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[Raph and Donnie are REALLY drunk]
Raph: April! Donnie liiiiikes you!
Donnie: Raph! You said you wouldn’t tell!
April: Uh, Donnie, sweetie, we’re marri-
Donnie: Backstabber! I’m going to tell Mona Lisa you like her!
Raph: *GASPS*
Donnie: Hey Mona! Raph has a crush on you!!
Mona Lisa, holding her and Raph’s baby: Really? I never would’ve known.
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nina-a-pines · 3 months ago
I'm a person who has "just because a boy and a girl are best friends it doesn't mean they have to date" and "OMG THEY'RE BEST FRIENDS SINCE CHILDHOOD" co-existing in my head.
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aeempress · 2 months ago
Raph: Shit! Donnie isn't answering his damn phone!
April: Give me a sec, big man.
Raph: We all tried. Mike called him at least 25 times and he's remaining silent. What if something happened to him-
Donnie, over a phone: You're conversing with Donatello~
Leo: - beg my fucking pardon?
April: He's fine.
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girlofprey7 · 2 months ago
I love (and by that I mean kinda hate) how when people are comparing Rise Apritello to 2012 Apritello they say, “in Rise, April and Donnie are actually good friends and do things together, while in 2012 all Donnie did was simp for and stalk April,” as if they forget that in 2012 Donnie and April were genuinely best friends and had fun together too. It’s shown both in the show, and if you read the adventure comics that are supposedly canon events in the show, April and Donnie try street foods together and sneak to the junkyard. April even went out of her way to buy him a boom box for his tape that he made because he couldn’t go up to the surface to buy one himself. They analyse sewage together and there’s a picture of them hanging out at the park in Donnies room,
I’m just puzzled how people don’t realise how similar these friendships actually are…
Also here’s some of the moments from the comics if you’re curious.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eternallostboy · a month ago
I'm genuinely amused by all of the tcest hate on this site. Just about every turtles post I see has an anti-tcest tag in it somewhere regardless of what the post even is. Like, it could be a bad ass picture of my boi Leonardo and there will be a tag telling tcest shippers to fuck off and die in a hole. I personally am not a tcest shipper, hell, I'm really not much of a shipper at all. My only two ships are Naruto and Sasuke mostly for the meme and Ukyo and Ryoga from Ranma ½.
Anyway, this hate for tcest just seems so out of control and the irony of the whole thing is hilarious. People don't like it cause the turtles are “brothers” and that means you can't ship them cause it's a sin or some shit. Look, the turtles are basically just step brothers. No version of them is or has ever been blood related.
Now granted nothing has ever outright stated their relation one way or another, Donatello's line to Michaelngelo in the 07 movie of “ Yeah that would make her your mom to doofus.” doesn't count. Rise, as awful as that version is, takes all this a step further by making them all different species of turtles. Yes you could argue that they still grew up together as brothers, but like I said they're basically step brothers. THEY'RE NOT RELATED! There's a similar hate, although not as strong, for 2012 Leo and Karai.
I've seen people bash 2012 Leorai shippers cause of the pseudo incest. Honestly this one has less of a reason to get hate than tcest cause she didn't even grow up with them. We don't even find out that she's SPOILERS Splinter/Hamato Yoshi's daughter till well after we meet her and by then Leo and her have already been flirting. What are they supposed to just knock that shit off since they're “related”? Fuck off they're not even the same species!
Which brings me to my last point, BESTIALITY! It's just okay? Accepted? I've never seen it come up as an argument or at all really. People have shipped Leo and Karai for the longest time, it gained a lot of steam thanks to the 03 series and not once has Leo being a GIANT MUTATED TURTLE been a problem.
But you throw in some vague, distant relationship to Splinter and now it's bad? Get the hell outta here. Leo being a turtle, not human in anyway like Karai, isn't an issue but being her step brother is a big no-no. No one brings up the bestiality aspect with Apriltello either. Every complaint I've seen thrown at them talks about how April is a bitch sometimes and that Donnie is a creep.
The complaints with Apriltello point out how the show lessens them as characters. Not how one is human and the other is a GIANT MUTATED TURTLE! Seriously, no one ever brings up the inter-species romance as a problem but the “incest” is gross. What and turtle on human isn't? I just don't understand how that's okay but the other isn't.
Look, I want to make it clear that it's fine to not like tcest or 2012 Leorai. It's fine to not like any ship. I need you to understand that I'm not trying to force you to like a ship that you're not a fan of. There's just so much unnecessary hate for those ships that are more toxic than the actual ship themselves.   Even as someone that doesn't partake in those ships just seeing all the hate for them was so out of control I couldn't not say something.
I know that a majority of you are going to come at this hate, I almost look forward to it. I'm aware that this is absolutely going to get me blocked and that's fine. Most of you that spew all of that hate aren't worth interacting with anyway, so no real loss.
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kleptotello · 4 months ago
[Donnie & April pose as a married couple for a sting operation]
April [snuggling close]: Ahh... This is nice.
Donnie: Watch it April. Remember, we're married... Don't look so happy.
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pepperimps01 · 6 months ago
did yall know June 11th is polyamorous love day! So I had to make some edits starring my favorite poly ship, Capritello 💙❤🖤 Love triangles are overrated, why not have them all love each other? 💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cicissketchbook · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Realizing I never posted this on here. My carpal tunnel has been flaring up but once it’s calmed down, I have a lot of things I want to share.
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April: I think... Donnie is in love with me.
Raph: Congratulations. You're officially the last person to know.
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aeempress · 4 months ago
Apritello in the series, the way it is:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pure friendship, just two besties hang out, nothing to see here
Apritello in my head:
Donnie: *breathes*
April: You have no choice, mate
Tumblr media
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donatellotmnt · 4 months ago
Hello FIANCE. My wonderful FIANCE. I'm never going to stop saying that now!
Tumblr media
Hello, my beautiful fiancee. We have so much planning to do.
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nostalgiaruinedme · 2 months ago
Hi, I'm a little embarrassed to seem inappropriate or strange... I just want to say that for a month now I have been obsessed with the dagger from the mirror. I love this update so much
it made me cry. it was so exciting.I was really worried about April. If even at first I was building a theory that the Krangs didn't need it and it was delivered to dimension X only at Donny's request but everything turned out like this and I just 👁 👄 👁
The pangs of conscience Donny 2012 make me anticipate what a quarrel will unfold when everyone finds out the truth, riseRaph will probably go crazy. I'm impatient
I am a big fan of the ship apritello 2018 and every hint makes me squeak with delight (without talking about such a drama, I imagine how Donny will regret it later) . thank you very much. Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask how do you feel about Apritello 2018 and 2012, or do you prefer only platonic relationships?🤔
And thank you again for continuing to write. with love, your fan from russia
This ask isn't strange or inappropriate at all!!! It made me very happy and getting asks like this always puts me in a good mood <3 so thank you
And onto the rest of your ask- Rise Raph willing definitely have a big reaction when he learns the truth, dont worry. It'll come soon.
And as for apriltello...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2012 - romantic apriltello is great, but you know what's even better? ROMANTIC CAPRILTELLO that's my favorite ship in the entire show. They're adorable and its canon in my heart
2018 - I prefer platonic apriltello with them being EXTREMELY close best friends (the kind of best friends everyone is convinced are dating but they're just genuinely not), but I can definitely see the appeal of romantic apriltello too. Both are cute!
In Dagger, I think you could interpret 2018 April and Donnie's relationship both ways? At least that's what I'm going for, it's up to you guys to say if I'm succeeding in that or not lol. I'll probably try and hint towards pre-relationship 2012 capriltello more later on in the book (mainly in Book 2), but I might end up cutting that completely. Romantic relationships aren't really the central topic of Dagger and I'm already shoving so much plot in as it is, I'm not sure I'd want to 😭
and thank you again for this ask, it made me smile. I'm so glad you're enjoying the fic! Sending love right back <3
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fabuloustrash05 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Rise April and Donnie had a WAY better dynamic (and even potential blooming romance) than what 2012 April and Donnie had. And this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES TMNT 2012.
Credit to my Instagram: fabulous_trash05
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ask-the-purple-genius · 6 months ago
do you have any regrets?
"Doesn't everyone? But if you're looking for anything specific...
Tumblr media
The way I acted around April early on in our friendship. I cringe even now thinking back on how desperate I was, especially when she needed her space. It was inappropriate and wrong of me, and I'm glad I got a wake up call confronting me about my behavior.
The best part of growing up is learning from mistakes, and finding ways to make better decisions in the future.
I think April and I are cool now. 💜🖤💛"
Tumblr media
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