americiumam · 2 days ago
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there’s still only room for one man in my heart and it’s aragorn
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courtjester69420 · 15 hours ago
Someone else has definitely made this post but I think it’s Eru’s funniest little joke that Aragorn (in the movies at least) was broken up with and then immediately sent on a death quest where he ended up third wheeling a new couple
Like you’re the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor and the king who would unite man under one banner but LMAO you have to walk behind your best friends on the sidewalk cuz they wanna hold hands
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gothhobbithoe · a day ago
Tolkien Fight Club: LOTR edition
*basically I just put all the LOTR characters names in a random name picker they use for high school and spun that wheel baby!*
Galadriel VS Aragorn:
I’m sorry but this badass bitch is gonna win
like Aragorn you are like amazing but she’s a literal goddess
did you see her in The Hobbit like nah mate
she could just get into his mind  
Boromir VS Legolas:
See this is really hard because I do think that both have good strategies
however Legolas has got hundred years more experience
and he could just shoot him there and then, not like Boromir hasn’t been shot before (i do apologise)
Arwen VS Eowyn:
Imma say Eowyn because she literally defeated the witchking
Like sure Arwen has got hundred’s of years more experience but Eowyn has the battle rage 
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aeonianarchives · 2 days ago
Middle Earth Incorrect Quotes 24
Ft. Y/n is aragorn's sibling, y/n, y/n X Legolas
Aragorn: so are you the big spoon or the little spoon
Y/n: I'm a Knife
Legolas: No we are chopsticks, if you take one of us away from the other, the only thing we are good at is stabbing
Arwen: . . . I am leaving, i don't care what i just walked in on
Legolas+Y/n: 😇🥰
Aragorn: I'm concerned with the fact you can get away with literally anything, because you look so adorable
Y/n: I am not Adorable, but Legolas is
Aragorn: Get a room
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timetoscreenshot · 2 days ago
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ratsarecute4 · 4 months ago
Things the Fellowship has argued about
What name to call Aragorn
What name to call Gandalf
What to call their meals. Boromir thinks, if it is eaten at dinnertime, regardless of whether it is the first meal of the day or not, then it is dinner. Sam thinks it isn't proper to call the first meal of the day dinner. Aragorn suggests they combine the two words but now everyone is fighting over whether it should be called breakfast-dinnner or dinner-breakfast. The fight nearly becomes physical
Whether Legolas or Gimli is winning their daily argument with eachother
If hobbits are regular sized and everyone else is really big, or if everyone else is regular sized and hobbits are small
The same as above except with horses and ponies
If Gimli's beard is real or not. This one started as a joke between Merry and Pippin but then Legolas saw how mad it made Gimli and so continues to bring it up
Inter-hobbit fighting about whether it is called pot-ae-toes, pot-ah-toes, or taters
"Can Legolas really talk to trees, or is he just fucking with us?" Aragorn and Gandalf refuse to weigh in on this
Whether the Ent-draught caused Merry and Pippin to grow or if they just did that on their own. This fight is Pippin vs. Everyone Else
Whether the non-hobbits of the Fellowship would be Tooks, Brandybucks, or Bagginses. This argument is unintelligible to most of them, although Gandalf has the knowledge to be offended when Pippin suggests he would be a Took.
"What would happen if someone ate the ring?"
Fights over whether the elves, the dwarves, or the hobbits tell the story of the reclaiming of Erebor most accurately. Even though Gandalf was there, he just shrugs when anyone asks him
Which variety of pipeweed is the best kind. Merry threatened Gimli to a duel over this one
Who gets next watch
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paper-rose-doodles · 11 months ago
honestly frodo’s journey is so wild
like, imagine your uncle goes missing after his birthday party, and his old stoner friend from out of town tells you the souvenir he brought back from a vegas trip 80 years ago is actually satan’s mood ring and now zombie assassins are coming to burn down your town unless you and your lawn guy meet up with medieval hozier in a dark gastropub...
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paunchsalazar · 8 months ago
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started reading The Two Towers
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saltseashark · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lay down your sweet and weary head for a tale thats now 67 20 years old <3
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poemjunkie · 9 months ago
Throwback to that time in college when me and a group of friends were having an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon, and during the scene where the Fellowship is fighting the giant squid and Aragorn does something awesome, I turned to my friend and was like,
“Strider is so hot.”
Strider being one of Aragorn’s in-universe nicknames, for the uninitiated.
And one of the guys in the group, who I had never met before, was like “WHAT? Really???” with enormous eyes.
“Uh, yeah?”
I look to my friend, who makes confirmation noises. I look at some of the other girls, more confirmation noises.
Guy, now looking very uncomfortable, but realizing he made some kind of misstep: “Oh. I mean. Whatever you’re into, I guess. That’s fine.”
Me: “Okay??”
Then a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME LATER, either I make another comment or someone in the film calls Aragorn Strider, I can’t remember the context, and the guy goes: “OH! Strider is Aragorn. Okay. Okay.”
Me: “Who tf did you think I was talking about??”
Guy: “The squid.”
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homoqueerjewhobbit · 7 months ago
Imagine The Fellowship all sitting around the campfire halfway up Caradhras retelling the events of the Hobbit to Boromir and Aragorn Rashomon-style with Gimli going "my dad tells it this way" and Legolas going "well, my dad tells it this way" and the Hobbits all going "but Bilbo tells it this way!" and, even though Gandalf was fucking there for half of it, he refuses to weigh in on anything because watching them argue is more fun and also he doesn't remember because it was over 75 years ago.
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eldamaranquendi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Lord of the Rings  by Leia Ham
1. Frodo in Hobbiton
2. the armor of Middle-Earth: Gondor, Rohan, Rivendell
3-4. Arwen & Aragorn
5. Argonath
6. in LothLorien
7. Eowyn & Theoden in Meduseld
8.  Eowyn (I am no man!)
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timetoscreenshot · 2 days ago
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asherlockstudy · 4 months ago
I saw a joke about Howard Shore managing to make a scene as simple as 9 guys and a pony walking past a rock one of the most memorable epic scenes in history, which made me rewatch the "The Ring Goes South" sequence but no. That's an understatement. Yes the scene would never be what it is without Shore's score. However, there is so much meaning in a scene as simple as this. Everything is looked after in excruciating detail and the reason we consider this scene (along with most LOTR scenes) so special is that it gives to our subconscious numerous information about the story, the main characters, their personalities. Look how much of it there is in few seconds.
Tumblr media
Gandalf is the first to pass the rock. Gandalf is thus the leader, the guide. Being first is also linked to him being a higher being, as Wizards (or the Maiar) were kind of demigods. Gandalf moves fast, fixated on the horizon - at the path they have to take - and doesn't stop or look anywhere close to the camera. Gandalf is driven. He carries the responsibility of leading the fellowship to its goal. Gandalf also shortly adjusts his hat, showing us that the weather conditions are and will be harsh and against them.
Tumblr media
Legolas is the second to pass. Legolas lingers slightly and looks around, his hair flowing. Him being second has two meanings: a symbolic and a literal. He is the second highest being after Gandalf but also he must be at the front as he is the ears and eyes of the fellowship since he has the most acute senses. This is why he is looking around, not just to make the hair flow. He is looking out for danger and possible enemies. But also him looking up high, the hair flowing gracefully, his steps being lighter than the others' - all these underscore the ethereal nature of the elves.
Tumblr media
Gimli comes third. He does a quick left and right glance while Legolas is still on focus but after that he passes quickly and without any flamboyance. It shows the contrast between elves and dwarves. Gimli's job isn't to be the ears and eyes - his job is to kill the enemy once he comes. That's why our focus is on his precious axe. Gimli's gaze is fixed on the ground - a symbolism of the dwarves dwelling in the mines under the earth.
He and Legolas are skilled fighters and they are the front guard of the fellowship because one has the dexterity and acute senses and the other has the resilience to not allow whoever might escape Legolas to reach the real targets.
The real targets are the physically weakest beings in the fellowship, the hobbits. This is why they are in the middle, because they must be protected from all sides.
Tumblr media
Frodo comes first, as he is the protagonist and the ringbearer. He is also by far the oldest (this isn't in the movies I think) and, in general, the most respectable and precious member of the fellowship. Merry and Pippin follow, in that order as this is always how we refer to them, and (almost) always together.
Tumblr media
Sam is last and is half hidden behind Pippin and his pony Billy. He doesn't look at all close to the camera, unlike the other hobbits. He is of a humbler background and he is pragmatic. He is the gardener and here his role supposedly is to take care of others. He is to be the unassuming hero, hidden behind the animal and the supplies and the nobler hobbits.
Brave but mortal, always treated as expendables regardless of status, the men are the rearguard.
Tumblr media
Boromir is brave and ready to protect. He will be the defender, as hinted by his shield. He fills the screen in reasonable but noble regalia and is kempt, besides brave being also proud and confident and of significant lineage.
Tumblr media
Quite the contrary to Aragorn, for whom the camera actually angles down to show him. This is probably because the camera shows all members as they pass the rock but it shows Aragorn before he gets past the rock. Maybe there is a change we wait from him still, an upgrade to his final version, of sorts. Aragorn almost seems left behind and alone. He doesn't look at all anywhere close to the camera. He is fixated on his path. His eyes are casted downwards. His attire is modest to say the least. He stays behind the son of the Steward of Gondor, who is still the governor. It shows how Aragorn respects and understands each and everyone's place, even though he is the rightful heir. He is humble and above personal rivalries. He remains behind, ready to protect everyone with neglect to his own safety. Ready to be the first to fall, if that is his fate, as long as he saves others.
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prokopetz · 7 months ago
Do you think Sam and Aragorn ever bonded over being the only two members of the Fellowship who’d ever worked for a living?
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helisol · 3 months ago
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my god these bitches gay! good for them
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thebluewizardsaregay · 4 months ago
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merry christmas tolkien fandom
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frodo-sam · 5 months ago
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THE LORD OF THE RINGS: The Return of the King (2003) dir. Peter Jackson.
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fourdogsinatrenchcoat · 3 months ago
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🍂The Three Hunters 🍃
If you know me at all you know I have a deep deep love for LOTR, and I just recently fell 100% back into it. It’s just one of those things I can always come back to and enjoy! So here’s three of my favorite guys, fresh from an orc battle.
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silmaspens · 4 months ago
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Here’s my third piece for the @officialtolkiensecretsanta gift exchange; Arwen & Aragorn on a snowy day in Rivendell.
This gift is for
@elesianne !
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