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#apple tree care
mokutone · 5 months ago
Your art is so pleasing to look at, I also love reading your tags! It's cool seeing what you think of certain things, whether it be about the art you just posted or otherwise. Do you ever have trouble with bleeding? What I mean is, does the ink from your pens ever bleed out when it's added with watercolor? I feel like this might be something you've already answered, so sorry if this is a repeat question.
firstly!!!! thank you! glad ur having a good time on my blog! secondly, do i have trouble with bleeding...
Tumblr media
(drawing is a reference to a favorite panel from early nart manga)
i really hate when my ink bleeds, and so i make a concerted effort to use inks that wont bleed when i add water! That said, a lot of the inks that aren’t effected by water are really thick and pigment dense (india inks are usually pretty waterproof), so i am almost always using nib (dip) pens to do ink because they’d really clog up a pen with internal ink-storage that said, when i feel i’ve got the funds to explore, every once and a while i try a non-india ink that’s said to be waterproof. so far i have one less dense ink which is waterproof, but unfortunately it feathers (spreads out on the paper) like CRAZY so i don’t use it much because it gives me really thick and fuzzy lines.
Tumblr media
heres a drawing with the feathery ink n heres one with my usual india ink
i do sometimes use semi-waterproof inks (like black sumi ink), which are USUALLY safe to use with watercolors without bleeding, as long as i’m careful not to agitate the ink with the brush too much.
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nanatsuk0 · a month ago
Under the mistletoe
Raise your hand if you're in the friendzone
*Deputy's chilling around the forest when he/she meets John near a tree*
John: ooh deputy what a coincidence to meet you here!
Deputy: yeah ""coincidence""...
John: ooooh look there's mistletoe above us you know what it's me-
Deputy: we're in summer and it's an apple tree.
John: don't care about that littles things mistletoe means romantic! *Whisper* and sexual things after.
Deputy: I can see Joseph too in the tree with a fishing rod...
Joseph : act like if I wasn't there! It's "Christmas" after all.*throwing white paper in the same time with his right hand*
John: you know the little Jesus will be sad if u don't kiss me... Very sad.
Deputy: I don't like Christmas, I don't like u and I don't care about Jesus feeling.
Joseph: how rude but the deputy didn't say bad things for me...
Jacob *in the bush*: I can see and smell the friendzone taste here.
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