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getting some writing done in aesthetically this very pleasing setting before the sun reaches us and it becomes too hot to breathe out here! 🌻✨🌿


pretty excited about getting the sunblindes up out here, so I can enjoy the balcony even during heatwaves like this!

today me and Zelder was up and out the door for a walk before 10 am, which is GOOD for us, just to make sure she could get a walk before it gets too hot, and then I cleaned the whole apartment before noon!

now it’s 2:30 pm and I have all day to write, play AC and play more Sims, maybe make a few more SP Sims and make a intro post for them!

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Watch out, personal stuff!

Next month I’m moving into a new apartment and although the room is not big, I already love the place, because comparing to my old place it’s so much better, I mean where I’ve been living for the past 8 months the at matter, also there was mold in the bathroom 🤢 and the new apartment is cleaner, brighter, aesthetically pleasing. And besides me there are going to live 3 people, of which 2 are not in the apartment for most of the time. Also, it’s located in a great part of the city where there’s a lot of nice coffe shops and pubs etc. (Even the building has one coffe shop downstairs, I went to check it out right after meeting with the owners). Oh, and there’s tram stop like next to it, and train station nearby. It will take me about 10 minutes to get to the university.

And I’m just very excited about that.

End of the rant, you may return to scrolling.

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