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She’s a baby~ my forever baby Rongie! 🥰 @mulgokizary

It’s my first time to edit a video for an idol, I just used the photos and videos that I’ve saved on my new phone’s gallery… 😅

#APink #에이핑크 #ParkChorong #박초롱 #Chorong #초롱 #PinkPanda #핑크팬더 #Panda #팬더 #KPOP #FanmadeVideo #ShesABaby #Baby #BabyGirl #Cute #Pretty #Girl #Idol #Love (at Quezon City, Philippines)

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ENG: I am Pink Panda Moon! I stand for love for Apink. And I also stand for justice. And in the name of the Moon, I will protect Apink!

I wanted to make something related to Apink and Sailor Moon for their anniversary and then this challenge came, I couldn’t let the chance go and I made this pink panda 😂 the only regret that I have is that would take me less time to make it using Illustrator…but was a good practice with Clip Studio Paint.

Don’t edit and don’t re-post.

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