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#arc reactor

Author: shipperony10
Rating: teen
Word Count: 2-5k
Genre(s): romance
Film-specific: mid iron man 3
Tropes: shrapnel necklace, romantic tony, travel, arc reactor, missing scene, surgery

Summary: Tony Stark knew in his heart that this is what they needed. He was ready for the next step of his journey…with her. Iron Man 3. Spoilers. You have been warned.


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Author: starksviolet
Rating: gen
Word Count: <2k
Genre(s): angst, romance
Film-specific: mid iron man 2
Tropes: first kiss, canon divergence, palladium poisoning, dying!tony, worried!pepper, arc reactor

Summary: Pepper listened to Tony, and Tony told her everything, set during Iron Man 2


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tony giving steve his arc reactor (more like his literal heart)

That scene makes me feel stuff, so i decided to color a sketch i did forever ago (coloring started ages ago too, but not important hehe)

& Steve carries the arc reactor with him after that, absolutely no one can convince me otherwise, he treasures it like tony‘s heart should be treasured!

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