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#april fools day

Salem knows it’s a trick. He knows it’s a prank; a prank he and his brother used to pull all the time on friends and family back in the day, and he knows just how much more fun kiddos had when you played along with their jokes than when you didn’t.

“Human dessert, huh?” the turquoise troll said with a grin. “Mmm, what kind is it?”

He then leaned forward to sniff the pie.

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Because dispite not being allowed to keep my Reshiram, I'm still keeping it and you can't force me to give it to you. I'm keeping that pokeball where the sun doesn't shine :o) also 7 is a good number

I know I’m the bad guy here, but I feel like I should call the police on you, somehow…

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Alright, to be completely honest, I was gonna do this April Fools Day bit where I claimed to have managed to do an audio interview with Dobson and was going to share it with all of you, but instead it would be this dumb little thing I recorded for a good laugh.

Unfortunately, because I forgot about it until the last minute, I wasn’t able to find someone who could edit it in time for me, so I ended up not posting it. Maybe I’ll get it edited and posted later this month(I only have my phone and can’t do what needs to be done myself).

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April Fool’s in the world of Overwatch this year was quite unexpected but well needed. had to at least get a few screenshots and it’s even better to see the googly eyes move in action (both in the Hero Gallery and game play) haha. wish could have captured on video but the Overwatch tag right now has a good collection of the characters effected by this amusing gag, 

bonus “Plague Doctor” Reaper:


googly eyes didn’t quite fit, so looks like he’s got an additional pair of eyes or glasses lol, probably my favorite Reaper skin using mainly now next to Shiver and Dracula.

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