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When I first got into astrology I was shocked by how reliable Aquarius’ were in the comments of pretty much any astrology content. They always had comments about how the description didn’t fit them and at first I was willing to chalk it up to how weird they like to be perceived. As I got deeper into astrology though I realized that the reason that they can’t see what others can see about them is because they are such a society oriented sign. They prefer to define themself by ideas and resent being nailed down. It’s why it’s very common for Aquarius placements to not realize they have certain traits or not recognize themself when you try to tell them about themselves (which I don’t recommend in general if you want to have friends). It doesn’t help that they’re fixed and the least flexible of the air signs so they can be a little stubborn when receiving new information. It can also work the reverse way, because Aquarius placements do not identify a solid self within their perception of society and ideas, they can both hear people talk about them and not recognize it and sometimes talk about themselves to others without realizing.

Basically, if you’ve heard of the looking glass self, most other signs will look at society and try to imagine how they look to others but Aquarians often stop at just looking at society and they call that “self”. They think of themself not as one person but of many ideas which is part of why they get upset when people try to pin them down. While it’s true that they might not be able to see how they come across to others it’s not so important that they do! (Also this always depends not just on their other placements but on the particular Aquarius in question because we all have free will and our charts don’t dictate our lives they just give us the skeleton or the blueprint). 

In summary, everyone is here for a different purpose and Aquarians aren’t necessarily here to be able to comment “me!” under posts on astrology pages lol.

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EXACTLYHEHDHD im like “maybe the mercury signs and cap because theyre always top dogs” but then im like… aquarius has common sense and a head full of information, they r simply supreme. like i can give gemini & virgo credit but im honestly trying to see someone convince me otherwise cause im curious

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When you give a pair of Aquarians a platform..

When I was in 7th grade, my english teacher organized a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with all of her classes, and since it was all in Shakespearean English she chose two students to narrate it in a relatable way. So she picked me and another girl to sit on opposite sides of the stage and converse with each other on phones like we were studying to clarify for the audience what was going on between scenes. I was only acquainted with this girl but as we worked on writing our scripts together we realized we got along really well and had a lot in common. It turned out we both had some griping to do about the people in our grade, and being a pre-teen and generally well-liked, I assumed it was just me who lowkey disliked the way everyone in our grade was. I felt their attitudes and ideals were all out of whack and it bothered me. Why did everyone have to belittle others to feel important? Why did the girls care so much about impressing the boys who obviously didn’t even know what deodorant or showering was? Why were we so wrapped up in needing approval? Why did it seem like the only thing anyone cared about was who was crushing on who and who was backstabbing who? Being such a thinker, these questions bounced around in my mind all the time and I felt pretty strongly about them. My co-narrator actually felt the same way and we ended up weaving that into our scripts on purpose and cackling about the shade we were about to throw the whole time. I remember when we finally put on the show, feeling a bit victorious as if I was finally able to say my piece, and like maybe I wasn’t alone in my worldview afterall. The girl I narrated with wasn’t someone I expected to feel so understood by, and at that age you don’t really expect to feel understood at all. It seems small but to me it was pretty eye-opening at the time and I remember it fondly every now and then. Years later, I view the world in an astrological lens and I got to thinking about this experience recently and started wondering what this girl’s sign was so I looked her up on Facebook and my brain almost short-circuited when I realized she was also an Aquarius! It all made sense! If you give a couple of Aquarians the spotlight, they will shift your perspective… and also probably tell you indirectly how unique they think they are.

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A sense of what is appropriate in a situation is often completely missing in Aquarians.

They can blurt out the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune moments — and when everyone else is cringing already, they look around at the others and often still don‘t get what they did.

Aquarius‘ emotional detachment.

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