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scorpion-flower · 9 hours ago
scorpion-flower watches Young Justice 2x3
Me @ Aqualad
Tumblr media
How do you take one of the best characters and turn him into this?
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why-i-love-comics · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aquaman #14 (1964)
written by Jack Miller art by Nick Cardy
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butwhyduh · 17 hours ago
I’m looking up stuff about Garth (and there isn’t enough!!) but homeboy is 5’10 and 235 lbs. he’s built like a damn brick. That’s the secret of Atlantis: how they lift because holy hell bro. I tried to look up athletes of similar size and I can’t. Like body builders are the closest but they don’t look like this
Tumblr media
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butwhyduh · a day ago
Night Swim
Tumblr media
Garth of Shayeris/Tempest x batsis!reader
Summary: pinning over him. I know like 7 people will read it but he’s too cute. Canon has no home here and timelines don’t matter.
Warning: dash of innuendos.
The apprentice of a justice league member that went on his own. That could describe almost all of your brothers but it also described the beautiful man standing before you. That currently didn’t even notice you were staring at him puppy dog eyed.
“So, are you ever going to do anything about it or just stare at him until he jumps back in the sea again,” Kori said beside you. You jumped and gave her a look. “Noise cancelling glass. He can’t hear us and no one is looking over here,” she reassured you.
“That obvious,” you asked turning to face her. She nodded with a little smile. Of course she thought it was cute. She had told Dick the first time she knew she was attracted to him. That’s how she was raised. No fear of rejection or shame in sexual attraction. You were raised by batman and had a healthy dose of both.
“There’s not like it would do any good. He’s never given me a second thought and I don’t even think he likes surface walkers anyways,” you deflected. She snorted.
“He dated Donna.”
“That shouldn’t count. She’s Themyscirian. They’re like perfect,” you rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know. I find Dick very appealing and he is human. Is his powers what attracts you to him?” She asked leaning on a desk. Her long curly red hair flowed over her shoulder in a way that only Kori could.
“No, of course not. I mean, they’re cool for sure. But it’s.. he’s nice and honorable and funny,” you said and she grinned almost proudly.
“And you can be nice and honorable and funny without any meta powers. Don’t put yourself down. And if you need help..” she started.
“No no no. No wing woman,” you said quickly.
“What do you need a wing woman for?” Dick asked behind you. Your eyes widened before you turned around.
“Nothing. Just some guy from college. That I don’t like,” you said in possibly the worst lie of your life. Dick narrowed his eyes at you.
“I can tell you’re lying but if I don’t know the truth, I can’t lie to Bruce about what you’re doing so don’t tell me,” Dick said. Wally, Donna, and Garth walked in the room.
“Wait, did I hear that Nightwing’s little sister is seeing someone? Is he ready to die,” Wally laughed clapping Dick on the shoulder.
“I’m not having this conversation,” you squeaked out before squeezing between the heroes, feeling yourself far too close to Garth for just a moment. Thank goodness M’gann wasn’t there to read your thoughts or feelings. Kori stayed mum on the subject and concentrated on the mission that Dick was prepping the team for.
You didn’t go on missions now. An injury that put an end to that. You just couldn’t maintain the level a vigilante needed. Sometimes you’d help with the computers but mainly you worked at Wayne Enterprise with Tim. You were just visiting on this trip and wasn’t involved in the mission.
“Wish us luck,” Kori said giving you a hug. You couldn’t help but watch Garth in his new blue suit that fit perfectly as the rest of the team walked by.
“Woah,” you said barely above silent but Kori hugging you caught it all and giggled quietly. You flushed and tried to stutter out some excuse.
“He is very handsome. Wish him luck,” she whispered in your ear. You made a little noise to disagree and she simply grinned at you while walking away.
“What was that,” Dick asked, suspicious.
“Nothing, just a joke. Good luck. Be safe,” you said to him and Dick didn’t argue but definitely didn’t believe you before joining his team.
As they left, your mind wandered to the first time you met Garth. It was a mission in a warehouse fire that had homeless people camping out on the second story. You walked carefully to the back office through dense fog with flames threatening any moment to see if there was anyone in there. The fire was getting really close and it was kinda dicey. But it was your first job away from Gotham and you were 14 and you felt the need to prove yourself.
You entered the room bent low with smoke overhead. You saw something move in the back of the room and you made your way towards it. But just as you crossed to the back half of the room, part of the ceiling collapsed, trapping you in the room and knocking you to the floor. You jumped back against the wall. There wasn’t a window and the movement? A toy.
You shrank against the wall and pushed your panic button. The fire was hot and you cursed wearing shorts. “Shit,” you breathed as it started moving closer. The air was starting to get thick. The flames jumped and you pressed against the wall with your eyes covered, expecting flames to hit you.
But instead you felt cool wet air and you opened your eyes to see water surrounding you. It appeared to float in air and you reached a hand out to touch it, confused. As soon as you felt the tips of your fingers dampened, the water crashed to the floor causing you to jump.
In there place was a teenage boy only a few years older than you, grinning. You stared at him in silence. He had just saved your life.
“Did you- how did you-“ you stuttered and his smile grew even wider.
“Aqualad, at your service. You wanna leave before it crashes on us?” He said and you took a step to wince in pain. Oh yeah, when you jumped you twisted your ankle. Your plan, like all the other bats, was to suck it up and hobble out. But Garth had other plans and he quickly scooped you up bridal style as soon as he noticed you couldn’t walk.
“Just hold on. I’ll carry you,” he said walked down the charred stairs carefully. You couldn’t take your eyes off his handsome face the whole time. Your heart pounded and your lack of experience with dating or liking anyone had you completely dumbfounded. “You can let go,” he said with a little smile.
You were out of the warehouse clinging to him past the time necessary and quickly moved away from him, feeling your skin flush. Dick gave you a look over before give Garth with a look you couldn’t recognize.
“She’s catatonic, Bro.”
“Feed her something.”
“Wally, food isn’t always the answer,” Dick said giving your shoulder a shake. You jumped and knocked over a glass of water.
“Sorry!” You yelped reaching over to grab a towel.
“I’ve got it,” Garth said and with a flick of his wrist the water started to pour in the sink rather than off the counter. As you watched the water jumped before flowing down the drain. You laughed a little and looked up to see Garth grinning at you. Dick stared suspiciously at you both before being pulled somewhere by another Titan.
“So was the mission okay?” You asked, not knowing what to say. Your crush was more ‘stare across the room’ rather than do anything about it.
“It went well,” he answered grabbing a water bottle and chugging it. You tried not to stare.
“Cool suit,” you said and immediately felt stupid. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Thanks,” he said without adding anything else, leaving an awkward air to hang.
“Damn, you might be from the sea but are soo dry, Garth,” Roy said clapping him on the back on his way to his room. Garth looked at you confused.
“It’s been awhile since I’ve been land side. Is being dry an insult now?” He asked.
“I mean, kinda. It just means boring,” you answered with a shrug. “You know Roy.”
“But you are dry. I mean, you live on land. Not that you’re boring,” he said with an awkward laugh. You smiled back at him before taking a sip of your drink nervously. “Does that mean you want to be wet?”
You coughed as you choked on the liquid. He tapped you on the back. “You okay?” He asked concerned. Donna walked by with a raised eyebrow but said nothing.
“I’m fine. No, that’s not how that works. It’s just we aren’t really dry. We’re like 80 percent water. Dry means like sand or something. Too dry,” you said and he nodded humoring you.
“It seems pretty dry here,” he said playfully.
“I can knock over more glasses. Get this place all wet again,” you quipped.
“Tempting. Or you can go swimming with me,” he answered back.
“Haha or I could- what? It’s nighttime,” you answered. “And doesn’t that do something to the currents or something?”
He gave you a dry look. “The currents come in at night? Yep. You’d be the safest person in the water swimming with me. I could navigate night swimming as a squirt. Come with?” Garth asked.
“I-“ you stared before mumbling.
“You what? I didn’t hear the last part,” he said.
“I... can’t swim,” you said and he stared at you and you felt like sliding under the counter and through the floor. Then Garth’s lips curled into a smile and he laughed a little. You looked down awkwardly.
“Oh you’re serious?”
“I’m sorry. I forget that swimming is learned skill here. I apologize,” he started.
“It’s okay. Really,” you insisted.
“Come with me. We’ll stay shallow,” he offered. You looked at him before nodding.
“This is a bad idea but let’s go,” you said pulling him along. Garth laughed as you pulled him out the back door towards the beach. “I forgot a bathing suit,” you admitted.
“I guess you could go insi-“ he trailed off as you pulled your shirt off and shorts to swim in your underwear and bra. He quickly looked away as you ran in the water to your waist.
“Coming in? Can’t believe I have to ask, merman” you said and he pulled off his shirt to quickly join you. You splashed him with water which quickly turned into a splashing war.
“Okay, you win!” You yelped as he bombarded you with water. He splashed you one last time and you turned away. Garth grabbed you by the waist as a wave splashed over you. You simply watched each other for a moment. You noticed your feet didn’t touch the ground anymore. You clung to him.
“I can’t touch,” you said a little panicky. He held on to you.
“Don’t worry. I’m right here. I won’t let you drown. It’s my job, remember?” Garth smiled. “Look around. Look at the moon.”
You looked up to see the luminous globe hanging above the sea. It lit a silvery path through the water, highlighting waves crashing. The beach seemed far away. The only sounds were the sea and a few night birds as well as Garth’s breath from being so close. You looked back at him and almost froze. He was gorgeous. The water truly was his element. His dark hair curled in the water and the moon glow highlighted his nose and collarbones. His purple eyes looked almost black in the darkness but the way he looked at you said a ton.
He looked down at your lips and you couldn’t help but lick them, tasting salt water. Garth bent a little and you turned your head up to touch lips softly. His arms wrapped closer around you as you kissed. Garth easily kept you above the water. Your brain was broken. You were kissing Garth, who you’ve had a crush on for a long time.
Suddenly water splashed over your head as a wave crashed on you both. You leaned away with a cough as water invaded your mouth and nose. Your eyes stung and watered a little.
“Sorry, I forgot to pay attention,” Garth admitted sheepishly.
“It’s okay,” you said with only a little cough. “Can we?”
“Get you on land? Yeah. You’re getting cold anyways,” Garth said before swimming towards the shore. It wasn’t a rough choppy swim the way people did. He seemed to simply glide through the water gracefully. So beautifully. Which was broken when he fell over on the beach.
“You’re the most graceful swimmer and trip on your feet when you hit ground,” you said with a laugh as you attempted to help him up. He was far too heavy to lift but appreciated the effort.
“Atlantean,” he shrugged. “Don’t make fun of me too much. You can’t even swim.”
“Yeah? You wanna take a dip in Gotham Harbor?” You asked and he laughed.
“Absolutely not. I don’t want to get some unknown cancer from whatever pollution they have. Or whatever rouge is living there,” he added.
“That’s why I can’t swim,” you answered. It really was cool in the wind and you quickly pulled on your clothing.
“But doesn’t batman have like multiple pools?”
“Yeah but I never used them. I was 15 when he took me in. Too old to learn,” you shrugged.
“You’re never to old to learn to swim. It’s important for safety,” Garth said. “Especially here,” he motioned at the beach.
“Especially if I keep kissing Tempest in the water?” You quipped.
“That’s just a bonus,” he said pulling you close by the hips. You grinned up at him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders.
And a spotlight shined glaringly at you both. You covered your eyes and looked away.
“Come inside,” boomed the voice of your brother. “Now.”
And that’s how you got a 20 minute lectures on the danger of night swimming and risk of hypothermia and Garth got the shovel talk. But despite the fact that Dick was really angry, you didn’t regret a thing and went to bed with wet hair and smile on your face.
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
random s1 headcanons
i honestly don’t know if these have been done before
wally is lactose intolerant but he kinda just ignores it
conner (even though it’s a little awkward) gives the BEST HUGS
m’gann’s hugs come in a close second
dick has a caffeine addiction
if kaldur was in orchestra he’d play the cello and he’d be really really good at it too
artemis can sing
wally has terrible eyesight but he wears contacts every day so when he wears his glasses for the first time in front of the team everyone’s just shocked™
they eat dinner once a week together at the cave and rotate who’s in charge of cooking that week
no one ever cooks seafood though bc they think it’s cannibalism for kaldur
they all call artemis other greek god names just to annoy her
“hey demeter” “no, aphrodite went last week”
kaldur sucks at charades
m’gann always wakes up first and is in charge of making breakfast every morning for anyone who’s sleeping over atm
conner plays football or hockey at school
zatanna had a harry potter phase and tries to re-enact the spells
it’s just her saying the spell and then her saying the real spell really fast and quiet
“wingardium leviosa!” “etativel”
dick has a lot of computers at home and places them far away just so that he can do the swively thing with wheeled chairs
you know the thing
m’gann’s eyebrows are PERFECT
dick remembers everyone’s orders at every restaurant
the team has gotten into arguments on whether or not salt should be in baked goods
wally tries to explain the science of it to conner and kaldur, who surprisingly disagree
m’gann ends up adding it in anyway when they aren’t paying attention
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
kaldur: i am offended. i am angry. i am very tired... so i'm going to take a nap, but when i wake up, oh you are in for it. kaldur, four hours later: how dare you?
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
do you ever wonder what the other maneuvers are we saw maneuver a 7 couple times but like do they just not use maneuvers 1-6 is there only one maneuver but they called it maneuver 7 because it sounds cooler do they literally just not know the other ones do they choose to use that one specifically the most because it’s fun i guess we’ll never know
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jlaclassified · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Aqualad by Steve Lightle
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incorrectyj · 3 days ago
m’gann: i think we should have glowstick juice injected into our bones so that when we break them there’s a fun little surprise!
artemis: what’s the surprise?
kaldur: blood poisoning
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Lois Lane: So, Aqualad, what made you want to be a hero?
Aqualad: when I was younger I loved the ocean. It was my favorite element. It was my home.
Lois Lane: [taking fast notes]
Aqualad: but one day...
Lois Lane: [nods encouragingly] [leans forward in anticipation]
Aqualad: some jerk stole my sandwich so I used my powers to bring him to justice and people called me Aqualad, they thought I was a hero because I was wearing my swim trunks and skin care face mask.
Lois Lane:
Aqualad, wiping a tear: I never got my sandwich back though...
@friendlyneighborhoodborg this is it
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ofcanalave · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
When clicking this link, you’ll be redirected to a page containing 84 75 x 75 px icons of Garth Aqualad from the Teen Titans (2003) comics, Teen Titans GO! These icons have some modified panels and have been edited to have all sides be of equal measurement.
trigger warnings: eye strain, drowning, water, fire, violence, scopophobia
Please give this post a ♡ or ↻ if planning to use. Credit would also be greatly appreciated !!
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butwhyduh · 4 days ago
Would y’all read something if I wrote about Garth/aqualad?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wonderlandifulcat · 5 days ago
Wehen you realize the origonal titans were just 2 dudes in speedo's, two dudes in leggings and a lady in a bodysuit that was decently modest compared to most female superheros uniforms.
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hashiramallows · 5 days ago
AAAAA your kori piece was so cute!!! would you pls write something with kaldur from young justice where his s/o is part of the team (without powers, but is a skilled fighter)? maybe they're cooking and kaldur sits nearby or something domestic like that. love your work!! <3
hi anon! thank you for your kind words! hope you enjoy this one!! LYSM - Tori
new normal | Kaldur’ahm x reader ♡
A nice smell takes over the kitchen as you continue to cook, you're filled with confidence that this will turn out good, the team had come back from a mission just a couple days before, and cooking aways brought a sense a comfort to you after the stress of the vigilante lifestyle. It's just such a regular thing that most people do, and for that same reason, it makes you feel that even if just for a moment, you're living a normal life just like everyone else, these little things that are overlooked by normal civillians are treasured by people such as vigilantes, who often treat them as a luxury in the middle of their chaotic lives.
"Smells good" Kaldur says as he casually enters the kitchen, coming behind you to give you a quick kiss on the cheek.
He moves his hands, and you thing he might wrap his arms around your waist, instead he swiftly takes a small piece of the food you're cooking, putting in his mouth before you could protest, there is not a trace of regret in his face as he chews on it.
"Kaldur!!" You say in a scolding tone, giving him a cold look "It's not ready, go sit down!!" 
“I was only curious to see if it tasted good too”
“You’ll see it when it’s ready” 
He cuckles at your reaction but he does as you say, sitting nearby, elbows resting on the kitchen counter as he watches you cook, there is a gentle smile in his face when he sees you roll your eyes at him. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the both of you aren’t married yet, your dynamic is so natural it almost seems like you’ve been together for centuries. Even if the life the both of you live is so unconventional, you’re lucky to have each other, and to have created this world where you can build these estable and homely moments in the middle of your chaotic lives.
You’re glad to have created this new normal with him.
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woahjaybird · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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woahjaybird · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
all of this... so perfect... the matching hoodies that donna made, 3/5 of the group with bareass legs, the little childhood crush that both wally and roy have for donna, donna dumping a gallon of water on garth, all those nicknames,,, dick putting his goddamn finger under donnas nose to prevent her from sneezing, them just... dancing... the original teen titans were the best teen titans...
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