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#apologies y’all:(

Because I’m sad, and it’s been on my mind a lot, but can we talk about how pure Internet friendships are? The fact that most people don’t even share the same time zones with theirs (unless you’re lucky, I never had that luxury), and will stay up an extra hour to hang out (or possibly wake up early). I miss that. I miss the feeling of knowing you had someone to talk to when you came home from school/work. The feeling of someone waiting on you, because I feel like that’s something important I never thought about when I had it. Whether you conversed on the phone, or over computer, internet friendships can be difficult to maintain. You can’t be physically together, and so you make up for it in other ways. The late night hang outs over video chat, and inside jokes that you can’t share with anyone else, because it was only between the two of you (or the friend group). The memories that you shared with these people that maybe you never physically met, or only a few times, and yet they take up such a big part of your life (or did). I took mine for granted, and figured I’d always have them, or at least never really thought about losing them. Internet friendships were a big part of my teen years, and while I had an incredibly hard time, I’m thankful for those people. I was a terrible person back then, and took out my problems out on others. And now that I’ve had a lot of time to myself (for years now, being don’t have friends), it’s made me reflect. And I’m not sure what made me write this out being I don’t have contact with them anymore, I guess I just wanted to vent. I still love those people a lot, even though that we’re basically strangers, excluding all the times we shared.

So please don’t take your Internet friendships for granted, even if you stay friends. Make sure to tell you love them, especially given the state of the world. Sorry for being depressing? And I hope everyone is well. Please take care.

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I just tried to respond to like four different messages in my inbox, but I have concluded that I drank too much and didn’t eat enough this Friday evening and I am DRUNK.

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maneeeee I just clocked I haven’t seen some funny shite on here in awhile and it finally clicked…it’s cuz I stopped watching football and youse didn’t have me to provide you lot with top tier content

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so since bakugous quirk turns the sweat from his hands into explosions or whatever does that mean his hands are constantly sweaty?? i mean he does set off his quirk a lot so i would assume so

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i have posts queued for the rest of this week but i will not be answering asks rn because i have some other stuff i have to get out the way, i won’t close them bc i’ll answer them when i’m done with said other stuff, but i just wanted to let you guys know just in case there is no content next week or sumfn, ilyall<3

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woke up with this cursed thought today:

maybe the true ersters…..were the friends we found along the way

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Sorry for the depressed posts <3 I haven’t learnt how to shut up yet

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