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No big deal but like proud witch moment. I have made it a point now, in action of outward gratitude, to thank the natural world around me. I do this out loud and never fully noticed it until recently. I’ve noticed that now, whenever my boyfriends picks up flowers or plants, he whispers thank you and that makes me so grateful. 

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I’ve never thought of this before but likes seem personal…it’s similar to saying, ‘you’re being heard’ and sometimes ‘I agree with you’, in rare occasions even, ‘I like your writing and I feel you’. - And that last one is most precious. ~

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Originally posted by the-girl-who-swaiting

Pairing: Petyr Baelish x Reader

Characters: Petyr Baelish

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- would you be able to do “I never say it. But… I do appreciate it.” with Littlefinger

Word Count: 481

Author: Charlotte

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Well that’s a small word but consequential in its work. It’s the tag given to some people on their supremacy.

Well some heartless people don’t take it as a tool for toasting their qualities instead they take it as a gear for roasting them on their failures.

These foolish tags can make a person more weaker, more pale.It can cause them to drown into their thoughts which can make them a muted statue.

Ever thought , while sitting in a group of friends talkin’ bout’ behaviour, attitude , physique clothing ,grades and many other things and you have a friend sitting with you who lacks in some of these things,you all start making fun of each other.What about that lone wolf? You enjoy it soo much that you start suggesting LABELS for his every lackness. This seems whoopee to you , but these are actually the bruises in the mind of that person. That time that person passes it all away by just giving a smile. Label is a life changer word for some sensitive,innocent people who are just having the joy of life till them only. They don’t give their best in avocations beacause they have no-one to propel them,to actuate them. They are afraid of these labels those unsatisfying and personality reflecting stamps.

These labels are actually the bullying aids for em’. They can break them, mold them, bury them in their thoughts.

Well i don’t say this that labels are just used for bullying or poking fun or mocking they are used to appreciate as well but in todays society people are being reflected towards the bad in others,which is killing them silently.

The reason of this was to make you realize the mistakes that we are making n’ shutting the mouth of some people by our acts and words. This should be stopped . We are the care takers of the lonesomes. !! STAY WEIRD!!


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Sometimes when I think about the last 5 years I feel like I have lost so much, especially over the last year but then I reflect of life and #appreciate how much I have as well as how much I have to be grateful for. It’s important not to take anything for granted and to #embrace #life to the full! As I #enjoyed the fresh air by the #hudsonriver today having restricted breathing from post mild #covid19 issues, I realized how many want to embrace my health and life. To not take it for #granted and to restore my #fitness as soon as I can now I know I do t have any blood clots. I hope encourage you to take this time and think about you #future #plans - Don’t wait! Seize the moment and enjoy your future to the full! #lifestyle #lifecoaching #lifecoach #lifecoachingtips (at Peter Gourri Coaching)

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#appreciate the #fans 💯💯💯 yall definitely 👍 the best can’t thank yall enough 🔥🔥📽📽🎥👏👏👏👏💯💯💯🗝🗝🗝
I B #preview is getting the love 💘 it deserves 🤧
#🔥🔥🔥  #Kaboooommmm💪💪💪 #HYDROSTUDIOS ™ @queen_city_records #Believe #hiphop #studioflow #unsignedtalent #unsignedartist #legacy
#buffalo #NYC #LA #Worldwide #recordlabel #rap #musicproducer #music #artist #songwriter #studio #mixing #hiphop #culture #Motivation #godisgood🙏 (at Buffalo, New York)

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