong to @suyasgf ! Do not reupload or claim as own!
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belavender · 22 hours ago
Bimbo Mikasa is so cute like you’ll tell her you want her to take you to bed and she’ll be like ok and tuck you in. Presses a sweet kiss to your forehead before going back to doing whatever she was doing.
this is a little long so
let out a big sigh before flipping the blankets off of yourself. tiptoeing out to the kitchen n seeing her studying real hard at the dining table with some cute glasses on. she looks up to see you coming over to her, soft smile on your face, desperately trying to communicate what it is that you want. but she just looks up at you with curious stare.
"thought you were tired?" she asks, a tiny bit concerned. a giggle almost forms from the sweet way her eyebrows raise. you lift your leg, swinging it over her hips as your arms cross at the back of her neck.
"couldn't sleep." you whisper. your lips are so close now that you sit in her lap, but you still keep pushing forward. she lets you give her one soft kiss before she pipes up again.
"i have just the thing." she smiles, right before gripping your thighs and sliding you right off, hurrying out of the kitchen with you left standing alone, eyes staring blankly at the wall as you process the rejection. but there was still hope. a lot of it, you soon realize. she was going to get something. maybe the dildo in the top drawer of your dresser? the little vibrator she keeps in her bag? maybe just some lube—to help her slide her fingers inside. on a normal day the idea of a quick finger fuck would leave you painfully unsatisfied—but right now it was enough to have you rubbing your thighs together in anticipation. you were so wound up. yeah, you could try and get yourself off, but you’d only be thinking of her while you did, leaving you even more frustrated by the neglect. you needed her to give you something—anything. you know it’s pathetic, but you were one denied orgasm away from getting on your knees and begging for scraps.
scraps—fuck, even that’d be nice. her making you get off on her pillow while she watched. not even touching you, just telling you how fast and how hard, telling you when and where to cum on her soft sheets. maybe she’d even let you slide your fingers between her pretty folds if you gave her a loud enough moan. god, just the thought of her wet pussy on your skin had your hand moving down. so close to situating it between your thighs just to relieve some of the aching in your needy c-
“got it!” she pops out from around the corner, walking over to give you a quick kiss on the lips which you can’t help but chase after its gone.
you hear the pocket of her hoodie rattle for a second before her hand comes up, holding a little bottle where you could see it. she doesn’t even have to say anything for the defeat to wash over you, all it takes is that little purple label to tell you that your sweet, kind, and very dumb little girlfriend doesn’t even suspect that there’s a single filthy thought in your mind.
“melatonin tablets!” she smiles proudly. ‘s cute.
too cute. so cute it has u taking the bottle from her hands, n putting it somewhere to the side before u press her ass against that dining room table. ur hands already slipping past the hem of her shirt, that stupid expression somehow still on her face. guess ur just gonna have to show her how bad u need ur pussy fucked if she cant figure it out on her own :/
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
Sorry for requesting twice i read the rules and tried to open the link where it would be easier for u to see the requests but I couldn’t so i am sending here.Can u do 18. "i can't sleep without you." i am saying it again really really love your work <33
Tumblr media
”i can’t sleep without you”
Tumblr media
pairing: levi x reader
cw: misunderstandings between levi and y/n, fluff
Tumblr media
- time away -
you and levi had a bit of an argument — the type of argument that ended up with the both of you yelling at the top of your lungs and decided to take the time away to give each other some space to breathe.
you both remained professional though, communicating with each other during training but you were not on speaking terms outside of work.
you moved back to your room for the time being, it felt weird to sleep in your room again after sleeping in levi’s bedroom for almost two years but you were managing.
however, levi wasn’t managing as well as you were. he was so used to sleeping next to you at night and having you encased in his arms that it felt off for him to not have you there.
it was hard for the both of you but if it meant making your relationship stronger then you would bare it for as long as it needs.
levi found himself sleeping alone again just like for the past couple weeks now. he tossed and turned in his bed and fought hard with himself before getting up and leaving his bedroom. he walked down the hallway until he was standing in front of your bedroom door, bringing his fist up to the surface and knocked softly.
you awoke to the sound of knocking as you groggily opened your eyes and got out of bed. you were still half asleep when you opened the door, your tired eyes barely able to recognize the faint outline of your lover standing in between your doorframe.
“levi? why are you still up?” you asked tiredly, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes with the back of your hand.
“i can’t sleep without you” levi admitted, playing with his thumbs and refusing to look at you. your eyes softened, your past conflict was suddenly forgotten. he was still your lover and no type of conflict would ever change that.
“you can sleep here if you want“ you said, smiling tiredly at him as you moved to the side to let him inside your bedroom. levi was hesitant for a second but entered your bedroom anyway.
you got back to bed, facing the wall as you felt levi get in bed with you. he faced the other side so your backs were towards each other.
you laid in silence for a few minutes, the sound of your soft breathings filling the room — neither of you being able to sleep despite being in the same bed together.
“y/n?” levi asked softly, turning his head a bit to look at you. you hummed in reply.
“can i- can i hold you?” levi asked hesitantly and a smile pulled at the corner of your lips. you turned around and faced his back, wrapping your arms around him.
a sigh of contentment left your lips at the feeling of his powerful body wrapped in your embrace again. levi turned around at the contact, wrapping his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.
levi ran his hand through your hair and you snuggled up into his chest, feeling sleep slowly engulfing you.
“i’m sorry, for everything these past couple of weeks“ levi said as you shifted a bit to look up at him. “i’m sorry too“
”no more conflicts and misunderstandings. i don’t like being away from you” levi said, burying his face in your hair. you smiled, pressing a kiss on wherever your lips can reach.
“that i can agree on“ you whispered, you could hear the smile forming on levi’s lips as he pressed a kiss on the top of your head.
“tch. i love you, brat” levi said and you chuckled. “i love you too, levi”
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erenscockslut · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: hybrids, bull!reiner,milking machines, cock milking machines, orgasm, cum collecting, courting habits.
Tumblr media
bull!reiner’s always more than willing to let you milk him for the cum that’s so fucking expensive these days. good studs are so hard to come by now, and ones that just calmly let their handlers set up the rig to their cocks without fighting and trying to gore them were practically unheard of even when bull hybrids were more common. nowadays no one wanted to go within an inch of bullmen, much less close enough to set up a cock milking machine when they could just throw a few cows in the bull pen and hope it worked out — but reiner had always been a serene, easygoing bull, and with how perfect he was in build and blood? all of the claves that came from him were so fucking powerful, and you were making so much fucking money.
even now as you hitched him up to the milking rig you’d set up in the barn you wondered when he’d finally crack; would he manage to stab you through with one of his unnaturally sharp horns, or would he grab you by the neck and squeeze til your neck broke or you died from oxygen loss? you didn’t know. you just knew from the past ten years of handling him, basically owning him since you were eighteen (when you’d been told he was extremely aggressive, but he was always gentle and calm with you, which led you to believe the seller had to be lying) that he’d never scratched you purposefully and when he’d done so on accident he felt so, so bad about it and had wallowed in guilt for days. the first time his horn had nicked you on accident and he’d seen he’d drawn blood he’d even started crying and apologizing, and you’d felt so bad that you’d held back from scolding him about being more careful and just told him that you were alright and to calm down. of course he’d listened, but he still felt bad and you knew it since he’d brought you flowers the next day you came to feed him at lunch. since then the gifts hasn’t stopped, and he always made sure to bring you flowers or an especially interesting rock he’d found outside. even now, after you’d started the rig and it began suckling away at his impressive length, he eagerly offered you a rock that looked like a messily thin layered cake chunk.
“why do you bring me things like this, reiner?” you asked quietly, an he just shrugs.
“‘cause i like you,” is all he says back before groaning a little at a specifically strong tug from the machine.
“you… like me?” you asked slowly, a little concerned. he brightens up and refocuses on you, nodding excitedly.
“yep! and you like me back ‘cause you take them all.”
“r-reiner, what do you mean — you’re a hybrid, i’m human, it doesn’t work like that,” you try to break it to him gently, but he’d n out having it. he shakes his head hard in denial, this being the first sign of aggression he’d ever shown as he gets a little annoyed.
“no, you’re wrong — i get you nice things to make you happy and you take them and keep them because you like them and then you stay with me since we’re perfect together.”
what he was saying was jumbled up and didn’t really flow properly as he got more and more stressed out, but he still filled the cock milking rig and you still figured it all out in the end.
no wonder he’d been so gentle and careful with you — in his mind, you belonged to him instead of the other way around.
Tumblr media
copyright © { 2021 } by erenscockslut. do not modify or repost.
Tumblr media
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cookiefics · 2 days ago
Reiner takes you out on dates, but his favorite date ever is you two under the sheets, skin against skin while your head rests on his chest and his fingers get sweetly tangled on your hair, caresses down your neck. when he feels you felt asleep, he'll softly kiss your forehead and hug you closer to sleep him as well, with you avoiding his nightmares.
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serenecelene · 2 days ago
Remember Me
Pairing: Levi Ackerman x gn!reader
Warnings: angst, MAJOR character death (wouldn’t be aot without it ✌🏻), not proof-read, all hurt, no comfort :) my first levi post and I broke his heart hehe but this isn’t as sad as I originally intended so ?? Ig that’s nice ??
Aun en la distancia, nunca vayas a olvidar que yo contigo siempre voy, recuérdame...  
Tumblr media
He had never meant to fall in love, for love in this world only brought hurt and agony to a soldier such as him; love was something he had learned to equate with loss, a ruthless grip in his chest that forced him awake most nights, only to haunt him with the faces of those he once knew, ones now covered in blood; a crimson so similar to the sight that forever stained his rough, war-torn, hands, something he had become more than acquainted with throughout his years.
It was due to this world and all the loss it saw that he had promised himself, with each fallen comrade and each grieving loved one, that he would no longer devote his heart to anything other than the cause, because despite being the world’s named strongest, it was a title never self-proclaimed. Levi was merely only a pawn in the wretched game of war, and there were only so many hits a wounded soldier could take before they turned fatal; he would no longer allow himself to be compromised by any weakness in his heart, it was something the world couldn’t afford.
This was a promise he had made to himself on a cold, lonely night where he sat hunched over at his desk with discomfort shooting throughout his spine; it was a promise he made as he sat there sobbing into his hands after signing yet another daunting stack of paperwork titled K.I.A; a symbol of loss that still cut deep no matter how many lives he had witnessed coming to their end, because how can one ever truly become accustomed to such tragic sight? Because no one was strong enough to withstand the horrid end that the scouts faced in the field, no one could witness such an atrocity and return without succumbing to the same darkness that plagued the silent hallways.
He had promised this to himself, to save himself from yet another tragic heartbreak.
Yet, it was a promise that you had somehow made him break.
Because, Levi had never meant to fall in love, but even so, he was not ashamed to admit that absolutely nothing could’ve stopped his heart from diving straight into a uncontrolled freefall just so it could crash right beside yours; because Levi had fallen in love with you, and how could he ever regret such a feeling when you looked at him with such a tender warmth swimming in your eyes?
You had made it so easy, that loving you was now as simple as breathing to him; you had made love so easy, that it was nothing to him now but second nature.
For you had shown him what true happiness could taste like, a refreshing taste that cleansed his palette from the bile and salt that burned him with every breath; it was his new favourite dish, though he would refuse to admit, the taste of you and your love was more delectable than any fine pastry or any expensive tea, and he consumed it all greedily like a man starved.
You, always so warm like the sun on a beautiful summers day, had melted the high walls of ice that had encompassed his aching heart with just a small smile as you brought him his evening tea; he had never felt so light nor so free other than when you beamed at him with a simple yet gentle, “go to sleep soon, Captain, your health is important too.”
You had shown him that you would be contently patient, waiting for him to be ready for every next step and never being thrown off by his strong, cold exterior; you made him feel worth it at every possible corner, showing him that he was in fact a person worth staying for; and whilst he was hopeless in telling you just how thankful he was for that patient perseverance you had dedicated to him, words always seeming to fail him when it mattered most, he could tell with each adoring look that you gifted him, that you knew all along.
It was all this together with your heartbeat, which had quickly become his favourite song, a soothing lullaby on nights filled with nightmares and no sleep, had finally shown him the meaning of true peace. It was the melody of your heart that chased away the bad thoughts and haunting screams to which he knew that with your heart's simple beat, all he would be able to hear now was the beautiful chorus of security and adoration your love had granted him.
So, with soft caresses and gentle words, Levi had slowly found himself floating in a daydream where only you and him existed, protected with the safety of your dedication to one another.
But silly little daydreams don’t last long, not if you are Levi Ackerman.
And he was a fool for thinking maybe this would be different, maybe you would be different, that he could keep you by his side until his very last breath, because nothing could ever change the fact that Levi Ackerman was a man destined to be alone; a man destined and subjected to watch all those around him perish whilst he had no choice but to sit helplessly and watch.
Levi Ackerman was a fool, a fool for thinking he could keep you safe.
He knew it as he held you in his arms and watched you bleed out in the middle of a muddy field littered with corpses.
He knew it as he harshly commanded, with sobs trapped in his throat, “Don’t leave me. Don’t you dare fucking leave me, that’s an order.”
With his choked and broken words his thumb delicately swipes across your cheeks, ridding the stray tears and dirt that tainted your skin. It was near impossible to even look at you because to see you wear any expression other than happiness, nevermind the excruciating pain your face was screaming at him, nearly made his own heart stop and his breath cease; for his heart couldn’t help but scold him in agony that this should be him laying here bleeding out, never you.
Yet, he was hopeful - or perhaps delusional - in thinking that the medics would be here soon and they would fix you and make you better. You just needed to wait.
But with a frail voice, you lifted your hand, stained with your tears and blood, to his cheek and rasped a wet, “Promise me that you’ll remember me, Levi. Even in distance, promise me that you’ll remember.”
It was with those words that Levi knew that perhaps life was something you could no longer wait for. It was with those blasphemous pleas that he was disturbed to hear the bitter sound of surrender in your voice, for you, his toughest, bravest, and most determined soldier, were resigning yourself to lose the cruel battle of life and death.
It was then that Levi had decided that if you wouldn’t fight, then he would have to do it for you, like he had been doing for all of humanity for so very long.
So, he pushed down harder on the gaping wound on your abdomen, furiously trying to halt the incessant bleeding, once again staining his hands with the blood of another comrade, “I don’t need to remember you when you will be right beside me, you hear me, brat?”
And he ignored the way you no longer winced at the pressure, ignored the way his heart jumped in panic at your body’s lack of response. Ignored it all for his delirious vision where you would be fine, where you would be ok; chanting in his mind over and over again like a holy mantra that you would be ok, that you would be fine.
You will be ok.
You will be fine.
You will be ok.
You will be fi-
With tender eyes you gazed into his, “I will always... be with you… Levi, in every… dream and in your… heart, but-”
“No, no buts. You will be fine, you hear me? Enough with this mushy crap, the medics are on their way, just hang on a little longer.”
Yet, the words he fiercely uttered were only a reassurance to himself because he could see it in your beautiful, ruined face that you knew you wouldn’t be fine, that he was trying to convince himself of an ending that simply was never meant to be his.
It destroyed him.
And with your very own choked sob, that pushed a crimson curse past your chapped lips, you begged, “Please.. don’t cry, Levi. Though I... have to go, you... shouldn’t cry, please... don’t cry.”
But how could he not cry? How could he look down at you, as you struggled to breathe and gasped in pain, and not cry as you died a death you did not deserve?
What you were asking was unfair, it was so fucking unfair.
Your hand dropped from his cheek, flopping brokenly beside you as you drowsily muttered, “I’m so... tired... Levi, can I... just close my eyes... for a little bit?”
And as you both became stained with the scarlet puddle forming beneath you, he internally screamed profanities and chants of no.
He wouldn’t let you close your eyes for that would be the end, and even though it was so incredibly selfish of him, he decided this isn’t how you would go, not when Levi had plans of growing old with you, of opening that damn tea shop, and maybe even having a brat of your own.
No, you would die peacefully as you slept beside him many years from now, not bleeding out on the battlefield, he wouldn’t let you go like this.
And Levi was never a man to beg but he would easily get down on his hands and knees to grovel for your safety, for you to stay awake and live out the life you had both dreamed of.
Because you had to stay awake, for him.
Please, please don’t leave him alone.
Yes, Levi was never a man to beg, but for you? For you he pleaded, “No, keep them open, baby, please just keep them open a little longer for me? Let me see your eyes.”
And as he lightly tapped your face your eyes fluttered open, only to break him just a little bit more, because your beautiful eyes were devoid of the warmth he had come to love; for what Levi saw instead was the clasp of death creeping over your eyes as the back of his throat burned at its presence.
And Levi is strong, but who is he to deny the fear he feels when the reaper makes a home in those same eyes he calls his sanctuary? And as the biting hiss of desperation floods its way through his bloodstream, he becomes someone he could not even begin to recognise as he rambles to you in his frenzy because you couldn’t leave him, not now. Please.
So, he talks, franticly talks to keep you with him and talks to remind you of plans you had yet to complete. Talks to know you are still with him, heart beating and alive.
“Remember about how you wanted to go to Sina to buy this new tea you had heard about? You said you were going to buy it so we could both try it together, you can’t cancel on me now, you brat. Plus, I don’t remember what the tea was called, what was it called, love? It is probably something way too fruity for my taste, isn’t it? You hate how bitter my tea can be sometimes, but I love the way you make it, sweet like you. How do you make your tea again? Tell me, y/n.”
Yet, you remained silent with weakening, harsh breaths and as each second passed he saw your spirit fading; and as he witnessed you slowly giving in to the sweet lull of death, what had he left to do now other than pull you closer? For now he was pathetically grasping at your weak body tightly, pulling you further into his chest with trembling hands, as if it would somehow keep you grounded to him, to life, just for a little longer.
“No, no. Keep your eyes open just a little longer, the medics will be here soon. Keep your eyes open an-and I will get you that cat, you remember? The one you spotted on the training ground? We can name it Klaus, no matter what, we can call it Klaus. I lied, you brat, I like the shitty name, just keep your eyes open and I will stay up all day and night trying to catch that stupid fucking cat. Just keep your damn eyes open.”
But Levi was a fool, for death had no time for bargaining and his begging fell on deaf ears as you breathily whispered out your final plea, “Please... remember... Levi.... I love you.”
And his heart cried out with him as he lowered his head and desperately whimpered into your ear, “y/n... please, just stay for a little longer.”
But you were gone, falling limp in his arms as you had gone cold.
Why were you now so cold?
In disbelief, wide eyed, he shakes your still body, vision blurring and his face starting to sting as the salty rivers slowly mix with his open cuts. He shakes you, getting more and more desperate the longer you refuse to reply. He shakes you, shakes you harder and harder until the dam breaks and humanity's strongest is reduced to nothing but a broken man, a grieving lover.
“No. Don’t you do this to me, you brat. I didn’t say it back, you can’t go until I say it back.”
But your heart had gone silent, no longer singing along to his with a sweet tune, no longer united in your joint serenade.
And what else had Levi to do other than to cry?
Because he had fought, he had killed, and he had remained strong, but where had that gotten him? How well had this facade worked out for him in the end? He had exhausted every possible option to take and now he had no choice left other than to crumble and fall like a bird shot out of the sky.
So he sobbed, grieved for you, screamed for you, let his heart rage at the cruelty of this world when in reality, he had no one else to blame other than himself, for everyone close to Levi Ackerman is doomed to die and he was a fool to think you would be any different.
And with the rest of the remaining scouts now gathered on this bloodied field, a second too late, gaping at his harrowing display of broken grief, he could no longer find it in himself to care for the world around him; not as he held his only semblance of hope dead in his arms; not as his tears fell onto your lifeless face and mixed with your own; not as he gently closed your empty eyes, void of the warmth he had all but memorised, and laid you to rest; not as he slowly came to terms with the fact that he had unknowingly condemned you to such a tragic fate.
For Levi Ackerman had killed you, all for the sake of a happy ending he was never meant to live.
And Levi Ackerman would remember you, for you would be a ghostly reminder of all he was never supposed to have.
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