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#arataki itto
genshinarchives · 2 days ago
You tend to hold your breath when you're crying so that nobody can hear you, and he tries to get you to stop.
The reader is gender-neutral.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Xiao, Zhongli, Gorou, Itto, Thoma
Tumblr media
Xiao released a sharp sigh and ran his fingers through his hair, unsure of how to deal with the situation he’s currently facing. His eyes darted downwards to your figure that was curled up in a ball with your face on your knees beside him on the roof of Wangshu Inn. It was obvious to him that you were crying, even though you were being as silent as a mouse about it.
Allowing his jade spear to disperse into a myriad of lights, he wordlessly approached you.
“Hey,” he began quietly. When he didn’t get an answer from you, one of his eyebrows quirked up. “(Y/n)?” No reply. “Did something happen while I was gone?” Crouching down to your level, he tried to make you lift your head, and his eyes then widened. “Oi, are you even breathing?”
Your only response was an incoherent mumble.
With a frown, he reached down and lightly pinched your side, making you yelp in surprise as your head shot up to reveal your face that was streaked with tears.
“X-Xiao,” you breathlessly said, having not expected him to do that. Letting out a muted sigh, the yaksha sat down next to you and petted your head awkwardly.
“It’s okay to cry around me,” he muttered, “I won’t make fun of you.”
Tumblr media
"Breathe, (y/n),” Zhongli told you softly. He gently took your face into his hands and wiped your tears away as he rubbed the pads of his thumbs on your cheeks. “Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself, darling.” You quickly shook your head, making him sigh quietly.
He was surprised to find you in your current state, but what surprised him even more was that you were holding your breath as you wept. He knew that you didn’t want to appear weak in front of other people, but was it absolutely necessary for you to take it this far? If you really needed a moment of vulnerability, he would gladly allow you to seek shelter in his arms; he’ll embrace every side of you so that you may leave to face the day with your tears dried.
“Let it out. Don't hold yourself back like this, it's only us here,” he said in an attempt to convince you to stop your bad habit. You responded with silence, glossy eyes averted to avoid his pleading gaze. Zhongli pursed his lips but he's not about to give up. “(Y/n), please look at me. Let me see your eyes.”
Hesitantly complying to his request, a surprised gasp then escaped your throat when a pair of warm lips landed on your forehead. You felt him smile against you as a blush crept over your cheeks. Pulling away, he slowly tilted your head up, his amber hues gazing into your own (e/c) pair tenderly.
“That’s much better,” he remarked, hearing you breathe again.
Tumblr media
Gorou turned his head when he heard odd noises coming from you. Putting down the book he was reading, he quietly crawled over to your futon and peered at your sleeping face. His eyes widened in surprise upon seeing tears silently running down your cheeks, and slight panic settled in when he couldn’t hear any sounds of you breathing.
“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, shaking your shoulders roughly, “Wake up!”
You awoke almost immediately as your eyelids snapped open, and you quickly sat up while gulping mouthfuls of air. When your brain finally registered that Gorou was gazing at you worriedly, you turned away from him, holding your breath to silence your sobs.
“What’s wrong? Were you having a nightmare?” he carefully asked, scooting closer to you so he can loosely wrap his arms around your waist, “You know that you can talk to me, right?” When you didn’t respond, Gorou rested his cheek on your nape as he waited for you to calm down, his tail occasionally flicking against the blanket.
“‘m sorry...” you mumbled, making him lift his head.
“Hmm? What for?” he asked, watching you turn around in his arms. You simply shook your head, confusing him further, and let out a choked sob before holding your breath again. His eyebrows furrowed, and he then cupped your chin as he sealed your lips with his. You clung to his shoulders in surprise when he blew air into your mouth, and after pulling away from the kiss, he grinned cheekily.
“G-Gorou, what was that for?” you stammered, embarrassed.
“I was just helping you breathe again. Come on, let’s go back to sleep,” he said, pulling you down on the futon with him.
Tumblr media
Itto flopped over your smaller figure as he pushed some of his weight on you, and wrapped his arms around you from behind.
"My little kachimushi, speak to me!" he exclaimed, using the affectionate nickname he had come up with for you. Pursing your lips, you stubbornly shook your head, refusing to let his eyes meet with your teary ones. The half-oni let out a long, drawn-out sigh before tightening his hug, nearly squeezing the life out of you. You gasped softly at his action but quickly caught yourself and held your breath once more as tears continued to silently roll down your cheeks.
"But you're sad! Tell me what's wrong!" he implored, raising a hand to incessantly poke your cheek, but you remained unresponsive, “(Y/n)... Come on, look at me, will you?”
Knowing that Itto was as equally stubborn as you and won’t leave you alone until you do as he asks, you reluctantly turned your head only to have his white hair occupy your field of vision before a pair of lips were pressed against yours. Eyes widening, you pushed him away from you with a high-pitched squeak.
“Itto-kun!” you exclaimed, flustered. Itto let out a booming laugh and winked at you while you rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand.
“So~ Did I manage to steal your breath away~?” he asked in a sing-song voice. You immediately punched his stomach, causing him to double over in pain.
Tumblr media
"... (Y/n)? Why are you crying?” Thoma asked, immediately abandoning his cleaning duties to rush over to your side. He wore a worried look on his face as he scanned you from head to toe to make sure that you weren’t seriously injured. You tend to be reckless when doing your commissions, and he wanted to make sure that you weren’t hurt anywhere.
You didn’t answer your boyfriend when he began to fuss over you; instead, your gaze remained downcast as you avoided any eye contact with him. He seemed to deflate when you gave him no response.
“(Y/n)...?” he called you softly, hearing your choked sniffles, “Why won’t you answer me? Did something happen to make you so upset?” He was very much aware of your bad habit that involved holding your breath whenever you’re crying, and he honestly didn’t like it. He wanted you to stop doing that to yourself because it's okay to be weak sometimes.
When your stubborn silence persisted, he crossed his arms over his chest and nodded to himself. "Alright, you leave me with no choice."
You quickly looked up with wide eyes, knowing what entails those words. Before you could run away, he tackled you to the floor and pinned you down with his legs. He then raised his hands, a playful smirk appearing on his lips.
Thoma began to tickle your sides relentlessly.
You immediately burst out laughing, your tears of laughter mixing with your tears of sadness. The blond laughed along with you and eventually stopped as he retracted his hands. Rolling to your side, you wheezed, trying to catch your breath after the unwarranted tickle session.
"That's better," he said with a beam, "Now won't you give me a smile? You look the cutest when you're smiling."
"You didn't have to add the last part," you murmured, your lips curving upwards slightly.
Chuckling, Thoma stood up before helping you to your feet. Leaning into you, he then kissed your remaining tears away. "Don't forget to breathe next time, okay? You'll scare me otherwise."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @coco-goat-milk​ @m3gitsune​ @love-letters-4-u​ @melkxsh​ @thomathehousekeeper​
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lunamochii · a day ago
A thirst post~ it’s a drabble btw 😆
notes&warnings ; piercing, f!reader, fingering, MINORS DNI!, REBLOGS ARE OKAY ✨
Characters : Itto, Diluc, Zhongli, Childe
Tumblr media
Itto have piercings on his tits and whenever you flick your tongue on it, Itto will become so red that in a low voice he will ask you for more
Diluc have a tongue pierce and he can make you cum just by tongue fucking your cunt. You like that right ? The cold metal inside you, making you squirm. His hands groping your breast.
Zhongli who puts two fingers in your cunt, moving it in a scissor motion, while your fingers play with the piercing on his tongue.
Childe tying your hands on the headboard as he lap on your wet messy cunt, refusing to insert his cock even though it’s spilling cum on the sheets. Hands slapping your thighs every time you jerk away.
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fuyoart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Biggest troublemakers in inazuma
inspired by this comic !
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dilucsgoodboy · a day ago
itto x afab!herbalist!reader
[ cw : nsfw, mean itto again, size kink, blowjob, degrading, facefucking, mentions of reader wearing glasses, reader being ittos whore, hair pulling (gripping?), mentions of kujou sara, use of the words ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’, i think that’s everything]
Tumblr media
hearing your door open quietly, though not quietly enough as you had grown adapt to hearing the soft sound. “yes i’ll be with you right in a second!” you called out from the back of your office. rummaging through some herbs you picked up earlier that day. it had been such a stressful, long day. hoping this was your last client before finally getting a break.
work was never that difficult unless there were lots of unexpected patients showing up. most of the time, it was easy. giving regulars prescriptions, bandaging up a few little kids here and there, paperwork. it was pretty easy in terms of effort put forth, especially for a specialist healer like yourself. letting out a small huff before getting up and looking as presentable as possible. walking over to your desk to remove unnecessary items.
“come in!” you called out to whom ever was behind the door. quickly, the door opened to reveal none other than arataki itto. turning around to see his tall frame standing a bit weakly at the front of your office. internally very happy to see him, but in terms of why he was there…not so much. he’s gotten all beat up again. before even greeting him, you already chewed him out a bit.
“itto, you know what i’ve told you about this.” your tone was stern and did not waver. “alright i know! it’s hard not to at least get a few scratches in a fight” brushing off his arms with the dirt that covered them. you scoffed at his excuse of a reason to be here.
“just so damn tired of losing to her” he pouted like a little child after not getting his way. you just ignored his comments and went along grabbing bandages and wrap. “go take a seat over here” you said while pointing to a spot next to your work area.
itto did as he was told, respecting you and your place of work. he always felt a certain guilt, although he wouldn’t show it. mainly about interrupting you during working hours. he felt the side next to him weight down only to see your smaller frame quickly working bandages over his wounds. you always worked quickly and efficiently and itto loved watching you work on him: seeing you so focused. he loved your gaze, especially when it’s right on him. it was a bit awkward though since he did know you were probably upset with him. though it’s repeatedly happened, he feels guilty.
“so uh, how was your day?” he asked, wanting to break some of the tension. “just a stressful day, so many clients” you hummed to him. he nodded. as you began to work on his chest and stomach area, he just tried his best not to focus on your touch and instead relax. you did always mention how tense the oni was.
“huh so you had a stressful day yeah?” he repeated back your own response
“yeah? what about it?”
“nothing just asking..”
you ignored his comments and went along with patching your idiot boyfriend up. the room fell silent for a moment before itto bursted out.
“can’t believe i lost to her again!” he growled “how does someone like her beat me every single time!?” itto started to get heated about his lost fight yet again with kujou sara.
“well, not to hurt your feelings, but what it seems like to me is that sara knows a lot more about strategy than you itto. sure you’re strong physically, she’s just one step ahead in terms of wit” you calmly explained to him with a huff not even bothering to look him in the eyes. itto growled again in anger.
“why do you always have to sound so smart when explaining stuff to me?”
“oh hush, you’re just mad you got beat again”
“yeah? and what of it?”
“well, i can tell your ego is hurt”
“huh!? you really think i’d let her hurt my ego?”
“you’ll never learn will you itto…”
now itto was heated, even from a little insufficient argument. that, and how unbothered you were about telling him off. insulting him and then just going about your business. finishing up tending to his last few wounds before feeling his large hands press against your shoulders. gasping softly at the sudden movement and touch.
“itto? stay still im almost done”
“huh? what do you mean n--“
he cut you off not caring if you got mad or not. pushing you down on one of the soft mat cots you have in your office. most of them were used for patients but ittos intentions seemed very different to that of resting. whining against his grip as he looked down above you. “quit talking back to me” itto snapped, leaning down to let his hot breath hit your nervous face. taking in how you’d gone from acting all smart to a little mess on the floor.
“wow, look how pathetic you are ha…you’re much prettier when you’re quiet” you wanted to talk back but choose not to as it couldn’t lead to good was so embarrassing how easily he could shut you up. “i-itto” how feeble you sounded just because of a few touches. he let go of you, his once tight grip now gone. once again seating himself on his original spot. sitting up while you quickly fixed yourself up. still dazed in what all just went down.
itto stared down at you, looking so pretty all disheveled on the ground because of him. watching at you pushed up your glasses that fell and fixing your hair. you looked so ready to get ruined. grabbing a chunk of you hair, pulling you close to his lap, head laying on his thigh. making you all messed up again.
“you know what happens when i get fed up don’t you?” you knew what he wanted. he did this just about every time he lost a fight. “yeah i do” “i know you do” grabbing at his thick belt, hearing it clank as he undid it. itto had started this routine where whenever he lost a fight and got too beat up to go back home, he’d come to your office to ‘relieve his stress’.
he gets so mad at himself for losing and letting him use you as a relief for a while just to rid himself of all those built up emotions. you gazed down for a bit but itto still kept his glare on you. just admiring how cute were. bet you didn’t expect a beat up oni to show up today and fuck you senseless now did you?
he gets so mad at himself for losing and letting him use you as a relief for a while just to rid himself of all those built up emotions. you gazed down for a bit but itto still kept his glare on you. just admiring how cute were. bet you didn’t expect a beat up oni to show up today and fuck you senseless now did you?
his pants pulled down a bit, belt undone just for you. “come on, you know what to do next” he teased, long fingers tracing over your skin. you snapped back, looking up to itto who was nothing but ready for you.
“i can’t believe you’re making me do this at this time” you annoyingly replied, hand running over his clothed bulge.
“you say that as if you don’t love it when i’m shoved down your throat” ittos words so guttural and vulgar on your ears. and even despite that, if turned you on. licking your soft, plush lips as you reach your hand down his last layer.
taking out his big cock, noticing how he twitches into your hand. the thick bulging veins pulsing with need. stroking him gently as to not put too much pressure on itto. after all, he did just get beat up in a fight; he’s still a bit sensitive.
itto relished the softness of your touch even while doing something so dirty. though, he did get sick of your painfully slow pace quickly.
“come on, use that pretty mouth for something more than jus’ talking”
you wanted to send him a glare but didn’t as he could turn merciless quite quickly if something didn’t please him. leaning down towards him, kissing up the sides gently. “that’s it, good” he kept talking and though you were over hearing his voice, it wouldn’t be long before he’d fuck his anger into your throat. he heaved out, suddenly feeling your little mouth engulf his thick tip. shuttering at the warmth of your mouth.
“fuck that’s good” hearing you suck with gentle pops of your mouth every so often. just taking in how pretty you are on your knees infront of him. even though you just started, itto can’t help but you thrust his hips up into your mouth. hearing the ‘gluck gluck’ of himself hitting the back of your throat already. not even being able to take half of him in. placing your hands on ittos thighs as a means of support if he got too rough.
he tugged at your hair, bobbing your own head for you, watching your glasses slip down your nose once again. soon wrapping your hand around the untouched base of his cock and moving gently in rhythm.
looking so cute and messy already for him. and god did you look so precious with your glasses on while sucking him off. he already felt so good but, he needed more. itto was never satisfied with slow, gentle touches. he wanted it rough and messy.
“stay still” he ordered, pushing your glasses up grabbing onto the sides of your head. looking up to itto teary eyed. his teeth gritted and face lined with a thin sheet of sweat. your fingernails digging into his clothed thighs tightly. sitting himself up a bit as he began to fit himself into your mouth. your eyes closed shut as he pushed himself down your throat. the tightness of your throat about to make him cum already but he wanted to have his fun.
“good, way to take it like a good girl” he praised in a raspy voice. all the while, your thighs trembled and you knew how soaked you were through your panties and shorts. so pathetic. itto started off with a relatively slow place. it was ‘slow’ for him but you’d grown to adapt quickly to his pacing. having your throat fucked many times by the oni.
itto let out a chuckle when he saw the bulge forming through your throat. he thought about how hot that was and continued to bully himself down deeper. you were gagging by this point but itto was too fed up. fucking your hot, tight throat like you were just a toy. even though most of your oxygen circulation was cut off and you couldn’t open your eyes, it turned you on more.
the lewd sounds coming from your office were distinguishable is anyone dared to stand outside your door. pulling your hair even more to bob your head up and down. an array of groans and grunts could be heard from itto as he did this.
“never gonna lose to that bitch again” he grunted out in anger. feeling your throat tighten around him more. itto was on the edge of losing himself. he couldn’t go any rougher, knowing it would hurt you. but with the tears streaming down your face and the vibration from your throat he knew you liked the rough treatment that came with being throat fucked. pumping down your throat a couple more times barley even holding himself back.
“oh god i’m gonna-“ he slipped out rather quickly, cumming soon after. his eyes partially rolling back as he came, pulling himself out a bit so you wouldn’t choke. feeling the hot liquid stream down your throat was the best reward you could’ve been given after this.
itto pulled completely out already missing the warmth your mouth brought him. gripping your hair once more to bring your face up to look at him.
“don’t want a single drop wasted hear me?” you nodded immediately to which he showed some mercy and untangled his harsh grip that was once on your head. knowing how exhausted you must have been.
you swallowed what was left of ittos remains and opened up your mouth for an inspection from him; hands propped up on his thighs. itto held your tongue out at make sure all of it had been swallowed. after a quick sweep he let go and you went back down on your knees. being so dazed and fucked out to even think.
“good job” you felt a sense of lust still over yourself. wiping off your mouth and pushing up your glasses once more. “ha i bet you’re tired, but…” he started as you lifted your head up. his hand reached to part one of your thighs. you gasped in surprise, covering your mouth quickly.
“let me pay you back in return”
“i have a meeting to go to soon!” you persisted against his wants.
“it’ll be quick believe me”
hearing that evil smirk itto had when he was up to no good. picking you up and led your front side to face your messy work desk.
it was about to get a whole lot messier after itto was finished with you.
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beige-babyyy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
itto drabble #4- he spoils you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
itto loves to spoil you. being a descendant of the oni and a gang leader, he's more than capable of serving your every need.
he gets you anything you want to eat. dango, ramen, tempura, even his cock. you don't ever have to ask for it. but he loves it when you do.
when you beg to suck his cock in that sweet, needy voice of yours. begging him to let you be a good girl for him. begging to choke and moan around his cock as your finger yourself.
he loves to buy you outfits. anything from pretty skirts to frilly blouses. from chic overcoats to the most revealing, skimpy dresses you've ever seen. it doesn't matter if it shows a little too much skin or is too provocative. he'll do anything for his little princess. besides, it's not like anyone would dare to steal a glance at you, unless they want to witness the rage of an oni.
his favorite thing to buy you is lingerie. he's bought you a wide array so far. from black ones with thigh-high stockings, to red ones adorned with bows and ribbons, to white scanty ones that barely cover your pretty pussy.
you've never kept a set for long though. it seems that itto only buys them to rip them off you. completely destroying them in the process of fucking you into the mattress. torn pieces of fabric strown across your body and the bed as he pounds away at you. you underneath him clawing at his back as he reaches all the deepest parts inside you. fucking you until you squirt all over him and then fucking you some more. only stopping when you're shivering and writhing and filled to the brim with his cum.
it's okay though, he'll make it up to you with some brand new dresses tomorrow <3
Tumblr media
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avenora · a day ago
Tumblr media
these details...I'm tired...
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yukisnowywriting · a day ago
Head Over Heels
Tumblr media
Arataki Itto x gn!reader
genre : fluff
s/n : I think Itto is big fluff ball...he's hot too
In Itto’s eyes, you are a cute little fluffy human. If he was to compare you to a fluffy sheep, he'd say you were probably related. You were definitely very cute every second of the day. But today was different.
Yes, today you were too cute, you were cuter than usual. He doesn't know why, maybe
it's your new clothes that you just bought, or maybe it was something else. He doesn't know, but you're just cute.
You were just sitting on Itto’s lap, as he sits on the grass, arms around your waist, watching the shiba inus playing with their families, chasing their tails. “It's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~” you kept repeating that sentence everytime the dogs did something cute.
Not like you who's paying attention to those cute dogs, Itto was paying attention closely to your face. His eyes lighting up when you squeal from the cuteness. You were passionately describing how cute the puppies were. He was so patient, but now his patience ran thin. He couldn't hold it in, he then rubbed his cheek on yours. He squeals like a child that got a doll that he had wanted for a long time.
“Hmmmmmmmmmm im sho happy~ hahaha!” he says as he continues rubbing his cheek on
yours with a wide smile and a light blush on his cheeks. “Umph… what are you doing?~ hiii!
Why so suddenly??” You ask while having difficulty talking. “You're just soooo cute today~
you're always soooo cute but today you're 2000% cuter than usual! Hihihihi” he answers with a
squeal, a giggle, and a cute higher voice than usual.
You were so shocked, your face probably blue. “A-are you… possessed?” you say in a worried
voice. “Oh of course not! Hahaha! Why would I want to get possessed and miss this cute s/o of
mine??” he continues into a fit of giggles and pulls away to kiss your cheeks, your forehead,
your lips, ears, neck, everywhere he could. “S-stop! It tickles” you complain with a high pitched
voice, holding your laugh and scrunching your face up with a pout on your lips. Your scrunched
up face made your cheek puff out, he sees this scene and his eyes widens as a shimmer of light
crosses his pupils.
“AAAAAAAAAH you're too cute! I'll bite you!” he says and nuzzles his face in your neck. “Hah! I
dare you to bite my cheek- akh!” He bites your cheek softly. “Mmmm~ hmhmhm” his giggles
being muffled by your cheek. “Yaaaaa! You really did it! Eeeeew get off get off!” you squealed,
feeling his fangs lightly grazing your cheek as you tried to push his face away. He then lets go
and you wipe your cheek. “HEY! Don't do that!” you yelled. He gives you puppy eyes with a pout
“but you said I could~”. It was quite abnormal to see an oni pouting and looking like a kicked out
puppy, pleading to a human. It was great that there were no passerbys, if someone saw this, the
Arataki Gang would be flooded by interviews.
You're weak for his cute face. “O-okay! Do anything you want…” And then he smiles and opens
his mouth- “NO BITING! No biting! Anything but biting my cheeks!”He freezes and aims at yourneck “Neck is not allowed either!” He freezes again and goes back to his pleading face.
“U-ugh… okay… a-anything but cheeks…. Stil! No fangs!” He then had a mischievous smile on
his face and went closer to your neck… then you feel it. He licks your neck. “AKH! NO TONGUE!
NO BITING! NO!” you yelled with a flushed red face. “Heeeee…. Fine…” He then just continues
kissing you and finally stops to nuzzle his head in your neck. After a few minutes he falls asleep,
small snores heard every once in a while. You then stroke his hair, smiling.
“Ah… he's really head over heels for you…” A member of the Arataki Gang seems to walk by,
stopping for a while in front of you to say that while looking at you two and walking away like
nothing had happened. You were then left there with a tomato red face, and embarrassment.
Yeah.... He's hot
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kaeyarse · a day ago
Itto brain rot is kicking in too much????
Warning - very nsfw, minors DNI (mentions of crying, stomach bulge, bodily fluids, slight degradation?, mentions of breeding - Just absolute whoring for Itto) barely proofread, sorry, I’m just horny
Just imagine being on your back in a tent, somewhere in a remote part of Inazuma near some mountains, Itto towering over you. His huge, thick, veiny cock stuffing you fully, to the point your stomach is bulging, to the point you can barely take it. Him rubbing the tears from your cheeks with his thumb as he smiles, while pounding into you mercilessly, the look in his eyes of what is like a predator perusing it’s prey. And you were his prey. The sounds drove him crazy, the sound of you sobbing and whimpering, begging him to slow down all why moaning and screaming his name every single time he hit that spot deep inside you. The sounds of skin slapping off each other, the wet sound that you couldn’t tell whether it was from spit, cum, or sweat, but either way, he fucking loved it. You were beyond overstimulated before he even started using you as his fuck toy, he was amazing at foreplay, he had to be other wise his cock would never even dream of being able to fit inside of you. He could work miracles with his mouth and his tongue, he’d pay attention to every single one of your sensitive spots, your neck, your nipples, archon knows how much he loved your damn nipples. He’d pay far too much attention to them, his tongue would flick over them and then go round in circles before sucking on them. Fuck, he’d suck on them like he was trying to milk you, his hand on your other, him flicking it between his thumb and finger before switching sides and repeating it all again. The man could make you cum from that alone and he took pride in it, he took pride in being able to get you hot under the collar simply by his domination presence.
Once he’d finally finished with your chest, he’d kiss and lick down your stomach, slowly, teasingly. He’d spread your thighs, his grip tight and he’d relish in the sight before him, you quivering below him in anticipation, preparing yourself for whatever he was about to do to you next. Now his tongue worked it’s wonders, his head between your legs, before he stuffed his fingers deep inside your hole making you yelp. He’d give you no warning, and he didn’t care. He always wants to dominate you, he’ll never even think about letting you dominate, but he will always focus on your pleasure before his own. He will make you cum over and over and over before allowing himself to. Once he’s finally done he’ll kneel back on to the heels on his feet and smirk, breathing heavily as he eats you up with his eyes, his only thought is now stuffing you with his cock. Fuck when he did it you’d try your hardest to push him away, he was just too big, it was like he would split you in two if he went any further. He’d just bury his head in your neck, whispering to you to just take it and it’ll stop hurting once he’s in, and he promises how good he’ll make you feel. He’ll play with your chest or between your legs while kissing and biting on your neck to distract you from the pain. Tears would come down your face but your eyes would be rolling to the back of your head. The feeling was unreal, it hurt but the sensation of being stretched out and filled up by him was one of the most pleasurable feelings you’ve ever come across. He’d make you scream with pleasure, the louder you were, the better for him. He didn’t care if all of damn Inazuma heard you, that’s what he wanted, he wanted everyone to hear his name, to hear you scream his name. For everyone to hear how he was using you as his dirty little slut, to hear exactly what he could do to you and how he could make you unravel and cum so many times. All because of him. Fuck, he wasn’t an archon, but when he fucked you, he was damn close to it. And you best believe he won’t just cum once, he will keep going. He will fill you up with his cum, without a second thought, he’ll want to breed you like it’s the last thing he can do, he’ll fill you in anyway he can - and this was just another way. You were his, and he will make sure you know it, every damn time.
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yaeyo · a day ago
yo i havent seen enough fluff so and ITS SHORT IK IM STILL TRYING TO GET BACK INTO WRITING 😓
Tumblr media
✢ focus character(s) — arataki itto
✢ cw(s)/tw(s) – none other than a squeeze hug
✢ summary — oh, a night like this couldn’t be better.
Tumblr media
A gentle breeze blew in through the open windows, blowing the silk curtains. The dying sounds of the village could be heard as kids began part ways with their friends to climb back into their homes and settle down for the night. Idle chatter could still be heard from guards and such, as well as the hum of crickets and the distant crackling of thunder a few kilometers away.
“Itto,” you hummed, your fingers gently gliding through his recently detangled hair. “You still with me?”
It took a moment, his chest slowly rising and falling before he hummed in response and pushed his head further into your hand. “Yeah, still here.”
“Who would’ve thought that the great Arataki Itto would fall to someone to the likes of me?” You murmured with a dopey smile, and as soon as he registered it, you could feel him smiling against your chest. You pressed a quick kiss to the top of his head and gave his hair a small ruffle.
With another hum he scooped his arms underneath your waist, slightly lifting you off the bed, and gave you a tight hug. When he finally let go of you, he looked up with a wide, sharp-toothed smile. If you hadn't been listening carefully you would have missed what he said. “Love you.”
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c1nnamirahearts · 20 hours ago
sara calling itto: please help me omg i don’t know what to do
itto: can your gay crisis wait? the beetles aren’t done fighting yet
itto quickly snatching his beetles: okay nvm the beetles can wait
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albedohoe · 12 hours ago
I feel like itto would take it as a challenge if you said you were too heavy for him to carry.
Literally just,
You: itto… dude you can’t carry me I think I’d be too heavy
Itto: is that a fucking challenge?
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genshin-lovers · 2 days ago
I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner, but what do u think Itto's favorite kinks are?
Biggest size kink out of all the genshin guys. Fucking a smaller partner?? Having a smaller partner top him?? Yes. All of it. And i dunno if this counts as a kink but i feel like he’d love it when his partner plays with his horns. - admin albedo
Hmm. Maybe biting? Scratching? He's got those big fucking teeth. also Itto would wrap his hand around his partner's waist and be like "look at how tiny you are. I am going to Break You." - honourary admin aether
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ittobakataki · 2 hours ago
#4 (ANGST)
Itto's greatest fear is your silence.
Tumblr media
Itto Arataki x Gn!Reader
Being part oni meant that his senses are sharper than those of normal humans. His youkai heritage blessed him with extraordinary sight, hearing and smell - all of which had helped him become the fearsome and mighty Arataki Itto he is known as today. However, his sense of hearing is very unique. He seems to be able to “hear” the thoughts of others if he concentrates hard enough; he can hear so well that the sound of the slightest heartbeat is picked up by his ears.
Out of everyone in Inazuma, your heartbeat was unlike any other.
It’s hard to describe. Your heartbeat was so… gentle, so kind and so reassuring in a way. Whenever Itto hears your heartbeat, it felt as if everything was going to be okay - that nothing would ever go wrong when you’re around.
It makes him want to cry sometimes.
The feeling of security is something that he gives and rarely receives.
You were there to provide him with it.
You had a heart of gold and it was so, so beautiful. He thought that your heart was a blessing, but at the same time, so terrifying - because when every heartbeat resonates in his ears, a wave of hopeless relief washes over him.
You were always ready to lend a helping hand. You were a bright and friendly figure in the Tenryou Commission, and that positive energy was even brought to the battlefield devastated by countless wars. The cheerful smile you always wore, the love you unconditionally gave your friends… They were what made the half-oni, and even the Kujou Tengu fall for you.
And Itto has always been terrified for when the time comes.
“I promised to protect you.”
For the inevitable coda the final cadences will lead up to.
“I couldn’t protect you.”
When your heart ceases to beat.
“It was never enough.”
Your silence has never been so terrifying for him.
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