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#appalachian state university

Seeing a post about college makes me feel a bit sad

I had an English grammar teacher from the UK that I had to take his class to finish my degree (which I never got for a number of different reasons)

I remember I went to his class maybe 3 times in that semester before I dropped out of school completely due to my poor grades. He taught me so much in the short time that I had him. He was strict and very adamant on attendance

Issue was I was in the midst of the abusive relationship I was in for a while (abuser was in Florida while I was home alone while they were gone and fell into a massive depression). I remember the last time I saw this professor he gave me this look like “oh my god you’re alive thank god”

I never went to the final…

I still feel horrible about that. I wish I could apologize to him (and my other teachers) for that semester

I doubt he even remembers me. But the little I learned did stick with me and I desperately try to carry it over to my writing

This post was random but some things have been hitting me recently and I feel I need to get them off my chest

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So I live on a college campus that unfortunately has quite a few preachers that come and yell at the students whenever the weather’s decent. It’s the same stuff about how we’re all dirty sinners that are going to hell. So far this semester, though, they’ve been mostly drowned out by a guy who stands a few feet away playing the bagpipes. You go bagpipe man.

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