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@shadowy-seas​ submitted: Some wonderful spiders

And story time about the bottom one

I was at work when I found her and when I walked up to take a closer look see hopped a little to face me ((floor is slick)) and raised her front legs. I figured I had startled her and left her alone to wonder around while I was finishing up my task. At one point she crawled right in front of me and stopped, so I caught her and let her go.

They are very wonderful! Looks like a brown widow and some kinda wolfie babe. They will definitely raise their front legs in defense to try to look big and scary to a predator. It worked in this case since you left them alone :P Thanks for sharing!

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@manaeiou submitted: curious of what this little one is. unfortunately found her after i sat up from my seat so she’s sadly a little crushed :( found in sydney nsw, australia. hope ur having a lovely day, and thank you in advance!

Oh no :C poor babe. I suspect she did not survive? Hope she had a nice spider life before The Incident. Looks like a house spider in Badumna, probably? I’m not super familiar with Australian spiders!

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@caterpillar-titty​ submitted: The first one was found near Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. The spider was found in rapid city, South Dakota. If you could ID, I’d be super happy! Thank you!

The first dude is a western conifer seed bug, which is a type of leaf-footed bug. The second is kinda blurry so I can’t say much except that it looks like some kinda crab spider!

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@dsgustng​ submitted: These big spiders are all over the grocery store I work at, Location is Foley Minnesota

A beautiful orbweaver! This one is a furrow spider in the genus Larinioides, but I can’t say which…could be a furrow orbweaver, L. cornutus, or a grey cross spider, L. sclopetarius, or even an ornamental orbweaver, L. patagiatus, though that’s the least common in your area. Either way she is perfect and I love her.

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@brdrlnds​ submitted: this lovely lady was found in new jersey! soon to be mother by the looks of things :) she’s a black and yellow garden spider, right? absolutely beautiful is all i know!

Oh!!! A mother-to-be :))) I hope she has one million tiny precious babies and they all survive to adulthood. She is indeed a yellow garden spider although her abdomen is strangely shaped compared to what I normally see. I suppose it must be rather deflated after she laid all those eggs. Thanks for sharing her!

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