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#apush me off a cliff

Working with my little cousin on her schoolwork. She’s taking APUSH this year and I think she’s woefully underprepared compared to where my class was by March during my APUSH year.

She’s not well-informed about the format of the exam, which was something we had absolutely covered by this point. I know the format has changed, so I don’t want to give her bad advice. Does anyone on Tumblr know the basics of the format for the current version of the exam?

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| 2/26/2020 | Been trying to stay on this grind lately, hasn’t really been working out since I’ve been so tired (started a new med so that should help) but it’s whatever, I’m happy I’ve just been turning in my assignments. Today was a pretty wild day and the rest of the week is gonna be even more hectic. I had:

-musical practice (playing percussion in the pit ye ye)

-Mexican War map to do

-studying for a pre-calc test tomorrow (haven’t done too hot on the last few so we shall see how that goes)

-a psych appointment

-getting a head start on my unit 4 terms and chapter 13/14 review for APUSH

-trying to start my environmental science reading questions (and failing oops)

My brain is fried and I still have an APUSH test on Friday and musical practice the rest of the week and most likely something for stats, pray for me 🙏

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I went to sleep at 6 this morning, my hair is a rat’s nest, my eyes bloodshot, my voice raspy, my glasses lost-

And idgaf bc finals are tomorrow and I am Not Prepared™️

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yesterday in my apush class we wrote history themed valentines/pickup lines. some of the best (worst?):

are you general sherman because you set my heart on fire

are you charles guiteau because you make me feel like I’ve been shot in the chest

are you george washington carver because you’re driving me nuts

are you henry clay’s american system because I want a BIT of your heart

are you henry clay because you’ll never be dead to me

are you the alamo because I’ll always remember you

are you the MAINE because you make my heart explode

are you an oil tycoon because you rockefeller my world

are you the train that john d rockefeller almost took because my heart is off the rails for you

are you andrew carnegie/are you the bessemer process because you steel my heart

are you the west because you’re my manifest destiny

(getting worse now) are you cornelius vanderbilt because 🎶I’d jump in front of a train for ya🎶

are you president grant because you’re surrounded by scandal

are you the pony express because you’re outdated and irrelevant

are you the antebellum era because I want nothing to do with you

are you the oregon trail because I’m dying of dysentery

are you john c calhoun because you’re creepy

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If my APUSH teacher thinks I can’t fit his 7 page study guide onto a one page cheat sheet for the rest, he’s going to be in for a big surprise tomorrow

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Current Mood:

  • have to take a practice SAT (reading section)
  • forgot to take the practice test
  • (by forgot I mean got distracted by a combo of fanfiction, tiktok, and tumblr)
  • now its 11 PM
  • I got like 4-5 hours of sleep last night
  • today I took a standardized US history exam, an APUSH unit exam, and a dualcredit physics exam
  • I’m trying to take the practice test now
  • I’m going with my gut guessing

in conclusion:

I’m dying, someone please come speed up that process for me so I don’t have to finish this practice test.

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