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anstarwar 4 months ago
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Says it all I think
Idea from @leeleebee , I just got to draw it! 馃挋
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lifeofclonewars 3 months ago
Fives: Hey, do you--
Echo, across the room and not looking: No
Fives: What abo--
Echo: Third one works better
Fives: Are you sure?
Echo: Yes. You?
Fives: Hmm, yeah.
Echo: Excarga
Fives: Got it. For Varn?
Echo: Yeah, I'll go grab it
Fives: Great, thanks
Echo: *leaves*
Everyone watching:
Kix: That was an understandable conversation?
Fives: Was it not? Which part wasn't? The part about Kowakian monkey-lizards in the ocean?
Jesse: The what now
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kamino-coruscant 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fives being dramatic about carbon-freezing
S03x18: The Citadel
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catawampuscorner 5 months ago
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My big mission in life is to tell as many people as possible about the National Aquarium of Aotearoa/New Zealand鈥檚 Penguin of the Month program. It鈥檚 pretty much what it says on the tin: Every month, one penguin is named Good Penguin and lauded for their exemplary behaviour, and another is named Naughty Penguin and lovingly shamed for being a rascal and a menace.
It other words, it鈥檚 PEAK Domino twins.
I love an eighties-style fashion montage so I鈥檓 always open to putting the babies in different onesies, but I also try to give each one a 鈥減ermanent鈥 onesie because that makes them easier to draw in bigger projects like comics and group shots. I鈥檝e been putting off doing the Domino twins because I was waiting for the perfect idea to come to me.
And it eventually did...via Howzer! I drew him as a koror膩 (aka little blue/fairy blue penguin) a few weeks ago and, about two days after posting, realised that I wanted to give the koror膩 onesie to Fives and TCW-era Echo instead. Koror膩 are cute and charming and blue and perfect. Just like Fives and Echo.
(As for Howzer? I like him best as a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action.)
Baby clones in animal onesies are available as stickers, buttons, and other fun things on Redbubble!
More baby clones in animal onesies here
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suck-a-egg 3 months ago
Fives: You are, of course, wondering why it is I have brought you here tonight.
Echo: Actually, Fives, after all these years, I just sort of go with it.
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cloudystarsky 3 months ago
god damnit I'm hurt once again
Tumblr media
Rex is literally thinking about Fives in this moment
having Echo in his arms, unconscious, and pressing his hand on Echo's chest is giving both me and Rex some flashbacks about certain Arc Trooper.
it took me this long to realize this
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suja-janee a year ago
Tumblr media
Pretty sure Fives picked up Cutup鈥檚 habit of聽鈥済irl talk鈥 and Echo can鈥檛 stand that shit.
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nutella531 2 months ago
Fives: also, if you're not going to use the garlic mashed potatoes, I'd like them back
Echo: *gets the potato packet*
Fives: oh thank you!!! You get to be in my will!
Echo: you're gonna need a will after you eat those fake potatoes
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milfjinart 10 months ago
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The ARC twins taking their plant-sitting duties very seriously. maybe ahsoka threatened to bite them if they let it die idk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hikime 8 months ago
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Home Again [When You鈥檙e Here]
Dedicated to all those who misses Echo and Fives together.
To my close friends and vode, thank you so much for the love and support. Bless yall.
[dropped through my laptop :) it鈥檚 a soft artwork that I鈥檓 proud of so why not share here]
[the Tooka disappears yet again鈥
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gryffindor-jedi a year ago
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Based on this hilarious post by @clone-cognoscenti
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lifeofclonewars 8 months ago
Hardcase, stuck on give-the-shinies-a-tour duty: And these are the Domino Twins! They're our Legion's ARCs
Fives: Hi guys! I'm Five and this is Echoes
Echo: Wow, you messed up our names? I can't believe you. I'm Fours and that's Repeat, don't listen to what he says
Hardcase: *trying his best not to laugh* Nice to see you guys, it's been a while!
Fives: Yeah, ARC missions and all that...
One of the shinies: Wait did you say twins? Are you two actually twins?
Fives: Yes / Echo: No
Fives: No / Echo: Yes
Hardcase: *still trying to muffle his laughter rather unsuccessfully*
Fives and Echo: We'll get back to you on that
Rex, sighing: I'm sorry, you messed with the shinies by doing what this time?
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kamino-coruscant 7 months ago
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Fives & Echo in Kaminoan medical clothes
The Clone Wars 6.02 Conspiracy | 7.04 Unfinished Business
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shadows-fan-space 10 months ago
Fives: I鈥檓 not a cinnamon roll I鈥檓 a sin-amon roll.
Echo: You鈥檙e a di鈥檏ut is what you are.
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onecreativeginger 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ARC Twins! 馃グ馃グ
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suck-a-egg 29 days ago
Echo: If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back. Fives: Of course. I can't flip this table by myself.
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cloudystarsky 6 months ago
happy Bad Batch eve!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
here are the arc twins in their blacks 鈾
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suja-janee a year ago
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ARC Twins = Big Brain Energy
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jang-han-seo 10 months ago
Y'all really don't understand how much it hurts me that Fives was not there with Rex to get Echo. To save Echo. Knowing Echo was alive but Fives never got to see his Arc/Domino twin and best friend again, thinking he was dead. Knowing Fives had to watch so many of the closest people to him die, and then die himself. Knowing that Echo is truly the last Domino and knowing he's been through so much...it fucking HURTS you guys.
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revxngeofsith 4 months ago
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omg kamino is being attacked rip what a legend
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