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its finally the weekend ✨ had a really productive friday — took the apush exam, caught up on calc work, wrapped up loose ends on course worked and made my bujo spread for the speak yourself concert! one of the happiest days of my life hands down hehe. anyways, worked hard this week so i’ll be spending the evening with friends!

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As the dreaded plague of AP Exams approaches us, there are a lot of different ways to study for each exam, and I am here to share some tips and tricks for everyone taking AP Exams. 

1.) PREPARE IN ADVANCE: that means when you take the class go through the ap prep book or textbook in unison so that you’re not cramming during these 3 or 4 weeks. 

2.) INVEST IN A PROPER PREP BOOK: I have tried CliffNotes, Barrons, Princeton, 5 Steps to a 5, etc. Depending on your exam, such as humanities many people recommend Princeton and for STEM courses, some recommend Princeton’s book.

3.) PRACTICE TESTS AND PROBLEM SETS: For AP Calc, all I do is practice exams, and sometimes I’ll print past AP exams and do them for fun, even in my busy schedule, I will do them on the way to practice or on the bus to my regattas. I will always be doing some type of preparation

4.) Look for the curve, because the test is curved. Such as for the 2019 AP Calculus AB exam, if I get at least 5 points on every Free Response and 23/45 questions correct on my test, that is already a 4! So just google, “ap ____ exam curve” and I bet that something useful will show up.

5.) REVIEW EVERYTHING: I have a user guide for Biology that has the main idea of everything as well as my notes from all of the different chapters that I annotated and took notes on. Listen to crash courses, go to the library and find downloadable crash courses or look them on youtube! I know that people will host like 2-day crash courses before the exam, and those are helpful.

6.) KNOW BEFOREHAND: Know what you’re getting in before the first time that you take the test because you need to know how the test is before you take it or else you’re going to freak out and it’s going to be very intense. Know the time that you have per section.

7.) NIGHT BEFORE: The night before there’s no point of reviewing anything that you haven’t already covered because if you haven’t learned it over the past 6 months, there’s nothing you can learn in the next hour or three. Review what you’ve covered, but also get plenty of sleep and drink water and have a hearty breakfast!

So for everyone who’s going into war with the Advanced Placement tests, I wish you the best of luck and the best of studying/cramming! It’s going to be the worst 2 weeks of our lives, but after I’m cruising and going to take a chill pill. So you should bust your butt these last few weeks so that you can get that 4 or 5! 

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[06 • 01 • 2017] ☀️
3 / 100 days of productivity

Heyyy, it’s June! June is my last month of school and also my mother’s birth month, so I have many reasons to celebrate this month. I included little crowns today because she’s the best mom (no offense to your mothers; I’m sure they’re lovely too 😂) and therefore Queen of All Moms!!!! 😁 This is my first ever attempt at hand lettering and also my first journal cover+monthly goals so please be kind 🤣

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