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#aragorn my beloved
foralwaysandforever · 8 days ago
Hello! I was wondering if I could get a lord of the rings romantic match up? My pronouns are she/her and I’m interested in both men and women. To start off with my personality type I’m an introvert that gets very outgoing with her friends. I’m very creative and curious. I spend lots time living in a world of my own discovering and exploring ideas. To the outsider I seem incredibly "dreamy" and distant, because I spend a lot of time inside my own mind musing over things. I’m very interested in the visual arts. I myself am an artist working in both fine and digital mediums. I also love art history and studying symbols through art. I’m fascinated by secret societies, codes, ancient manuscripts, paintings etc. I also love films, books, video games, and movies. My favorite genres are probably historical fiction, myths/legends, sci fi and fantasy. Im quite witty and have got quite the sharp sense of humor. I will fall back on it when I get too emotional though which isn’t the best. I’d say that my greatest weakness is how distant I can be. I’m very easily bored by day to day things and will zone out on the majority of people. I also tend to be confused and closed off by my emotions even if I feel them deeply. I can very easily lose track of the outside world. That being said I do have a very select group of people that I open up too and that I can explore my hobbies with. Speaking of the outside world, I’m quite active. I kickbox, strength train and in-line skate. One last thing my love language is acts of service and after that quality time. I think that’s it! Hope that’s enough. Thank you once again!
Hi! Thank you for the ask <33
Since you are interested in both men and women, it's no trouble for me to write you a ship for a male character and a female character, so I will do that <3
I match you with Aragorn!
Tumblr media
•For one, he lives for your curiosity. He loves explaining things about the woods and species of animals to you, and it makes him very happy when he realizes you're actually interested!
•He doesn't mind that you're a dreamer, in fact, he always asks you what you're thinking about. He thinks it's amazing to have a little window into your world, to see how fantastic the realities you create within your mind are.
•Aragorn relates to you with the ancient symbols knowledge. He loves to decipher all of the hidden meanings within art, and he would gladly spend hours with you doing just that.
•You two could form your own book club, for you both love to read. He often will stay up late to lull you to sleep and read fairytales to you in Elvish.
•Speaking of Elvish, Aragorn is the type of guy who would teach you Elvish if you ever asked and be a patient and loving tutor.
•He definitely would challenge you to any sort of duel of your choosing, your fitness working to your benefit. It would be a fair match strengthwise, but ultimately it would depend on who was clever enough to outwit the other.
I match you with Eowyn!
Tumblr media
•Eowyn would love you. You two have similar personalities, you bring out the best in her. Although she is introverted, once you became comfortable with her, you brought her out of her shell.
•She adores your creativity, and always wants to be a part of what you're doing. Sometimes she'll ask you to paint a flower for her, and when you aren't looking, she will messily paint a picture of you.
•Eowyn loves that you know so much about history. She often asks you to tell her a history tale, and then proceed to add ridiculous facts in. For example, if you tell her about a famous artist who happened to be a Prince, it "turns out that the Prince is actually an assassin sent to dispose of the King," and although she is completely wrong every time, it always makes you smile.
•Your banter back and forth is a glorious sight to behold. Both of you tend to want to have the last laugh, which makes it a wonderful source of entertainment for whoever witnesses it.
•You never get bored around Eowyn, she always has the most interesting things to say. Likewise, she loves the sound of your voice, even if you were the most boring person in the world (you're not <3) she would listen raptly.
•She loves to train with you for fun, your love of the outdoors and activity is very attractive to her.
I hope you liked it <3
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buckthehalls · 3 months ago
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cuddlytogas · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
[IMAGE ID: Digital painting of a kobold paladin on a dark mustard coloured background. They're a bipedal lizard person with red-brown scales with V-shaped grey lines visible on their tail, clawed hands and feet, bird-like legs, small dark horns, and a rounded snout with teeth visible outside their closed mouth. They wear a shirt of chain armour under a black tunic, with black breeches, bracers, and boots with their toes sticking out. The tunic has a silver star on the chest, echoed on the bracers, and is secured with a black belt, into which is stuck a small gold and steel dagger. They carry a flail with a wooden handle and large spikes reminiscient of a starburst. A black kite shield lies on the ground beside them, with one large metal star in the middle, surrounded by smaller decorative stars. They look out at the viewer with one amber eye. END ID]
saw @marina-does-things' illustration of someone else's OC and started internally screaming, so of course I had to do the same - meet one of my dearest darling DnD characters, Eike Čížek, a kobold paladin who I've actually barely been able to play as. I read the description of kobolds as a player race and immediately decided to make them aggressively lawful good because what's the god damn point in making a species that's all about protecting the community and has communal hatcheries and can change reproductive sex at will and then framing them as inherently evil and selfish :|
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a-deadly-serenade · 15 days ago
really into This type of man lately
Tumblr media
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therealvalkyrie · 6 months ago
getting drunk + watching lotr currently, so if you see an excess of aragorn content on your dash,.........MIND YOUR BUSINESS
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bellamyblakru · 4 months ago
hey babes, figured i’d hop on this bandwagon✨
just wanted to say you’re fantabulous and i love you so much<3
— sleep deprived anon (i hope nobody’s taken this name already lmfaoo)
i only know of one queen who would use the word fantabulous and a nonemoji heart in one sentence😉 and i know you are incredible and funny and lovely and i love u so much too🥺we will lead this army together🥰
also, i fucking love your anon choice name LMFAOO such a vibe for you😂
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legolasoftherings · 17 days ago
Just wanted to let you know I giggle every time I see your tag "greasy dirt man my beloved" 😂😂😂
that is my goal in life lmao
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headcannonballs · 7 months ago
I know the hobbit movies make a big deal about how angsty teen Legolas is and completely screwed his relationship with his dad Thranduil. But whenever I read the Lord of the Rings I cannot help but think: my goodness, but Thranduil must have really spoiled Legolas rotten.
We first meet Legolas at the Council of Elrond. He is dressed simply and for light travel, and does not choose to wear his title as a Prince, instead identifying himself as a messenger from Thranduil, his king. Indeed he often chooses to call Thranduil his king rather than his father, which many have taken as a sign that relations between the two are strained.
However, I propose the direct opposite - that his many mentions of Thranduil as his Elven-Lord demonstrates not only his love for Thranduil, but also his respect and admiration of what a great king his father is for his people.
Consider this: whenever he mentions Thranduil or Mirkwood it is always with warmth and a subtle longing. He doesn't ever speak of his home in anything other than good terms, even if it has been marred and fallen into becoming Mirkwood (as opposed to Greenwood the Great).
And it isn't just to maintain pride in front of outsiders. When you contrast the way Boromir speaks of Gondor and his father the steward Denethor, to the way Legolas speaks of Mirkwood and Thranduil, it becomes clearer. Boromir is proud of his family, country and heritage and boasts of it. He claims Gondor is the main protector of Middle-earth, and that they have been fighting Mordor the hardest. But deep down he is questioning his father's rule, and is uncertain of Gondor's future.
Legolas is almost the opposite. He doesn't ever boast of his country, although Mirkwood, just like Gondor, is right at Mordor's doorstep. Instead he shares with the company personal anecdotes that show (not tell) exactly how good life is there despite the Shadow. He doesn't waver in his believe of his people's strength; indeed only he and Aragorn could face Galadriel without any fear or hesitation.
I think the reason why Legolas always mentions Thranduil as a king or lord is not because he doesn't want to acknowledge Thranduil is his father. It is that Legolas is so in awe of Thranduil and so respectful of him that whenever he is mentioned Legolas' first thought is not 'that's my dad and we're related', but instead is 'that's my king and my hero and he's so awesome'.
He doesn't consciously mention Thranduil as his father because his mind frame is not to introduce the company to Thranduil the way you would introduce your friends to your parents. He doesn't want them to think of him as just a nice uncle who is the father of a friend.
Legolas introduces Thranduil as his king because he wants the company to respect him as such, as the ruler of a great country who has done great deeds. He wants the company to see Thranduil as someone in-charge, as someone who is capable and should be given the proper courtesies accorded to him.
Some may question, in that case why doesn't Legolas call him 'my father the king'? It would highlight both Legolas' relationship to Thranduil as well as Thranduil's kingship.
I think this has to do with the circumstances as well as Legolas' humble personality. It is true that he doesn't ever make a big deal out of being prince, but at the same time this title means nothing much in the fellowship company. There is Aragorn, who would be king of Gondor. Boromir, eldest son of the ruling Steward of Gondor. Gimli, cousin of Balin who is the Lord of Moria. Gandalf, member of the Istari and councilor of many kingdoms. Peregrin, son of the Thain of Shire. Meriadoc, son of the Master of Buckland. Frodo, heir to Bilbo and a celebrity (of sorts) of the Shire.
Virtually everyone in the fellowship had a title (except Sam) and there is really no point in highlighting it among themselves when it doesn't matter. The only time where Legolas being Prince of Mirkwood would matter is when meeting other elves or when meeting allies of Mirkwood (like Dale for example). In which case in the former, Legolas being son of Thranduil is more than enough recognition for Elrond and Celeborn (as both of them were Sindar elves, and thus kin of Thranduil). And for the latter there wasn't any opportunity to do so.
Thus Legolas not mentioning the king is also his father is his way of downplaying his title as Prince, something which signifies his humility as well.
Finally, what makes me certain that Thranduil is a very caring father is Legolas' personality itself. Galadriel mentions that Legolas had always lived in joy, and this is very evident throughout the book.
In the entire journey, Legolas is shown to never despair. The only moment of fear was when he saw the Balrog (a famous elves bane) but otherwise he was also never fearful. This is despite the overwhelming circumstances the company finds themselves in. He always sees the bright side in every situation, frequently makes jokes and funny quips, and is in an overall joyful mood.
From the Hobbit, we learn that this cheerful outlook is shared by the Mirkwood elves, regardless of the growing Shadow. The only person who was affected at all was Thranduil himself, who was always wary of Mordor rising again. But he took careful pains to never affect his people, and they were always in good spirits despite the war that was happening.
I think Legolas was very well loved as a child, and always carefully sheltered. Not from the horrors and realities of war like death and destruction (because we can see he is a very capable warrior). No, he was instead sheltered from the despair and sorrow that would normally accompany death and destruction.
Legolas would see death and elves dying in battle, and Thranduil would tell him of the halls of Mandos and how death is just a path back to the Valar. He would look at the destruction of the woods and the land, and Thranduil would tell him it is like the passage of winter, but spring would come and the land would flourish again.
Legolas would have grown up knowing that even though bad things are happening, good things are still to come, and that's why he always has such hope in him and such joy. Unlike the mortal lives of Men and Dwarves, Elves are immortal and they can afford to wait for the end of the Shadow. There is no hurry, and because Mirkwood is untouched by any of the Rings, they don't need to worry about the power of the Three fading.
Legolas is happy and joyful because he is beloved, and I think that is a consequence of Thranduil's nurturing personality. It just makes much more sense when you compare him to the other characters who had lost both parents (Aragorn and Eomer), or had a stern and demanding father (Boromir and Faramir).
Legolas remains unchanged for the most part at the end of the journey because he was already in such a good place to start with. I think that is quite a comforting thought.
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natalieironside · 3 days ago
I have a lot of criticisms of the Lord of the Rings movies, to be sure, but I also absolutely love them to death.  One thing that stands out to me is how they absolutely nailed it with the casting and the aesthetics.
When a beloved book gets translated into a more visual medium, you’re always going to have reservations about the book’s imagery becoming “set in stone,” where images that previously only existed in the readers’ imaginations now take on “canonical” faces that everyone is going to end up sharing whether they like it or not, which can detract from the joy of having an ongoing conversation with the story (especially for a book like LOTR, which spends pages upon pages just chewing on scenery).
But I’m 100% okay with everyone and myself thinking that Aragorn looks like Viggo Mortensen, because he always sort of looked like that to me already.  If you showed me this guy with no other context at all:
Tumblr media
I would say, “Yup, that’s him, that’s My Boy.  Toe to tip, that’s an Aragorn.”
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capt-snoozles · 2 months ago
Aragorn's Hottest Moments in order of appearance, by me (:
disclaimer: sometimes it's about the context of the scene and not necessarily his general appearance, but mostly it's his appearance <3
when we first see him at the prancing pony
Tumblr media
just sitting there, all dark and brooding and intense, stealing my heart and my sanity in a few seconds of screen time
the drama, the mystery, the tilt to his head; sir i ask for your hand in marriage
(source: google images, linked back to pinterest instead of a specific creator)
when he's fighting the nazgul
Tumblr media
just look at him. the firelight, the subtle smirk, the little look down-look behind thing he does. this man could kill me and i'd thank him.
(source: google images, only linked back to a tumgir tag, not a specific account)
when he was fully ready to shank boromir
Tumblr media
there's something very soft and pretty about his appearance here, makes my heart flutter every time,, it helps that right after this it pans down and you see him let go of his sword and you realise he was fully ready to slice and dice boromir if he hadn't given the ring back to frodo, which is always a sexy trait in a man
(rip boromir tho... i miss him)
(source: google images, linked back to this amino page)
right after the fellowship disbands
Tumblr media
he's just at his most attractive when he's filthy, there's just something about the blood and grime (this ones definitely in my top 3)
(source: google images, only linked back to a tumgir tag, not a specific account)
his iconic "i lived bitch" moment in Two Towers
Tumblr media
aka the exact scene i was thinking of when i made this post (:
i don't think i have to justify it, look at him
(source: google images, linked to
Rohan pt 2
i couldnt find a picture but you know when Aragorns wearing that little red and black number while he's in Rohan in The Return Of The King? yeah just every fucking second that hes on screen during that time time period
Tumblr media
what can i say, i love a man with a sword <3 (also reappearance of the beloved red and black outfit)
(source: google images, linked to
The Dead Army's oath
okay i did have a gif for this one but tumblr wouldn't support it probably due to homophobia /j
anyway, you know when he's in the mountain and he's promising to fulfil the dead army's oath if they help him out in the big battle against Sauron's army? and he's all disheveled and sweaty and intense? yeah <3
"You and what army?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for me this is one of THE sexiest scenes in cinema, not even just bc Aragorn's in it, and you can't change my mind.
the ghost army running through him is what truly makes the scene fucking Choice and i'm pretty sure the fact that i 100% believe that is why i am the way i am today
(source 1: google images, linked to this blog)
(source 2: google images, linked to a now unavailable post)
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tolkien-fantasy · 10 days ago
Lotr Imagine; Their S/O gets possessed
Inspired by my favorite scene in Amphibia. If you know you know
Tumblr media
It takes a lot for Aragorn to feel really, genuinely distraught, but this situation has officially pushed him over the edge. He’s trying to find you, he can hear your screams and cries, but he can’t see you yet. When he does a wave of relief washes over him… until he sees your eyes have gone red. And when you thrust a knife and begin attacking him, the dam breaks. Tears are running down his face, he doesn’t want to hurt you, his brain is screaming it at him. Being forced to fight his love is too much for him. But he knows you’re strong, he’s trained you himself. So he’s forced to flee and regroup, desperate to break the possession and get the real Y/N back.
Glorfindel is a mix of emotions, though none of them good. He doesn’t want to fight you, he loves you so much, he just wants his Y/N back. But when your eyes glow red and he hears your screams of agony as you try and fight off what’s taking control, he’s awash with anger of despair. Glorfindel is tall, and muscular for an elf, so the best he can do is pin you down. Tears won’t stop falling as he calls out to you in a fragile voice, he can see you fighting against the influence from the inside. But he truly doesn’t know how to get you back and it scares him.
Oh she is pissed. The second she heard your screams and cries, she was in a frenzy. Racing around, trying to find you, but she knows she’s too late when she actually does. Your eyes are glowing red, every bit of your usually happy and excitable expression is gone. Eowyn can see how whatever has taken you has stripped you of everything you were, and she’s furious for it. When you attack her it all becomes too much. She can’t bear to fight you, eventually she must flee, but she spends all her waking hours thinking of how to get you back. What could have happened to you. How to get revenge on the thing that did this.
Faramir is distraught. The man has suffered the death of his brother, his father, and now the overtaking of his love in just a year. Life has taken so much from Faramir, why did it have to take Y/N, his beloved angel, too? He can’t bear to fight you, he can’t bring himself to at all. Faramir is forced to run, flee away from you as you thrust your knife at him. Every ounce of your love for him is gone from your eyes, and it breaks him. He wants his brother to console him afterwards, but he’s gone too. Everyone’s gone. But Faramir is a brave man and he knows he has to get you back. If only he knew how though...
He doesn’t fully understand what’s happening at first. He’s scared out of his mind, he can hear your screams and see your tears, but he can’t comprehend what’s happening. When your eyes begin glowing red and you charge, he’s so taken by surprise that you manage to lay a good hit on him. He clutches his side, bleeding, and tears begin pouring from his eyes. Calling out for you in a desperate voice, Legolas and his friend’s - your friends - have no choice but to flee and regroup. But Legolas can’t think. He just wants his Y/N back.
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elisethewildwolf · a month ago
Hi ya!!!! I love your work, can you do a legolas x sister reader where the reader wants to be like him adventurous but she is stuck with princess duties and one night when Y/N cant sleep, she going around singing "waiting in the wings" which is from the tangled the series and legolas hears her and feel sympathy but cute,fluffy ending. Sorry if it not detailed enough :))
Alright. Thanks for the request!! I’ll do my best :)))
Just Because (Legolas x Sister Reader)
Tumblr media
Credits for the GIF go to Pinterest and whoever posted it and made it. :))
Lyrics are copy-pasted from Google. :)))
If any of you want to read more of my stories, here’s the link to my master list: Masterlist
Y/N - your name
You were leading through a couple of invitations for your father’s party when you heard a voice calling your name.
“In here!,” you shouted back, too focused on the invitations and who to send them to and if everyone needed to be there had invitations.
Hearing the door creak open slightly, you looked up quickly just to see who it was and stopped, grinning widely.
“Legolas!,” you said happily, rushing over to give him a hug, “When did you come back?”
“Merely five minutes ago, Y/N. Now, what has my little sister been doing to keep her busy while I was away?”
He ruffled your hair a bit then picked you up to spin you around, nearly knocking over a chair.
“That is how I was spun by this winged beast,” Legolas narrated, “He spun me and Aragorn around so much that I nearly vomited!”
You laughed as he finally set you down, ignoring the sadness you felt.
“Well, what have you been doing?,” he asked again.
Sighing, you walked back to the table, picked up his invitation, then handed it to him.
“Invitations,” you answered flatly, “For father’s party.”
Peeling away the satin ribbon and envelope, Legolas surveyed the invitation then patted you on the shoulder.
“The designs show our kingdom’s personality but why should I expect any less? You’ve always been a creative ever since we were kids.”
You smiled softly at his compliment but the look of sadness finally crossed over your face and your brother caught it.
“What’s wrong, Y/N?”
You bit your lip, hesitating whether to tell him.
“You can tell me anything, Y/N, I’m your brother.”
“And an adventurer,” you added, crossing your arms, your frustration finally being shown.
Legolas frowned in confusion but didn’t reply, expecting you to elaborate.
“You’re able to go out of the kingdom’s walls and experience so many things. You’re able to meet so many people and travel and go on adventures. You can drink cheap beer and shoot arrows at Orcs and Goblins and see breathtaking sights while I am stuck here attending to princess duties like signing documents and running the household.
A knock sounded at the door, interrupting Legolas. Both of you turned to see who it was and saw one of the servants who informed you that you were being requested by the cook to inform her about the menu for the king’s banquet.
Sighing, you offered a sad smile to Legolas, gave his shoulder a squeeze, then swept out of the room in your green, flowing gown.
Seven hours later…
It was around eleven in the evening when you climbed out of bed. Somehow, just like other nights, your eyes couldn’t shut and your couldn’t seem to calm down enough to sleep.
Sighing, you slid your feet into your warm slippers and exited your bedroom, walking the great elven halls of your father without having any destination in mind.
Your heart full of emotional exhaustion at being confined in these growingly lifeless halls as your beloved brother and the rest of Middle Earth moved in a completely different world you were and would never be able to go to, you began to sing a song called “Waiting in the Wings” from a set of stories you came across in your library that could move called Tangled.
Guess we all are born with parts to play,
Some of us are stars, and some are just in the way,
I know I was meant for glory,
But that's never what my story brings.
And yet I keep on waiting,
When you have the passion and the drive,
You expect your moment center stage to arrive,
I show up with heart a blazing,
Ready to achieve amazing things,
But I'm left waiting in the wings.
Little did you know, Legolas had been with some of the guards doing rounds and had heard a faint, sweet voice in the air that seemed very familiar to him…
Your legs brought you to your father’s throne room, where you stopped in the center. Gazing around you, the room dim yet flickers of moonlight lit some parts, you exhaled tiredly again.
You turned around quickly and saw a sad Legolas staring at you concernedly.
“Why are you up?,” you asked, panicking at having been caught.
“I was doing my rounds with the other guards,” he replied, “Why are you up?”
Moving your gaze away from his and looking around the room instead, you spoke.
“Ever since we were kids, I was always the academic while you were the explorer. Father and mother adored how they had the perfect balance of children, one who could run the kingdom and one who could protect it, yet, as I grew older, I felt a hunger in me to want to explore the world, like you.”
Now looking at him with a watery smile, you shrugged regretfully.
“But I suppose I’ll always be waiting in the wings.”
What you didn’t expect was an answer.
Legolas shook his head firmly and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you in a brotherly hug.
“I swear you won’t have to keep on just languishing here if you no longer find life within these walls, Y/N.”
Pulling away, he placed his hands on your shoulders and looked at you square in the eye.
“How about you join me on my next adventure? I think I’ll be going to see some cliffs at the edge of an autumn forest if you’re interested…”
Your eyes grew wide in surprise and excitement.
At his nod, you laughed and leaped for joy, giving him a huge smile.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!,” you whisper-screamed, leaping into his arms to give him a hug.
“Let’s hope we’ll be able to convince father though,” he said.
Shaking your head and pinching his cheek a bit, you replied, “I’m sure our favorite prince will be able to find a way.”
Shaking his head in amusement, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and both of you walked back to your bedroom, chatting about your plans for the adventure and where you want to go in Middle Earth.
Thank you so much for the request @chocotacobread ! I’m sorry that it’s late 😔. I hope you like it and really sorry if it’s not what you expected!
Thanks for all the support guys and I’m back since school is letting me breathe so please continue to support me! it really means a lot!! more to come!!
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therealvalkyrie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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blueyedthiefling · a month ago
The real reason why Elrond told Aragorn he can only marry Arwen if he's a king of both Gondor and Arnor:
Estel, age 12, wide eyed and utterly obsessed with the Lay of Luthien: I hope when I want to marry the parents of my beloved also give me a task to prove myself. it'd be so badass.
Elrond: noted.
Aragorn, 50 years later: Ada, you really don't have to. I didn't mean it so literally.
Elrond, calmly sipping tea and turning a page of the book he's reading: shush Aragorn. do you want to be a baddas or not?
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bellamyblakru · 4 months ago
Might I join the anon army?
- uhh idk how about Cinth Anon?
UHH ABSOLUTELY. we were so powerful that tumblr shut down for a few minutes out of fear 🙂 but dont worry, next time my army will be ready at the frontlines.
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faheyslantsov · 3 months ago
me wanting to name my future kids after fictional characters and wondering... how far can I go..? cause like names such as nina, jesper, nikolai, etc are all normal.
but imagine naming your kid legolas. imagine having to give your family a card that says our beloved son anakin is finally here! you're going to get ur kid from preschool and ur kid comes up to you like "this is my new friend, ahsoka" and ur like obi-wan let me meet ahsoka's parents NOW
idk it just seems so fucking funny to name my kid after some fictional character with a completely made up name. I give those people the birth certificate and go this is my son, aragorn gimli.
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