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As I sit in my bed at midnight on August 14th, boxes and dorm supplies stacked up around me, barely able to breath through my nose (shout out North Carolina allergens!), all I am thinking about is how in two short days, I won’t be sleeping here in this bed again for a while. In two days I will be sleeping on a lofted, twin-XL size bed with a roommate sleeping a couple feet away and the surroundings of Boone just outside my window. 

However, I’m not sad. A bit anxious, maybe, and excited, definitely. I’m not sad because I know this is a chapter of my life that’s beginning that will be exciting and full of memories and people who I will never forget. Of course, I’ll miss my family and my friends but I know I will see them again. I’m anxious for work loads, the anticipation of time management and being on my own for the first time. I’m anxious for having to take care of my diabetes essentially on my own for the first time. I’m excited for the mountain air, the football games, and adventures with friends I don’t even know yet. 

This summer has flown by and it feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the holding area of the Raleigh Convention Center waiting to walk across the stage and accept my diploma. It feels like yesterday I was driving to Sunni Sky’s at 9 PM with Grace to get ice cream for no reason. It feels like yesterday I was in the living room of our rented beach house watching my dad and Big John dance to “Mr. Telephone Man” with their hats on sideways. 

This summer has been full of memories I want to hold on to, but I know there are so many coming my way that I’ll keep with me as well. 

So, as I wrap this up, I’m here recognizing that while things are about to change and that it is nerve-racking, it isn’t even the beginning of the newest, exciting chapter of my life. 

I’d like to leave this with two pieces of advice for future students approaching their first year of college…

1) Take lot’s of pictures. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about “unplugging” or being in the moment. If it’s a moment you truly want to make sure you will have with you forever, take a picture. And trust me- not matter how ugly you think the candids are, they’re the one’s you’ll appreciate most. In fact, most of the photos I’m taking to decorate with are candids I was once embarrassed of, but now want to keep forever. 

2) It’s better to have a few close friends than several acquaintances. I’ve found throughout this summer, the closer it get’s to move in day, who my true friends are. The ones who want to meet up one last time or help you pack. The one’s who want to hang out, even if its just a short coffee break, before you leave. Cherish those friends and hold onto them. Text them to make sure they’re okay. Meet up with them when you’re home. I know I will. 


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Things said by design profs:

“If your sick on critique day come anyways then go home after you present…so basically just always come to class”

“If you know how to photoshop your pictures no one may notice how bad your project actually was”

“Be in the studio all the time but also get out of the studio if you can”

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This is where I will spew my honest thoughts about being a design student and all the adventures that come with it. Additionally, I plan on posting photos of design that I find interesting. 

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Decided to join @tilapiaandmustard and the leg #workout I wrote for her this week. Had a sick #quad #pump bro!!!!!!
#hodgebuilt #powerhousegym #powerhousegymaiea #friendsdontletfriendsskiplegday #legday #legdaymotivation #quads #hamstrings #stifflegdeadlifts #legpress #lunges #catshirt #appstate #contestprep #npcpacificislandchampionships #stingreyclassic #thickthighssavelives (at Powerhouse Gym Aiea)

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The @dg_bowl is upon us. Enjoy this clip from the Mayor’s Lunch happening now. The teams are ready….
Missing out on local events? Then join our community. Text ‘Rundown’ to 26740 or click link in bio.

#bobstoops #bobbybowden #mobilealabama #mayor #mayorstimpson #dollargeneral #appstate #appstatefootball #doMobile (at Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center)

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