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#aquarius venus

✨the humanitarian couple who genuinely cares about changing the world together

✨they could be in public and be staring at eachother like no one else exists

✨not into PDA but their love is obvious

✨can struggle with the aqua needing space and freedom and the Virgo feeling insecure over it

✨quirky and fucking weird together

✨aqua can be erratic and all over the place and this drives Virgo nuts

✨Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang vibes


Originally posted by anicez-shamy

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Because they quite literally can’t. It’s honestly not even something they do intentionally, just somewhere in their psyche they’re convinced that there will always be something they’re missing out on if they commit, and that they’ll lose opportunities for romantic experimentation and collecting experiences.

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“And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s okay to feel too much at times, allow yourself to experience it, you are only human.

So detached from love, yet so giving..

Aquarius Sun

Virgo Moon

Aquarius Venus

Pisces Rising and Lilith

Hope you like it :)

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~ inbox me ur crush’s or partner’s placements (sun, moon, rising most importantly but can include venus, mars, mercury as well!) & i’ll give you advice about wooing them based on their chart ~

Aquarius Sun 4th House

Libra Moon 12th House

Libra Rising

Aquarius Venus 4th House

Aquarius Mars 3rd House

This person has very dominant air energy! This means they thrive on communication & socializing- they often have many friends, love to have conversations, and are very charming. Some more negatives sides to all this air are that they may lack emotional intelligence, be flaky or non commital, and avoid talking about their feelings. As a Libra Rising, theyre very much a social butterfly & attract a lot of people. I hope you’re not the jealous type because this person will get a lot of romantic attention from others! This person also has a darker side to them tho- one that is darker & much more lonely. They may fall into this isolation when conflicts arise in their life. This person has a very funny sense of humor, probably sarcastic. They will be more attracted to you if you can make them laugh as much as they make you laugh. This person wants their partner to be their best friend first. Having engaging conversations with this person and intellectually stimulating them will deepen your relationship. They are probably attracted to somebody who, consciously or subconsciously, reminds them of home or past nostalgia in some way. Once you are best friends, they will find it much easier to develop romantic feelings for you. They are very closed off when it comes to sharing their hearts with somebody on an intimate level. Don’t be offended if they prove to be a tough egg to crack! They may have an interesting, unique or different way of doing things- whether that is in they way they express their feelings for you or the way they make you feel loved/appreciated.

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hi! you’re so nice, thank you ^_^ that’s such an interesting combination.

so with leo north node, you have to learn to be a lot more courageous with branching out in relationships, especially since leos think more with their heart than their head. you also have to learn to balance allowing yourself to be appreciated and being confident while being a team player and cooperative. this would manifest in a relationship as someone who has to be cooperative with their partner, but also needs to accept appreciation and learn to be confident and trusting towards their partner. 

i think venus opposite north node would make your journey with love a tad bit harder. this isn’t to say you’ll never find it!! but i’m interpreting this similarly to what saturn in the 7th would present; relationships could be something you struggle with and have a harder time learning to navigate, but once you finally figure it out, it will an area in your life you prosper from greatly and you’ll be extremely satisfied with :) especially because it’s your north node and that represents the point you should be working towards in your life! you also might have trouble understanding your own feelings towards love. really work on opening up your heart (fully!! no strings attached!!!! do it because it feels good, not because you want anything in return) and giving while receiving love! hope this helped <3

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Aries sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising, Aquarius venus, Aries mars FEMALE


Libra sun, Gemini moon, Scorpio rising, Leo venus, Leo mars MALE

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RIGHTTTTHFHDFHDJS. like there will always be a part of me prepared to completely detatch from this when and if neededjdjf. i cannot help it truly, think its a self defense mechanism sob

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Your partner might be a bit eccentric and progressive who use these ideals to benefit those around them. You can find romance in charity organizations, with social workers, or even teachers or counselors. Your romantic interests switch often and without reason. This leads you to like a lot of different types of people and to have a wide range of things that attract you to someone. Serious relationships may go unpursued and you may spend a bit too much time on those who make it clear that they don’t want anything long standing. Overall, you have an idealistic view of the world and act progressively to get there, likely using your robust and eccentric spirit to get things done.

Ellen Degeneres and… the Anti-Christ (I truly don’t know where Astrotheme gets their information from.) have this placement. I find that hilarious. Ellen definitely uses her enthusiasm, progressive ideals and general different-ness to influence her audience.

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Pisces has a distinct lack of boundaries in the relationship that Aquarius may take advantage of. Aquarius is here to befriend and understand their partner (or friend) while Pisces has known what Aquarius was about from the beginning and was already into Aquarius’ hard to figure out vibe. In romance, Pisces is ever-giving, even to their detriment while Aquarius treats their partner like their best friend, sharing everything and not even holding back on things that may spoil the romance. Both of you are charitable to others, though Aquarius may think Pisces is a bit foolhardy while Pisces may think Aquarius is too political or picky in their “goodness”.

0/5 stars for this one. This placement may be an overall detriment to the relationship, but the other synastry placements may help. Pisces is a bit too emotional in relationships for objective Aquarius and Aquarius may treat Pisces like too much of a friend instead of the all consume love that Pisces wants.

Sharon Stone (Aquarius Venus) and Jared Leto (Pisces Venus) have this combo. Not much is known about this brief  “canoodle”, but Stone was over 10 years Leto’s senior. This points toward her attraction to the “odd” relationships and Leto’s attraction to Stone’s experience.

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you cant make me jealous, my venus is in aquarius, i was never yours and you were never mine to begin with in my eyesJDJKSJDJS.

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