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#aph new zealand
sunkissed-valley · a day ago
Tumblr media
Context: in the game, since the nz team was getting sweaty their shirts became see through. For one reason or another, they were wearing sports bras?? Korea twitter kept on talking about it, and i thought it was super funny so here is my hetalia rendition! N new zealand players were often touching the shoulders of their opposing team in the match which was amusing
!!This is not based on the canon material n i dont condone himas actions, just what ive seen on twitter. Will be doing more !
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frukmerunning · 12 days ago
How about some New Zealand? :0
Tumblr media
finally taking a crack at these requests!
i don’t think i’ve ever drawn nz before!!
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chiring-art · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I asked my followers on Instagram to give me countries to doodle. These are all requests, there are 30 more left tho🙏
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historihet · a year ago
Tumblr media
when you learn what your parents were like when they were young
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eunjisan · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew this a while back :v
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tea-pettiest · 3 days ago
When sleeping with their s/o (and by sleeping I means ZZZ, not sex) and spooning, what does [character] does when he has a boner when he is big spoon? Try to back off so Little Spoon-san can'tt feel it? Or does they simply don't care? If they are little spoon, has Big Spoon-san ever had a boner that they could feel?
new zealand: feels it and resents it when he’s trying to fall asleep.  if anything, he might get up and go sleep on the couch because it’s hard to fall asleep when it feels like his lover is non-stop grinding against him at night.  while he appreciates being horny, sleep always comes first.  he certainly doesn’t have this issue when he’s the little spoon, so he definitely feels like his partner is trying something with him, versus it being his issue.
turkey: finds it distracting when his lover’s ass is pressed up against his cock the entire night and probably loses sleep over it, which might make him cranky the next day.  he’s absolutely felt this on the rare occasion he’s been the little spoon though, and so he doesn’t dare bring it up to his lover.
spain: loves it.  he can do sleepy and horny well, so he’ll just wrap his lover tight in his arms and idly hump them as he drifts off to sweet, sweet fantasyland.  he enjoys it just as much when he’s the little spoon, as it makes him feel loved and lusted after -- and he views both as being necessary to the perfect relationship.
romano: thinks it’s comfortable but doesn’t really lean into the sexiness of it all.  he sleeps soundly like this.  
lithuania: finds it distracting and like sadik, it’ll keep him up at night, and not necessarily when he wants it to.  it has the same effect on him when he’s the little spoon.  honestly, he wishes everyone could just, keep their cocks to himself when he’s ready to sleep sleep.
tibet: doesn’t notice it when he’s the big spoon.  loves it and leans into it when he’s the little spoon.
canada: finds it annoying when he’s trying to fall asleep because it seems like his lover is constantly grinding up against him -- even when it’s not his lover’s fault.  he finds it just as annoying when he’s the little spoon and it feels like his partner is trying to get some.  
france: likes it. if he wasn’t in the mood before, he is now.  he grinds against his partner as subtly as he can, trying to get some relief where he can without trying to disturb his partner.  as a little spoon, he enjoys this feeling himself, so he doesn’t feel presumptuous in his actions.
italy: the feeling of his lover’s ass against his hard cock is enough to rile him up, even immediately after they’ve already fucked.  he can’t help but be ready to fuck again.  he can’t help but grind against his lover and try to stick it in again.  as a little spoon, he hates when his lover tries to get a bit of nookie in when he’s ready to sleep.  he’s very much only in tune to his own needs in thsi respect.
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labitchette · 4 months ago
Australia: *dips his steak in vegimite with his both hands*
Canada whispering to New Zealand: Is Australia eating his steak like a poptart?
England at Australia and America: You're both abominations to this world.
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mr-nauseam · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
⇝ Pottertalia Au ⇝ (Actually more a Hetawarts Au) "You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil." ... Today I'm gonna talk about the members of this amazing house (as a funfact you should know that actually I'm a Hufflepuff :D)
It was difficult to choose which characters would be part of this house, so yeah, several of them ended in Huff for plot conveniences hahaha, now remember I will give a small description of their character + mini summary of their background.
Names: (I generally try to use the canon names or the suggestions Himayura made about possible names for some characters, when I don’t find any of that I turn to the most popular fanon names or one of my invention). (1).
Belgium- Manon Abelsson. Vincent and Claude's older sister. Prefect of Hufflepuff. (Maybe there could be a future post about the Abelsson family?)
Manon is very friendly, responsible and an excellent leader, she knows how to keep her feet on the ground but that does not stop her from having fun and being charming. She is quite patient and likes to help others but still you have to be careful with her, when she gets upset... she becomes unrecognizable, very few have survived her fury to tell about it!
She likes rules, she has a tendency to be a perfectionist and can be a bit nosy at times but this hardly ever causes her problems until she accidentally discovers a Slytherin boy who keeps a creepy monster hidden under his bed!, god what will Manon do? Netherlands- Vincent Abelsson. Manon and Claude’s middle brother. A very serious and hardworking boy, he is someone quite intelligent and cunning, with a strong but kind character with those who like him. According to rumors, he may or may not be involved in Vargas' underground business. Vincent gets along well with his siblings even though at times he is overwhelmed by his sister's record of perfection. His life is pretty quiet, except for that pesky Slytherin boy named Paulo who trying to convince him to pass on his homework all the time. Luxembourg- Claude Abelsson. Manon and Vincent's younger brother
The youngest of the Abelssons is someone very polite and friendly, Clau is really elegant and has a lot of common sense, something strange in a school of wizards, he is quite a busy person, he is constantly seen practicing his spells, everyone thinks that he will have a very promising future. New Zealand- Zachary Taylor Beater at Quidditch. Responsible, kind and with a strong rivalry against Kyle the beater of Gryffindor! Zachary really HATES the idea of losing to that guy and is still a good friend of him. South Italy- Lovino Vargas. Nephew of Professor Romulo Vargas and Feliciano's older brother. (Soon the post of teachers and one of the Vargas family?)
A very insecure but incredibly stubborn and determined boy! Lovino has a complicated relationship with his family, they are not bad people only that sometimes he feels left out and underrated, something that is not very difficult to achieve if all your relatives are very talented. He is charming to girls but easy to get upset and very rude to others when he feel nervous or insecure. Lovi is one of the boys with the best fashion sense in school and in his desire for independence, he creates a very popular smuggling business at school. Can he fix his poor self-esteem and open up more to his family? Could he ever be the unstoppable wizard that he is deep down and believe that? ¿He could tell to Antonio that he is hot as hell? France- Francis Bonnefoy. Half-brother (unofficial) of the Kirklands. Star boy according to everyone's opinion.
Fran is intelligent, very popular, very nice and charismatic, he gets along well with most of the people he meets and likes to be admired for his beauty and skills, he is not a hard worker but kindness and loyalty with his friends are things in which is good.
Member of the BFT (2), his family has a very close relationship with the Kirklands (3) and even so, he has his difficulties, he fears being alone or that people are not really interested in him, sometimes he can become very depressed and his mood sinks when his old best friend Arthur distances himself from him and his childhood love Scott does not correspond to his feelings, in one of these dark days walking through the corridors of the school a transparent and gelled figure attracts his attention and it is that ... the beginning of the end? Finland- Tino Väinämöinen. Captain and Keeper at Quidditch.
He is honest, hard-working, kind and calm, although do not be fooled, he is the most rude and aggressive Quidditch player there is, he hates that the other houses do not consider Hufflepuff a true and worthy rival, it is because of their arrogance that he took care of snatching the title of champions from them at least 6 times, he now has an impeccable reputation. Sweden- Berwald Oxenstierna. Prefect of Hufflepuff and chaser at Quidditch.
He is quite serious, some boys feel intimidated by him but deep down he is very nice and sweet, although he can be somewhat clumsy to show it, his best friend is Tino, with whom he is in love, however he does not try to pressure him or want to force him to reciprocate, they are still good friends. ... (1). Suggestions of names are welcome! (2). The name BTT will not be used due to its negative implications instead it is Bad Friends Trio. (3). To know more consult the posts of: Kirkland Family and Bonnefoy Family
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Have you guys ever taken someone that doesn't have mountains on a walk and if so did they survive?
Tumblr media
Lukas; “We took Denmark with us once but his land is as flat as him. So long story short I had to drag him back because he couldn’t handle it.”
Manawa; “I like his energy and even told me about danish. apparently the only word I need to know in danish ØI.”
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simple-persica · a month ago
C4 for the face, B2 (blue) for the outfit
For the character: New Zealand
Tumblr media
Shagsjdja love this one
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aph-edits · 7 months ago
(in the soviet union)
russia: i can explain...
belarus: you are making 500.000 and i am only getting 50.000?
ukraine: 50.000? i am only getting 1.000!
the baltics: you guys are getting paid?
(in english colonies)
america: i can explain...
new zealand: england takes care of you while he only visits me?
australia: visit? he only sends me letters!
canada: england sees you?
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a-local-asshat · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
I had no wifi and I’ve wanted to redesign and draw his tribal tattoos for ages now hhhhhhh
e n j o y ? 
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nano-hana-kira-kira · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did something terrible to him…
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ask-aph-gaymer-nordics · a month ago
“Happy birthday Denmark! I’m not even going to try and pronounce those danish words. Anyways, I got you a gift mate!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Den 🇩🇰
suddenly all of this makes sense
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also ~hand reveal~
-Lizard 🦎
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tea-pettiest · 2 months ago
Who actually enjoy being blow job-ed more than the main part (dick inside of people) of sex itself?
norway: there are so many ways sex can go wrong, and so few ways blow jobs can.  for him, they’re the safer, more practical route, that will never end without him getting his happy ending.
greece: prefers blow jobs because oftentimes, they lend to the opportunity for a sexy shower beforehand, usually at his partner’s suggestion, which he loves.  it’s a two-in-one for his favorite types of sex.
prussia: he likes how he’s right there, amidst the scent of sex and saliva -- it makes it sloppier and therefore, sexier for him.
romano: when his partner looks contented sucking his cock, lovino likes to think it’s because his taste is the most exquisite they’ve ever had; like they ache for him, hunger for him.  like the scents and salts of his body are perfectly matched to the desires of his lover.
new zealand: he likes the face-to-cock time between him and his partner.  he feels like it’s way more intimate; like he’s really laying himself bare for his lover’s scrutiny; the ultimate test of their attraction.
australia: he’s got a bush and not everyone’s crazy about that, so he considers oral a litmus test for his lover’s devotion.  if they’re enthusiastic, he knows they’re a keeper.
japan: prefers condoms during oral sex, and likes the tight suction of his lover’s mouth.  it’s also easier to clean up, because of said condom.
alfred: he likes watching his lover peel his foreskin back and take his tip in their mouth.  the sloppier the blowjob, the better.
spain: he likes watching his partner gag as they try to take him; he gets off on it.  oftentimes, toni is rough with oral and will facefuck his partner.  the more they struggle to take him, the more he gets off on it.
portugal: his favorite thing in the world is deep throat.  if his partner does this for him, he’s completely theirs.
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feynavaley · a month ago
Which countries would you say Canada is closest with, besides the rest of the FACE fam?
In canon, we see Canada interacting a lot with Cuba. I would definitely say that in spite of the rough start, they've become close friends and he's the person Canada interacts with the most, outside of his family. I've written some headcanons about this in the past. [x]
Aside from Cuba, canon also shows Canada having a few interactions with other ex-British colonies such as Australia, India, and New Zealand, so he's probably somewhat close to them as well. Not all the ex-British colonies, though – for example, it's also canon that Canada and Seychelles barely know each other at all. I think Canada could be quite close with personifications who have a similar background – young and born out of colonization – such as Australia and New Zealand. They don't see each other that much due to geographical distances but they consider each other almost family; not as close as brothers but like some sort of cousins. He could have a similar relationship with Hong Kong as well, but I'm a bit more on the fence about this.
I think that, instead, Canada is less close to India. Not because he doesn't like him but because he's quite intimidated by India's ancient history and wisdom, which makes him reticent to interact with him. They've never gotten very close as a result.
More in the 'completely headcanon' realm, instead, I see Canada also being friends with Netherlands [x] and, to a slightly lesser extent, Belgium as well. (I see Belgium having kind of a soft spot for Canada, not unlike Netherlands.) While they don't see each other that much, they still regard each other as friends and there's mutual respect on all parts (from Belgium and Netherlands, mostly born after WW2).
Another friend of Canada's is Ukraine, even though once again, I don't think they have many occasions to see each other. I’ve once talked a bit more about this. [x]
Aside from that... to be honest, I don't think Canada is very close to many people. Most people see him in a positive light, this much is true, but it doesn't mean they're close. Canada is too shy and insecure for that. He tends to isolate himself and step back from social situations, and other people don't try to get close to him in turn.
This is just my opinion though!
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stirringwinds · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
new zealand, in her WREN’s uniform in the 1940s, with some of her cool birds—a kea and a kiwi —keas are such cheeky parrots; they tear up windscreen wipers and have learned to pick locks. gotta love them. nz’s design is based on @draw-a-circle-thats-the-foxhole‘s interpretations of her in her writing. 
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Tumblr media
That’s it, that’s their whole dynamic))
Also I want people to know the ship is called Zeaway even though a lot of people assumes it’s nornz WHFIHDJ))
Although it doesn’t really matter, I just find it funny))
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