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The Sons of Zeus from the new Netflix show Blood of Zeus wearing shitty T-Shirts.

They all live rent-free in my head except Ares who can go fuck himself for hurting Hermes and Apollo.

I still need to play Hades but this show sated my thirst for Greek Mythology long enough to delay the inevitable impulse purchase. 

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A few months ago I read here at Tumblr how would be Apollo and Artemis last moment, I guess they were fighting, but them they realized that they were going to die, and they did…

I saw this once, but I cant find it anymore, please help me to find that post.

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Apollo babysitting Estelle. 

Hear me out, please: 

Sally Jackson is always super worried, but she comes around when Percy agrees that Apollo’s changed enough to babysit her. 

Apollo coming in ‘Lester Form’ and never changing back when he’s with Estelle, because Lester is the person she identifies with, and he wants her to feel comfortable. 

Him giving her her first bow and giving her singing lessons, even if she doesn’t have the best voice. 

Her being a special guest at camp and is always welcome in either the Poseidon or Apollo cabin.

When she’s learning about different places in class, he actually takes her there. 

“Uncle Apollo! Where are we going today?” 

“Galapagos Islands.” 

Estelle being really upset when she starts school and when they have a Substitute teacher, who she recognizes as Apollo in disguise immediately because they’re actual teacher got sick with a “mysterious disease.” [Apollo was required to make her healthy again]

Apollo being the first person Estelle came out as bisexual to, and him crying in pride. 

More coming!!

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