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amoonallsa day ago
Mercury-Chiron aspects especially exact, no one gonna believe what you say easily. Which is why it's so important for you to avoid yourself from sticky situations where there's minimal witness. People believe more on what they see rather than what you say even when what you say is the truth. Be careful with that
If we talk about astro derivatives, Virgo is the 2nd house of Leo. The 2nd house deals with self-esteem and self-worth. Which is why work is so important for Leo in terms of prestigiousness. Them not being able to go to great school or get great job may affect their self-esteem a lot
Scorpio Mars in solar return basically give energy of "I can't do this anymore". It's a very good placement if in that year you want to change something that has been dysfunctional
8th house and 12th house placements native really feed into sadness, anger, depression energy from other people. It's like their point of attraction goes deeper when they know the person that they admire earlier just because superficial things like looks, intelligence, or talent are actually going through a lot. That's why they love to stalk people's rant accs and lowkey see that as cool
Since 6th house gives description of the environment of the work, Pluto in 6th house or Scorpio in 6th house is indeed very likely to work in a company where the workers there often have a higher risk of death. It's as practical as working in a construction company or oil and gas. But it doesn't mean that the native itself is at higher risk of death. Even if the native work as admin in the company which basically never go to the site, the company itself has fit the description of the environment that Pluto in 6th house or Scorpio in 6th house describe
Oftentimes, it's the Mercury sign that stands out, not so much about Rising or Midheaven. Especially if you meet new people in group chat, your teacher, boss, or your acquaintances in school that you have known for a long time before you get into astrology. Because the Mercury sign really describes how you talk and we communicate with people most of the time through talk or texting. That's why it's much easier to say astro is correct when they have the same sun sign as their mercury sign. Cuz basically, you guess from their mercury sign. Unless you see them on social media or they don't talk much. That's where guessing Rising or Midheaven come first
The most helpful thing Capricorn or Scorpio placements can do to themselves is to learn through other Capricorn or Scorpio placements' life. It's gonna be a tailored made guide for you and liberate you at the same time. Most of you have a similar pattern, that's why seeing them solving their life issues is gonna help you solve yours. Or just give you renewed mentality
In some cases, Venus-Saturn aspect, especially the hard aspect natives can go through divorce or being left by their partner. Capricorn Venus too sometimes. Most of the time, it boils to the same root issues: keep marrying the other person even after receiving disapproval from the native's parents or ignoring the obvious red flags. That's just the thing with Saturn aspect. Ignore the issues as long as you want until you can no longer take it and the dam breaks. But they indeed can marry again when they learn the lesson to not ignore things and wait until the right person come without them actually having to look for the person
Oftentimes, the last straw that result in this Venus-Saturn aspects' divorce is the other partner cheating
Also this Venus-Saturn aspect natives and some Capricorn Venus can go into a period of being single after divorce for a long time. The endurance in this period is really tested. But they really can be a great mom and most of the times, the children come first for them that they may marry 10-20 years later after their children have grown up
Really sad thing is that some Capricorn Sun/Moon natives lose one of their parent throughout their life or they just live away from their parents for quite long time
It's almost always the death of Scorpio/8th house's close people that become their wake up call over their dysfunctional life. Their life is always surrounded by death whether from a big family or people who happen to be in their surrounding. But it's the death of one person that they look up to or be closed with that change things forever and this unfortunately often occur at the most dysfunctional period of this Scorpio/8th house's life
Moon-Neptune aspects, especially hard ones and Pisces Moon/Neptune can be found in the chart of adoptee. That's cuz the bio mom in this aspect is described as lost. Moon-Chiron too can be found in the chart of adoptee
Chiron's wounds can be literal based on the sign. Sagittarius Chiron: being hurted by a teacher or during college's time. Leo Chiron can mean that they are hurted by someone who has Leo placements or someone who has Leo characters
No one can understand Aries men's nature as best as Aries placements' women. That also unfortunately includes these men's most sexist and misogyny behaviors
(18+) Mars in 12th house synastry can basically result in the house person has sexual dream of the Mars person. Even if that means that the house person is just a witness
A lot of Sag, Aqua, and Capricorn placements' female writers can really talk about sexual occurences in their books as if they are talking about weather. It's like they talk about things that are seen as taboo in matter of facts approach. Moms with these placements too can use the same approach when explaining about the topic to the children aka being brutally honest
It's the people who have their planets in your 3rd house that may seem impossible for you to defeat them in school or intelligence wise. Or you can just end up having different interests with them. Competing with people with the planets in your 3rd house is quite useless. On the other case tho, it's the people with planets in your 10th house that you may have inclination to compete with them
3rd house placement(s) is a classic case of someone who doesn't need to study hard at school but still get good scores whereas 6th house placement(s) is someone who has to study hard to get good scores. But again, 3rd house has risk of go flunk in college and work since their carefree nature can cause them to be left behind on more structured and serious environment
As stereotypical as it is, Aries placements are always aware of the potentials of their competition and the undeveloped ones may try to beat the seeds of that through direct and indirect insults (passive aggressiveness, quiping, watching their moves, and else). They really can display shady energy if they are not careful. This behaviors are specifically amplified if they have Saturnian placements or Saturn aspects
Idk who need to hear this but Saturn placements can get into bad situations in their life if they don't learn to be lowkey with their academic achievement. The more you show your ambitions, the more people hate you esp if you respond by showing more ambitions and apathy to them. Guaranteed that they'll start to do active shady moments by qiuping you or picking at your other faults. The lowkey that I mentioned earlier doesn't mean that you're not or lessening the quality of your study. Saturn placements people in my life tackle this by socializing with people, being as normal and cheerful people as they can, while studying so hard in their home. Works wonders. No one gets jealous when they achieve things. In fact, they receive sympathy from other people cuz people somehow can know these Saturn placements' buried sadness and pain. With Saturn placements, it's about playing with people's sympathy and perception. Remember, Saturn is the traditional ruler of the 10th house which is how you are seen by other people. Though I have mentioned that you keep going despite other people's judgements can result in success, it's much safer and lighter for your emotional and mental being when you play to deceive people's perceptions. Social media is a great tool to deceive people. Post only you going out, not you hustling. Trust me, you gonna receive much less hostiles from other people
It's almost always people with water and air influences in their chart that can pick the behaviors of people that most people don't even realize that their behaviors are noticeable by someone else. That's an epitome of water influences pick subdued energy and air influences formulate that into words
It's quite common that women who have Libra and Taurus placements in their inner placements can look like or have expression of Venus botticelli or The Empress in Rider-Waite tarot even if they are poc
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chaeshitty2 days ago
褰 note: this is my first pac and i'm really excited to present it to you. all you have to do is choose a pile and you get random facts about your future spouse. keep in mind it's a general reading and it might not be for you or might not be 100% relatable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pile 1 pile 2 pile 3
pics cr: @4right , check them out!
-i'm sorry to say but your FS, pile 1, seems a little problematic right of the bat, but i do feel like it's only their current energy
-they could be really clumsy or generally have a bad luck
-scorpio 6th house and scorpio in big 3, overall water dominant natal chart
-really sexual, sex is important to them and bc of that they can be a player
-anxiety, anxiety, anxiety
-cancer moon
-traumatic childhood
-working so hard but getting no results
-things will get better for them don't worry alot, i believe you who choose pile 1, are really emotional and worry about your fs before you meet them
-they are good at art and will have a luck working as a digital(?) artist but they need to sort some things out first
-pile 1 am i your fs?? 銋犮厾
-do you see number 2121 a lot?
-your FS is currently going thru a rough transformation which will bring them better opportunities
-i feel like they are your age or maybe a little younger, definitely a student, i'm getting high school student?
-also when you meet them, you'll go thru a rough transformation too and they will help you in it
-they like colours blue and purple?
-i'm getting libra energy so they could be libra rising/sun, but i see them having more earth element signs, definitely virgo in big three, probably moon
-balanced individuals
-also very caring
-they probably come from a rich family
-i see them buying expensive aesthetic stuff
-winter: maybe you'll meet them in winter or their fav season is winter or even their bday, capricorn sun(?)
-they like hot chocolate
-they have royal '80s aesthetic and for some of you they actually could be from royal family
-sagittarius is strong here and i believe it is their venus and midheaven
-overall they mostly give of airy and watery vibes, like aquarius and pisces in big 3, maybe even scorpio
-cold water (?), they like cold water
-they are not really in tune with their emotions but they have time to grow
-very smart, but i wouldn't say they have the best school scores
-type of people who don't study anything for a month and still somehow manage to get Cs and Bs, if lucky enough even As
-but they don't really like school
-they like logical stuff but not school, it's illogical to them (let's be honest, school systems are so dumb)
-their dream country is Norway, i can see why
-they are lucky af and you w them
-they like mint choco and mint candy/gum
-tbh they are revolutionary, please your fs is just my type, can i get married to them too?? please??
welp i finally finished it. i really hope at least some of you can relate and i hope it's entertaining. i'm sorry if i made any of you uncomfortable in any way w this pac. please leave a feedback, like and rb so more ppl can see. mwah <3
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desdoesastrology14 hours ago
The Mars Signs (and what they fantasize about)
Tumblr media
鈾 Mars in Aries likes to fantasize about chasing after the person they like or being chased after themselves. These are the kinds of people who love being tied up during sex, but they're not afraid to take control of the situation if you're not performing the way they like.
鈾 Mars in Taurus likes to fantasize about taking care of their partner or having their partner take care of them. Don't let that fool you though, as they're usually into really rough sex while using pet names, collars, or sex toys.
鈾 Mars in Gemini likes to fantasize about receiving and sending pictures to their partners, sometimes they like to send pictures in a very public setting because they enjoy the thrill of almost being caught in the act. They're the type to enjoy sexting too.
鈾 Mars in Cancer likes to fantasize about being the one in control or they enjoy the idea of their partner being in control of them. There's a love for pet names too; there's a secret love for being called degrading names and being told to take what they're given.
鈾 Mars in Leo likes to fantasize about having their partner dressed up for their eyes and their eyes only. This can translate into a love for lingerie, collars, or anything that they believe will make their partner look even more stunning than they already are.
鈾 Mars in Virgo likes to fantasize about being taken care of, especially in regards to their every day needs. Don't be fooled by that though, they're the types to enjoy degrading their partner (or being degraded themselves) and they likely have a thing for sex toys.
鈾 Mars in Libra likes to fantasize about dressing up for their partner or having their partner dress up for them, they're very similar to Mars in Leo. They're the type to send their partner photos at random points during the day just to see their reaction.
鈾 Mars in Scorpio likes to fantasize about wearing collars or anything that shows that they're "owned" by their partner (or vice versa with making it known that their partner is "owned" by them). They're the type to be into sexual torture too.
鈾 Mars in Sagittarius likes to fantasize about being the one in charge, telling their partner what to do, and they like to believe that they'd dominant their partner. They're really into sex toys and "trying anything once" just for the experience.
鈾 Mars in Capricorn likes to fantasize about dominating their partner and pleasuring their partner to the point where they can't speak or form a coherent sentence (or vice versa, they want that done to them). Very into taking care of their partner too.
鈾 Mars in Aquarius likes to fantasize about receiving pictures or texts from their partner that shows what they're wearing or what they want / wish to do with the Mars native. They can swing either way, but they're very quick to take control of their partner if needed.
鈾 Mars in Pisces likes to fantasize about being taken care of by their partner and they have a thing about wanting or needing a piece of clothing from their partner that smells like them. They're very into sex toys too and, like Mars in Scorpio, they're into sexual torture.
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punkpandapatrixka day ago
Note to Self when Loving the Sun Signs鈽锔 Pt.2
So many Astrology blogs out there making you feel like you should change yourself when you鈥檙e crushing on someone. This Sign likes this and that, so if you鈥檙e the opposite of that鈥 either you fit yourself into the mould of the other person鈥檚 ideal type or you have no hopes whatsoever so move on.
I think that鈥檚 super toxic, and degrading. So what if a person with this particular Sun Sign likes this or that kind of person? You shouldn鈥檛 try to fit (or even fake) your personality into their ideals so they accept you. Nor should you walk on eggshells all the time because you know the other person doesn鈥檛 like certain behaviours!
There is a way to love another person in a healthy and sane way, and that includes you being an empowered enough individual to not take bullshit from the other person. Because, let鈥檚 admit it, Sun traits are often unintentionally toxic because it is our ego.
Ego isn鈥檛 necessarily good or bad, though.
Let鈥檚 delve into each Sun Sign鈥檚 Higher and Lower expressions of ego. This is a healthier way to look at a person鈥檚 Sun traits that encompass how someone responds or reacts to the outside world. Whether you see these as good or bad, it depends on the context of the reality of your relation with this person.
[Back to Master Masterlist] [Part 1]
鈿栵笍Libra Sun
The always pretty diplomat. Charming people who know how to be the life of a party whilst maintaining a degree of calm, posh, and, politeness. How do they do that?? Totally giving and caring under that cool exterior!
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
They're people who know how to relax and have a good time. When you're with them, you feel calm and confident because they seem to have this ability to affect people positively via their own quiet charisma. In a way, being with them can kinda be addictive馃
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
Like all the other Air Signs, they don't know how to express their emotions well. They suppress and repress a lot of their feelings to maintain that cool exterior. They could hate you (or someone else) a lot but pretend like they're cool with whatever just because they can't fucking communicate negative feelings. Cowardly, if you ask me.
How not to lose yourself when loving Libra Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Libra Sun people need to learn empowered gentleness. These people are naturally gentle and kind, but the world is often not like that. Libra Sun people are often taken advantage of because they're always polite, gentle, and diplomatic. But if they allow this to happen all the time and never stand up for themselves, if they never express their opinions, which they have A LOT, they're only succumbing to self-loathing. Hurt people hurt people, remember that. If your Libra Sun plays hot and cold with you, remember it's just them being confused as fuck. About everything.
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
馃Scorpio Sun
The psycho of the zodiac. The dark web of the zodiac. The crazy FBI of the zodiac. You can never own them; they own you. The worst type to have a fling with. Scorpio Suns are people you want to have as a best friend or a real lover. Unless you can do that, get away from these psychos!
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
You know what? Despite most dark things we've heard about Scorpios, these people are all about honesty and loyalty. Once you receive their love or friendship, you're in for life. Until you screw up. Scorpio Suns are totally nurturing (they're Water after all!) but they're crazy selective with whom they share that affection.
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
Emotional terrorists! Remember, these are Water Signs with a lot of intellect and keenness for darkness. When expressed negatively, Scorpio Suns are literally psychos and narcissists. They aren't shy about destroying your sense of self-worth and self-respect just because they wanted to. Nope, they wouldn't regret having done so either. Vengeance is a dark Scorpio's middle name.
How not to lose yourself when loving Scorpio Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Scorpio Sun people need to learn what it means to be... Scorpio. This placement in the Sun is usually not very easy for the native just because it's really dark, whilst the Sun is all about the light! Scorpio Suns could battle a lot with self-loathing because this world just happens to not appreciate their unique kind of crazy. And that, may drive them towards wanting to ruin another person. Don't give in to that. Remind them that balance is possible and darkness is nothing to be ashamed of. An empowered Scorpio Sun can be comfortable with being sassy and savage without losing the purity of their Water Heart, you know!馃惓
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
馃帬Sagittarius Sun
The philosopher who's at the same time a party animal. WOW! They're fire, they're savage, they're THE bitch of the zodiac! You can be their friend only if they like you. Super bossy and authoritative, even if some of them will try to curb that馃槵
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
Fun. Unorthodox. They're really unique, you know. They think differently and aren't prejudiced. Although that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't judgemental. So that's what's weird about them. They're not prejudiced. But they can be harshly judgemental. Because they want their freedom. THEIR freedom. You think they care about you. Pffft...
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
A lot. They're super selfish. If you think Aries and Taurus are selfish because they're the babies of the zodiac, this one is a selfish old prick because they think they've got the entire world figured out. Nope, you aren't Aquarius, so please shut up.
How not to lose yourself when loving Sagittarius Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Sagittarius Sun people need to learn to become a teacher. Yeah, like literally, 9th House, man. Your underdeveloped Sagittarius Sun is a thinker and they can be ultra philosophical. But if they only use that to become a martyr, or an angry SJW, all they'll ever become is a toxic activist. These people can become a high-conflict personality (yeah, it's a thing). If they aren't actual activists, they'll be entertained enough being mean to you and engage in copious debates about what's wrong with this or that or this or that or whatever. And no, you can't win. They're aren't changing their opinion; their mission is to change your opinion, for whatever egomaniacal reason.
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
馃悙Capricorn Sun
The career-builder! The CEO wannabe! The overthinker! The boring corporate slave, basically. Until they are able to express their dreams more artistically. Capricorn is my 7th House, honestly I hate this energy, sorry LMAO
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
They can be super serious about making their dreams come true, so if financial security is important to you, you don't have anything to worry if you're with them. However, these people might make work a higher priority than you.
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
Non-committal? Casual sex left and right? They're hasty when it comes to stuff like that, but can never make a commitment. They're afraid of being tied down by people who can't share their visionary career goals. Honestly, in terms of romance these people are amongst the fucking WORST.
How not to lose yourself when loving Capricorn Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Capricorn Sun people need to learn to balance their creative energy. Unless they are originally in the artistic or entertainment industry, Capricorn Sun people in general will have a huge wall of duties that prevents them from exercising their more artistic qualities. That's why the only way they know how to channel their creative energy is through SEX. Well, that can be ultra TOXIC if they're not gonna ever commit, right? You decide if it's a game you wanna play!
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
馃徍Aquarius Sun
Well, whoever said Aquarius is the fun-loving humanitarian of the zodiac forgot to mention that these are some of the disturbingly highly manipulative people you could find on Earth. What else can you do when you're so smart? Of course you think you can figure out and persuade everybody.
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
Uhh... they're pretty chaotic, actually? Male or female, Aquarius Suns have this cool and refreshing exterior to them. And they are often SUPER attractive people, even if they aren't traditional handsome or beautiful! They're soft-spoken and polite, so their company is super enjoyable. Oh, and they're SMART for days. You can talk or listen to them for days.
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
Chaotic as fuck. Troubled water under the bridge type of situation. Because their mind runs a mile every second. If they don't learn to temper their own intellect, they become the psychos that seek to manipulate their way through life. These are some psychos that may kidnap and murder females. I'm serious! But most of the time, they're just too lazy to carry that out, so... you're lucky.
How not to lose yourself when loving Aquarius Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Aquarius Sun people need to learn to incorporate more vanilla into their life LMAO But seriously, I think the scent of natural vanilla can have a relaxing effect on their nerves. Plus, vanilla is like the most casually boring flavour and scent, I think they can learn to appreciate more the normal things life has to offer. It's because an Aquarius kind of Ego always wants to be different and unique. There's nothing wrong with that though, as long as the native can handle being misunderstood by others. Take it easy with them, they're actually often anxious even if they try so hard to hide it. They're often good people who just don't understand how normal people function.
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
馃帍Pisces Sun
Constantly self-proclaiming themselves as the old souls of the zodiac. Hey, Aquarius is also an old soul. So is Capricorn and the rest of the Signs belonging in this Part 2. They need to get over their sensitive ass and not make that an excuse for their bitchiness.
Higher Expression (wonderful/admirable qualities)
They know to take their time; these people don't tend to jump into a whirlwind of romance. But of course, that's because they are wary of people. Gotta protect that sensitive heart, you know. It's classic but... they're really good in bed. Oh, and they probably love their parents more than you.
Lower Expression (insufferable/toxic qualities)
Passive-aggressive. The coward who has a lot to say to defend their sensitive ass but not sure if they can ever be a fighter, so they end up being only sarcastic. Sarcastic for daaaaaays. Can you handle that? Their words can sting like fuck but they'll blame you for making them hurtful that way.
How not to lose yourself when loving Pisces Sun
The Sun in Astrology is about us learning to master balancing Higher and Lower expressions of ego. Pisces Sun people need to learn to die every day. Figuratively, man. With this placement, they take in a lot of other people's energy on a daily basis. Depending on how strong the native is, that could be torture, you know. That's why this placement is more difficult than most people give it credit for. They need kind and gentle nurturing all the time, but that needs to first come from themselves. They can't rely on just another person to settle the chaos in their world because it's not the other person who's afflicted by the sorrow of the world. It's them.
鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉. 鈽嗏櫔掳銉.
Feel free to support me on Patreon if you love this kind of content馃崙I create stories and tarot readings that calm the mind & heal from within馃崚
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cosmic-1112 days ago
馃尃Astro Notes (11)馃尃
trigger warning: trauma, anxiety, self-worth
Leo/5th house Venus, Leo placements aspecting the ascendant, Leo placements in general and *especially* Leo risings will have a certain warmth to them and attract attention wherever they go, even if they have hella anxiety, self-worth issues, trauma etc, and even truly hate themselves; it鈥檚 just in their nature to shine, whether they see that light or not. Sorry, I don鈥檛 make the rules besties鈥 it is just the way it is. It鈥檚 like getting a parrot to stay quiet. And I haven鈥檛 been proven wrong on this yet, so lighten up my troubled Leo placements! Even if you don鈥檛 鈥榤ake it 鈥 or feel important/recognized, you are truly a star anyway. (no literally tho, because the sun is a star)
Also, (check for tropical and sidereal astrology) I believe that most Scorpio sun with Leo rising people are literally one of the most magnetic people ever, no matter how nasty the person truly is. Their chart ruler is the sun (since it鈥檚 Leo rising we鈥檙e talking about, and Leo rules the sun) and their sun is in scorpio鈥攕o excluding the moon sign, they鈥檙e a walking mix of fixed Leo and scorpio energy, which is literally magnet material, since they have this core (sun) which feels strong, sexual and reliable, and this outward bearing of a cool, genuine, warm person. And I always believed that fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are one of the most charismatic and influential signs.
Anyway, they have the natural inclination and ability to project warmth and charisma over anything and appear redeeming. Most of them are naturally convincing people, which make them good actors and actresses, and the fact is that they will grab your attention in one way or the other, even if you dislike them. I have felt it up close and personal. Many people mention Pisces as being the chameleon zodiac sign, but y鈥檃ll have not seen a Leo rising, and especially one with a libra Mars, amongst other libra/7th house placements or literally ANY mutable sign besides sagittarius, in action.
If these people possess even a strand of intelligence or calculation in them, then you will, more often than not, not notice the red flags until you are too far in. I had someone close to me with this placement and I did not notice the red flags (nothing major though) firstly because I was young and didn鈥檛 know what the hell a red flag was, but SECONDLY because I at the time enjoyed the warmth and feeling of being valued that this person gave me, but even later when I healed many things regarding myself I still stuck around, until I finally realized that this good energy they鈥檙e giving out, in contrast to some other tendencies they had beneath the surface, was not worth sticking around for and did not align to the person I was becoming anymore.
Tumblr media
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bratbimbo2 hours ago
Astro Observations! 馃挆
馃巰 I notice a lot of fire risings have bad relationships with food wether it鈥檚 eating until they鈥檙e uncomfortably full, or not eating enough.
馃巰 People with 2 or more earth signs in their big 3 give off a very earthy, calm, chill vibe!
馃巰 Aquarius risings make people feel like they need to be validated by them.. like people just suck up Aquarius risings so that they will like them.
馃巰 Mother鈥檚 of individuals who have a Scorpio moon probably want them to live with them for all eternity and never want them to actually experience life鈥
馃巰 Libra rising鈥檚 know sososo much more then they let off, they act so dumb and clueless AND oblivious but they actually know a lot & are good at deceiving people鈥
馃巰 I鈥檓 much more afraid of Virgo & Taurus placements together then I am of just Capricorn placements, Taurus=stubbornness & Virgo鈥檚 perfectionism.
馃巰 Scorpio chirons may have a romantic partner that died (I鈥檝e seen this in more then 2 people鈥檚 charts)
馃巰 Earth signs in the 2nd house work extremely hard for their wealth & usually have a very good amount of money in the bank.
馃巰 People with 1 or more planets in the first house can look good in any aesthetic - prove me wrong.
Tumblr media
馃巰 Pisces rising鈥檚 can appear very fake, like they try to act 鈥渃ool鈥 or their personality just doesn鈥檛 seem like the real them.
馃巰 Pallas in the 5th house are talented and good at coming up with original/creative ideas!
馃巰 Sagittarius moon, rising, Venus, and Mars like listening to songs that are in different languages especially Spanish & French.
馃巰 I鈥檝e also seen that specifically Sagittarius rising鈥檚 like to listen to a little bit of everything.
馃巰 Saturn in 11th house people are really selective and careful when it comes to friends.
馃巰 Capricorn moons probably have their mom named 鈥渕om鈥 or their moms actual name saved on their phone.
馃巰 Aries mars = commanding
馃巰 Neptune in the 7th house individuals can attract spiritual & artistic partners, they can also give more then they receive in relationships.
馃巰 Air rising鈥檚 like playing sports like soccer especially Libra!
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loveemagicpeace21 hours ago
馃Astro Notes馃
馃尲Capricorn rising has different vibe than caps suns. They don鈥檛 put work in front everybody else and are more understanding.
馃尭Juno represents marriage and what you need in a partner. Whichever sign passed through Juno on your astrology birth chart is allegedly your soulmate's sign. You have to had the same juno or compatible one to get along with someone.
馃尮Having a lot of planets in your 4th house means that in your life you will deal with a lot of family stuff and your home. Pluto in this house can means that a lot of transformations will come thought your familly. Pluto is also connected to the father, 4th house pluto could mean an over-demanding father, fight in the family. A lot can going on in your home.
馃尶A lot of people with pisces in 8th house struggle with addiction or use drugs, alcohol. They can easily become addicted to them.
馃Stellium in scorpio ( i also have that) you can become obssesed with things and people. If you for example love some series u can easily become obsessed with it. Or food you can clearly become obsessed with it and eating the same food all over again haha. Discovering the truth goes well for you and you search for it until you find it. When u love someone you can鈥檛 give up on them. And it can takes a lot of time to heal from pain.
馃寠If u have a lot of water placements u really enjoy the music. Many times you can find a good feeling at heartbreaking songs. Some people will not understand that but broken songs can actually gives u mood. You can find pleasure in heart broken things. U can really feel the movies with sad scene or music of artist u can really feel the pain that he have. Things, people, emotions, anger, sadness, happiness hits u different.
The most selfless signs :
鉂勶笍Pisces even if people don鈥檛 see that ,they always put others in front them and people with 12th house placements are like that too.
鉂勶笍Cancers they can be moody but they will always help u and care about u. They do a lot for others and especially moon in cancer are selfless and kind.
鉂勶笍Capricorn moon and rising even if they don鈥檛 show their feelings always, they are selfless people and they never want a bad things to u and they are always truly happy for u.
鉂勶笍Virgos are critical and perfectionists and often comes off as a judgy person but they are actually very selfless people. They have a lot of pride but when it comes to helping other, they help and in fact, they sacrifice a lot for loved ones and family.
鈽锔 With the moon in Aquarius, I鈥檝e noticed that they don鈥檛 show a lot of emotion and many times they turn out to be very cold people, not independent people emotionally. Of course, if you have water placements in your chart emotions show so much more. But they have unique way of thinking. I鈥檝e noticed that they鈥檙e are emotional people and do a lot of humanitarian things in life.
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celestialstarqueena day ago
Part 1
Astrological Observations 鈽锯檲锔庘檼锔庘檴锔庘檹锔庘檻锔庘檳锔庘檷锔
Cancer Mars: Will find the most satisfaction with a Scorpio Mars. I found that they both value emotional intimacy, resent being used, find comfort in reciprocation, etc. Cancer Mars can find comfort in someone who feels things just as deeply as they do and recognizes their loyalty.
Taurus Rising/锟糀scendant: Oftentimes very modest and humble. Admires compliments or affection but does not need the validation.
Aquarius Moon: Deep thinkers who have a tendency to over analyze things. So good at making friends or acquaintances without getting overly attached.
Gemini Venus: Regardless of stereotypes, they are normally faithful and exciting partners. They prefer to keep things fresh to avoid boredom. May start random conversations. Loves late night talks
Lilith conjuct Sun natal: Less tolerant toward being the submissive partner in any relationships, male or female, these individuals prefers partial control. Very independent and big on freedom from restriction.
Virgo Sun: Can be as quirky and unique as Aquarius or other air signs but in their own unusual ways. They love to lose track of time enthralled into fantasy movies, books, and other creative hobbies. Out of all earth signs, Virgo is the most eccentric but does not always express this openly unless confident.
Aries Venus/sun: Is often stereotyped as the ones to boldly pursue their interests first. However, I have noticed that when these individuals are slightly insecure or have more sensitive water placements, they prefer a more confident partner who brings out the best in them.聽
Cancer in the 6th: Prone to stress out of most of the other signs in the 6th house. Practice balancing self-care with everyday work.聽
Saturn in 7th: May not ever marry or long-term relationships will be delayed. Those with Taurus or an earth sign in their Saturn will all be patient until they find the right one for them. Patience and prosperity.
Capricorn Mars: Prefers to do things independently with the benefit of showing off their capabilities and stamina. This is also their way of proving their dedication towards someone or something in particular.
part 2 coming soon ! 鈾ワ笌 - celestial
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lunarliyah8 hours ago
Juno and what you may attract
By lunar liyah
Aries Juno, you may attract people who are entitled.
Taurus Juno, you may attract people who are flashy, or high maintenance
Gemini Juno, you may attract people who are into intellectual/intelligence more than anything else.
Cancer Juno, you may attract people who are emotionally sensitive or just emotionally aware.
Leo Juno, you may attract people who feel like they can control you.
Virgo Juno, you may attract people who can be very cutthroat with their words, almost verbally abusive.
Libra Juno, you may attract people who try to change you, or you may pick up their mannerisms/habits.
Scorpio Juno, you attract people who are emotionally unavailable.
Sagittarius Juno, you may attract people who seem to not know what they want. And can seem like they鈥檒l never figure it out romantically, what they want.
Capricorn Juno, you may attract people who seem uninterested and nonchalant.
Aquarius Juno, you may attract people who are very flaky and wishy washy.
Pisces Juno, you may attract people who are obsessed with selling you a dream. Love bombers. People who cannot keep their words.
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amoonallsa day ago
About 2nd-6th-10th House as House of Work & Income (Little Advices)
How to not be looked down by people: Always look smart no matter what
I know that people say you should pretend to not know things so people will tell you but a lot of times it doesn't work like that. Yes on some occasions it may work, but it only lead you to lose your opportunities and being dragged on esp if you have humble or girl next door vibe (I'm talking to you specifically PISCES, Cancer, and at some extend, Sagittarius (applies to Midheaven, inner placements, and houses)
You really have to be a greatest self-promoter cuz people believe what you present not what you do, at least at first. Even if you actually do little but your mouth is loud (Taurus rules throat and Taurus traditionally rule 2nd house which tied to self-esteem), people still believe in you. That basically happens a lot in workplace esp in higher levels. None of them truly know what they do. But they know how to say things confidently and honestly this is also the reason why silent workers never get promoted but it's always people who perform less but talk more get promoted
Now as I type this, I also realize that that's also why a lot of candidates who look presentable have easier way to get the job even if they actually underqualified and other candidates may know better. 2nd house again that's traditionally ruled by Taurus and Taurus being ruled by Venus is about beauty. Again, the ability to speak (promote) for yourself and beauty are key of self-esteem. But that's little fyi
And that's also why I have heard as to why many Virgos (6th house) and Capricorns end up giving their labors for cheaper price and just realize later that they should charge higher. Cuz they lack of that 2nd house energy which is about talk and self-esteem of what you can or will do
Cuz how come the opportunities come to you if you present yourself as humble unnecessarily when you already have girl next door vibe?
Nobody gonna give you things as they just gonna give to other people. People believe someone who's confident or great self-promotor even if they haven't master the skills yet. And tbh, no one is. They just being great at convincing people they could, even if they absolutely have no idea
That's why areas that rule work (6th and 10th house) are also area of development
You are not smart from beginning nor have ideas of that. But you learn throughout time. Remember that 6th house is ruled by Mercury and 10th house is ruled by Saturn. None of those planets are smart (with Mercury is probability, not the real talent) from first esp with Saturn as you know that you'll always exposed with lessons that you didn't even know about that until you learn them
As for 6th house (Mercury), it's house of craftman. Talent is not that necessary but it's willingness and dedication that gonna bring you further
As for 2nd house that's ruled by Taurus traditionally which also rule throat, I agree what people say that in order to get the income that you want, you have to ask for that
It's basically same with you have to promote yourself in order for you to get the opportunities
But nobody can say this out loud which is also why you may quite rarely to hear this advice cuz again, no 6th house and 10th house natives want to publicy admit that they can't do things. The same principle is applied in workplace. They always pretend that they can
They always seem like they mastering things effortlessly until you really pay closer attention then you realize damn you really study so much
Cuz again, none of those placements want to show their behind the scenes publicy. Last thing they want to do on earth I think. The same mentality is carried by workers in workplace
So now you know how and why you should use 2nd house-6th house-10th house all together to generate the income that you want
漏 2021 amoonalls. All rights reserved
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taking-thyme2 days ago
The Signs as Fantasy and D&D Races
Aries: Barbarian
Taurus: Paladin
Gemini: Monk
Cancer: Druid
Leo: Sorcerer
Virgo: Cleric
Libra: Ranger*
Scorpio: Necromancer
Sagittarius: Bard
Capricorn: Warlock
Aquarius: Artificer
Pisces: Wizard
*I鈥檓 talking about Lord of the Rings style Ranger, because D&D rangers suck
Tumblr media
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ohsomeofmea day ago
For Aquarius Moon Girls 馃挀馃挮馃挘
From Aquarius Moon herself 馃ぃ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ryujin ITZY
Dayeon Kep1er
Jisoo BP
Seulgi RV
They can stand out while blending with the crowds without trying
People said they want to appear as different, but remember !!!! moon is what we feel comfortable and feeling natural inside of ourself. So, THESE GURLSSSS ARE NATURALLY FEEL DIFFERENT FROM THE REST. 馃挮
They are the opposite sister with Leo Moon, so Aquarius moon usually know how to blend and shine with the crowds while not loosing their individuality.
Rarely making enemies. Communities love them !!!!
Notice something about them, these idols are famous but rarely attract toxic fans.
Usually are very BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING but not by social standard. They prove that beauty is belong to themselves not what society consider as beauty. Compared to their opposite sister, LEO MOON ARE PROBABLY WHAT PEOPLE THINK AS BEAUTY AND STUNNING. (Yes, one of my close friend is Leo Moon heheheh)
They invented COOL GIRL. But honestly its because they have been an outcast or feeling outcasted before.
I think easy aspect would likely appear as composed and chill person while hard aspect will likely appear as chaotic and annoying. However, GENERALLY THEY ARE VERY SWEET AND YOU WANT THEM AS YOUR BFF!!!!
They are usually afraid to make themselves stand out unlike Leo Moon because they dun like someone feeling outcast around them, so they like to include everyone.
Because of that, they easily read the surrounding and person.
They can grab the attention as fast as lightning.
If you want to be friend with someone who will not steal your spotlight, talent, boyfriend etc. THESE PERSON IS WHAT YOU NEED !!
They have a vibe that make a clear statement on the level of boundaries you can step in.
They are very honest with their FEELINGS even they like to rationalize it HEHEHEHEHE.
THEY ARE SO EXTRAAA. THATS IT !!! Eventho they are not really loud, they still are!!
They are pretty calm and relax when it comes to reaction
Trust me, you may wonder when this person will express their affection and feelings towards you BUT HAVE YOU SAW WHEN THEY LET THEIR EMOTIONS FLOW NATURALLY, ITS SO GENUINE AND ETHEREAL 馃槶
When they compliment you, YOU KNOW ITS REALL !!!
They are not biassssss with people. But they treat people at least individually based on worldview and the effects to the society.
They dun like when you cannot differentiate between individualistic vs selfish. They are considerate with society because they know when to assert their individuality and when to compromise.
You can add something if you notice the similarity among them 馃槈
P/s: all photos are credit to pinterest and the owner.
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lifttheveilseethetruth2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tarot reading for air signs for the upcoming month of December. What blessings are coming to you? What do you need to be cautious about? Are there any other messages spirit wants to tell you for this month? Look below for your air sign in sun, moon, rising and venus to get messages from your highest level spirit guides. We will also be getting an affirmation for you to repeat for this coming month! Much love to you 鈾
Gemini- You will be blessed with fast-moving information. This will be lighting up something you may have been confused or anxious about. This news is bringing justice to an unfair situation. This may be about a certain relationship you have been focused on. You are very passionate about this relationship but you may have had some disappointments with this person. Something here was unjust with this person and you will be receiving clarity and closure on this situation. I see rapid balance happening. You could be receiving an epiphany or communication from this person. Your spirit guides want you to be cautious of your health this month of December. Visualizing healing will benefit your physical and emotional health. Visualize healing your nervous system if you end up with any colds. You can as well use this visualization technique for healing any relationships in your life like the one showing up in this reading. Visualize healing any unjust or traumatic situations you may have dealt with, with this person will continue to help you to actively heal. Connecting with your inner child-like enthusiasm and curious mind will help you stay in a high vibe this month as well. Be open to your imagination, It is extremely powerful. I see visualization is a great manifesting tool for you this month. Be open to change and adventures. Be the leader you wish you had. I feel this group has had a rough childhood and doing inner child healing will greatly benefit you this month. Surrender to the alchemy of life and its ever-flowing changes. Be there to support yourself during these changes as well. I feel this month you may need to visualize healing with family relationships that were unjust in your childhood. Be patient and nurture yourself during this month. It is perfectly okay to pretend you are a baby and you need to take care of yourself just like a baby, lol. I promise it will feel amazing. Treat yourself as if you were a kid again and do all the things you wish your childhood could have had at the moment. I feel through this act you will be able to heal any past wounding memories. By the end of this, you will achieve harmony and balance. I do see that there is someone here this month coming in for communication. Maybe they want to apologize. Inner child meditations on youtube may be of assistance to you this month.
"I am connected, grounded, and filled with a loving sense of self-worth. I am a divine being. I celebrate my place in the universe."
Libra- Recently you have been in more of a meditative mindset. Not making certain moves but simply resting, gaining clarity, and observing. I see in December you will be lit up again with a fiery passion. You are very excited to start this new thing that brings you this feeling of red hot firey excitement. This could be a class that you are starting this month or diving into something you just find extremely enjoyable. I also see someone coming in romantically. Communicating with you how passionate they feel towards you. They think about you a lot and they are going to be coming to express this. This person makes you happy and vise versa. you both feel like this is a soulmate connection. They feel like you have the key to their heart libra. They feel like they need to tell you this right away. PS they think that you being their soul mate is extremely hot. This is a very active month for your libra and spirits want to remind you to stay steady. If things get chaotic there is a certain older male figure in your life that wants to be there for you. this could be a father. They have wise knowledge and have lived and seen many things. They want you to know that they have great knowledge from their experiences waiting to be shared with you to help you at this time. They are urging you to use them as support as this new door opens to you. Embrace your newfound spark and confide in your family. This could be an older male that feels like family or could be as well a close teacher. I see that this month is full of fiery new endeavors for you and you will be going towards things that light you up inside. You are being called to your true soul desires and passions. I am also seeing that December is blessing you with healing energy within your relationships that you may have held any resentment over. Allow yourself to soften to love and overcome any conflict or anger you may have with this person who truly cares and loves you. I am also hearing that dancing and singing may be something you feel called to express your emotions through this month.
"I am a compassionate being. I have the ability to comfort, care, nourish and replenish myself and the energy of others with love and acceptance."
Aquarius- 888 is an angel number for you this month. Feel free to research this number on google to find the most perfect meaning for you. I see this month will be blessing you with great fortune and total abundance. I see everything working out for your highest good. At the beginning of this month, I see you may be very anxious about having to walk away from something. This thing gave you great joy at times but is now leaving you feeling unfulfilled. I see that you are being blessed with a showering of love, maybe by this person you are trying to walk away from. If this is a job situation they may be trying to emotionally control you into staying. I feel this is a relationship though. I see them coming back to you and they might love-bomb you. I see you being guarded when this person comes in. This person may have been unsteady in your life so far and you fear the cycle repeating. Spirit wants you to be cautious during this situation. Understand the signs you are being given and trust in your intuition. If you feel the cycle is repeating, it most likely is. Spirit wants you to know that you have unlimited wisdom inside o you. You have a deep inner knowing and powerful intuition. Spirit wants to remind you to hold your power. They need you to know that you are extremely protected and cherished by your spiritual team and that you are completely supported in your decisions. Embrace running wild and free this month. I feel you will be connecting deeply to your true desires and wants during this time. Meditation may be helpful for you to connect to your spiritual team and unlock knowledge that you already know. You have all the answers within you. I see at the end of this month you will be embracing the energy of the fool. This is a brand new energy that you are happily surrendering to. May be uncomfortable in the beginning but I feel your soul is calling for this adventure. You are being advised to not make any sudden or impulsive moves but rather to go within to find your answers. Once you find them, peacefully put them to use. Keep in mind that all paths lead home, you are never lost, and never alone. You will always find the way. Spirit is forever guiding you, if you listen closely, you will hear it. This month is all about surrendering and closing cycles that no longer benefit you.
"I am never stuck. I always have options and opportunities available. With the ability to change what is. I have the magical power of change."
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