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#arashi narukami
cruger2984 · 2 days ago
Arashi: Thought I was meowing at the cat for the past hour.
Arashi: Turns out it was just Mika-chan and I meowing at each other from different rooms in the house.
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vos-pc · 5 days ago
soon i am going to make a drawing incomprehensible to man
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kyutoryu · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
valkyrie is my favorite unit
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mmitsusora · 6 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pretty 5 / heartprism symmetry, koi wa primavera
requested by @vos-pc !
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mahirogim · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Au where everything is fine except Knights unit as Wattersons family
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random-media-things · 8 days ago
Hope you enjoy this hopefully non-cursed thing
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Tumblr media
@gremlin-kween gave me the pics this time, I just put them together
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not-an-enstarrie · 8 days ago
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Thanks Queen!
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rt-thebaddest · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Ok. Them as a group together. This is literally one of the things I’ve tweaked the longest. Them as a 9-member band. It’s a crossover IK.
Members (L-R):
• RD (Richard Arthur Sangster/OC)
• SM (Sōshun Murasame/DR3)
• Taro (Taro Kurosaki/DR3)
• Rantaro (Rantaro Amami/NDRV3)
• Shuichi (Shuichi Saihara/NDRV3)
• N.O. (Nobita Nobi/Doraemon)
• Yuki (Yuki Matsuda/OC)
• Arashi (Arashi Narukami/Ensemble Stars)
• Shiki (Shiki Iseya/iDOLM@STER SideM)
Tumblr media
Full Body pic
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fragillove · 12 days ago
hiii! can i get headcanons on what Knights, and Trickstar would be like as characters in an otome game? i hope you' have a good day!
Knights & Trickstar as Otome Game Characters.
Tumblr media
Type: Headcanons.
Warnings: Possessive Behavior in Izumi's.
Notes: i've only played like 2 otome games before, so i wasn't really sure how to approach this one lol. anyways i hope it's somewhat good. i'm not really sure if i'm supposed to warn about the possessive behavior thingy, but i did it just in case. also uhh i was gonna make both units in separate verses but then i decided it would be more fun for them all to lowkey hate each other and fight over u. it's a fantasy world btw cuz those are like the only kinds of otome games i played.
Thank you for your request, anon! ♡
The prince (soon to be king) you're engaged to, courtesy of your parents.
It's not like you guys hate each other, it's just really awkward. (or at the very least he doesn't hate you, he could never!)
He doesn't know the first thing about courting someone though, so he just buys you things and prays that you'll like them...
Still, he wants to develop more of a relationship with you. Not just because you two were forced to be together by your parents, but also because he's genuinely fallen in love with you as time has passed.
He's also not sure how to tell other people you're taken. It really annoying when you get hit on by some stranger in the market and he doesn't know what to say. Of course he'll try to get them to back off, but the two of you were standing so far apart that it's hard to believe you were even together.
Since these games usually have an affection gauge for each character, I'd say Tsukasa's probably has the highest requirement number.
Even though he's already loved you for a long time, he's truly convinced that you don't love him back, thus he needs a lot of affection to be proven wrong.
A bard you met while sneaking out of the palace. He was playing a tune and you couldn't help but stop to listen.
He's very playful, spontaneous, and usually in a good mood, but he's always willing to hear your troubles out.
He's convinced your fiance is a jerk. Not because you said that, but he just jumps to conclusions quickly. Though he assumes this because you're clearly not happy when you talk about him.
He's friends with everyone! When the two of you walk down the street together he's always cheerfully greeting and starting small talk with everyone he see's.
There's usually a part in otome games where you get a moment with your chosen character that includes a special still, and his would most definitely be him taking you outside of the town and playing you a song while watching the sunset on a hill.
His good ending involves him helping you run away from the life you live now, and starting anew in a different location. A secluded area where you're both free to live out the rest of your days.
A thief whom you caught trying to break into your room one night. You were about to call for help but he tackled you to the ground before you could get a word out.
He then explains his situation, about how he's trying to get money for his family because his 'idiot brother' can't get a job anywhere.
You later find out it's because his family are all vampires— bUT he's still hot so like it's fine.
You do pity him and let him go eventually, yet he finds himself coming back more frequently. Not to steal but just because he really enjoys your presence...
There's multiple instances in the storyline where he asks to drink your blood, though he never actually does it and will say things like, "oh? how forward of you~♪" if you agree to his advances.
Probably the hardest one to get with? He just sees you as someone to poke fun at initially, but he then starts to notice your advances and... no. He can't have you, and he never will. He's accepted that a long time ago, and there's almost no way you can change his mind.
He's the only route where getting a lot of affection with someone else will seriously effect the storyline. It's a feature unique to him and him alone.
If you get enough affection with Tsukasa specifically, you two will start sleeping in the same room at night. Meaning Ritsu cannot visit you at night anymore.
While it seems simple enough to just avoid Tsukasa, he actually turns out to be very clingy in this route more so than his own, and will take literally any instance of attention you give him as affection (the options you are presented with here is literally just you trying to choose the lesser of the two evils, which would be the choice giving him the least amount of affection possible.)
Your tailor, ever since you were both young.
She's been with you through thick and thin, always trying to make you look the best you can for every situation.
She also often gives you advice, whether it's about fashion, love, or maybe what flowers to buy at the supermarket. Literally anything goes.
She's also the one who convinces Izumi to let you go out whenever he notices you trying to leave the palace, because she wants what's best for you!
Also the only character who does not have a bad ending. It's either you get with her or you don't.
The only character who is supportive in every single route. You're gonna run away with Leo? Great! She'll make sure you're both properly equipped with the funds you need to travel far away from here. You're gonna marry Tsukasa? She'll make your wedding outfits look as stunning as possible! You wanna date her instead? Well she's loved you from the very beginning!
The good thing with Arashi is that she's at every single main event in the story. There's some characters like Ritsu and Subaru who obviously can't attend the grand ball, but Arashi can and will.
Your personal guard. He knows literally everything.
He once saw you trying to escape out into the city and was about to go after you before being persuaded by Arashi. He doesn't wanna admit that he was tricked into agreeing though, and always says he just knew what was best for you from the start.
He likes you, but he knows he can't have you. You're literally engaged, and even after that you have tons of friends who are clearly interested. Hell, you even have some hot, vampire dude climbing in through your window at night!!
.... or can he? If everyone else has a chance, why can't he have one too?
He decides that if the opportunity won't present itself, he'll just have to make it appear by force.
Whoops! Oh no, Tsukasa just happened to get his leg injured a few days before the grand ball? Welp, I guess you're gonna be a wallflower this time around haha ......unless???
He'll also do everything in his power to make the others look bad.
His obsession with you gets to the point where he cannot be anywhere else but your side.
....aaaand now you've reached his bad ending where 80% of the other characters end up dead and the rest are fatally injured! congratulations!!
A young astrologist you used to go to prep school with. Also a fellow noble.
The two of you were extremely close before you were engaged to Tsukasa by your family, and thus you haven't seen each other since.
Well, that is until you run into each other at the market place.
After catching up for a bit, you've realized his parents have set him up with someone as well, though he's clearly not interested.
Often takes you out to see the stars! He's usually very reserved, but becomes an absolute chatterbox when explaining them to you.
His affection gauge works differently from everyone else's though.
Instead of gaining it through your dialog options, it's gained from what you bring him.
You see, the local library does not carry the type of astrology books he needs, yet the library inside your castle does and... yeah you see where this is going.
It's mostly like a memory game at some point when choosing the books that he needs. So unless you look up the answers, you're gonna have to read through that paragraph of text he spills out whenever he opens his mouth...
A traveler from a different city.
He bumps into you on accident and asks you for directions to the nearest food place, explaining that he's famished.
He then realizes he has no money with him, so you treat him out to lunch because of pity.
He promises to repay you sometime though, he's sure of it!
You later learn that he came to this city specifically to find a dog for his mother as a present. It's a certain kind that is only sold here, he says.
The thing with Subaru is that unlike the other characters, he actually needs to leave at some point.
Because of this, his route is far shorter than the rest, five days to be exact.
Tumblr media
To counter this though, he has many more options where you are prompted to make choices and gain affection.
Your childhood friend! He's an alchemist who works on new inventions and was hired by your father after you recommended him.
He's also good friends with Mao, and Hokuto! Though he's very scared of Izumi...
Probably the only one who's on good terms with Tsukasa, who gives him high praise for his genius ideas.
One of his mechanics is similar to Ritsu's in the fact that if your affection with Izumi is high, then he's not even going to try and initiate conversations with you. Although it's not as game changing as Ritsu’s, it just means you'll be missing out on a few conversations.
He likes to bring you his new inventions as gifts! They're usually apology gifts due to him not being able to spend a lot of time with you lately, He's usually buried in a pile of work.
For Makoto specifically, since he has a lot of things to do, every little dialog choice you make is timed.
You get 15 seconds to answer, or else the conversation will end abruptly.
A street performer who does magic tricks.
You met him while out on a walk in the town, and saw a crowd surrounding someone.
He then made a bat appear from out of his hat! isn't that amazing?!
After the show was over, you approached him, asking him how he was able to pull those tricks off.
He just laughed and said it was a secret, before you parted ways.
Mysteriously however, you two kept bumping into each other? It was odd, not that you were complaining.
Whenever the two of you spent time together, it was always in the presence of other people. He's extremely good with kids, you've learned, and often plays with them and does magic tricks for them on the spot.
Due to him never getting too much time to know you properly, it's safe to assume he doesn't even know who you are, or what your status even is.
Mao has the only route where it can end earlier than expected. With the other's, you have to wait until the very last day. But for his, once he does learn of your relationship with Tsukasa, if your affection isn't high enough he will detach himself from you completely.
Extra notes:
i tried to include a different otome game mechanic with each one. like how tsukasa has the highest requirement of affection, izumi's bad ending, the fairly large obstacle for ritsu, etc.
btw mao was a magician because of his solo song lmao. same with hokuto being an astrologist. im not very creative,,,
also uh sorry some were a lot shorter than others. i tried to even it out but ..... it is what it is. i just had a lot of ideas for certain characters and then absolutely no ideas for others...
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queenofknights · 12 days ago
With My Honesty
Tumblr media
With everything I have right now, I shall face forward
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