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kai-in-the-sky · 2 days ago
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Second post of the day? am on a roll XD
Anyway, enjoy chibis Fives, Howzer and Wooley (based on @lizzieraineplots’ s Wooley)
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fantastic-commander-fox · 23 days ago
Domino Twins
Click photo for higher resolution
Tumblr media
Image Description: Fives, back turned to viewer, looking at his reflection in the mirror but only seeing Echo. The mirror is foggy, and you can see a handprint on the glass over the chest of Echo/Fives's reflection.
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sybisti · 6 months ago
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#???? #? #??
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fluffyhales · 3 months ago
Boba can be fully healed by a Bacta tank.
Fennec gets cool cybernetic parts to keep her alive after a shot to the gut.
Anakin was kept alive after having his three little bitch limbs cut off and being BURNED ALIVE IN A RIVER OF LAVA.
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kamino-coruscant · 12 months ago
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Fives being dramatic about carbon-freezing
S03x18: The Citadel
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suck-a-egg · 4 months ago
Fives: So that’s my plan. Echo: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean. Fives: No, go ahead, I want to hear it. Echo: It fucking sucks. Fives: That’s not constructive criticism.
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notfivefives · 4 months ago
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Clones Appreciation Week Day 1: Favorite Clone
~ARC Trooper Fives~
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zoeykallus · a month ago
Fives - Soldier Boy 1 - Not Just Another Clone
Tumblr media
Fives x fem!Reader FF
Warnings: Orphan Backstory/ Aside From That None (Yet)
Fluff Mostly
Author's Comment:
I already have so many WIPS that I work on practically every day, every free minute, and yet it has been too much of a tease for me. Fives, I had to write about Fives.
As the niece of a senator who has currently attracted rather negative interest and regularly receives threats, you will need protection as long as you are on Coruscant. After Padme followed up on the senator's request and approached General Skywalker, he sent one of the best, ARC 5555 also known as Fives.
Following Chapters:
Part 2 - Caught In The Act
Part 3 - Tender Affection
Part 4 - Worries And Secrets
Part 5 - Welcome Back, Soldier Boy
Part 6 - I Should Have Known
Part 7 - Doing Something Stupid
Part 8 - Hot Tub
Part 9 - Seize The Night
Part 1 - Not Just Another Clone
Tumblr media
You weren't too thrilled when your uncle informed you that you were to be assigned a bodyguard. A clone soldier, one of the ARC's. Since your uncle had caused trouble in the senate, because he had a controversial point of view concerning the war against the Sepperatists, threats were regularly arriving and as long as you were on Coruscant, he didn't want you to wander around alone.
General Skywalker's 501st unit had provided one of their men after Senator Amidala asked him to. You liked Padme, a lot, but you didn't like her to interfere. You didn't want to be followed every step of the way by one of the bucket heads. They were all so stubborn, disciplined and pig-headed, at least the ones you had met.
Padme assured you that Fives, the name of the clone assigned to you, was different, dutiful, but certainly not a bore. You wouldn't believe that until you saw it live.
You waited in your chamber in the Senate building, where your uncle had left you before going to a meeting with some other senators. You had been assured that your escort was already on his way, but he was now already fifteen standard minutes late. When there was finally a knock at the door, you opened it with a critical eye. You saw yourself face to face with one of the tall clones, standing there broad-shouldered. He took off his helmet and straightened up.
"Miss, I must apologize for being late. This section of the Senate building is still fairly new and I've been in the field for the last few months, I.... got a little... lost."
You looked at him incredulously then rolled your eyes and waved it off.
"That's alright. No one has to know."
Arc Trooper Fives seemed to visibly relax, he was afraid that his superiors or brothers would find out, he would have been the laughing stock of the 501st for quite a while.
You waved him in and he stepped into the room with his helmet under his arm. You eyed him more or less inconspicuously for a moment. He had a short goatee chin beard, a five tattoo on his right temple, his hair was dark and relatively short, though not quite as cropped as many of his other brothers wore.
All in all, he looked like a clone, but somehow a little different. In general, you had noticed in the past that even though they were all copies of one and the same man, they all had their own individual characteristics, including eating habits, hairstyle, hair color, beard, or whether they had one at all. In fact, most of them had no facial hair, Fives fell a bit off the grid there.
"Your name is Fives?"
Fives nodded.
"Clon Trooper Fives ARC 5555."
Your brows shot up in surprise.
"ARC? Advanced Recon Commandos? Why is a ARC assigned to protect me? That seems... excessive."
Fives said matter-of-factly, "Miss, I have my orders and it seems to me that someone at a high level cares very much about your well-being"
You sighed and said dryly, "You must be thrilled to be babysitting a senator's niece."
He showed a smug little smirk.
"I don't mind that at all. A little break from the war scene can't hurt, aside from that I could have done a lot worse. Some of my brothers have much more unpleasant protégés to look after"
He almost sounded a little flirty. Padme was right, so far this clone wasn't that uninteresting. Aside from the fact that his demeanor definitely had something going for it, he seemed more relaxed than you expected.
"Okay Soldier Boy "you said teasingly "What exactly were you told about your assignment here?"
Fives cocked a brow at you. He didn't seem offended, more amused at the strange pet name. Anyway, he let you have it for the time being.
"That I should follow you wherever you go as soon as you leave your chambers. Otherwise, I am to wait politely outside the door."
He spoke quite openly to you and more casually than most of his brothers you had met did. Perhaps he felt that he could behave a little more humanly with you without causing or getting into trouble.
You sighed and said, "That sounds pretty boring. Well, with me you don't have to wait outside the door. You can stay in here if you want. I have an appointment outside my chambers later, but until then, we could talk a little. I like to know who I'm dealing with."
He looked at you in surprise.
"Usually people aren't very interested in us clones, aside from most thinking we're all actually the same, many don't even see us as thinking, feeling individuals" he said, voicing what surprised him so much.
You shrugged your shoulders and said, "I'm just different. Frankly, I also have my reservations about you clones, but that you are thinking, feeling beings, I have never doubted."
With a simple hand gesture you asked him to join you on the large sofa. He accepted the invitation and carefully placed his helmet next to him.
"We mourn for our fallen brothers. We feel pain, fear... many of us carry more than just physical scars from the battle back to the barracks," he said, pleased that he had found someone on the outside who at least tried to understand who he was, who his brothers were.
"That must be difficult. Created to go to war..." you said thoughtfully.
"A close friend among my brothers once said that war gives us mixed feelings. It is bad and costs many of our brothers their lives and any day it could cost our own, but if it didn't exist we wouldn't exist at all"
"That sounds so...melancholy, but understandable. When I try to imagine being in your place..."
You shook your head, actually you didn't want to talk about such dark things at all, but you didn't want to offend him either.
As if he sensed that the subject was weighing you down, he changed the topic.
"Why does your uncle drag you along to these occasions anyway? You're not a minor anymore, are you? Don't you have a family of your own, a husband, children?"
You smiled, "You're a curious one, soldier boy".
"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude."
He smiled and said "Earlier when you said all those things, it seemed to me that you see more in me than just another clone soldier... that appealed to me. I would appreciate it if you would call me by my name."
"Of course, Fives," you said, feeling a soft little tingle in your belly as he looked at you that way.
You blinked but then remembered his question.
"No husband, no children. In fact, my uncle and his wife, are my only living relatives," you explained "I'm the only daughter of his late brother and.... he is very protective. He takes me almost everywhere with him, especially after receiving so many threats due to his political background."
Fives looked at you searchingly.
"I'm sorry, this all sounds very.... tragic," he said carefully.
"My parents died a long time ago, the wounds aren't fresh, if that's what you meant, and I've almost gotten used to the threats," you said with a wry smile.
"Oh I see. Through you the senator keeps part of his memory of his brother alive"
You hadn't thought about that at all, but it sounded coherent.
Tumblr media
For several days in a row, you were in the company of Clone Trooper Fives. You got along quite well. At times you enjoyed his presence more than you did anything else.
You had so much fun with this clone, he was a funny guy, protective, a good sport and you even had a little inside joke or two by now. Every once in a while when you wanted to tease him you would call him soldier boy and he would call you Scardy Cat because of a little thing that happened on one of your walks outside. A firecracker sent you into a full-blown panic, and you ducked and hid behind the soldier. Fives was laughing pretty hard, for at least two minutes straight.
On the sixth day, you hadn't even planned to leave your quarters, and yet there he was. You invited him in and you chatted, playing a few card games at which Fives was surprisingly good. He was a good strategist, but also liked to take risks.
When you won the last round, out of curiosity, you asked, "I've heard that clone soldiers aren't supposed to form permanent bonds. Is that true?"
Fives put down the cards he still had in his hand, next to his gloves that were still on the table. His helmet rested on the armrest of the chair he was sitting on. He looked at you scrutinizingly from his golden brown eyes as he replied, "That's right."
"I imagine that would be difficult. That neither of you ever fall in love or make deeper friendships" you spoke thoughtfully.
He left the last sentence uncommented and you asked on impulse, "Haven't you ever been in love?"
His posture changed barely noticeably, but you felt him tense a little.
"Most of the time, I'm out on the battlefield. I don't meet many people, aside from my clone brothers, a few Jedi and other military. Besides, I'm not sure I really understand the concept of love or being in love," he said cautiously.
Your curiosity wasn't satisfied yet.
"But you don't have to be celibate, do you?"
"Without sexual intercourse."
"Oh," he said, scratching the back of his head with a wry smile.
"No, we're not celibate. There are facilities, licensed prostitutes, that we can go to in order to.... Blow off steam."
That was interesting and also kind of cruel. The clones were human, to deny someone who felt and could think to fall in love with someone, you thought was unhealthy and not right.
"I hope this isn't too personal a question but, do you seek out these facilities as well?"
Fives gave you a cheeky little smile.
"Sure. Quite often."
For some inexplicable reason, you felt a strange sensation in your chest. Was it jealousy, perhaps? Silently, in your mind, you thought about it. Yes, you liked Fives very much, he was funny, lively, handsome. And you knew that if you put him among a hundred of his brothers, you would always recognize him. Not just by the hairstyle or the beard, but by the way he moved, how peppy he talked, and the cheeky glint in his eye.
Maybe you liked him more than you should.
"You're so quiet all of a sudden. Did my answer startle you?" he asked, scrutinizingly.
"No, sorry. It just crossed my mind that I don't think it's right that you're barred from socializing and having relationships," you said evasively.
He tilted his head slightly to the side and said, "For the past few days, I've been regretting that, too."
His words echoed in your head several times. Did they perhaps mean what you believed, what you secretly wished for?
Your gaze was cautious, almost shy, his searching and trying, as your eyes met.
"Why?" you asked softly.
"As I said, I don't know much about love or being in love. But for the last few days, I've been feeling something that I guess is like being in love," he said, holding your gaze with his.
You felt yourself getting warm and your heart beating faster.
"Can you elaborate on that?" you asked in a gentle tone.
He smiled and said, "From the first moment I saw her, I knew I would like her. But that quickly deepened. My heart beats faster when she opens the door and smiles at me. Her laughter is like music. Her scent is irresistible. I watch her when she moves or when she talks and feel mesmerized. I see her skin and her hair and can't stop wondering how it would feel if I touched her. I see her eyes and get lost in them, but I like being lost in them. She amuses me, she calms me, she twists all my senses. I think about her even when I'm not with her, all the time. I wonder what she does when I'm not with her, wonder if she thinks of me the way I think of her."
Your heart was beating up to your throat as you said softly, almost whispering, "She does, every time you're gone."
Tumblr media
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welcometothesewers · 7 months ago
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”Fives nice ass 2” yes I have drawn this twice, I have no particular attraction to Fives, he’s just the objectively the sexy one…. Don’t roll your eyes at me I swear I’m telling the truth!
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cloudystarsky · 6 months ago
god damnit I'm hurt once again
Tumblr media
Rex is literally thinking about Fives in this moment
having Echo in his arms, unconscious, and pressing his hand on Echo's chest is giving both me and Rex some flashbacks about certain Arc Trooper.
it took me this long to realize this
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sleepy-tog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Clonetober Day 5: Favorite Duo!
If y’all know anything about me, it’s that Fives and Echo are my top favorite pair of clones. I just love them a lot dude. They deserve the world.
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astriloquiis-art · a year ago
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small clone doodle dump + 1 happy ahsoka for good measure 😌
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fantastic-commander-fox · 3 months ago
Re-draw of an old post of the same title I shared a while ago.
You know the drill---click photos for higher resolution
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The commander rarely sleeps in his quarters. In fact, he rarely sleeps at all. He pulls rank to dismiss Thorn's concerns, saying he has a lot of work to finish. But really, he doesn't want to face the nightmare he's been having since the warehouse incident. So he works till he can't see straight, and he lets exhaustion knock him out into a dreamless slumber. Most of the time, fatigue keeps the dream away. But every now and then, no matter how bone-tired he is, he sees ARC-5555 and the gaping chest wound he gave him.
ARC-5555 never speaks. He just points towards him and the voices of brothers he can't see start to chant, "Vod'kyramud, vod'kyramud, vod'kyramud" (brother killer, brother killer, brother killer). The whispers are steady, monotonous, emotionless. Not accusatory or condemning; simply resigned. Vod'kyramud. That's me, Fox thinks.
But then the whispers grow strained, agitated, distorted. The many voices morph into one till the quiet, familiar chorus is replaced by a booming, sinister rasp. Good soldiers follow orders.
Pain erupts in his head. Fire and ice run through his veins at the same time. He feels everything, and nothing all at once. He can't breathe. Good soldiers follow orders.
Fox gasps and jolts himself awake. He's in his office chair. The lights are still on. His chrono says it's 0400. It's quiet.
Fox sighs. He reaches across his desk for his caf thermos. It's a new day. His stack of yesterday's flimsi's is still looming over the agenda he assigned for today. Work, pass out, rinse, repeat. Repetition of the same orders to the brink of insanity. Such is the life of a soldier of the Republic. But Fox is a good soldier. And good soldiers follow orders. 
Mando'a Text: Vod'kyramud (brother killer)
Basic Text: Good soldiers follow orders
I seem to keep drawing the same scenario ft. the same people, but what can I say? Fox and Fives are my (dis)comfort characters 🙃
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sybisti · 6 months ago
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fives ♡ the clone wars 6.01 'the unknown'
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kamino-coruscant · 12 months ago
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Hardcase's hyperactivity
S04x08: The General
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suck-a-egg · 2 months ago
Rex: Fives! For the love of god, please turn down that music. I have a hangover.
Fives: *blasting the mii theme at full volume* That sounds like a you problem, not a mii problem.
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notfivefives · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Clones Appreciation Week Day 6: Favorite Arc
Conspiracy Arc
“You ever hear the one about the people engineered to kill, engineered to kill their best friends, their leaders, and they don't even know it?”
[Image ID: A grayscale digital portrait of Star Wars: The Clone Wars character ARC Trooper Fives. He is pictured from the chest up and is slightly off center of the canvas. He is facing downward, with his eyes close. A single tear is running down the right side of his face. End ID]
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dovetart · 5 months ago
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A Fives sketch dump/ study because I really miss him. This also partially a expression study. The last 3 outfits are what I think would fit Fives’ style if he was in a Modern AU lol
Which… I do want to flesh out my own Modern AU with him and other clone wars characters sometime in the future, and I also still want to do that Boyfriend Aesthetic series for Fives and any other hot attractive characters lol
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welcometothesewers · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“All you wanna be is trendy” HIP by MAMAMOO
Now to water my ultra-specific niche of Kpop and Clone Wars
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wckhamm · 5 months ago
This time on Convoluted Headcanons about Captain Rex:
Tup fucked around for a hot minute with playing guitar and got pretty decent so one day when Old Man Rex was feeling particularly nostalgic he decided to learn how to play. Gregor is supportive but Wolffe thinks it’s super annoying.
Anyway by the time he joins the Ghost crew he knows decent handful of songs but still has a 50/50 shot of choking up in the middle of Fat Bottom Girls because it was Fives’ favorite song.
Echo says he requested it so many times on the Rishi Moon that the radio station blocked his number.
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