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hades dlc where zagreus gets a new shield aspect where its just. an anime body pillow of aphrodite that he beats shades to death with

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Me, talking about representations of Aphrodite with my friends: historically women who are represented as ‘beautiful’ must also be prideful and spiteful because they’ve been crafted by men and the only power men give women is through physical appearance, so if a woman is beautiful she must be otherwise hateful and use her beauty as a weapon in a manner that is clearly morally wrong

Me, playing Fenyx Rising: heheh tall lady :)

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When Uma Thurman said “I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.”

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Greek Deities of Love

So I’ve seen some very amusing posts circulating asking asexuals, aromantics, & other aspec people what Aphrodite would look like to them since they’re aspec. While that’s amusing, it did make me wonder how the Ancient Greeks actually thought of & structured love & how love kind of works in their deities. What does a god or goddess of love do for them?

This is what I found, for anyone else who’s curious!

-Aphrodite is actually the goddess of love in general, not just sex/romance! So, realistically, an ace-aro could see a friend, a family member, or anyone else that a person can love in a non romantic/nonsexual way! This would probably also include aesthetic attraction, so if there’s an aesthetic you enjoy she may appear that way!

-There are seven winged gods of love & sex called The Erotes or Aphrodite’s Erotes; they are usually agreed upon as the descendants (children & grandchildren) of Aphrodite. Eros/Cupid is the most well-known, because in newer mythos (post Ancient Greece) people smashed all the Erotes into one god since (1) they were known for being mistaken for one another & could pretend to be each other even though they’re not deities of the same thing & (2) some cultures felt like the Ancient Greeks “overcomplicated” love (they had 8+ different words for types of love).

-Eros/Cupid is also the god of love in general, & is the son of Hermes & Aphrodite; he is the deity that all the others got smashed into later on & is still recognised for Valentine’s Day & dates as the god of sexual & romantic love, even though he’s the god of all love like his mother

-Himeros is the god of sexual desire & passion (allosexuality) & was known for creating desire & passion in mortals; this is the deity known for carrying a bow & arrow that Cupid/Eros is later depicted with

-Pothos is Eros/Cupid’s son, & is the god of sexual longing, yearning & desire (allosexuality)

-Hymen/Hymenaios/Hymenaeus (no one agrees on the spelling) is the god of marriage, romantic love, romantic passion, & romantic desire (any non-aromantics (alloromantics?)), & is most powerful during wedding ceremonies. He’s the most powerful influencer of love other than Eros/Cupid & Aphrodite, but he’s weaker if it isn’t during a wedding ceremony.

-Hedylogos is the god of sweet-talk, flattery & flirting (doesn’t require sexual or romantic attraction - this is a god of flirtatiousness but people can flirt without being/feeling in love). Not much is known about him now since he isn’t talked about much & digging up information on him isn’t easy.

-Anteros is generally agreed to be the son of Ares & Aphrodite, and is the god of reciprocal/requited love (his name is literally “love returned” or “counter-love”) & avenger of unrequited love (punisher of those who scorn love & the advances of others - love specific karma). He’s known for wielding a golden club with arrows of lead.

-Hermaphroditus is the child of Hermes & Aphrodite, & is the intersex genderfluid god/goddess/deity (known for being “partly male and partly female”; they’re usually shown/carved/painted with a female chest & male parts below the waist?)) of hermaphrodites and effeminates (male and female sexuality). They’re essentially the deity of, in modern terms, fluid sexuality & fluid gender, & would be an avid LGBT+ advocate & patron/matron deity.

I don’t know for sure if anyone finds this interesting or useful like I did, but, I’m sharing anyway because why not?


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Anyways I’ve started settling into my magic again, some things in my life have improved and given me renewed zest. Maybe I’ll post some things soon. I have been considering dabbling with shrooms and magic and seeing what the results are like. If you have any experience dabbling with magic and psychedelics, message me :)

I now have two very separate altars to Aphrodite and Athena. Witchy goals are to pen some pages in my grimoire and do some more research and reading. I have resurected a witchy journal I started at the beginning of the pandemic

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Fresco from Pompei, Casa di Venus, 1st century AD. 

 Dug out in 1960. It is supposed that this fresco is the Roman copy of a famous portrait of Campaspe, mistress of Alexander the Great

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Damn, I sure do feel like worshiping Aphrodite


Hope my ass doesn’t get dummy thicc and sexy

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Work in progress of a hades fanart I’m working on

Less cropped and uncensored @

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Aphrodite has taught me so much over the years. Part of the reason why she’s my patroness is because I strive to be what she represents—beautiful, confident, strong, kind, patient, and loving. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Aphrodite, it’s that all of us already possess those things, but not all of us can see it.

One issue that I struggled with, and am still struggling with, is my self-confidence. From a young age, my self-esteem was low. I haven’t had any confidence in myself for over half my life. It’s hard to look at myself and like what I see, both inside and out.

I stumbled across an article on Huffpost one day, Aphrodite: Celebrating The Goddess Of Love And Beauty Within by Agapi Stassinopoulos, where the author explains their interactions with Aphrodite. One part of the article, years later, has stuck with me ever since:

Once, in one of our chats, I asked her what makes her so irresistible, seductive and adorable? She replied that, “All women are born beautiful. Knowing that, however, is their choice.

I firmly believe what Aphrodite said. All women are beautiful. And if that were true, how could I be the one and only exception? I doubt Aphrodite would think so. That quote really changed my perspective on myself. Or at least, it was the catalyst to my journey to finally loving and accepting myself, to change my distorted perception of how I should look and what makes me beautiful.

Whenever I feel ugly and undesirable and worthless, I imagine Aphrodite beside me smiling and shaking her head, because I know she would tell me the opposite. It helped me realize that my truth is not the truth.

Over much time, this hijacked my brain into deterring from negative self-talk as much. If you tell yourself something, your brain will believe it. I am by no means absolved from my low-self esteem, but I’ve noticed an improvement. Even if it’s slight, it’s something.

I feel most confident when putting on makeup, and when I feel really good about it, I praise Aphrodite, because when I do certain makeup looks, I truly feel beautiful, and I know that makes Aphrodite happy. However, I still struggle with looking at myself in the mirror without makeup. I have rosacea on my cheeks that I’ve always hated, and my eyebrows and eyelashes are mutilated from years of struggling with trichotillomania (a type of OCD that compels me to pull out my hair from stress and anxiety).

It’s going to be a long, long, long time before I can look at that and not feel shame, but someone from a Hellenist discord sever I’m in said something to me yesterday that, again, changed my perspective of myself. She said she calls her imperfections “blessings from Aphrodite.” So, once again, Aphrodite is teaching me to hijack my brain, to rethink the things I hate about myself, that there are other truths than my own. Perhaps my rosacea, though it may be intense sometimes, is not as ugly as I think it is. Perhaps the patchiness in my eyebrows aren’t as hideous as I’ve come to see them. Perhaps they are actually blessings, for reasons I’m still trying to grapple.

Love-self and self-acceptance is a lifelong journey, but I’m putting in the work, though it may be slow, I realized I do possess patience with myself. Those in recovery with me tell me that I’m strong. I know I’m beautiful, and I know I can be loving and kind; I just have to believe it even harder. Without Aphrodite’s guidance and influence, I don’t know if I would’ve felt the same.

Praise Aphrodite, Queen of Cyprus 💕

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shit my mythology professor has said as the gods

Zeus : “If your loved one dies, I hate to say it, but they can be replaced”

Dionysus : “I don’t care if you day drink, just turn off the camera to enjoy your white claw”

Hera : “Men do not listen to women’s advice and they often pay the price for it”

Demeter : “Some idiots don’t wear masks over their nose, but it’s still illegal to smack people in the grocery store so we just gotta keep moving”

Hades : “Hold on class, I have to go find peanut butter for my wife”

Ares : “It’s intellectually dishonest to say violence doesn’t work”

Apollo : “Please don’t feed my ego monster”

Artemis : “Asexuals couldn’t give a fuck about what Aphrodite has to say”

Athena : “I don’t care about your self esteem, we got things to do”

Hermes : “By the way I have adhd, no I don’t take meds, and I drink a bunch of caffeine, I WILL jump around a lot”

Apohrodite : “Not to offend you- actually I really don’t care”

Persephone : “I can make any negative thing you say about yourself a positive, try me”

Poseidon : “I may be 50 and balding but I got a PhD”

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