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xue yang finds an abandoned sobbing baby girl and some foreign feelings come across him. he takes the child in. he’s at a loss of how to care for her until some elderly women approached him one day with the crying infant and he’s gently rocking her, shushing her. they prepare a bottle. ask if he’s new to fatherhood, and he replies, “i’m not a father.” because he isn’t by a long shot. he just saw an abandoned child and wanted to save her. she was just like him.

xue yang isn’t the best parent ever, he doesnt consider himself a parent. but he raises a-qing pretty well when he has next to no maternal skills. he observed other people with their children and emulated them.

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1.) Tongues

A'Qing discovers under a lose floorboard strange clay pots while Xiao XingChen and Xue Yang are away night hunting. Her stomach lurches when she sees the familiar shape of human tongues collected by the dozen.

2.) Bedtime Story

Xue Yang tells A'Qing a horror story before bed since she begs him to.

3.) Bonnie and Clyde

Xue Yang lays waste to A'Qing and Song Lan and buries them in a shallow grave unbeknownst to Xiao XingChen. Xiao XingChen grows increasingly worried for A'Qing’s safety so Xue Yang “agrees” to find her. He finds the graves disturbed, and an uneasy feeling washes over him.

4.) Hansel and Gretel

Xue Yang and A'Qing discover a quaint little cottage belonging to a benevolent man. Something is off, but curiosity kills the cat while satisfaction brings it back.

5.) Good Read

Song ZiChen reads a novel, soon realizing that the story is his very own— and according to the book, his killer is very near.

6.) Human Facade

Song ZiChen isn’t friends with the man he thought Xiao XingChen was. In fact, Xiao XingChen isn’t a man at all.

7.) With Friends like These…

Xiao XingChen lives a lonely childhood until he meets two children around his age, a girl whose name is A'Qing and a boy whose name is Song ZiChen. They’re dead and from different time periods.

8.) Black Cat

A'Qing discovers a scruffy black feline left for dead and nurses him back to health. That cat is a person!

9.) Stalker

Song Lan is being followed, but everytime he turns around, there is no one there.

10.) Things That Go Bump in the Night

A'Qing accused Xue Yang of disturbing her sleep. He swears up and down he didn’t. She thinks he is a liar until the door rattles and shakes when Xue Yang, XingChen, and her are together at the table.

11.) Pumpkin Patch

Song ZiChen feeds the crows in a local Pumpkin patch one evening in autumn.

12.) Murder Mystery

There are a series of murders happening in the outskirts of Lanling after SongXiao left. Victims have been found with burns covering three-fourths of their body. Some say it is the work of a monster, and it’s suspicious that Lanling Jin hasn’t stepped in to assist.

13.) Haunting Reminder

Even after death, Xiao XingChen haunts Xue Yang’s nightmares.

14.) Graveside Trouble

Song ZiChen, a wandering fierce corpse, passes through another city that specializes in funeral arrangements. With bitterness he turns away only for an elderly woman to stop him. She requests assistance involving the cemetary as grave robbers disturbed the resting spirits, and now the town is subject to malicious revenge for the robber’s doing.

15.) Harvest

Xiao XingChen and Xue Yang disappears for awhile, leaving A'Qing alone. With the little money she has, she purchases an apple only to return to hear the scream of an animal and see Xue Yang covered in blood. What happens after, the writer decides.

16.) Virus

Xiao XingChen is sick with something deadly and necrotic. His brain is deteriorating. Something happens and there is a biological hijacking of all human reasoning, and Xue Yang is on his agenda for consumption.

17.) Scary Monsters

Xiao XingChen is a monster who feeds on human flesh, but no one believes A'Qing.

18.) Surveillance

Song ZiChen knows someone is watching him, but he can’t find out who. He grows increasingly uneasy.

19.) Who Turned on the Light?

When Song ZiChen and Xiao XingChen go and investigate a small abandoned town, they find the remains of a man in his twenties in his home. To make things creepier, they find photographs of cut tongues and human teeth. The door locks behind them and the light flickers on while there’s no one there.

20.) Coyote Ugly

A bear trap catches Xue Yang’s leg in the dark woods at night. To survive, he has to amputate his limb.

21.) Execution

Xiao XingChen, an innocent man, is guillotined for crimes that Xue Yang committed long ago. He returns to haunt Xue Yang while carrying his severed head.

22.) Death Delay

A'Qing saw and said too much, so she avoids Xue Yang, her soon-to-be killer.

23.) Eye for an Eye

Xue Yang is wrongfully accused of committing a series of atrocities through a small town due to his volatile nature. While being innocent and knowing his innocence, he breaks out of the penitentiary and hunts for the killer who framed him. (Bonus if the killer is Xiao XingChen for the flavor, but another MDZS character can be used in his place.)

24.) You and I? We’re the Same

Xiao XingChen shoots and kills Song ZiChen under Xue Yang’s influence. Once more, under his influence, he directs a mentally disturbed Xiao XingChen in butchering and hiding the body. Xue Yang constantly reminds Xiao XingChen he is just as evil and fucked up as Xue Yang is, relishing in Xiao XingChen’s spiral.

25.) Monster in Human Flesh

“Xue Yang isn’t really human.” Song ZiChen concludes, “He doesn’t really feel pain.” And somehow that is justification for the nasty revenge he has laid in store for an unconscious, kidnapped Xue Yang.

26.) Bat Trouble

Song ZiChen becomes the (unfortunate) care taker of a sick microbat who clung to him. One day, he finds a demon sitting cross-legged in his home. “I am now imprinted on you,” says the demon. “That means I am yours forever!” much to both their dismay.

27.) New Best Friend

A'Qing finds a fierce corpse Song ZiChen in the woods outside her home who can’t speak. He frightens her at first, but she realizes he isn’t so bad when she brings him an apple. He halves it with her and keeps his half for feeding horses later.

28.) Demonic Path

Xiao XingChen is thrown into the burial mounds.

29.) Is That Your Voice?

After traveling for fifteen years as a rogue fierce corpse, Song ZiChen hears someone speak. The voice gets louder until it’s screeching his name. Astonishingly, it’s the voice of Xue Yang. And he wants revenge.

30.) Grave Mistake

Xiao XingChen invited a killer into his home.

31.) My Boy Builds Coffins

Xue Yang and Song ZiChen own a funeral home. Song ZiChen is the mortician and Xue Yang is the funeral director. Strange things happen in that funeral home, and there are rumors circulating that something is particularly off about the SongXue duo. Xiao XingChen is curious.

graphic design credit goes to @cenedrariva !!

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crisp autumn for yi city where the wind blows rustling vibrant leaves that dance down the cobblestone path and paper dolls and funeral accessories line the vendor stalls while aqing skips down the street and digs into a crisp apple night falls and a large, yellow full moon crests the sky with drifting dark cloud coverage and daozhang and the stranger no where to be found and aqing is used to the creepiness of the city but for now she is uneasy when she hears the wail of something that met its end and then the scream of hens and daozhang has not returned but the stranger after awhile covered in blood and gore from who knows what jiangzai at his side and he laughs and she panics “why are you laughing why do i smell blood” even if the sight is horrifying she doesnt bat an eye and xiao xingchen returns hours later with roasted pheasant and lamb

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in case you guys didnt know, chen zhuoxuan (who played a-qing in the untamed) was a contestant on chuang2020, a survival show to form a girl group and finished 4th! shes now debuted as part of bonbongirls303! (which is such an ugly name but there we go)


liu xiening (sally) | chen zhuoxuan | zhao yue | xilinayi (curley) gao | wang yijin | zheng naixin (nene) | zhang yifan

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About half an hour ago, A-Qing had sent him a message saying, “I’m not having a good day, can I drop by?” Song Lan immediately replied “I’ll be waiting for you”. 

It was a routine that they had, every time the girl felt a little overwhelmed by something, she sought asylum at his home.

He thought about how everything changed since Xiao Xingchen entered his life. Before, he was a very lonely person, people always referred to him as someone cold and distant, but little by little the other boy softened his heart, allowing him to feel things that he did not allow or did not know before, and his surroundings were changing. A-Qing was very similar to his brother, always full of energy and happiness, and that allowed her to gain his trust and let her enter his life, he felt the same comfort with her as he did with Xiao Xingcheng, he smiled to himself when he noticed how his thoughts always returned to the other boy. The smile that was always such a rare gesture on his face before, Xiao Xingchen has turned it into something that happened everyday.

The doorbell brought him out of his thoughts. Opening the door of his apartment, he found the girl’s crestfallen face. Sighing, he patted her head slightly “Come in, I’ll make some coffee.”
When he returned to the living room with two steamy mugs, A-Qing had taken her usual spot on the couch. Sitting in front of her, he held out the mug, which was gladly received.

“Mmm … you always prepare the best coffees” The girl smiled, taking a sip.
Song Lan chuckled lightly, as he picked up his mug, “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

A light sigh escaped A-Qing’s lips, as her index finger drew invisible circles on the edge of the mug. “Just a bad day at college… and Xue Yang, that sometimes drives me crazy and I want to throw my books at his face” an ironic “Who doesn’t?” it escaped from Song Lan’s lips in a whisper after A-Qing last words.

A-Qing looked up to speak, “I just needed to distract myself a bit, I hope I didn’t interrupt you.”

“Silly, you know you never bother me” he agreed, understanding the girl’s frustrations, particularly with the subject of Xue Yang. Not that he disliked the guy, over time they’ve learned to build a friendship, a very particular one, but friendship in the end. Even so, the threshold of patience Song Lan had with him was quite limited; that boy was way too chaotic and mischievous for his own good.

“Well,” the older said firmly, leaving the mug on the table, “we need to distract ourselves, do you want to do something in particular?”

A-Qing’s eyes lit up at the suggestion, she had the perfect idea in mind already, but the smile on her face startled Song Lan a little.

“I’ll probably regret it, but surely you already have something in mind …” The boy said closing his eyes and giving up to his fate.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / ?

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i did the sixfanarts challenge but with the sole purpose of shooting myself in the foot because my friends are sadists who chose men and glasses people for me to draw (kori is innocent, she just likes ludis a lot)

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Fated Meeting

Ouyang Zizhen x A'Qing fanfic


Genre: Fluff, Dates, Aged-Up Characters, Canon Divergence, Happy Ending

Pairing: Ouyang Zizhen/A'Qing

Summary: AQing bumps into Ouyang Zizhen and steals from him, only to be asked out for a meal. What do they learn about each other, and what happens when AQing holds onto Ouyang Zizhen’s money pouch until he starts searching for it?

Author: Tinyjiyang (AO3/Twt)

Commissioned by @briee-elle

Read it here

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