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#april fools

Good afternoon engines and coaches of this lush railway utopia. I know this seems late, but I just had to upload this belated April Fools day episode of Tomica Thomas & Friends. Have you ever wondered why Bill and Ben were absent during the series from 2008-2013? Well you’re in luck, this video will answer that very question.

About 11 years back, Bill and Ben played a prank on Gordon. Needless to say, it went horribly wrong very very quickly. The “prank” resulted in a majority of passengers dead with only a small percentage hospitalized. A nearby signal man was killed when a piece of metal shrapnel crashed through the window of his signal box, slicing the man’s skull straight down the middle. It was an extremely dark April fools day indeed. When I asked for a comment regarding the outcome, the twins responded with, “Uh… April fools?”

They ended up receiving 5 years in Railgate prison for their crimes with an additional 5 years probationary period upon their release in 2013. That’s the entire reason why Bill and Ben were absent from 2008-2013; they were in prison serving out their sentence. So that’s why they don’t pull extreme pranks anymore. Remember people: if you must joke, please joke responsibly.

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

Jaehyun x reader (ft other NCT members/Mamamoo Wheein/ red velvet Irene)

Genre: fluff

Warnings: cussing

Masterlist / ch.8.2 / extras.2 / ch.9


A/N: HI fools here’s some more extras ch.9 will come out soon promise

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

Jaehyun x Reader (ft other nct members)

Genre: angst/fluff

Warning: cussing

Masterlist / ch.7 / ch.8 / ch.8.2


“y/n!!! Have you seen my keys” Lucas yells across the hall 

“have you checked the kitchen?” I asked in the bathroom “did you find it?” 

“YEAH, thanks” he said and walking into the bathroom 

“You’re riding with Wheein and Irene right?” He asked leaning against the door frame 

“Yeah, they should be here in 30mins” I said “make sure you bring the food, we’ll bring the umbrellas and stuff” 

“Yeah yeah” he said. There was an about a minute of silence till he spoke 

“Are you sure you’re okay with going while Jaehyun is there” he asked. I stopped what I was doing and looked at him 

“I’ll be fine lucas, both of us are okay now” I said smiling 

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes Lucas, we’re fine, now go get ready or something” I said pushing him away. 

It’s been a week since the incident with Jaehyun, we’re slowly getting better, but it’s still awkward. I quickly finished whatever I was doing and walked out of the bathroom.

 As soon as I did I got a text from Wheein that they were here. I went into my room to grab my stuff and I yelled “I’M LEAVING” before walking out of the apartment. 

“Hi, my love” Wheein said as I got into the car. Irene was driving, Wheein was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back with some of the stuff. 

“Hello there beautiful” I said laughing 

“You guys are disgusting get out of my car” Irene said pointing at the car door 

“Irene, we love you too,” Wheein said, whining and grabbing Irene’s arm. I laughed and we started our trip to the beach. 

The whole ride there we blasted songs and sang along horribly to them. I kinda forgot we were going to the beach because of how much fun I was having.  

“look!” Wheein said pointing out the window “it’s so pretty” 

I looked out the window and saw the sea, it was beautiful. 

“It’s as pretty as y/n” Wheein said turning back to face me and winking 

“Wheein please stop flirting with y/n” Irene said 

I shake my head laughing, knowing she was just kidding. We thought it’d be nice to go around 4 in the afternoon as it wasn’t too hot nor too cold. 

After 10 mins of trying to look for parking we finally found one. We parked and tried our best to bring all the things we brought in one trip but we realized that we brought too much stuff. Johnny, Ten, Doyoung, and Jaehyun we’re there already so we tried calling them to help us. We stood by the car waiting for the three men to come and help us. 

“y/n” Irene spoke 

“Yeah?” I answered back 

“Are you sure you’re okay with Jaehyun being here” she asked. 

“Yeah it’s fine, it’s better than avoiding him, plus I want to fix things between us” I said smiling. Irene said nothing, just smiling and nodding. 

Wheein tugged my arm and pouted at me. She then hugged my waist. I laughed and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. Wheein was just a bit shorter than me so it was easy to hug her. 

“IS THAT Y/N” I hear a loud voice say, I turn around and see Johnny running at me. Wheein quickly let go of me before I was attacked by Johnny. 

“y/n, I missed you” Johnny said squeezing me in his hug

“Johnny I can’t breathe” I wheezed out 

“Whoops sorry” he said letting go and patting my head

I laughed and said “I missed you too Johnny” 

Irene and Wheein stood there smiling awkwardly, they knew Johnny cause I mean…everyone knows Johnny. 

Johnny went to Wheein and Irene to high five them and talk to them. 

“Ew it’s y/n” Ten said pretending to gag

“Fight me right here, right now Chittaphon” I said raising my fist as if I’m going to fight him. He did the same but when we both extended our arms we did Rock Paper Scissors.

“I WIN BITCH” I said jumping

“I’ll get you next time” Ten said dramaticly turning away

I walked up to Doyoung and bumped my hip to his

“How’s that girl you’ve been talking to” I said wiggling my eyebrows

He laughed and said “she’s fine, I was going to invite her but she said she was busy” 

“Awe man,” I said, “you should introduce yourself to Wheein and Irene. You’ll love them, promise” 

Doyoung nodded and joined Johnny. I looked up at Jaehyun and saw him kicking at the pebbles on the ground. I walk up to him and poked his stomach

“You know, you don’t have to be so awkward around me” I said smiling when he looked at me

“I know, I just, feel really bad” he said 

“Jaehyun it’s fine” I said 

“Alright ladies let’s get going” Johnny said loudly before Jaehyun could reply. 

We carried all the things to the spot on the beach Johnny and them had picked out. I laid out the mat and placed the blankets on top. Johnny set up the umbrella and prepared some things for the bonfire later. 

“y/n! Let’s go out into the water” Wheein said 

“I’ll be there in a bit, I want to relax for a bit” I said 

“okay, but I better see you out there later” Wheein said pointing a finger at me

“Yeah yeah, go have fun with Irene” I said waving them off 

“Jaehyun! Doyoung! Ten! Let’s go out there?” I hear Johnny say 

I lay down on the mat and close my eyes soaking in the warmth of the sun. I laid there for a while till I heard Lucas’ loud ass voice from a distance. 

“What the fuck they went into the water without us” Lucas said 

I sat up and turned towards him 

“You’re not cool enough for them” I said getting up and helping the boys unpack 

Once we were done Jungwoo dragged Kun and Sicheng out into the water

“Are you okay” Lucas said sitting down next to me 

“Why is everyone asking if I’m fine” I said laughing 

“Geez I’m just checking on you” Lucas said pouting and turning away 

I laughed and hugged his arm “I’m fine you big baby” 

He smiled mischievously turning to me and said “last one to the water has to pay for next Friday’s take out” 

Once he said that he got up and started bolting towards the water 

“LUCAS YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE” I said and ran after him 

Once I was there I flipped Lucas off 

“That wasn’t fair” I said slashing him with water 

He shrugged and picked me up to then throw me back into the water 

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I said as I came up from the water 

Lucas ran away giggling joining Jungwoo, Kun and Sicheng as they played around in the water.

I shake my head and make my way towards Wheein and Irene. Slashing them as soon as I got close.

We spend the next few hours swimming or eating the food we brought. When the sun started to set, we all gathered around the bonfire till it got dark. I sat in between Wheein and Lucas. I laid my head on Lucas’ shoulder staring at the fire. 

“$5 and I’ll throw Kun in the water” Lucas whispered to me. I laughed and shook my head no 

“He won’t feed us for the next 4 months if you do” 

“Who wants to play volleyball in the dark” Johnny said standing up 

“Are you stupid or are you stupid” Doyoung said 

“Come on guys it’ll be fun” Johnny whined 

“Let’s play” Wheein said standing up as well 

Everyone agreed to play but Jaehyun and I. 

“Are you okay with staying here?” Lucas said, looking down at me sitting. Wheein and Irene were beside him, wanting to ask the same question

“I’ll be fine” I said 

“Do you want me to stay with you” Irene said 

“No it’s okay, go have fun” I said

Lucas nodded and kissed my forehead. Wheein saw Lucas kiss my forehead and glared at him before kissing my forehead too

I laughed as Lucas looked at her with a weird expression. Lucas and Wheein secretly have a competition going on to see who can get my attention the most.

Irene rolled her eyes and pushed both of them

“Let’s go dumb and dumber” Irene said 

“HEY” Lucas said 

I smile to myself thinking about well they’re getting along. I watched them play till I felt someone standing next to me, turning to see who it was, I was surprised to be faced with Jaehyun.

“You wanna go for a walk” he said holding his hand out for me to take

“Sure” I said grabbing his hand to help me stand


It was silent for a few minutes but it was broken after a while when Jaehyun spoke. 

“y/n” he started stopping in his track 

“Hm?” I said looking up at him stopping as well 

“I’m not good at apologizing, or anything sad in general. But I want you to know that I’m really sorry, I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry I made you confused, and I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you”


“No y/n, you don’t know how much this whole thing has been bothering me” 

“Jaehyun, no it’s not your fault, I was overreacting and I admit it was a bit selfish of me not to think about your feelings as well. Seeing you being talked about like that, just made me confused and uncomfortable, I needed the time to think, but I know now that you’ve changed and the past is the past. So stop beating yourself up for this whole situation, let’s just forget everything that happened and move on. Better yet, how about we start over, hey, my name is y/n” I said holding out my hand 

He laughed “I’m Jaehyun” he said holding my hand and shaking it 

“Not going to lie to you Jaehyun, but you’re pretty cute” I said nudging him with my elbow 

“You look pretty cute yourself y/n” he said smiling, showing off his dimples “I know you said you wanted to start over but, I just want to promise you that I will always be here for you and I’ll always care for you” he said grabbing my hands

I smiled and nodded afraid that I’ll say something stupid.

We walked for a few more minutes, till we decided to head back to the others. 

“Look who we have here” Johnny said standing up 

I shake my head and go sit next to Wheein and Lucas

“Eat your stupid s’more idiot” Jaehyun said smacking Johnny on the back of his head 

“Ow, you’re mean” Johnny said rubbing the back of his head 

“Again, it’s your presence” Irene said 

“Where did you guys go” Lucas whispered to me breaking my attention from Irene and Johnny to him 

“We went on a walk, talked some things out” I said laying my head on his shoulder. I felt him nod then lay his head on top of mine. 

We spent the whole night at the beach drinking and chatting, sharing memories. 

“Look the sun is rising” Sicheng said pointing at the sky 

We all turn our heads towards the sky 

“Wow it’s so pretty” Wheein said leaning in to hug me. I laugh placing my arm around her. 

I turned to make eye contact with Jaehyun who was smiling at me. I smiled back, then stuck out my tongue to make a face. He laughed silently and turned back towards the sky. 

“I think we should pack up and head home, Lucas and Wheein are drunk and confused, Jungwoo is half asleep, Ten is talking to that mango, and y/n looks like an unripe banana” Kun said 

“what the fuck? What does this have to do with me” I said looking at Kun and pointing at the obvious drunk mess

“I don’t know I just thought it was funny” Kun said

“I agree,” a drunk Lucas said, standing up and stumbling. 

“Nooo, y/n looks pretty” Wheein said giggling and touching my face 

“Yeah I think we should go home” I said 

Everyone agreed and we packed up to go home. Kun and Jaehyun helped Lucas get into the car and everyone else, Irene and I helped Wheein into the back seat. Everyone else carried the umbrellas and blankets we brought and throwing away our trash in the nearby garbage as well. (a/n: throw y’alls mf trash in the garbage plz). We all said our goodbyes but Jaehyun calls me over 

“What’s up” I said walking up to him

“Uh…is it too early to ask for a hug” he says rubbing the back of his neck 

“You’re stupid” I said wrapping my arms around his waist, he laughs, pulling me in closer 


“I should go before that actually happens” I said pulling away 

“Okay, drive safe” he said kissing my forehead before I walk away 

“WHEEIN NO, DON’T CLIMB OUT THE WINDOW” I said running towards the girl. Irene looked so done with everything and tried pulling Wheein back into her seat.

The ride back home wasn’t as chaotic as we thought, Wheein fell asleep and Irene had soft music playing. Besides Wheein’s soft snores and the music, the car ride was silent but it was a comfortable silent. 

“y/n, you can take a nap, I’ll wake you up when we get to your place” Irene said 

“No it’s okay, you’re driving and I feel bad” I said back 

“y/n, it’s okay just sleep” 

“Okay,” I said, not wanting to stress her out. 

I fell asleep for the rest of the car ride, Irene woke me up when we got to my place. 

“Thank you Irene for driving, I’ll pay for our food next time we hang out” I said

“Yeah yeah, go up and sleep” she said waving her hand goodbye 

I wave and shut the car door. She stays there till I get into my building safely. Once I was inside my apartment I noticed that the boys were home, from Lucas’ loud ass snoring, so I quietly got ready for bed. I was about ready to shut off my lights and cash, when my phone dings 


I didn’t sleep, as I waited for Jaehyun to get home. When he did we called talking about the random shit Johnny said on the way home and how Doyoung wanted to purposely leave Johnny at the beach. We talked for a few hours then I fell asleep.

“Goodnight y/n” is what I heard before I drifted off to sleep.


A/N: Hi so April Fools is almost coming to an end, BUT I will be starting a new series called “Can we be friends?”. I already posted the profiles up so if you want to check that out, that’ll be great. ANYWAYS stay safe fools. 

Masterlist / ch.7 / ch.8 / ch.8.2

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𝕆𝕙, 𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕔𝕝𝕖𝕤 𝕕𝕠𝕟'𝕥 𝕤𝕠𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕟 𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕕𝕚𝕖 ⭑ 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕠 𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕤 ⭑ 𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕓 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕖𝕪𝕖

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so it goes

april fools. the best day of the year, in richie’s opinion, besides his and stan’s anniversary. in stan’s opinion, it was just another excuse for richie to be annoying. richie didn’t need an excuse, though, in all honesty. he was always annoying. stan found it cute, though he would never admit it.

richie had so much planned for that day, and he couldn’t wait to put it all into action.

it started with the chocolate eggs. richie untapped each and every egg, replacing it with a grape and setting the eggs aside for later. he watched excitedly as stan grabbed one absentmindedly from the table and popped it into his mouth, a look of confusion briefly crossing his face before he looked to richie. “april fools,” he called, grinning, and stan rolled his eyes.

next to come was the oreos they’d bought for when eddie and bill came over to watch a movie. he scraped the filling from the cookies, again setting it aside for later, and spread a healthy amount of mayo onto a few and toothpaste on the rest.

noticing the difference in consistency from the moment he picked up the oreo, stan put it down and reached for another, thinking he had beaten richie. stan’s face when he bit into the cookie had richie in tears, clutching his stomach as stan hastened to spit the toothpaste out. once he had stopped laughing, richie too grabbed an oreo, and made a face after realizing what he had just put in his mouth. stan smirked at him, clearly glad for the bit of payback he had garnered, however coincidental it mat have been.

the third prank was the air horn. richie taped it behind the door to the bathroom, knowing stan pushed the door open rather roughly when he was in a hurry. the loud noise scared stan nearly to the point of soiling himself. he rounded on richie, red-faced and fuming.

“what the hell, rich?”

“sorry, stan,” he shrugged, a shit-eating grin on his face. “can i kiss you and make it better?”

“absolutely not,” stan retorted, and richie pouted, clearly enjoying his awful pranks.

suddenly, an idea sparked in stan’s mind, and he sighed, feigning forgiveness in order to lull richie into a false sense of security.

“fine, ‘chee. c'mere and give me a kiss.”

richie planted a gentle peck on stan’s soft lips, his hand lingering on the other boy’s waist. he smiled down at his boyfriend, giving him a second quick kiss before tickling him with the hand on his hip. stan gave a girlish squeak of surprise and swatted his hand away, attempting to glare through his grin.

just then, a knock sounded at the apartment door. richie signed, letting his hand drop from the shorter boy’s side. “you wanna get that? i have to use the toilet before we start watching the movie.”

stan rolled his eyes. richie was a terrible liar. when it came to something that was richie’s idea of fun, the right corner of his mouth would twitch upwards slightly, which was exactly what it did just then. richie was going to try and booby trap the apartment while stan was distracted by their friends. it was sweet that richie thought stan wouldn’t know.

he opened the door, grinning at the tiny person standing there, one arm wrapped awkwardly around the shoulders of his much taller boyfriend. “hey, guys. come on in. rich is in the bathroom. i’ll make some popcorn and set up the movie while we wait.”

eddie nodded, a grin on his face as he walked in hand in hand with bill. the two took a seat on the couch, eddie on bill’s lap, bill’s chin resting on eddie’s head.

stan pulled up the movie before heading to the kitchen and throwing some popcorn in the microwave. richie walked past him as he waited, presumably on his way back from his fake toilet break.

stan took the opportunity to duck into their bedroom, the only place richie would have certainly avoided booby trapping, as he was sure to forget about the trap when he next walked in the room. he grinned, swiping the guitar off the bed and burying it in the closet before heading out to rejoin their friends.

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

jaehyun x reader (ft other NCT members/ Mamamoo Wheein/r red velvet Irene)

Genre: fluff/crack

Masterlist / ch.7 / extras.1 / ch.8


A/N: These are just some funny extras, these are not important to the plot or anything :)

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

Jaehyun x Reader (ft other nct members)

Genre: angst/fluff

Warning: cussing/mention of depression

Masterlist / ch.6 / ch.7 / extras.1


The diner seemed peaceful, only a few people there chatting away. I shake my legging looking through the windows checking to see if Lucas is here. I go back and forth from checking my phone to checking the window.

“Hey are you okay?” A Lucas says startling me

“y/n? what happened?”he asks again sitting across from me 

When he asked that I couldn’t handle it anymore and started crying, not caring if anyone saw. Lucas said nothing and got up to sit next to me, shielding me from anyone’s view. 

“It’s okay y/n, just breathe” he said, calming me down. After a few minutes I was able to calm down and tell Lucas what Sam had told me. 


“Look y/n I’m not trying to bash or ruin your relationship with Jaehyun, I’m sure Jaehyun has changed since then” Sam said 

I said nothing letting Sam continue 

“He and my sister used to date, before they dated she was depressed, my parents pressured all of us to get good grades and get into a good college. But she just couldn’t meet our parent’s expectations and their high standards, so she wanted to leave. Then she met Jaehyun, as cliche as it sounds he really made her happy, but my parents still were pressuring her. She told Jaehyun she wanted to run away with him but he said he couldn’t, I don’t know why. The day before everything happened, they got into an argument, I don’t know what happened but he left” he said looking down at his hands 

“Is your sister okay now?” I asked 

He chuckled “she’s fine now, after their argument, she got help and was able to move to California.” He took out a piece of paper and pen writing down something. 

“Here’s my sister’s number, she know more than me, and I think you should talk to her to clear things up” he said handing me the paper 

“Thank you” I whisper taking the paper 


“Oh y/n” Lucas said pulling me into a hug 

“y/n, you know I love you and if you want to hear my opinion, I think you should talk to Lia and Jaehyun. Hear both sides of the story, by the end, if you still don’t trust Jaehyun, just drop him” 

“Thank you Lucas” y/n said hugging him back 

Lucas drove both of us back to our apartment so I could rest. Sicheng and Kun came over and I told them what happened, they also agreed with Lucas in trying to get to know both sides of the story. That night I texted Jaehyun


I laid in bed not knowing what to do, I couldn’t cry and I wasn’t angry, I was just really confused. Deciding that I should text Lia tomorrow and just rest up for now. 

The next day I went to meet up with Wheein, Irene and Sam again. I walked into the same cafe and saw Sam sitting in the same spot as yesterday. I smiled walking up to him. 

“Hey” I said going to sit across from him 

“Hey, are you okay?” He said but with hesitation in his voice

“I’m fine, just a bit stressed” I said 

“have you..texted Lia yet?” He asked 

“I was planning to later today” I said smiling awkward

“y/n..I really don’t want things to be awkward between us because of what I told you, I didn’t want to come in between you and Jaehyun, I just felt as if I just needed to warn you and tell you what happened” he said 

“Sam it’s fine, thank you for telling me” I said smiling at him 

Wheein and Irene soon came a few minutes after. We all worked on the project a bit more and almost finished half of what we needed to do. Sam had to leave early because he had class soon so it was just Wheein, Irene and I. We decided not to do anymore work as we worked for 3 hours and we didn’t want to work without Sam. We sat there for another hour talking and getting to know each other and honestly they’re really fun people to be around. I was having too much fun talking to them that I forgot I had a class in 40 mins. I said my goodbyes to them and headed towards campus. 

Class was boring, just the teacher going on and on about a test we’re having on Friday, but honestly I wasn’t even listening as I was mostly thinking about what I was going to text Lia. 

Class ended and I walked out of the classroom, when I walked out Jaehyun and someone I didn’t notice were walking past, we made eye contact for a second before I turned to walk away as fast as I could. As soon as I got home I went straight into my room and texted Lia


I sigh looking up at my ceiling 

“I need a drink” I say out loud 

I stand up leaving my room and walking towards Jungwoo and Lucas’ room. 

“OPEN UP” I said banging on their door. Jungwoo opened the door and let me in

“Let’s get soju and chicken tonight, I’ll pay” I said sitting on Jungwoo’s bed 

“Are you for real?” Jungwoo said going to sit next to me 

“Yeah” I said 

“Is that really y/n?” Lucas asked “Jungwoo I think you let in an impostor” 

“shut up, I’ll explain over dinner. Now get up and get ready!” 

The next few days went by fast, I was able to think about my feelings for Jaehyun. I talked to him and we sorted things out, but I told him that it’ll take a while for me to adjust. 

All of us started to hang out again, getting ramen together and going to arcades. Most of the time we hang out, Ten and I are either arguing or gossiping with each other. Jaehyun and I are still awkward with each other but we’re slowly getting there. I hope…

I also started hangout with Wheein and Irene more, we’ve gotten to know each other a lot. I was able to do things with them that I wasn’t able to do with the others and honestly it’s so refreshing.



AN: Hi fools just here to say stay safe, wash your hands, and stay home. When you fuck up 🤡 The “okay” text was supposed to be from y/n and wheein’s name got cut off on the last picture.

Masterlist / ch.6 / ch.7 / extras.1

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

Jaehyun x Reader (ft other nct members)

Genre: angst/fluff

Warning: cussing

Masterlist / ch.5 / ch.6 / ch.7

cover photo by: @peachvii (check out her story!!)


“Alright class before we end class I want to announce that we’ll be doing a group project” Ms.Herman said as the class groaned 

I leaned towards Kun, who sat to the left of me, and said 

“We’re pairing up right?” 

Before Kun could answer Ms. Herman continued 

“But! I want you guys to work with new people, so that means I will be picking the groups myself” 

I sat there mouth opened and with a blank expression as she called out names of the people in each group. 

“l/n(last name) y/n, Jung WheeIn, Bae Irene, and Choi Sam” 

I looked around to see who those people are and made a mental note to ask them for their numbers after class. 

As Ms. Herman continued to call names, I turned towards Kun and frowned 

“y/n, you’ll be fine. I’ve talked to Wheein and Irene before, they’re nice people. You’ll get along with them for sure. I’m not sure about Sam, but you’ll be fine without me”

I said nothing and frowned

Secretly I texted the group chat announcing my sadness 


“Alright class that’s it for today, make sure to email me if you have any questions, class dismissed” After she said that everyone stood up and tried to find their group members. 

“y/n I’ll meet you outside, I’m going to talk to my group” Kun said before leaving my side

I watched him walk away and decided that I should do the same. I look around and see them looking around for me. I sucked it up and walked towards them. 

“hey” I said with a simple wave

“Are you y/n?” a girl with dark brown hair and bangs  said smiling. I noticed that she had a dimple on her cheek. “She’s cute” I thought

“Yeah, I am” I said smiling 

“great! I’m Wheein” she said extending her hand out for me to shake

“I’m Irene” the girl next to her said smiling and also extending her hand. I smiled and shook her hand as well. Wow they’re fucking beautiful. 

“And I’m Sam, I guess I’m the only guy here huh?” He said laughing

“I guess so” I said back smiling and shaking his hand 

“Is it okay if we quickly exchange numbers and stuff, I have to leave in a bit” Wheein said to us 

“Yeah sure” I said and pulled out my phone 

The 4 of us exchanged numbers and even socials, cause why not, more friends. 

After we exchanged numbers, we walked out of class together. I spotted Jaehyun outside waiting for me but before I went up to him I quickly said bye to my group and made my way towards Jaehyun. I snuck up to him planning to scare him. 

“Boo!” I said while hugging him 

“haha nice try y/n” he said 

“Damn you’re no fun” I said pulling away and crossing my arms across my chest. He just laughed and pulled me back into a hug

“Were those your friends?” He asked 

“They’re part of my group for a project” I said smiling up at him “But they seem really nice so far”

“That’s nice” he said patting my head “Kun’s coming let’s go” he said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards Kun 

“Everyone is at y/n’s already and Lucas asked me if we can stopped by the store to get some drinks” Kun said 

“Okay let’s go” I said 

“I’m not driving” Kun said smiling at me and Jaehyun 

“Not it,” Jaehyun quickly said letting go of my hand and raising both his hands in surrender. 

“You guys SUCK” I said, grabbing the keys Kun dangled in front of my face.

We stopped by the store to get the drinks aka alcohol, and some snacks for later. 

When we walked into my apartment everyone was in the living room watching some weird documentary. 

“Oh look they’re here” Lucas said getting up “Now we can FEAST” 

I laughed, taking Jaehyun’s bag and quickly dropping both our bags in my room. 

I walk into the kitchen and see everyone standing around the island eating and talking. I go stand next to Jaehyun and start serving myself some food. 

“Okay Johnny let’s settle this once and for all” Lucas said slamming his hands on the counter 

“For fucks sake please don’t start the chicken debate again” Doyoung said 

“Come on Doyound, don’t be a party pooper” Lucas complained 

“you guys have been arguing about this for two months, TWO MONTHS, everyone is tired or your shit” I said 

“ouch” Lucas said dramatically clutching his chest “that hurt me in the heart. I thought you were my best friend y/n” 

“Shut up and eat your, food big mouth” I said laughing

“We’ll continue this later Lucas” Johnny said playfully glaring at Lucas 

We ate and talked for a few hours till I got a text. Checking my phone I saw that Wheein made a gc with the 4 of us. We discussed where we should meet, what day, and time. 

“Who’s that” Jaehyun said leaning over my shoulder to look at my phone 

“My group, for leadership” I said smiling up at him 

He said nothing back but wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me from behind. I shut my phone off and place my hands on top of his. 

“Please no pda in this household” Ten said pretending to gag


“That doesn’t mean anything, get your nasty ass coupley shit out of my face” Ten said 

“You act like you and-“ 

“OKAY OKAY” Ten said interrupting me

I smiled and laughed, I met Ten about a few months ago after he came back from Thailand. We instantly clicked and got close fast. 

I feel Jaehyun chuckling from behind me, I turn my head to face him and smile. He looked down at me and leaned in to kiss my nose. I scrunch my nose, smiling 

“ew cooties” I said to him 

“Shut up” he said laughing leaning in again to kiss my nose and forehead 

“DISGUSTING, YALL MAKE ME SICK, YALL MAKE ME-“ Ten said then pretending to gag 

Shaking my head, I flip Ten off. We hung out for a few more hours, till it was time for everyone to head home. 

“Alright, I think it’s time for us to go” Kun said looking at Sicheng 

“Yeah, us too” Johnny said 

Everyone started saying their goodbyes and gathering their stuff. 

Jaehyun followed me to my room to grab his bag. 

“Text me when you get home” I said handing him his bag

“mhmm” he said grabbing his bag

“are you okay?” I said noticing his weird behavior 

“yeah I’m okay” he said, stepping closer to me. He leaned his forehead on mine, holding my face, we stayed like that for a few seconds, before he started to lean in, stopping an inch from my lips. I lean in connecting our lips. We pull away smiling at each other but our moment was ruined by Johnny knocking on my door 

“JAEHYUN, Y/N STOP MAKING OUT WE NEED TO GO HOME” he yelled through the door 

“I should go” he said 

“Okay..” I said still shocked about what happened 

He chuckled a bit and pecked my lips one more time and left the room. I stood there trying to process what happened, Jungwoo came into the room quietly. 

“Are you okay, you seem like you just saw a ghost” he said sitting on my bed. I said nothing and flopped on my bed, face down. I waited a minute and then I screamed like a little school girl. 

“What the fuck y/n” Lucas said barging into my room, “why are you so LOUD FOR” he said sitting on the chair near my desk.

“What happened? Jaehyun came out of your room and his ears were red” Jungwoo said rubbing my back 

I lifted my head and said “hekissedme” 

“Excuse me what” Lucas said standing up

 “He kissed me” I said 

“Good job” Lucas said walking up to me and slapping me in the back 

“Ow you fucking asshat” I said getting up and trying to rub my back

“Wow y/n, tell me the tea, how did it feel” Jungwoo said, flipping onto his stomach and swinging his legs around in the air. 

“Alright I’m heading to bed, don’t stay up too late” Lucas said heading out of my room. Once the door shut Jungwoo and I started to talk about what happened and started to gossip about his love life as well. By the time it was 3am we decided to call it a night and Jungwoo ended up passing out on my bed. 

~the next morning~ 

I woke up to Jungwoo’s alarm going off on the bedside table. 

“Jungwoo your alarm” Mumbled kicking his leg. He took a while before he turned it off. 

“I gotta go to class,” he said, getting up and going to his room. My face still buried in the pillow I lifted my hand to wave goodbye to him and fell back asleep. I was peacefully sleeping till my phone started ringing. Not even bothering to look at who was calling I picked it up.

“Hello?” I said still very much sleepy 

“hey..I’m sorry did I wake you up?” a familiar voice said. I looked at the screen and saw it was Jaehyun. And cleared my throat 

“Oh no, you’re fine. What’s up?” I said 

“You didn’t call me last night” he said. I smiled imagining his cute pout 

“Sorry bub, Jungwoo and I were up till 3 last night talking” I said getting up 

“That’s okay, did you have fun yesterday?” 

“Yeah, I did” I said smiling 

We continued talking for a bit till I said I needed to go and get ready to meet my group. I quickly showered, did my make up and got dressed.

“I’M GOING OUT” I yelled before while gathering my stuff, leaving my apartment. 

The cafe was about 10 mins away so I decided to walk, besides the weather was really nice out too. When I entered the cafe Sam was there first, Wheein and Irene had texted saying they’d be a bit late. 

“Hey” I said and took a seat across from him 

“Hi there” he said smiling “I kinda don’t want to start till Wheein and Irene are here” 

“Same, how about we get to know each other since we’re going to have to be in this group for a while” I said chuckling 

“Yeah, I agree” he said laughing along 

We talked about what we were majoring in and our favorite songs, foods, places, anything. The conversation was very innocent and friendly. 

“Hey, you don’t have to answer my questions, but do you know Jaehyun?” he asks 

“Yeah, I do..why?” I asked clearly confused at his sudden question 

“Are you guys..perhaps, dating?” he asked 

“Uh, no we’re not, well, we’re not official yet I guess” I said still confused “how did you know about him?” I asked 

“I just noticed you guys after class, sorry I sound really creepy right now, and trust me I’m really not trying to. I just want to warn you about him.” He said 

“Warn me?” I asked 

“I used to be friends with Jaehyun and-” 

“Hey guys, what are you talking about” Wheein said interrupting Sam 

“Oh it’s nothing, just talking about things…” I said 

“Irene should be here in a bit” Wheein said taking the seat next to me

I looked at Sam and mouthed “can we talk later” and he simply nodded. Irene soon came and we started the project, I honestly forgot everything that Sam had told me before Wheein and Irene came. We worked on our project for 3 hours and decided to call it a day. 

All of us agreed to meet again tomorrow to continue our project and to get it over with. 

Wheein and Irene left and it was just Sam and I. 

“Look y/n, i’m not trying to bash on your relationship with Jaehyun. I know you’re a really nice girl and I just don’t want to see you or any one to get hurt.” He said 

I didn’t say anything for 10 mins and just listened to everything he told me

“y/n I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t have brought any of this up, I’m sure Jaehyun has changed since then” He said standing up and sitting beside me. He patted my back comforting me, as I sat there not knowing what to say or even do. I was…confused. 

“I have to go, again, I’m really sorry” Sam said 

I smiled “it’s fine Sam, thank you” 

He gave me a sympathetic smile and left. 

I sat there for 5 mins, trying to collect my thoughts.  


A/N: Hi fools, so if you’re a bit confused, Sam told y/n something about Jaehyun, but I will reveal what he did soon :). 

Anyways stay safe my fools, WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY HOME PLEASE. 

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Summary: It was almost the end of the school year and you were ready to get out and have some fun with friends..until you met him….You never would have thought he would talk to you till that day…and you never thought he would have hurt you too….

Jaehyun x Reader (ft other nct members)

Genre: angst/fluff

Warning: cussing

Masterlist / ch.4 / ch.5 / ch.6

cover photo by: @peachvii (check out her story!!)


The next few days I’ve been thinking about my maybe small…Okay BIG crush on Jaehyun. Deciding it was time to open up to my friends about my feelings towards Jaehyun on our Friday night hang outs. 

~Friday Night~

“Lucas! What did I say about chicken talk” I said pointing my finger at him like a mother scolding her child. Lucas sat there with a pout on his face.

“Sorry” he said looking down at the ground

“KIDS COME EAT FOOD IS HERE” Kun said after shutting the door. All of us quickly ran to the kitchen as fast as we could and started stuffing our faces.

“So Y/N, how are you and Jaehyun doing” Sicheng said raising his right brow

“Fine, he took me out to ice cream and we watched the sunrise together” 

“How do you feel about him” Sicheng asked 

“Honestly, I’m not sure, but I guess I can give him a chance”

“OMG finally, You’ve literally had the fattest crush on Taeyong for the longest time” Lucas said standing up from how excited he was 

“yeah what made you change your mind? What about Taeyong?” Jungwoo said 

“Ehh Taeyong is way too out of my league, it’s not like I’ll get the courage to even ask him out anyways”

“You barely figured that out now?” Lucas said 

 “Shut it big mouth, besides Jae is way easier to talk to and I heard Taeyong started to date someone anyways, but that’s enough about me, Jungwoo, spill the beans I know you’ve been talking to someone”

 “what do you mean” Jungwoo said as a blush creeps onto his cheeks “I’m not talking to anyone” 

“you know what I mean, I see you smiling at your phone a lot, so spill” 

 “we’re just friends..” 

“friends my ass, I hear you facetiming with them in the middle of buttass night” Lucas says 

“shut up big mouth let Jungwoo speak” Kun said getting closer to hear the tea “spill the beans Jungwoo, whose making you all giggly huh?” 

“you guys are annoying just eat your stupid food” Jungwoo said 

Jungwoo didn’t end up telling us about who he was talking to, but I honestly think it’s that one kid in his English class. Lily think?

As weeks went by, as Jaehyun and I began to get closer. He would randomly call me to show me the new song he learned on the violin, which he just started to learn and may I say, he was not the best at it but, he tried and that’s that mattered. He started walk me to class, even if his class is across campus, he would even sit in my class with me till I told him to leave.

It was obvious to his friends and my friends, heck even everyone at school, that we both liked each other, but none of our friends forced us to get into a relationship quickly as they knew we both wanted to take things slow. My friends grew fond of Jaehyun’s friends, and as Lucas said, and I quote “the more crackheadness the better”. 

It was a Thursday evening, Johnny, Jaehyun, Kun, and I were waiting for Doyoung, Jungwoo, Lucas, and Sicheng to finish up their last class of the day. We all were at the lunch area sitting at one of the tables and chatting. 

“can they just ditch, I’m so hungry” I whined while holding my stomach and leaning onto Jaehyun’s arm. He chuckled a bit and lifted his arm to pat my head. 

“they’re so disgustingly cute, I honestly don’t know if I want to vomit or coo” Johnny said to Kun, who was next to him. 

“Honestly, I’d vomit on them” Kun said 

“hey! you’re rude” I said pouting 

“you’re not a nice either, so I wouldn’t be talking” Lucas says as he walks up to our table with Sicheng, Jungwoo, and Doyoung. 

“finally, I felt like I was going to die without some sushi in my stomach” I said while standing up and grabbing Lucas’s arm and pulling towards where his car is. “can we go now, that spicy tuna roll is waiting to get in my tummy” 

Everyone laughed a bit and split into two cars, Johnny (the driver), Sicheng, Doyoung, and Jungwoo, while Jaehyun, Kun, Lucas and I were in another car. 

Lucas was driving Kun sat in the passenger’s seat while Jaehyun and I were in the back playing around on each others phones. He was showing me this video he thought was funny. He was smiling at his phone, his cute dimple popping out. Honestly, I wasn’t even paying attention to the video, I was admiring him. I was happy, the happiest I been in my life. I had a great group of friends, and someone who I see myself with in the future. I was so happy that I didn’t know that I started crying till Jaehyun spoke up. 

“oh my god YN are you okay? why are you crying? was it the video? I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have showed you” Jaehyun said and started to wipe my tears with the sleaves of his hoodie 

I laughed a little “I’m fine, I just got emotional for a second” 

Lucas snorted “because of a monkey video” 

“No you fucking asshat, I just…I don’t know I just feel really happy. I just thought about how lucky I was to have all” I said beginning to tear up again

“shh Y/N don’t cry, you’ll reveal your ugly crying face to Jaehyun” Lucas said 

“fuck you” I said

“I love you too” Lucas said smiling and quickly throwing me a fingerheart in the rearview mirror. 

“I’m happy to have you too Y/N” Kun said looking back and smiling at me 

I smiled and looked up at Jaehyun, I was staring at me and smiling as well. Nothing was said between us as he pulled me to his side and hugged me. 

When we got to the sushi place we were quickly got seated, Jaehyun to my left and Lucas to my right. Kun to the right of Lucas. On the other side was Johnny, Sicheng, Jungwoo, and Doyoung (in that order HHH). Lucas told everyone about what happened in the car. Everyone was laughing and smiling telling me they loved me too. I got embarrassed and hid myself in Jaehyun’s side. I can feel him shaking, as he’s laughing along with everyone

“I fucking hate all of you” I said but was muffled by Jaehyun’s hoodie

“Stop hiding in your boyfriend’s hoodie, the food is coming” Lucas said poking my side 

I squirmed and lifted my face “I hate you especially” I said pouting at Lucas. Blushing at the thought of Jaehyun being my boyfriend, obviously it wasn’t official…yet..I hope..

“mhmm that’s not what you said in the car. Thank you” Lucas said as the waitress placed his plate in front of him 

I smiled at the waitress and said my thanks as well. I stuffed a piece into my mouth and tried to look mad, but that obviously didn’t last. 

The whole time we were laughing and telling jokes, yes Lucas got into an argument with Doyoung about the chicken and the egg thing. As everyone finished their food, I leaned back into Jaehyun, who was on his phone texting his mom, and watched Lucas and Doyoung argue. I laughed when Johnny entered the argument as well. Jaehyun put his phone down on the table and put his arm around my shoulder. 

“you okay?” he whispered to me. I didn’t say anything as I looked up at him and nodded. He smiled and turn towards the three arguing. He would randomly disagree with one of them and blurt out his own opinion to piss them off. After about 10 mins, Kun decided to break it up and said we should all start heading home. I held Jaehyun’s hand, swinging it back and forth, as we walk out the restaurant and to the cars. I frown up at Jaehyun realizing he had to ride home with Johnny and Doyoung, since they lived together.

“Stop frowning” Jaehyun said chuckling “I’ll call you later when you get home”

“okay” I said softly

Saying our goodbyes to the boys, the rest of us got into the car and dropping Kun and Sicheng off on our way home.

When we got home I texted Jaehyun and went straight to bathroom to get ready for bed. I was about ready to pass out after doing my night routine till I got a facetime call from Jaehyun. We talked for a few hours till eventually we both knocked out and fell asleep while on call. 

Fuck I really liked this guy

A/N: hello, I am not dead. I just lost motivation and didn’t know how to continue this story, BUT since I literally have nothing to do because of quarantine, I shall try to continue this story. It was 2am when I write this so I’m sorry if there’s a lot of mistakes :(

stay save my fools : )

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