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#ap language and composition

I need help

Anyone know where I can get a copy of “They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing 3rd Edition” ???

I need it for my AP Lang class.

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Since I procrastinated my AP summer homework 2k18...
8/19: read Nickel and Dimed to completion NO EXCEPTIONS
8/20: WRITE
8/21: read Boys in the Boat to half-way mark
8/22: finish reading Boys in the Boat
8/23: WRITE
8/24: read Dreams from my Father to the half-way mark
8/25: finish reading Dreams from my Father
8/26: WRITE
8/28: read 60 Second Shrink to half-way mark
8/29: finish reading 60 Second Shrink
8/30: WRITE; AP Lang due on Canvas before 11:59pm
8/31: read Brain Rules to the half-way mark
9/1: finish reading Brain Rules
9/2: WRITE
9/3: read Invisible Gorilla to the half-way mark
9/4: finish reading Invisible Gorilla
9/5: WRITE; First day of school; AP Lang hard-copy due in class (1st period)
9/7: AP Psych reflections due in class
9/8: ***possible extra time***
9/9: ***possible extra time***
9/10: ***everything's due if extra time happened??*
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