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#ap stats

I’m not dead! I’ve just been procrastinating on things that I shouldn’t have been ╮( ̄▽ ̄"“)╭

Anyway…we’ve only had two tests in Stats so far BUT I think I’ve figured out my teachers basic formula for how he does the tests. It’s essentially just about twenty multiple choice questions along with 4-6 FRAPPYs (Free Response AP Problems, Yay!). Therefore something that I thinks helps for studying (at least for me) is to do A LOT of practice problems. I basically just went through the collegeboard website. looked at previous year problems, and wrote down whichever ones were related to this unit’s topic.

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8/26/19- today was the first day of high school. I have signed up for a total of three advanced classes: Ap Bio, advanced comp, and ap stats. I still need to read Fahrenheit 451 for the comp class and I have a small amount of work due for stats. But so far so good. Later I’ll post a summary of the summer work I had for each class.

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2019-20 class schedule

so somehow im taking all ap classes next year. who let me? idk. here’s my schedule!

1. ap us gov (only 2nd semester)

2. ap statistics

3. ap biology

4. ap micro/macroeconomics (my school teaches them together like one for each semester)

5. ap language and composition

6. ap european history (i’m self-teaching myself this one! who let me.)

im also in symphonic band!

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