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homosexualian · 7 months ago
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Please STRANGLE me
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shang-hung · 7 months ago
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Some of my favorite viktor/jayce posts from Twitter so far
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mommydgamer · 6 months ago
Choose your daddy
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fangirlingpuggle · 6 months ago
Has anyone done an AU where in Act 1 Powder turns herself in? Like she hears Vi and Vander fighting and doesn’t want to ruin everything or Jinx them and so turns herself in?
Just got the visual image of the council wanting to see this thief and then it’s just this tiny scared very very traumatised child.
Cause all I can think of is the council having a very long awkward pause...and then someone’s going to request adoption papers.
Vi and Vander freaking out wondering where Powder is worried she’s going to be in jail…and the council are currently fighting over adoption papers while Powders just sitting there confused with a hot drink and a blanket over her shoulders talking about hextech with Jayce and Viktor.
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counting-stars-alone · 5 months ago
Shoutout to Arcane for saying, “Here, watch a group of young children fight for their lives on the street, commit crimes for the sake of survival, and end up receiving unimaginable consequences. At the same time, you can watch a grown-ass man, who lives a life of luxury, commit crimes so that his life and his city can be more luxurious but receive no consequences. Watch innocents die while the political leaders, who should be protecting them, spend years focusing on ambition instead.”
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scisetforever · a month ago
Arcane but just the swear words!!
if you're a little kid i advise you not to watch this as this clip is full of s**t. Thank you.
I think i got all of them but i don't wanna jinx it (get the pun) but i'm sure i forgot one or two little fucks or shits. Lemme know if i did so i can edit them in!! or if there are any other words i could add into it!! I also added the 'shut up' and the 'hell' cause i thought they were worthy of being in this :)
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instantbee · 3 months ago
Okay then, so it turns out that Arcane is a Tragedy, Tragedy.
A Classical, Shakespearean, Greek, Tragedy. It will all seem inevitable in the end, and it will all have been so very avoidable. Anyone could have made a single different choice at any point and it all would have been so much better, and at the same time absolutely no one would ever have been able to make a different choice. We will all be brought low by our fatal flaws, the inexorable nature of the choices we make will compound upon themselves until we are buried under the weight of them, and we will all have to live, or die, with the consequences Got it, mindset adjusted. This show is going to destroy me completely
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chaoticfanqueen · 3 months ago
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orangechickenpillow · 4 months ago
Act 1 Viktor is such a sassy bitch, I miss him
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viktorshands · 6 months ago
Silco @ Powder in Episode 3
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spaghettibabie · 4 months ago
Arcane Incorrect Quote #60
Mylo: Could you be any more annoying?
Powder: Yes.
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homosexualian · 7 months ago
my hero ☺️
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mostlydndthoughts · 7 months ago
Arcane act 1: jinx gets a triple kill
Arcane act 2: jinx gets a hexakill
That's what we call improvement.
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mommydgamer · 7 months ago
After finishing Arcane I had to draw Silco. He's simply the best character out there. Extremely complex, beautiful and a wonderful father. I love everything about him.
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He didn't deserve stuff that happened to him. He's not evil, just broken. My poor beautiful baby :'(
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philtstone · 3 months ago
Chapters: 7/8 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Sam Wilson, Kamala Khan & Sam Wilson, Eli Bradley & Sam Wilson, Sam Wilson & Sarah Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Sarah Wilson, John Walker & Sam Wilson (Marvel), Minor or Background Relationship(s), Sam Wilson & Helmut Zemo, Miles Morales & Peter Parker, Joaquín Torres & Sam Wilson, Peter Parker & Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes & AJ Wilson, Michelle Jones/Peter Parker Characters: Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson, Kamala Khan, Peter Parker, Eli Bradley, AJ Wilson, Cass Wilson, John Walker, Background & Cameo Characters, Helmut Zemo, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Yelena Belova, Miles Morales, Joaquín Torres, Alpine (Marvel), Valentina Allegra de Fontaine Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Dystopia, The Arcane AU(TM), what it actually is is the 'vander from arcane vibing with his bar and foster children' au, Canon Divergence - Post-Episode: s01e06 One World One People (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Canon-Typical Violence, anway ... sam wilson my beloved, u deserve more fics focused on u, alas; the first one i wrote was this one, Fluff and Angst, Team as Family, Slow Burn, but only for the plot; all the relationships are nice and established, Sam Wilson-centric, Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson Friendship, and some sarahbucky bc u all know who i am :), tldr the world ends and sam and bucky adopt some super kids, sci-fi and fantasy elements, Blood and Injury, Action/Suspense, most of the blood and injury and violence descriptions are for ch 7 Summary:
In which the world ends, Sam Wilson opens a bar with his best friend, accidentally adopts some children (also with his best friend), and figures out how to grieve his own life and move forward, not necessarily in that order.
Chapter 7 Excerpt:
“Well, he’s still alive, anyway.”
Bucky, Sam thinks, mute and a little desperate. He can hear broken glass drag over the floor with a low crunching noise under Bucky’s body, which seems to be leaving a smear of slick red blood in its wake. Sam’s head is pounding too hard to identify where it’s coming from. He can barely see him for all that something has moved into his line of sight and is hulking over Bucky’s prone body. Maybe some guy in a mech suit, Sam’s brain supplies helplessly – were all the old Iron Man armours destroyed? 
“For Christ’s sake,” says the voice. “Don’t be disgusting about it, you’re not a carnivore. Turn him over.”
In the span of a heartbeat, Sam feels like he has been plunged into a living nightmare.
finally, explanations!
featuring some classic villain monologues, flight metaphors, and sam being both hero and dumbass in one
a slight content warning for descriptions of violence and blood/injury in this one -- i really wasn't sure if it was enough to take the rating of the whole fic from t to m, and i asked like 3 different people about it all who gave me varied answers, so if you read anything and feel super strongly about it, feel free to gently tell me and i'll update tags accordingly. it's genuinely not anything worst than canon in terms of violence level, but there's something intimate about reading things described in text that you just don't get in brief camera shots, so i remain unsure if i am overly sensitive or not sensitive enough.
only one chapter left! just the fact that i have gotten this far is an insane milestone to me. this is officially the longest fic ive ever written, and the first time i've set up and resolved any kind of plot. thank you so much to everyone who has been reading and commenting; your encouragement has meant the world to me.
for those of you who have seen arcane ... i hope i was able to finally live up to the "arcane au" title slapped on the tin. for those of you who haven't, i hope this plot resolution (dont worry -- theres more to come) was satisfying!
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counting-stars-alone · 5 months ago
I loved the subplot in Act 1 of the backdoor deal Vander has with Grayson.
Really solidifies how 1) both sides sincerely don't want any further bloodshed.
2) how Vander has changed after taking in the sisters and all of Zaun under his care.
Good people with shitty circumstances.
And I love how Marcus didn’t get it at first but later understood all too well why Grayson had to partner with Vander. They both tried to keep peace with the Undercity, and they both died for it. ✨
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violentinecrl · 7 months ago
Just finished rewatching Arcane and seriously I can't explain how perfect and amazing this show is.
The art, the soundtrack, the colors, the images, the story, the expressions... Everything!
How they handle Vi and Jinx's relationship, the character arcs, the way they show violence and how it always fucks everyone involved, how they showed trauma and mental illness, how they showed love and manipulation, how they made us want more and more, even those who'd never played lol, and those who do not intend on playing it.
This show just means so much to me, it is literally amazing and I don't think I can express how much I love it.
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instantbee · 3 months ago
Gonna be thinking about the "Vi lashes out at Powder for killing their entire family" scene for a WHILE
That's how you write a situation where everyone and no one is responsible for everything that happened. Everyone is a little bit responsible for some of it, and no one is responsible for all of it. Everyone reacts understandably, everyone does things they immediately regret, everyone's actions are entirely internally consistent
Oh my god it's only episode 3
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chaoticfanqueen · 3 months ago
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arcane-temp-fandomblog · 6 months ago
Arcane Hextech plotline / Analysis Liveblog / Part 1
Tumblr media
... of many parts. Sadly... the idea was to combine all my theories in "short" lifeblog format on twt when rewatching this damn show. I'm just going to do a liveblog around the 'Conflict about the nature and future of Hextech' so it'll be mostly about Jayce and Piltover co. So about science / technology / magic in the show and it's possible interpretation.
Tumblr media
Parts of this will be expansion on old posts and more integrated with narrative order. The conflict Arcane is setting up around the question 'can technology in itself be the source of good'. And imo. it clearly answers that 'no, it can't', technology is just a tool and in itself does not create a better or worse world. Configuration it enters with different character convictions shapes how it influences the world, so the dramatis personae will be introduced as they come along. First is Jayce, his fascination with developing hextech / arcane comes from the time he felt impossibly powerless and scared of loosing those closest to him. His first impression of magic is of a tool to never make other's feel as powerless to save loved ones as he did.
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For Jayce magic/ arcane / hextech just by existing makes everything bad and painful go away, the focus on magic in his flashback and not his saviour face is a great way to communicate this.
Tumblr media
And imo. Jayce is very, very wrong.
It's not about the magic, it's about the user. The magic didn't save Jayce's mother's life, the mage using it saved it because he decided to help someone less fortunate - a scared child and his dying mother - without any need for payment etc. A selfless act.
I'll sideline that this assumption makes great foundation for how passive as a character he can be through Act 1 to 3 of Arcane. Or how easily he can be swayed. Let's just equate that Jayce sees hextech as passive force for doing good. Like a reality band-aid. Then there's character no. 2, Viktor - he put's forward that the good of hextech / arcane comes not from magic/tech itself but from the user. This is how he sees his role of a scientist, his approach in contrast to Jayce's can't be passive or not factor the user.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These two will be the "Hextech Dream" duo, same goal but slightly different approach to the origin. I just find it funny that going by original lore, this contrast of what is the origin of 'good change' can be extrapolated to Jayce making tools of change and Viktor becoming the 'tool' of change himself. But that's a sidenote. Okay, first part of Arcane Act 1 done, second part soon. - since I don't want to run out of images I can add to this post.
Liveblog: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Also I'm crap at character analysis in idk ToM sense so u know, we'll be looking at magic tech.
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