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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I’ve seen the post that says people who refuse to self isolate are the people who would hide their zombie bite. yes, but I think the true equivalent to people who would hide their zombie bite are those who get asked if they have a cough or fever like symptoms and then lie about it because they think it’s an inconvenience

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Not with a bang, but silence.

We always wanted it to end with a bang.

Dreamed of it, wrote of it, contrived new realities for it.

So when it didn’t-

When the world coughed politely into a folded elbow,

When it sank longly into heavy blankets and slept,

When the green paper slipped quietly into the fireplace for kindling,

When the streets went cold and empty, grown over, buried-

We felt that we had been cheated.

Where is the war? We chanted, those of us that still could.

And the world whispered back, “Over.”

A curt reply, but one we deserved.

We watched it go, like an estranged friend

One we chose not to swallow our pride to ask forgiveness of.

And it went-

Not in a rally of sound, sensation, reverb-

But silence.

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Time for your daily dose. I’m not sure what album this was on or if it was on one. The pounding of the drum really kicks me in the spine.

The phrasing in Dave’s vocals complements the rhythm section.

I got my plague pass today. A plague pass is a note from my second job that basically states my job is deemed necessary and therefore I am able to roam while others “should” be “self-quarenting” (or however you say that word. I may have made it up with my atrocious grammar and equally terrible spelling).

Maybe this plague pass has me feeling


Wash your hands everybody and have a safe night 🤘

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