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Logs onto apex tumblr:

“I’m Asian and I just draw people pale because that’s what we do I can’t possibly be whitewashing because I’m not white”

Bro just admit you messed up and move on. I remember back about 5 years ago I drew a symmetra fan art from ow. I was new to drawing and digital art and didn’t even realize until I looked back at it a few years later how wrong I got her skin tone (like ashy, pale, and slightly purple???)

It’s ok to make mistakes, just learn and grow from them. There are many resources on how to draw darker skin tones accurately

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hey guys , i’m currently streaming apex tonight if you wanna come pop in !

come say hello !

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I feel like Din and the clones would have gotten along. The clones are good and honorable men and I think they would have vibes with Din, even if he would be out of depth socially, the clones would make him feel right at home. That and the clones have been known to protect random children they find, so they’d love grogu

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Bangalore- Professional Soldier

Wraith- Interdimensional Skirmisher

Mirage- Holographic Trickster

Octane- High-Speed Daredevil

Revenant- Synthetic Nightmare

Horizon- Gravitational Manipulator

Gibraltar- Shielded Fortress

Caustic- Toxic Trapper

Wattson- Static Defender

Rampart- Base of Fire

Lifeline- Combat Medic

Loba- Translocating Thief

Bloodhound- Technological Tracker

Pathfinder- Forward Scout

Crypto- Surveillance Expert

Fuse- Explosives Enthusiast

Firestorm- Swordsman

Primrose- Skilled Huntress

Nightwalker- Portal Jumper

WhiteRain- Creative Soldier

ShadowSeeker- User of Darkness

Echo- Communications Specialist

YellowJacket- Warrior Scout

Eclipse- Army Medic

Comet- Warrior Medic

Cloudburst- Patrol Warrior

Moonweaver- Flame Creator

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I prefer the Tumblr Apex fandom over, like, literally anywhere else on the internet, but like damn y'all, this whitewashing shit kinda gettin out of hand

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I’m too lazy to try n get to plat

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Una de las cosas que me gusta hacer cuando lloro :‘v osea el revenant me inspida xd

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lot of whitewashing going around in the apex community lately. just because asian people can have lighter complexions, doesn’t mean all of them do. draw the characters using THEIR own unique skin tones and features.

lightening a black persons skin tone in ur art isn’t an “art style,” it’s whitewashing and colourism

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all right, no, i have decided no i am not coming back to tumblr, unless this finishes well.

You should know, that you were being very rude to me. you should not upload others’ drawings, even if, say, i did whitewash rampart. you should have kept talking with me, and then reblogged and said that this is whitewashed when it did not seem like i was gonna listen to you.

all i was trying to do was make you understand. i even did make a color palette like you asked for. as an asian, i really want you to understand that we can be seen with lighter lookings.

you? you took my art illegally-without my permission, shared it with your followers to insult me again, insulted my art style. you were being very rude.

I really don’t care now, I have reported you, and I will stay off tumblr for good.

have a nice day. stop being rude. try to talk and listen.

thank you.

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idk if I’ve made already one of these but here we go !

one of my fav bands

Bloodhound: Carry us Home “ Freaks go out, gonna drown our fears
Brains go numb, bodies get so weird “

Gibraltar: Shallow Water “ I didn’t know I could drown in shallow water “

Pathfinder: Umbrella Company “ When the rain falls down and the world turns dark, I need umbrella company “

Lifeline: 1983  “ And oh we’re getting old, It’s out of our control, We made love and history”

Wraith: Problems My eyes are blacked out, on the way to your heart
Woo-hoo, I’m just a mess again”

Bangalore: Anything I want to  “ I can do anything I want to, I can jump in the flames, I can love anyone I want to”

Caustic: Feel Good “ I just wanna feel good, I don’t sleep the same dream, I’ll go do my own thing “

Mirage: I’m Not Ok “ Too many issues, so I wouldn’t blame you
Bearer of bad news, I’ve got no excuse “

Octane: C’est la vie I don’t feel hysteria,
She leaves me lonely, C'est la, c'est la vie “

Wattson: Casual Mondays “ I don’t care about anything tonight
I don’t care about anyone, alright? “

Crypto: Lonely Vampire “Does anybody else here feel like a freak?
A million side-eyes following me”

Revenant: Always Tired  “ I’m always tired, I just can’t fight it
I’m always picking up my body “

Loba: Lucky “ Isn’t she lovely, this Hollywood girl?
She is so lucky, But why does she cry? “

Rampart: Poser  “She said that I’m a poser but
She don’t know my style”

Horizon: Secret’s Safe With Me “ Is there anyone? In there somewhere somehow set you free “

Fuse: Dirty Money “ I’m a rolling stone, I’m not an angel
You know I’m no good, but I’m not evil “

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dont make me cry im warning you

bc im literally crying good job doing that

im a very ugly crier

also you didnt?? have to be rude?? saying my art pallette is all the same what the fuck is the spelling for palette and can you let?? me?? sleep?? cos?? brown people can also be seen with light colors just stop stereotyping brown people saying they can only have brownish brown colors we can also have light tones in the light thank you im really fucking messed up right now FUCK WHY DO I HAVE TO EVEN 





not coming to tumblr



why are people so mean to me

just kidding i will come

ill come now and again to upload my arts

but i wont see comments

stop being rude people

hear each other out and 

and whatever

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my friend and i were testing out what skins glow and which don’t and we tested the octane skin from the battle pass

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