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#appreciate ya
punkgeekcryptid · 17 hours ago
cowboy,candyfloss,soup!!,wine dark sea,tree-mendous
Love you so much!!! 💚💚💚
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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andreasbayden · a day ago
🤍✨ Send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going ✨🤍 ♥️🌙
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ohmyjasonsudeikis · a day ago
🤍✨ Send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going ✨🤍 ♥️🌙
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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rexsjaigeyes · 2 days ago
I see the thirst thots are starting again and I am so emo 🥺💕 I can't wait to come back from work and answer your lovely questions
Thank you, sweet anons 😘
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catboyfuyao · 2 days ago
do you have other social media 👀 I’d love to follow you on Twitter lol
OMG you want more of whatever the hell ive got going on here fkdjdjdj 💀 i salute you well i DO have twitter its @/oatmealmouse i dont use it very much tbh im trying to get back into it but i still dont like. get. how to use it socially and whenever i take a break from it i forget what little i learned and have to start from scratch and everything feels like it moves so fast if i dont check it for a week i come back and im like who ARE these people??? so im still figuring it out but youre welcome to follow me if you want :)
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lesbianklance · 2 days ago
there are so many bi flags in my notifs rn so hello? bi mutuals? you guys are the best this one's for you<3333
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cxnicalsweetheart · 2 days ago
hey just a heads up: i will be closing my ask box for the time being so i can sort through and finish the last of the roasts! i think i’m gonna start doing this once every week or so, so that my inbox doesn’t get too full and i miss asks. i always feel horrible when i do :( i’m not sure how long it will take me since i’m going back and forth between writing and doing them, but i will have my inbox status in my pinned post that way y’all know! thank you for being so patient and ily <3
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Know this: I appreciate that Quinn staying fresh in an apocalypse and be smelling good when she tryna save the world. Smelling extra nicer when she dying. Getting perfume all over Gary when they f*cking. She's taking care of business and still keeping things next to godliness. And I value that quality. Goodnight.
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that-peach-anon · 3 days ago
you run the sam and max fandom /lh
Ah, but I'm merely a leader for show, you see. If it were not for the people creating all the content and putting so much work into creating their art, I would run an empty fandom, so it's only fair that I try and reblog all the art possible to show the creators I truly do enjoy and appreciate their creations
Also, anon, I actually can't run the fandom, I'm super busy spending time with all of my platonic spouses! Akshjdkahdh /lh
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elektrosonix · 3 days ago
GAHH NIXIE !! im concerned readin yer recent post ,, ya better be takin care of yerself !! anyways, ive seen ya pop into a lot of yer moots' inboxes, nd hey !! i wanted to thank ya eheh even tho im pretty bad at words ill try !! <33
nixie !! i thank ya from the bottom of my heart for the lovely msgs ya sent to me, to everyone !! yer like a ray of sunshine - even tho yer human, js like us, ya still send us lovely msgs to make sure we're okay !! nd honestly, i think its a really good way of tellin others someones here for them ; nd right back atcha !!
like all of yer mootsies, im here for ya !! whatever ya do, ill be here supportin ya - even if im super bad at comfortin others, ilysm nd i wantcha to know theres always someone here to help ya !! its okay to wanna feel like keepin stuff to yerself nd not sharin, ofc, thats yer privacy !! theres no need to force yerself to share, but remember !! ya dont have to carry everythin yerself, its okay to be dependent on others sometimes (=
i think theres this sayin ?? that friens carry some of yer burdens too, bc theyre yer friens !! i swear i need to do research im like remembering this off the top of my head gAH
im sorry pFFT i srsly have no idea if im talkin out of context or not but hey ! ilysm nd thats what i was tryna get across here, heheh kithes ! >3<
make sure ya drink some water !! nd have some snacks to fuel yerself up <33
thank you so much for sending this, astrid. it really meant a lot at the time and still does. i love you for being so caring and sweet and being there for me and :( that's so true, friends are here so that we don't have to carry things alone !! so, please keep in mind that you can talk to me too <3
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thunderon · 3 days ago
If you're looking for more griddlehark songs when two become one by atreyu is *chef kiss* its also the perfect amount of emo
OH HELL YEAH YO! literally i heard the guitar come in and i was like alriiight let’s goooo and then verse one immediately drops in with:
Tumblr media
and i was like oh fuck yeah this has got it going on!!! and it just got better from there! you’re SO right this is the PERFECT amount of emo and soo griddlehark. i am so fulfilled right now. definitely adding to my playlists
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uselesswalnuts · 4 days ago
Hey! Hope you’re having a good day ❤️ sending you some love and adoration!
That's so sweet!!! Tysm anon!!
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fushiguroll · 4 days ago
I’ll be answering all mails tomorrow, sorry I couldn’t get to all of them today. 
But I also want to say a big thank you to the Tsumu who came by today. 
Your little “HIIIII BABBBBBY I'm not drunk” is so fricken adorable and actually did provide me a little more motivation to write. So thank you, babe! 
Hope you have a wonderful night / day 💕
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@drunk-hyena thank you! i'm really fine haha, i don't really take stuff like that too seriously, especially given that it's twitter, and MANY of the replies were really from kanej fans disagreeing with it. i do hope most of these fans grow up soon and realize that them shitting on actual real people just makes them bullies irrespective of whether they stan/ship the healthiest, most wholesome characters *sigh*
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bunny-hearts · 4 days ago
Oh wow that person,,, sounds like a Trainwreck of an acquaintance let alone an S.O,,, I hope your friend is okay and doesn't let that person manipulate them because there's so many red flags waving here like,, wow
Imo you're a good friend for trying to keep the peace but also maintaining your integrity and your friendship. And again I hope you and your friend are okay!!
I hope so too ( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ ) ︠³
The relationship already seems to be draining to him but all I can really do is check up on them. He slapped sense back into me after my ex dumped me so I’m hoping I can just pass back the advice !
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lesbianklance · 5 days ago
now for the question 👁👁. kinda weird, but rate your tumblr experience in a scale from 1 to 10.
okay let's see
I've been posting for like 2 months, haven't gotten involved in any drama (thank fuck) met some cool people annoyed the shit out of people about klance started an entire au wrote a fic got back into art and god somewhat decent after years of trying
hmmm id say a solid 9 so far only cause i never rate anything a 10 HEKSHDJSND
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lipstickgiraffe · 6 days ago
Your cosplays are amazing. Such beautiful attention to fine details !!!
Ahh omg thank you so much! 💓 I really appreciate that.
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