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Note: I am a Taurus sun, studying at university for the first year after attending open university on the side of my gap year.

Aries: *after talking about going out or staying home* Hmph, school can’t stop me from doing anything!

Taurus: No designated lunch break? How am I supposed to survive classes from 10 am to 14 pm without eating in the middle????

Gemini: After applying for courses: YES, INTELLIGENT DISCUSSIONS! On online class: *texting with that one friend who isn’t in school*

Cancer: *motivation drops after two weeks*

Leo: Whoever gets to be in the same orientation team as me is lucky, I know everything about the campus. I’m practically just as informed as the tutors. Ha.

Virgo: *writing notes 50 km/h five days a week* I wonder why my wrist hurts so much…

Libra: Ooh, people! Ooh, smart people! Pretty, attractive people! People I could talk to if I wasn’t so freaking shy!

Scorpio: This is it. I will ace all my courses, get a degree faster than anyone else and get a job that makes me an influential individual that gets asked to give interviews on the news.

Sagittarius: This course sucks.

Capricorn: Timetable? Check. Note taking equipment? Check. Solid plans for the next five years including the time period for all 60-something courses? Triple check.

Aquarius: So, the teacher said that in this faculty we can become politicians or rock stars, whatever we like, but I want to be both. I want to be a rocker politician who makes speeches about endangered species during my mega concerts.

Pisces: Hi, you’re new, right? I studied this thing last year, I recommend you use this website and get these books from the library, and don’t forget to add your sources as shown in this document, and this teacher likes very active students so speak up on class! You’re executing this course differently this year? Oh.

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Hey twin! Gem/Aqua gang. I have such mixed feelings about being an aquarius moon. On one hand, I feel like who I am on the inside has always been the same (fixed sign), but on the other I definitely change how I act or speak depending on who I’m around (mutable Gem/ Pisces rising).  it definitely can have a sort of robotic energy when it comes to emotions. Without meaning to, sometimes a switch just flips inside and I stop feeling so strongly, and I detach if things get to be too much. Idk if this is true for you, but every Aquarius moon I know, even the ones with a bunch of friends, have always been kind of a loner at heart. I feel like it’s super easy to feel/ be misunderstood as an aqua moon. All the ones in my life have really struggled with mental health stuff as well. 

Losing feelings is definitely not something to feel bad about, especially if you’re open and honest about it. I have a difficult time really opening up to people and letting them in completely, and it’s something I’ve definitely had to work on my whole life. It can be so cathartic when you have others around you who kinda understand the aquarius energy tho (legit all my best friends have had at least one personal placement in aquarius).

On a positive note, aquarius moons can be very intellectual and extremely creative. They can sometimes partake in a trend before it’s mainstream, or even set the trend themselves (Billie Eilish comes to mind). Being a double air person, I do love learning and I’ve always been pretty solid in school (for subjects I actually like lol). The gemini energy also lets me pick just about anything up super quick even if I’ve never learned it before. Overall, it’s cool but it can be a really difficult placement to deal with.

I recently watched this aqua moon video on youtube that I found from a random tumblr post, and it resonated a LOT. Would recommend. Sending good vibes your way homie.

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they’ll fight a bitch but would much rather just vibe


leave them alone they’re trying their best


cannot make a decision unless someone else is having trouble making one. then they just Do It.


they know everything. do not lie to them. they know.


all they do is wave their arms and say bad words


this is fine. this is going great. yup. yeah. (no it’s not WHAT THE FUCK)


rulers of passive-aggressiveness


bitch u thought you could handle them. could take over the world but are afraid to ask.


what is this. what is that. who are you.


they will not leave you alone. ever. at all. strive to annoy you at all possible times. 


conviction. always thinks they’re right. kinda egotistical?


rose-colored glasses. flaky.

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Aries: yeeting pumpkins across an open field

Taurus: trick or treating 

Gemini: hosting the best Halloween party of the last decade

Cancer: making homemade treats to hand out

Leo: out clubbing with their friends

Virgo: handing out hand sanitizer instead of treats

Libra: posting selfies of their cute outfit all night long

Scorpio: standing in the corner of a party (they went as a vampire) 

Sagittarius: scaring people at the haunted house and getting punched

Capricorn: tricking people

Aquarius: at a seance

Pisces: blazed out at a bar, unaware they’re chatting up an actual werewolf

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Today I am going to be exploring the sign of Cancer:

Cancers are often simplified to being cry-babies and nurtures however, there is more to them then just these things. The lesson for cancer placements lies in their heart. How many beatings must one take to the heart before its stoned over in a material of blocking, locking and ever ending contemplation.

Being lunar (ruled by the moon) in this way makes one susceptible to the conditioning and molding of the world around them due to the fact that the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. You are experiencing the entirety of the zodiac over a course of 28 days. Depending on what your ultimate lover, the Sun, is doing—You are constantly riding a wave of different zodiac flavors: Aries-Pisces. This is not to say that **everyone else** isn’t feeling the lunar influence, its just that Cancers are exclusive to the Moon. The Moon only rules CANCER. Cancerian people are CARDINAL – don’t mistake cardinal energy for Martian energy. They have to lead with their heart and feeling nature. They must feel out certain environments first before feeling comfortable. They want to make sure everyone is okay energetically before beginning something.

If Cancer is unable to do this, then the cosmic weeping begins and they become lost. Lost in a pattern of protecting others and not protecting one self. Cancer’s need space to be Cancers. Their internal soft side is often abused by others over and over again. Unable to recognize their true reflection and nature they turn cold or empty. They end up living life as a total projection of other people’s imprint on them. They carry all the experiences from the past and walk in that truth when they should’ve left it behind. Carrying all that baggage is why Cancer takes things so personally – they have their entire shield, home and protection carried with them all the time (Cancer is symbolized by the Crab)

        When I say, lead with your heart I intend for you to have yourself in mind. Expressing catastrophic emotions while not doing something to change the reason behind these emotions is the same thing as ignorance. Cancer must learn to not neglect themselves. They must draw from their opposite, Capricorn, who build foundation first and then moves forth in extending any helping hand to others.

        The Cancer-Capricorn axis asks us to use the stable power of destruction and malfunction within us, to propel us into situations that are meant for us. To simplify, the dark lonely forces within you must be brought to the surface in your own way. Capricorn deals with a lot of Karma while Cancer provides the divine milk for this Karma to be churned in for the most decadent cream. What do we do with this cream? Obviously, we make cake. We make something beautiful; we materialize these emotional drives. Allowing this cake to be consumed and cleared from our subconscious, thus allowing space for manifestation.

        If Cancer does not have a safe place to go to, or was over sheltered by parental figures growing up (this is usually the case), Cancer gets stuck in a time warp. They get stuck on ONE specific thing or a consistent set of things. (Having an obsession with someone or something, having a dream unfulfilled, tunnel vision) Their opposite, Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn “The Lord of Time”: having blockages from an early age is the opposite of what Cancer needs: Cancer needs validation and encouragement, patience and understanding. Waves are CATASTROPHIC often, FATAL. Keeping Cancer in a capsule is a lazy way to tend to their needs. Cancer is the Mother, already born into this life with wisdom and understanding to develop themselves in a respectful way. A way that suits them in this life time. Cancer needs to be able to create and feel safe while doing so. They often look to idols and icons to feed this insatiable creative energy that they feel inside and often wish they could possess. What sometimes happens is, Cancer gets disappointed and discouraged when they get cast back into the reality of their obsession and realize they aren’t at the same level as the people they idolize and fantasize about.

        Cancer has to realize, as the first water sign, being the only cardinal water sign, they DO have the immense power to be just as impactful and influential as the people they look up to. They just need structure. Water has no real form, it’s boundless—If Cancer is the beach, they need lifeguards. Lifeguards to watch and protect them from drowning within themselves. Friends and family can be very important to Cancer but they must be aware of not letting codependency fuel them – The neurotic chemical release of joy when someone drowns in their waves.

        In ancient Egyptian culture, Cancer was seen as the dung beetle or Scarabaeus- rolling the Moon around like a dung beetle rolls its feces up into a ball so that it can lay it’s eggs. The eggs hatch and eat the dung ball. In my eyes, this represents Cancer’s Phoenix-like life. The Moon grows and decreases as if it were to die and be reborn. The eggs represent new growth in Cancer’s life. I also see it as the releasing of emotional creation. Khapera was an ancient Egyptian God who took form of this Scarab.

“Initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were sometimes called scarabs; again, lions and panthers. The scarab was the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth, and regeneration.” – Manly P. Hall

        If Cancer can reflect the light they are given, in a way that is honest for them, they are able to travel through life being the ultimate mirror for others. Others can get inspired from Cancer placements when they are at their best potential. Cancer’s cardinal energy is what allows them to be pioneers in areas where they focus. People often seek advice from Cancer and are astonished by their routine and process. Cancer will often reflect your own potential back at you. This can get messy when people refuse to realize the impact of Cancer in their lives and take Cancer for granted. Cancer will give people multiple chances just as a mother does with her son.

        My advice to Cancer placements? Lead with your heart. Follow your heart. Do not let the world try to harden you. Allow yourself to feel and you will attract people who respect that.


Luna Giiselle

Head to my website

Lunagiiselle . com

For readings & consultations!

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Water and earth male signs are always damn fools in relationships. So if you any female sign but especially air and fire signs, know that y’all energies don’t match and unless it’s something else in y’all charts to combat that, you’ll prolly be more masculine and mature than your partner.

astrology blurb #1

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There is an obligation to control here with these placements. Most of the time, you choose to hold back your truest thoughts and ideas. There is a sense of shame when it comes to emotions and you tend to judge yourself for feeling really anything. ‘Should I really deserve to be praised for this?’ Is one of the questions you ask yourself.

As much as you are tough and capable, you are also extremely unkind to yourself and hold yourself to impossibly high standards. You can be patronising to yourself and this can make you feel the world is against you, when in reality you have a tendency to look on the negative side of life. Saturn is the planet that rules your moon and it’s lesson here is to teach you to see life’s tribulations as lessons to overcome. You can ask yourself ‘what is this teaching me?’ Instead of ‘why is this happening to me’ you will gain true control of life. You are never truly stuck.

You may offer solutions instead of sympathy to people’s problems. Others may see you as insensitive but in reality you suffer from extreme self-doubt and could be quite shy.

Childhood may have been full of responsibility and you may have viewed one of your parents as severe and strict. You then tend to grow up with a strong sense of morality and responsibility, sometimes to the extreme. Capricorn moons either totally respect authority or disregard it altogether. Principled and loyal too.

The positive aspects of this top three are: fairness and integrity. You never waver on your morals and although there is an over-critical streak to you - you never compromise your goals and choose the easy way out of things. You achieve what you want by honest hard work and this gives you the motivation and tenacity to stay in this place of success, as you have already paid the price.

You may be inclined to help your community and there is dutiful way to you that people automatically respect. Scorpio Ascendants expect and receive respect from the world around them, so public work would be successful for you.

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Thank you :)

With the sun in cancer, Aries moon and Scorpio rising the first things that come to mind are your sensitivity and your ability to be original. Sun in cancer mixed with Aries highlights the need for change too. You are hard-working, responsive and an exciting person to be around. A party person.

Experience has taught you that you must rely on yourself if you need anything. People in your childhood may have held back any sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards you. Raw and gritty experiences in your childhood have made you want to experience life in the most intense way as an adult - this could be in forms of extremism as well. Whether it be through drugs, sex, drinking or just simply living life as honestly as possible, this rawness is what life is about for you, and these intense experiences excite you. However, this can be quite detrimental to your livelihood as it could burn bridges, push people away or obliterate opportunities. You have to learn to be more co-operative with people and learn that life will not always go your way and you shouldn’t expect it to.

You have a captivating energy and it can be hard to ignore the pure magnetism you hold. Enthusiastic, passionate and lively - you are the sort of person someone would want to show them the good side to life. 100% supportive of people and you make people feel special.

You are also an extremely resilient person and no one can steer you away from your goals. You have a fiery temper.

Another thing I would say is that sensitivity and being self-absorbed is heightened here. You view the world in quite a selfish way and it could be hard for you to see the viewpoints of other people. People haven’t made it easy for you so why should you make it easy for others? Patience is one of the most important things for you to learn in this lifetime.

May have high creativity skills. As I said earlier, originality is one of your best characteristics and you must use it to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to wear something people will look at you for or go on a course people will question. Let them judge you anyway and let your creativity shine, because when you do this, you allow people to be the truest form of themselves. You are a very inspiring person, and people will respect you, whether they tell you or not.

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