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papamado · a month ago
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Where's my mind?
Where's my mind?
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i-cant-handle-change · a month ago
Me, shaking Aoyama furiously: DID HE OR DID HE NOT HAVE FRECKLES
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zoepillustrationoff · 2 months ago
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Prep x emo my beloved
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fuyumigf · 12 months ago
every backstory reveal i just see more shitty parents </3
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misplacedgamer · a month ago
So friendly reminder that Aoyama was introduced in Chapter 3 with the two most important members of the Deku Squad (Ochako and Tenya), AND he had this line
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Hori is a motherfucking MASTERMIND
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redbluenight · a month ago
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【 336: ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ 】
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unrealisticfables · a month ago
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amaya-writes · 2 months ago
Hi! I love your bnha pieces so i was thinking abt 1A boys reacting to their s/o falling asleep on them
Note: I added Aizawa because I just couldn't resist it! Also, I didn't include some of the 1-A boys because I just didn't have ideas for them (Satou, Kouda, Ojiro, and Shouji specifically) BUT I purposely didn't do Mineta because idk I just feel uncomfortable writing for him.
Characters involved: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Kaminari Denki, Shoto Todoroki, Iida Tenya, Ejiro Kirishima, Sero Hanta, Shinso Hitoshi, Fukimage Tokoyami, Yuuga Aoyama, Shouta Aizawa
Warnings: n/a
Gender-neutral reader, you/your/yours
Izuku Midoriya
Will completely freeze up.
It's not that Izuku doesn't want you sleeping on him, but it's actually the opposite. He's so completely elated at the thought of you, the person he's been pining after for forever, falling asleep on him and trusting him even when you're unconscious.
Izuku will literally go into protective mode when you're asleep. He'll make sure people around you aren't being too loud and if you're with 1-A he'll probably tell the others to be a little quiet (queue Bakugo yelling at him not to order him around and waking you up).
He won't move an inch to ensure that you don't wake up, but if he sees that you're uncomfortable/sleeping in a position that might hurt your neck Izuku will softly move both of you around until you seem more comfortable.
He's the type to stare at you when you sleep in that slightly creepy way as he analyzes your face.
Will probably end up falling asleep too.
Katsuki Bakugo
At first, he'll curse under his breath and say what a nuisance you are for falling asleep, but he will literally start glaring at people who are being too loud 5 seconds later.
Unlike Izuku he won't hesitate to move you and ensure you're comfortable, but he will be so good at it that you probably won't feel a thing.
Katsuki will literally sit with his arms and feet crossed and a small frown on his face while you sleep on him but inside he's probably freaking out about small things.
Might end up waking you up because he started yelling at Mina and Denki for being too loud, but he will usher you back to sleep immediately. He does it in such a sweet way too, telling you that it's okay and you can sleep while he's occasionally glaring at the others who are bewildered at his kindness.
Katsuki will definitely run his hand through your hair while you sleep.
He might feel bad to wake you up but won't hesitate to do it if either of you is going to be late for something.
Will 100% mock you about it even if he's sort of flustered.
Kaminari Denki
Throws a little party inside.
He thinks it's so adorable that you chose to sleep on him, but he also considers this a new milestone.
Unlike the others he won't move you at all, heck he might even stop breathing for a minute because he thinks that might wake you up. It's just so cute because he doesn't want to move or make you move but he can't resist holding your hand while you sleep.
It sort of reassures him and helps him calm down. Denki will 100% watch you sleep but not in a creepy way. He just thinks you look cute when you're asleep.
Might end up moving around after a few minutes/accidentally using his quirk which would make you wake up but he'll try to get you to sleep again because he just feels so bad for it.
Shoto Todoroki
Sort of doesn't react.
He doesn't know what to do so he just stays still, maybe even moves both of you around a bit so you're more comfortable.
Shoto will probably reach out to hold your hand if you're very close, but if you're not that close yet he'll just awkwardly pat your head and go back to whatever he was doing.
He won't go out of his way to tell others not to disturb you, but if they're being too loud he'll probably tell them to lower their voice with one of his small frowns.
Won't hesitate to wake you up if you need to be somewhere, but he probably won't move even if he needs to do something or be somewhere. He just thinks it's rude and unless he's getting late to class/has hero stuff to do Shoto won't wake you up.
He'll probably end up eventually falling asleep too, but if you're sleeping on his fire side he might hesitate to make sure he doesn't accidentally burn you if he had bad dreams when he's asleep.
Won't tease you about it but will probably be confused if you get flustered. He thinks it's normal and nothing to worry about.
Iida Tenya
Will go into president mode.
He won't move his arms around like he usually does but he will definitely announce that you're asleep and that everyone should keep quiet.
Iida might hesitate to move you around at first, but eventually, he just can't help but move you until you look more comfortable. He won't touch you or anything but he might drape his jacket on you or brush your hair away from your face.
Won't hesitate to wake you up if either of you needs to be somewhere, and might even lecture you to get some proper sleep later in the day. But he means well and probably feels bad for waking you up.
Ejiro Kirishima
Might accidentally harden the first time you fall asleep on him.
It's just a random reflex, but he undoes it the moment he realises you're just sleeping.
Kirishima might just stare at your face for a bit awkwardly before moving you around until you're both in a more comfortable position. If you fell asleep on his shoulder he'll probably drape his arm around your shoulders, place his head on yours, and doze off.
He won't wake you up or move unless it's really important, and even then he might just wait for Bakugo to yell at you to wake up so Ejiro can do what he needs to do.
Is the type to run his hand through your hair while you sleep and feels sort of proud that you felt comfortable sleeping on him.
Sero Hanta
Is very chill about it.
He just sort of shrugs off the awkwardness and pulls you in closer to make sure you're not straining your neck. Sero won't hesitate to move you around if you look uncomfortable, but he probably will restrict physical contact.
Might just hold your hand and end up falling asleep too, but he's more likely to stay up and sort of keep watch on you. Won't touch your hair because he's sort of scared you might wake up if he does.
If you wake up and feel embarrassed he'll probably end up joking about it.
Shinso Hitoshi
Will freeze up but eventually just think nothing of it.
He will probably tell everyone else in the room to make sure they aren't too loud since you're asleep, but he won't bother yelling or being extra rude/protective unless the occasion calls for it.
Shinso will probably thread his fingers through your hair and hum some random tune he can't get out of his head while looking out of the window/people gazing.
He thinks it's cute that you fell asleep and might even take a picture of you.
Won't hesitate to wake you up but might be slightly awkward once you do wake up. Shinso will probably just change the topic and mention you need to be somewhere.
Fukimage Tokoyami
Tokoyami will probably use dark shadow to ensure you're comfortable. He might even use him to block out excessive sunlight/loud noises or to tell others to be quiet.
He won't move you around personally and will let dark shadow do it because if you wake up it's technically not his fault.
Will hold onto your hand and go back to whatever he was doing before you fell asleep, but he will continuously check up on you to make sure you're still sleeping in a comfortable position/you're fine in general.
Honestly, Tokoyami might feel bad for waking you up but he probably won't be awkward about it.
Yuuga Aoyama
Sort of freaks out.
Aoyama probably already thought of this moment and how he would be a total gentleman when it happens, but he didn't think you would actually fall asleep on him this soon.
Will definitely remove his jacket and keep it on you even if you don't really need it. If you're sleeping on his chest, he'll move your hair away from your face and maybe even tie it back for you and if you're sleeping on his shoulder he'll hold onto your hand and maybe rub circles into it.
He will try to coax you to fall asleep again when you wake up or offer you a snack while rambling about how you look when you sleep.
Shouta Aizawa
Might be sort of awkward at first because he's the one who usually falls asleep on you, but eventually, he'll just move you around until you're in a more comfortable position.
If he's doing anything outside of (hero) work Aizawa will take you falling asleep as a gesture for him to do the same. He'll just prop his chin on your head and maybe hold onto one of your hands while he falls asleep.
Aizawa waking up before you do is very unlikely, but he might complain if you try to leave while he's sleeping. If he didn't fall asleep/was working when you fell asleep he'll definitely wake you up if you're getting late for something.
Won't bring it up or talk about it because he considers it very normal and wouldn't mind if you slept on him again.
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prinzesunny · a month ago
Okay bc im ill im writing this
we all know Aoyama gets stomach aches because of his quirk
so cuddling with Aoyama
pulling up his shirt
just rubbing up and down his stomach
kissing it and just praising him
even if you cant physically make him feel better, you'll try emotionally
you know his quirk drawbacks upset him enough
it became a habit even when he wasn't sick
just praising his body, in more contexts than one
laying your head on his stomach even when you're just relaxing
didn't take long for it to turn into a way to relieve stress
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woody-98 · a month ago
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Look at him!!!! He didn't want to hurt anyone!! My heart his parents I can't
Tumblr media
I shall protect you my child
Tumblr media
And then this came to just rub salt over my bleeding wounds
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softer-ua · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I bet the child mortality rate in bnha is insane, just mind boggling especially for families with more advanced quirks and longer quirk linage
Like aside from just being murked in the street by a random villain attack, aside from a random other child accidentally murking your child, aside from your child accidentally murking themselves when their quirk develops
How many just die from having a quirk their body can’t handle?
Tumblr media
We’ve seen several who’s quirks hurt them just by existing
Tumblr media
How much do you think that belt cost and what would have happened to him if he couldn’t get it?
What kinda maintenance do you think Iida needs that’s just never mentioned because he’s always had the resources to have it done without thought? 
It’s to the point we’re Deku breaking his bones and Dabi faking his death were never seen as freak accidents and never caused any widespread panic.
Deku straight up broke all of his fingers several times over on live national television and yes never immediately rushed to get medical aid, and the entire country didn’t fly into a panic? Imagine if we watch Michael Phelps purposesly dislocated his shoulders to swim faster or something?
There would be a global pants shitting, the ethics of the games and the responsibility of the staff would be a never ending debate “Who could have prevented this?!” “Why did they let him compete like that?!” And Phelps is an adult. People still talk about Kier Strung who twisted her ankle right before her final vault and how she chose to continue on, and since then gymnastics has been heavily scrutinized for pushing their athletes too hard.
Tumblr media
The fact that they didn’t immediately call the match at the first broken finger is insane, for it to happen 10 more times and his arm entire arm is absolutely bonkers mcfucken yonkers!
The shit this society probably deems as normal for child safety is insane, it seems to have just come to “if they die they die” type of deal, fuck they probably weren’t upset about Bakugo being physically restrained because they assumed he was having some kinda of fit from quirk over use, like a more volatile form of Denkis brain shorting out
No wonder so many of them come from one child households, you get one miracle baby who’s potential quirk genes don’t kill it before birth than you spend all your time and resources preparing for what might happen when the kids quirk does develop.
Or what might happen to the parent, they’re have been several orphans in this story, Tsuyus parents seem almost recklessly confident considering how many kids they have and the fact that they mostly also just drop into hibernation when cold.
It’s probably common practice to save up a kinda nest egg just for future kids hospital/legal/support item fees. (And that’s what Inko uses to by Deku all that hero merch.)
Hell Urarakas parents are probably only poor because of medical debt/legal fees from her quirk(we know that even now it sometimes makes her sick and that she uses it without asking) and just don’t wanna tell her, I mean they work in construction, probably the most lucrative and dependable source of income in the entire bnha world, buildings/roads are being replaced daily
Tumblr media
Good for them not telling her though, I wouldn’t want that sweet little face knowing it was putting us in the poor house either
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deadinsidetoast · 18 days ago
i found this monstrosity on reddit
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well i propose mine
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leenolie · a month ago
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So I saw the spoilers
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nezz12 · a month ago
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aoyama yūga
‘…you can still be a hero’
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 9 months ago
Todoroki: ah yes, baguettes, The snakes of bread. We’ll take two of your freshest yeasty eels, good sir
Baker: w-
Aoyama: ah oui, les baguettes, les serpents de pain. Nous prendrons deux de vos anguilles à la levure les plus fraîches, bon monsieur~
Baker: what.
Iida: I'm sorry please ignore them, we’ll take two baguettes please.
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yessi-writes · a month ago
he didn't want to do it...
he was threatened by AFO...
he was born quirkless...
he wanted to be a hero...
he was happy when AFO was captured in Kamino because he could finally be happy with his friends
he cared about his friends...
he's been suffering this whole time...
Tumblr media
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redbluenight · a month ago
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is a joke, right?
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weebatron9000 · a month ago
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papamado · a month ago
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flowersxiu · a month ago
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