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#aqua venus

📝the intellectual couple

📝loving to talk about everything under the sun

📝discussing topics deeply

📝other people may feel like outsiders around them because they almost have their own language and theyre so in tune with one another

📝not a touchy-feely couple

📝don’t like to commit to plans because they are both flighty and changeable, expect them to cancel or change plans on you!

📝understanding each others need for personal space is one of the key reasons this pairing is great

📝literally Betty and jughead

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Hello darling❤️ Leo venus ❤️ aquarius venus, Is it compatible, how can we work out this relationship?

i think so! they are opposites, but if they put there heads together, i can really see it working out!

aquarius likes to impress leo with their thinking and creative abilities, and leo likes to impress aquarius with their drive and loving nature. aquarius can sometimes find it hard to accept the amount of love coming from leo! leo also has to learn to settle down and listen to aquarius sometimes haha. i think the middle ground is found when they can both do equal amounts of what they want to do in the relationship, finding some time together while also letting aquarius have their much-wanted independence!

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opinions on aries sun/ sag moon/ pisces rising/ aqua venus pretty please? xx 🖤


such a free spirit!!! probably thinks a lot but isn’t always in their head like a pisces moon is. very calming vibes!! they seem very sweet & cute at first glance awhh!! in love they can be a bit individualistic, but give their best self to their partner & love them unconditionally :))

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can i ask you what you think of my placements? i feel like they low key tear me apart. Sun in Pisces/ Mercury, Moon in Virgo, Aquarius in Venus/ Uranus, and Neptune. Mars in Aries. Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus. and my rising is Capricorn- grace🐉💐✨

i can see why you think that! they’re kinda all over the place (which can be a bad or a good thing)

  • very caring person that just wants the best for people
  • intensely imaginative
  • tries to rationalize their own emotions
  • might have difficulty trying to understand their emotions?
  • anger is intense but quick
  • might exercise often?
  • sports would be a good outlet for them
  • a bit intimidating up front but wants to help others
  • extremely self-sacrificing but people don’t really see this
  • jupiter & saturn are contradicting each other, so staying grounded might be hard?
  • king of like a tug-of-war between expansiveness and constriction
  • can’t really say much about the outer planets because i don’t know what house they’re in :(

but yeah, you’re mostly water & earth which go good together, but your mars & venus are putting u all out of sorts!

much love!

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Aquarius Venus - I want someone who's my best friend, someone I can experience my life journey with. I want someone who I can share everything with (the good, the bad, the ugly) and I accept them for who they are too. It's unconditional love. But what I love is not what the world sees but what is beneath everything.What I love is something the world cannot understand.I'm in love with the deepest parts of the person that the universe cannot even see. Even if God says no, I will still love them.


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