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#aph america
kayanote · a day ago
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I see his face in my eyes on the morning of my return.
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ryo1923igi · a day ago
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modernday-jay · a day ago
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“i’m just doing me! if your boy love me, let him love me, ya feel me?”
vb college au where alfred’s a frat boy who wears baseball caps backwards and uses his trust fund money to impress hot guys
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betty-bourgeoisie · a day ago
I could not belive the absolutely visceral reaction I had to hearing Americas stupid (affectionate) dub voice again. You really are just stuck with the neural pathways you developed as a 12 year old, huh?
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gurilovesyou · a day ago
aph america, canada, italy, and germany being assigned to mentoring the brand new country?
hello, this is super cute! thank you for the req, love guri <3
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- definitely super excited!!!!
- not only is there a BRAND NEW COUNTRY, but HE gets to hang out with them and mentor them????
- one of the best days hes had in the last year
- meeting him is super intense, not because hes serious, hes just super energetic
- alfred is a genuine golden retriever himbo and im living for him
- IMMEDIATELY latches onto you and goes on and on about how excited he is and how great he is and how much fun you'll have togehter
"ALRIGHT DUDE, youre totally lucky to be paired up with me, im kinda like a hero.." "this is so cool, we havent had a new country in YEARS man, i cant wait to show you all the ropes!"
- not only is he an enthusiastic mentor, but hes a DAMN GOOD ONE man
- sure he seems a little goofy and airhead-ish, but he really knows the ropes when it comes to being a country, he might not be the oldest country out there but he's super experienced
- totally smarter than he seems
- learning with him is kinda more like hanging out with your bestie 24/7 for two weeks
- you'll play games, cook, go out on adventures, go to world meetings together, and all the while youre learning everything you can about personification protocol
- days focused on paperwork and meeting with officials are fewer and far between, but theyre packed full of important information
- hes totally bored through all of it, his main focus is teaching you and then getting the hell out of there, he has better things to do! like play minecraft with you + gilbert, and matthias over a discord call <3
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- hes nervous! hes flustered! why was he assigned to you? hardly anyone noticed him usually, why is he getting attention now all of the sudden!!!
- dont take it personally though, its nothing to do with you, hes just never done this and its scary :(
- what if he cant properly teach you? what if you cant even see him!!
- worrisome, worrisome, worrisome...
- nevertheless, upon your meeting he is a complete gentleman!! a shy one, but courteous never the less
- might take you a while to even catch his name tho : ' )
- at this point hes kind of excited, after meeting his nerves have gone down
- like alfred, pretty experienced, but his teaching method is far different
- quiet mornings, sipping coffee, binder of information on the table
- quiet pleasant conversations about protocols and things you might have to deal with
- totally will comfort you if youre nervous about anything
- first world meeting? right by your side, its ok if you wanna hold his hand he wont mind 👉👈
- after he takes you out for ice cream to celebrate
- will 100% be super happy to come to your country and look around, adores nature, and a newly developing country with vast wilderness and little cities tucked in corners is his dream
- will also be 100% happy to take you to canada and go sightseeing!!
- he knows the best pancake place ;)
- by the end of your two week mentoring, youre totally the best of friends, and he'll totally continue to be around for you if you need help
Tumblr media
- super. serious.
- COMPLETELY different vibe from everyone else in your request
- takes it all super seriously, and its inevitably super boring bc of how much practice paperwork hes gonna put you through
- meeting you is so incredibly formal
- probably picked a meet up spot in your country, staying in a hotel near where you live
- all you get is a stiff handshake and an introduction before you sit down and dive right in :(
- despite the intense aura and seriously boring teaching style youre going to learn SO MUCH
- one of the more responsible countries, knows so much about the ins and outs
- maybe even one of the most knowledgeable too!
- you'll meet up at a few set locations for a few hours a day, totally will stay away from you unless you ask to hang out, but he'll be a little hesitant...
- you'll TOTALLY be extra prepared! might even have more knowledge than some of the countries you meet....
Tumblr media
- new country! this is so cool!
- hes definitely an energetic lil bastard, but hes... kind of an airhead
- is he really the right fit for this? several countries might doubt his ability
- but dont doubt him at all! hes totally got this
- he'll show you all the ropes
- ..after he shows you how to make pasta
- and lasagna
- and pizza
- and tiramisu FUCK I LOVE TIRAMISU
- but youll get to it eventually!!! promise <3
- his ways of teaching are unorthodox and.. confusing
- but hes trying his hardest :)
- just relax and let him rapidly explain stuff to you while chopping garlic, its ok if you miss a few words, you get the gist right? no
- hes more of a companion than a mentor, its in his nature, but hes doing his best
- 100% calls up ludwig realizing he has no idea what hes doing and sobs
- might have to get help from ludwig too : (
- its ok, once youre done with the mentoring session he'll totally be around to cook for you and help you, but you might need to go over a few things again ': )
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hetascanlations · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 391 Original Translation: spaghettifelice //  donamoeba Scanlation: pandabaozi
Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated images on other sites.
Please DO NOT share our work on official Hetalia accounts.
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russianiko · a month ago
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LOFTER: @中二委员
※plz do not repost on other platforms without permission
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kan-be · 4 months ago
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George Washington should be proud of his newfound son
Commission for verigauld (IG) !!!
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hetascanlations · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 393 Original Translation: donamoeba // spaghettifelice Scanlation: pandabaozi
Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated images on other sites.
Please DO NOT share our work on official Hetalia accounts.
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ferdamine · 3 months ago
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Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 Here’s to those who helped make our country greater and to the ideas our nation was founded on!
Commission done by @kan-be !
papa george decided he needed a break and sent Alfred to stay with his grandpapa
now the dirty boy keeps messing with Ben’s things
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