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31 Mar. 2020

Trying to actually study during spring break 🙃

I realized that studying before doing leisurely things might be better for my mental health. Guess it took a pandemic for me to truly realize that.

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Hey so this post is directed at anyone taking an AP Exam at home this year because of quarantine and stuff.

So I know that the first week of AP testing is already done, so some of you may not have anymore exams where this knowledge matters to you. BUT, guess what I’ve just found out College Board has been doing?

They record the tests. I don’t know if its just audio or audio and visual or what, but I don’t think that matters. Wanna know why I don’t care about this? Because I think, no I know they’re gonna regret this.

The College Board now has two 50 minute long recording in which I repeatedly curse out my pet lizard.

I am curious now though, what have y’all given them a recording of? I wanna see how badly they’re gonna regret this


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I might be able to take psych and soc this upcoming school year and I’m super excited because it’s usually a small class and taught by a really rad teacher who also teaches APUSH which I am also taking next year :))

Besides APUSH and (hopefully) psychology, I will be taking AP Lang, a Bible course (Christian school? Yes), chemistry, Spanish II, and pre-calc

A lot of the classes scare me but I’m going to try my darndest to stay positive about it and do some work before then so I know what’s happening.

School ends Wednesday and I’m super happy about that because online classes used to be fine but then the ap euro exam hit and everything else went downhill

And now over the summer I can study what I want ahaha

That’s it okay byee

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my first week of testing is done!!

finishing my euro exam was bittersweet tho, because i had been self-studying for the exam because it isn’t offered at my school, and i worked super hard since august and now it’s finally over!!

but i have 5 tests next week so it’s not really over lol

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ap euro exam discussion?

I just finished my ap euro exam! I was talking to my friends and we all had different questions. So anyways, how was your exam? I would love to know! I got fairly lucky with my prompt (I got the French Revolution enlightenment vs economic one). I think I did fairly well. Love to all that read this :)

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