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so i’ve had my fair share of ap classes, having taken 7 in my high school career. that’s so crazy to say omg. here are the ap classes that i took and what i thought about them, also what i got on the exams. 

ap world history. this was the first ap class i ever took and this was my sophomore year. and this was one heck of an ap class to have first. the textbook was literally huge and we would have to read at least 10 pages every single night. this was also my first real “lecture” class because that’s what my teacher would do most days. i have over a 100 page document of lectures notes from that year. yes i still have it because that document is glorious. i ended up getting a 3 on this exam. overall, i would recommend taking it. however, now it’s only periods 3-6, i had all periods on my exam. 

ap us history. otherwise known as apush. oh boy. this class was something elseeeeeeee. my teacher was lowkey really strict with grading and everything so it was a little frustrating in class. we also had these huge a** binders that we had to use, it was insane. but, other than that, i would say i enjoyed the class! the ap exam for me wasn’t that bad (because my teacher prepared me so well unknowingly) and i ended up getting a 4. 

ap literature and composition. oh boy. i can write essays. that i can do. but i can not, i repeat can NOT do multiple choice. so that was my downfall. i ended up getting a 2 on this exam. yeah. not the best. the exam was just awful. like i said, i hate multiple choice. my essays during the exam were also trash because we had to write 3 essays in an hour and a half :))) i died. i mostly wanted to get the whole thing over with. if you kinda want to torture yourself with the exam, sure take it. i mostly enjoyed the class, the ap exam just sucked. 

ap french. ok so i’m a little biased because i want to be a french minor sooooo take this as you will. at my school, ap french is a two year curriculum. so, i also took the class my junior year (i didn’t take the exam because it was the afternoon of the ap lit exam and i did not want to do that to myself). my french teacher was amazing (i love her ugh she’s amazing) and so this class was one of my favorites. also, one of my best friends is also in that class so haha yeah life was good. i took the exam this year so i still have yet to know what i got on the exam but i hope i got at least a 3!!

ap language and composition. oh boy part two. at my school, this is a senior class! which thank god it was because it was such a blow off class omg. my teacher was really nice!!! she just can’t really teach :( so she would talk in circles the entire time and we didn’t really do much in class. i legit had no idea what we were learning so take that as you will. we wrote a total of 3 essays the entire year, the 3rd being during quarantine so not in class. i highly doubt this will be the case for you so take my thoughts on this with a grain of salt. took the exam this year so idk what i got but i’m hoping for a 4, i thought my essay was pretty good. 

ap economics. oh goodness. this is a one semester class at my school and i took this second semester this year lol eek. so yeah half of it was online. i still don’t understand econ. love my teacher, he was great, i just don’t get econ. it’s so dumb. i have no idea what i got on the exam but i think i’ll be lucky if i got a 3. 

ap government and politics. oh this class was so great!!!! my teacher was literally incredible, i love her. this is also a one semester class at my school so i took this first semester. it was lowkey a really fun time. i would def recommend taking this, it wasn’t that bad at all. i’m really hoping for a 4 on this exam!! 

anddddd those are all the ap classes i took in high school!! if you have specific questions about any of them, don’t hesitate to reach out!!

xo- gg

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college board can suck my fucking dick i hate them so much i hope they lose their lawsuit and go to hell.

the ceo of college board can also suck my balls i hate that man and hope he eats a jar of toes. eat the fuckin rich.

while i’m at it, acab. except the puppies tho, they’re sweet:)) everyone else tho :((((

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i took two aps this year and boy oh boy were they the major sources of my stress !! i wanted to reflect on these classes that really made me want to cry but also forced me to learn a lot both about myself and generally the content as well

however if you read into it you’ll realize i’m mostly complaining about teaching methods or crying over how bad i did but that’s ok! sometimes you gotta let the emotions out

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Fuck College Board.


This was College Board’s response to a group of students.

Funny how a group that supposedly cares about accessibility and diversity in testing said this.

Context: The College Board is being sued for breach of contract, gross negligence, misrepresentation and violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act with the administration of 2020 AP exams.

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The fact that a pjo adaptation is announced at the same time that avatar: the last airbender is released on netflix at the same time that the final season of she-ra is released at the same time that the season 2 umbrella academy release date is announced is just too much excitement for my brain especially since I have an AP test in 2 hours

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