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#apri talk

tale of the nine tailed has me feeling a lot of things - and not just because of LDW.

holy shit this story is so good and i’m hooked immediately and i hate having to wait for episodes.

i usually wait till a drama has finished airing before i binge it in one go - and the only expections ive made so far are for dongwook, jinyoung and minyoung, and it’s been so worth it every single time, even though the waiting kills me.

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if you’re feeling sympathetic towards him, maybe this isn’t the best post to be reading. (however you feel is valid, by the way.)

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something must be inherently very very wrong with me if my judgement of people is so goddamn fucking poor

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also i’m gonna apologize to my new achievement hunter mutuals, because i’m gonna be neck deep into dongwook posts until tale of the nine tailed finishes airing

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boy/lad. (a tribute  to mogar.)

look at how far you’ve come.
you’re no longer a boy
on the streets
playing with rock and dust;

you are a lad
in a fancy suit
playing with fire and lives.

and you are immortal.

running from bullets,
laughing at explosions,
breathing in smoke,
stepping on glass,
drenched in blood.

you are immortal.

you’re standing on the roof
wind in your hair,
mud on your face,
dynamite in your hands,
crew by your side.

you are immortal.

or so it feels like.
you light another cigarette;
you’d rather kill yourself,
than let them get to you.

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i really want to speak more with friends i make online (like literally speak, not text) but i get so insecure about my accent and that no one will find me funny lmao

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it’s almost 2am and i’m tipsy but before i go off to sleep can i just say larry losing it in the chat when they suggested 9 people among us was HILARIOUS larry is hilarious in general i love him

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