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ARCANE: Scenery Screencaps
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I’m one of the fans who was glad Vi and Caitlyn didn’t kiss in act 3, but if they don’t kiss in season two, there will be hell to pay.
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just a messy sketch
because husbands.
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Guilty pleasures: Sevika
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Tagging: @petitepersephone @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @trashbod @biphrogg
Notes: a new headcanon series while you wait for the priest fics. Little Non sexual things that get each character riled up starting with the light of my life.
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Wearing her shirts or her sweaters, absolutely loves seeing you In her clothes. Makes her wanna rip them off of you right there.
Gently touching her scars or face in general, she's had to be distant and is hesitant when it comes to personal relationships. Absolutely touch starved when it comes to genuine loving affection.
Taking her arm in yours when you walk down the street.
When your just as protective of her as she is of you.
Sitting in her lap and telling her how handsome and beautiful she is. And everything you love about her.
Shotgunning smoke into her mouth.
When you play with her hair, take out her pony tail or comb you fingers through her hair.
When she watches you eat strawberries or fruits in general and sees the fruits drip down your chin.
When you're sarcastic or rude to someone or end up getting in an argument with someone she loves seeing you feisty.
Dancing with you (you will not convince me she can't ballroom dance, idk why, but I think she can waltz and stuff in a suit)
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Honestly what’s sad about Powder’s downward spiral as she grew was that she felt abandoned by everybody and believed that nobody loved her because she was a screw up (she clearly has an inferiority complex). But that’s just completely untrue.
Vi loved Powder deeply. And even as Jinx, Vi loves her sister deeply: she simply cannot accept the mass murdering tendencies that her sister exhibits, which is completely realistic and justifiable.
Vander loved Powder and his last words to Vi were to take care of her.
Silco loved Powder/Jinx, and even affirmed so in his dying breath.
Ekko still loves her, even if he can’t accept who she became.
And I think this is just such a real thing all humans can understand to some extent. The feeling of being unloved — even if it’s untrue — is powerful and can cause a lot of pain. Add that on top of a heap of guilt and emotional trauma that worsened a preexisting trauma (in powder’s case, abandonment) and it’s just a puddle of suffering. If she realized how loved she truly was, maybe things could’ve been extremely different.
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Ok, ok, I see why people ship them
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you guys seem to like these posts so
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[Part 1] | Part 2 | Part 3
Arcane AU idea:
Set like six months before Episode 1.
There's a big decrease in loyal enforcers and the council notices so they make a new initiative. A Junior Enforcers Program.
Anyway Vander hears this, thinks it over, and submits his kids into the program. He just wants them to have a good life, okay. He wants them to not have to steal to get by and he wants them to not go hungry. This is their one chance to make it topside and have a better life than he could ever give them.
So the kids, despite hating enforcers with a passion, go and take this test to see if they'd be good enforcers in the future.
But only Vi and Powder pass.
So with great reluctance, the two agree to at least try.
First day there they meet Caitlyn. Caitlyn, who just wants to make friends with similar interests to her. Caitlyn, a bit of a loner because no one else in the program wants to talk with the heiress of an old elite family.
Cue Vi and Powder, two of the few undercity kids in the program.
Caitlyn looks at this pink-haired tomboy and thinks "Yeah, I want that one" and makes it her mission to befriend and possibly date her.
She wins Powder over easily enough by giving her sweets and food, but Vi is hella suspicious of her because topsiders always screw them over.
Anyway a comedy of miscommunication happens where Vi tries desperately to figure out why Caitlyn is trying so hard to talk to them. She comes up with wild af theories.
When in reality Caitlyn just has a big ol lesbian crush and is trying to suss out if Vi might like her back.
(Powder of course knows, but she's enjoying the drama too much lol)
Vi, stuffing a knife into her pocket: Take me out, you say? Not if I take you out first!
Caitlyn, trying on a cute outfit: I can't believe she agreed to go on a date with me!
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Jinx: .. .----. -- / … --- .-. .-. -.-- (translation: I'M SORRY)
Viktor : What's that?
Jinx: Remorse code.
Viktor : I'm even angrier now
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Undercity Development Section (NSFW)
Chapter 3: The Bastion of Hope and the Threshold (NSFW-ish)
Viktor x Reader
Warnings: Fluff. Angsty. Get NSFW-ish at the end, but nothing explicit. Author is a non-native English speaker.
Synopsis: The partnership between HexTech and the UDS was born. Reader deepens her bond with Jayce and Viktor, harboring complicated feelings towards the leaner man. As the Ventilation System project got greenlit for construction, Reader sets in on a pilgrimage with the two scientists to check all construction sites in the Undercity before buildwork starts. At the last hotspot, she’s forced to confront a piece of her past that ties perfectly with her current conundrum.
Word Count: 6.9K
A/N: I might get more NSFW from now on with this, although I’m not experienced in writing smut. We’ll see.
Chemcycles: I based the idea of chemcycles in Rickshaws/Tuk tuks - tried to give a more zauny name to them. 
Chapter 1 /  Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 (END)
Also on AO3
Buy me a Ko-Fi!
Tumblr media
Jayce was skeptical at first when Viktor first came with the partnership proposal.
He had just arrived at the HexTech Research Lab the following day and he was surprised to meet his partner conversing with Professor Heimerdinger. His astonishment rested not on the fact Viktor was earlier than him, despite having left him working later than he did on the previous night, nor on the obvious all-nighter his colleague pulled plastered on the depth of his eyebags and the disheveledness of his looks. Those have been common occurrences ever since he partnered up with the leaner scientist on the pursuit of HexTech.
What amazed him was the enthusiasm with which Viktor talked to the dean 
Jayce believed he and Viktor were enough - he considered them to be equals when it came to intellectual prowess, and the addition of someone else to their duo seemed counterproductive at first. They already had a well established relationship and a strongly developed work- dynamic, integrating someone to the mix would invariably mean slowing their pace down, and didn't seem worth the ordeal.
But Professor Heimerdinger was more than happy to make this merger happen. Outnumbered, Jayce had no choice but to agree to the task.
To his surprise, the integration of [Y/n] wasn't as rocky as he presumed.
The first thing he noticed was that she was terribly blunt, in a good way. The way she'd speak her mind without beating around the bush made communication - and therefore, work - flow much smoother. At the same time, she'd take criticism just as well and would back down whenever she was in the wrong. 
She was rough, unrefined… but genuine. 
Soon, the HexTech Lab had an entire wall dedicated to the UDS, filled with parchment papers with information regarding the Undercity. "I'm more of a visual person, I prefer to have all the information in front of me all the time." [Y/n] would justify. Of course, it didn't explain why the desk she was given was always a complete mess, greatly contrasting with Jayce's and Viktor's tidy workspaces. 
She was passionate about her work, but also very patient - she would spend hours lecturing the men on her field of study, making sure they understood every bit. Likewise, she started studying HexTech fervorously, to the point of trying to make some small experiments herself (with the men's help, of course). "We have to be in sync for this partnership to work." She explained.
Her trips to the Lanes for data gathering became a routine for the trio. Jayce and Viktor soon learned that her method of research needed a lot of social interaction - people would spot her and greet her everywhere she went, some called her by her name, others simply called her 'the Architect' or 'the Scholar'. She'd stop by and talk to the undercitizens, journal and pen in hand, asking about their lives, if something had changed in their routines, if they were in need of anything - much like a doctor gathering info for a diagnosis. She'd also stop by and sketch a few things out in her journal. "These were a bit different than last time I visited, I need visual input to update my Undercity Model." She explained.
Despite his initial disbelief, Jayce started enjoying her company much more as time passed - it was refreshing having a third person around the lab. The energy she brought in made everyday a little bit brighter.
There was only one thing that bothered Jayce - how Viktor seemed to be completely smitten with [y/n] and definitely didn't have a clue of what to do with himself.
It all started in the enthusiasm in Viktor's voice when he brought the partnership proposal between UDS and HexTech to the table. Later he admitted to having spent the previous night at the UDS discussing projects with [y/n] and never had Jayce seen Viktor be so cheerful after an all-nighter before. .
Then it was his newly discovered fondness of break times. Before the partnership, Viktor wouldn't bother much with following a healthy work schedule, taking a break to eat or rest only when his body demanded (and sometimes, not even then). Now, he started becoming more aware of the time, as [y/n] had a routine of visiting them during breaks - he continuously took glances at the clock as the time she would visit them got near.
Viktor's way of flirting, Jayce noticed, was amping up his cheekiness to eleven - whenever [y/n] was around, he'd find a way to tease her. Luckily for him, her boldness wouldn't let her back down and it often resulted in them engaging in short duels of playful mockery.
"I never expected to have to decipher notes outside of the classes I helped Heimerdinger minister." Viktor commented, holding one of [y/n]'s journal open. "Shouldn't architects have legible handwriting?"
"If you have time to worry about handwriting quality when working…" [y/n] replied with a smirk, taking the journal away from Viktor and closing it with more force than necessary. "... Maybe you're not focusing well enough on what's important, hm? " 
Speaking of [y/n], Jayce didn't know her as well as he knew Viktor, but she certainly had a specific way of acting towards his partner. She was very cheerful and easy going whenever she was with Jayce, but the moment she heard the familiar sound of Viktor's cane as he approached, she'd clearly tense up. When she spoke with Jayce, her tone was calm and she articulated every word with ease, when speaking to Viktor, she'd speak way faster, sometimes even tumbling over her words. She had no problem looking Jayce in the eyes whenever they interacted, whereas she couldn't face Viktor head on - eyes darting from him to the floor at every moment. She could only look at him when he wasn't facing her.
Again, Jayce didn't know [y/n] as well as he knew Viktor, but if he would bet she was as smitten with his partner as he was with her. And she had even less idea of what to do with herself.
But he still had to test the waters before trying to set this ship off to sail.   
—  — —
It had been a year since the partnership started, the Ventilation System project was green lit for construction. The sites where the system would be built on  in the Undercity had already been isolated and all material and equipment was neatly piled up on the construction sites, ready to be used. There was only one thing left to be done.
“I'm gonna make a last checkup down in the Lanes before letting the buildwork start.” [Y/n] announced setting a small block of paper on a clipboard. “I need to make sure everything is in order down there in order to mitigate as many errors as possible.”
“Didn’t you already give the team managers all the necessary blueprints and schematics ?” Jayce questioned, watching the architect put measuring tools in her bag. “I mean, I’ve seen the precision on all that documentation you sent down to the construction sites, I do believe they are enough.”
“Maybe…” She answered, pulling her bag over her shoulder and picking up the now stuffed clipboard from her desk. “I just wanna make sure nothing is amiss.”
There it was, Viktor thought to himself, the fiery passion that made his chest hurt. He might have been oblivious to the growing fondness he had been holding for [y/n] for the past few months, but his leg made sure he was ever so conscious about his body. And he noticed early on how his body reacted to the girl’s presence. How simplu her voice brought him to a good mood, how her scent intoxicated his senses, clouding his thoughts and making it hard to concentrate on the task at hand, how her touch would spark a reaction deep within him that traveled from the point of contact over through his whole body. It took him a while to diagnose these symptoms as infatuation, but once he did, the fondness just grew.
He still couldn’t quite put a name on the way he felt, only that everyday he woke up eager to meet her. He decided he ought to keep it to himself for now. 
“By yourself?” Viktor inquired. It had been months since the partnership started, but she still had the habit of doing everything alone, never once asking for assistance. It annoyed him, but he could understand it came from a place of routine - she had to manage a whole section on her own for far too long.
“It’s not gonna be exciting.” She retorted, turning her attention to Viktor. “In fact, it’s gonna be quite tiring. I would rather have you two sit this one out and focus on other things.”
“If it’s gonna be tiring, better share the load, no?” Jayce parried, getting off of his seat and patting [y/n] on the shoulder. “I’m coming with you.”
She sighed in gratitude, smiling at Jayce. “I wouldn’t mind company…”
“You two are not going anywhere without me.” Viktor remarked. “You know it’s my moral obligation and civic duty to supervise your topsiders shenanigans in my Undercity.”
“Viktor, I appreciate the sentiment, but…” She looked down at his bad leg. “This is not gonna be like our usual visit to the Lanes, we’re probably gonna have to wander quite a bit in order to check every construction site. Not to mention if we DO find something amiss, it’s gonna take even more time and energy.”
Viktor stood up leaning his weight into his cane and walked over to the girl, standing as high as he could. [Y/n] tensed up at the man’s overbearing confidence as he looked down at her. “Are you patronizing me, Miss [y/ln]?” She scoffed.
“Patronizing? Please, I could never even think about patronizing Viktor, the great co-creator of HexTech technology.” She mocked, placing her hands on each side of her waist, mimicking his poise. “I’m just letting you know I won’t carry you back to the Academy if you won’t keep up.”
“As if a frail compressed specimen such as yourself could carry me.” He retaliated with a smirk, getting even closer to [y/n].
Jayce rolled his eyes at the display, cutting [y/n] off before she could retort.
“I’ll carry him if it comes to this.” The taller scientist counterclaimed, heading to the door, his bag already over his shoulder. “Let’s just get this over with, please.”
"Okay, then… These are the locations of the construction sites." [Y/n] circled seven locations on a Undercity map on top of her clipboard. "The first one is… This way."
The trio had just climbed down the elevator connecting The Fringes to the Undercity, the girl taking the lead of their pilgrimage. It wasn't long until they reached the first hotspot, which gave Viktor and Jayce a false sense of comfort - maybe [y/n] was just exaggerating and the endeavor wasn't going to be such a tribulation.
Reaching the sites was the easy part.
At each location, [Y/n] would converse with the Team Manager and the Master Builder, going through every blueprint, making sure everything was clear. Jayce and Viktor would join in to help clarify all the aspects regarding HexTech whenever needed. 
What they didn't expect was the amount of misinterpretations they would have to fix on each Construction Site. Sometimes it had to do with the misunderstanding of some blueprint, sometimes the quantity of construction material present on the site didn't match the quantity stipulated on the documents, sometimes the construction had already begun and the very basis of the project was already all wrong. 
"This is all very common in construction work." She explained to her visibly frustrated partners. "It's not anyone's fault in particular, information just gets lost among the various processes. The architect needs to be there to maintain a certain level of integrity."
It had been hours since they started their journey, the sun was already beginning to set over Piltover and they still hadn't checked all Construction Sites. As time went by, Jayce noticed Viktor's limp getting worse - straining his leg for such an extended amount of time wasn't doing him any good, but the Talis restrained himself from saying anything - he knew better than to belittle his partner, opting to wait for Viktor say the word if he needed help.
The taller scientist could also tell [Y/n] was worried about Viktor - whenever she wasn't focusing on her clipboard, her eyes would wander straight to his leg. But she kept quiet, seemingly with the same resolve as Jayce. 
However, much to Viktor's frustration, those two couldn't possibly be inconspicuous to save their lives.
"You know I can see you two staring." 
"I'm sorry, V." Jayce spoke first. "We've been going non-stop since we arrived down here. Maybe we should take a break?"
"If we stop now, my body will lose heat and it will make walking more painful afterwards." Viktor dismissed. "How many sites are left to check?"
"Just one." [Y/n] answered, checking the map on her clipboard. "We're pretty close too."
"Maybe we can hitch a ride back to the Academy once we're finished." Jayce suggested. "So we wouldn't have to walk all the way back."
"Yes, I would very much like that." Viktor whimpered mid-sigh. "We could get a chemcycle ride."
"Good thinking."
"A what ride?" Jayce sent a questioning look to Viktor and [y/n]. 
"Right, you're a topsider!" [Y/n] exclaimed, turning to Jayce. "We've passed by a bunch of them. Remember seeing those small three-wheeled vehicles that looked like a motorbike-pickup truck mix? They're the most common form of transportation for hire around here."
"Oh… those." Jayce uttered. He definitely saw dozens of them while on their trip, but, like many things in The Lanes, all of them seemed to be extremely precarious in quality. [Y/n] saw the uneasiness on his face.
"Don't worry, I've been riding them ever since I was a child." She said reassuringly. "They may not be like the fancy cabs from the Topside, but they work just fine."
Jayce didn't seem convinced. Viktor sighed impatiently, speeding up his stride as much as he could and taking the lead.
"We'll think about that later. Let's just get this over with."
The visit to the last construction site followed the same script as the others - [y/n] went through all the documentation with the team leaders, ironing out any misinterpretations, as did Viktor and Jayce when it came to HexTech. For Viktor's relief, there weren't as many problems to resolve this time, which meant they could be leaving soon - his leg was begging for some relief.
"I think we're done!" [Y/n] chimed, marking down her last notes on the clipboard. "There's a chemcycle station right outside the site, let's get…"
A deep voice rang behind the trio, calling the girl out. Viktor saw her eyes widening in recognition  before turning around to meet to whom it belonged. 
"Oh, man! It 's really you!" A man wearing the same construction gear as the rest of the workers approached the trio, a friendly smile on his face. He was almost the same height as Jayce, with a slightly leaner build and long black hair safely tied up in a loose bun, his green eyes locked on [Y/n]. "I heard rumors this project had been designed by an architect from The Fringes, didn't know it was you though!"
The girl took a second to answer, her whole body clearly tensing up; her knees slightly bent as if she was ready to take off at any moment, her hands balled up into tight fists. Viktor couldn't quite pinpoint what her expression meant, but it was somewhere between fear and… embarrassment?.
 "O… oh…! Hi!" She uttered. "Long time… no see."
"This Ventilation System of yours brought a lot of well needed hope to folks around here." The man continued, resting a hand on [Y/n] shoulder, who visibly flinched at the contact. "A lot of workers jumped head first on the opportunity to help build it, me included!"
Jayce and Viktor watched as the girl slowly de-escalated from the first shock, straightening up her legs and lightly unclenching her fists. She held a conflicted gaze at the man, the gears inside her head clearly turning at maximum capacity.
"Huh, that's great." She tried to sound calm, but the tremble in her voice betrayed her. She wasn't scared, but seemed anxious, Viktor noted. There was a clear friendly familiarity between them, despite that.
"Me and Lyanna were worried we’d have to move to the Fringes, especially because of the price of housing up there. But with this bad boy pumping the bad gasses out, we can rest assured that at least the air the kids are gonna breathe is clean.”
“Oh, you… and Lyanna?”
“Oh… yeah, you wouldn’t know, huh.” The man grinned down bashfully, scratching the back of his head. “We got married last year. She’s pregnant with our first child.”
[Y/n] shoulders dropped down, her eyes studying the man’s face for a brief moment. She turned her gaze down to her feet and, for a second, Jayce saw hurt behind her eyes before she turned her attention back to the man.
“Congratulations!” She chimed, evidently forcing out a smile. The man's gaze seemed to search for something else to talk about, the awkwardness of the situation almost tangible. He locked his gaze at Jayce and Viktor, as if just realizing they were standing beside her.
"So… Are any of those guys your partner?"
“Oh, yes! They both are!” She looked back at the two scientists as if also just remembering they were there. Jayce lifted an eyebrow at her in confusion, and she quickly realized her mistake “I mean, no… I mean, WORK… partners! They’re both my work partners.”
Jayce adjusted himself in place, a hand hovering over his mouth as he looked away from the embarrassing turn the situation took. Viktor stifled a laugh, she glanced back at him, her eyes darting straight to his bad leg. Her eyes widened again, as if she remembered something important all of a sudden.
"I'm sorry, Raph. We were about to leave, we have pressing unfinished business back at the Academy."
"Oh, of course." The man, Raph, uttered with a wave. "Good to see you."
"Likewise." She muttered, turning back and quickly doing a beeline to the site exit. Taken back by the abruptness of her leave, Jayce and Viktor simply waved Raph goodbye and followed the girl behind.
'What the fuck was that.' pounded inside Jayce's head as the trio stood right outside the Construction Site's exit, [y/n] on the lookout for passing chemcycles. There was evidently something heavy between her and that man Ralph, but it seemed to unevenly affect the girl with much more impact. His mention of a spouse definitely did some damage to [y/n], so maybe he was her ex-lover? 
[Y/n] whistle with one hand at a passing empty chemcycle, the driver nodding and quickly parking in front of the trio. Viktor calmy climbed up to the seat at the back as Jayce watched with a scowl, his eyes darting from the scruffed-looking driver to the quality of the metalwork on the vehicle, [y/n] chuckled at his obvious discomfort.
“C’mon, Jayce, get in there.” She said smugly, patting the middle of his back. “These are the best way to get around the Lanes, they can cross all those narrow pathways with ease.”
He nodded sheepishly and climbed up, sitting next to Viktor. [Y/n] turned her attention to the driver. “Good day, sir. Can you take us back to the Piltover Academy?”
“Sorry, lass. I don’t do Topside.” He answered, looking back at [y/n]. “Best I can do is The Fringes.”
[Y/n] bit the inside of her mouth, looking down. She didn’t want to force Viktor to walk all the way from The Fringes to the Academy after having him walk around the extremely rocky and uneven pathways of the Lanes all day. But then again, getting as close to the Academy as possible was better than nothing. “It’s fine, take us to The Fringes then.” They could rest a bit at her house while figuring out what to do next. She hopped up in the seat in front of Viktor and Jayce and the driver took off.
“How’s your leg?” Jayce asked, looking at his hunched over lab partner on his side. Viktor sighed.
“Eeeh, it’s fine. It's throbbing a little bit… But it’s probably just due to excessive exertion, I’m not used to taking such long strides.” 
“I told you to sit this one out.” [Y/n] reprimanded, crossing her arms in front of her. “Visiting a construction site is never simple, I knew we’d be spending a long time standing up and walking around today.”
“And let you and Jayce roam around the Lanes unsupervised?” Viktor bit back mockingly, despite the clear fatigue in his eyes. [Y/n] just rolled her eyes.
They sat in silence for a while, the bumpy brick roads of the Lanes making the trip way more unsteady than Jayce was comfortable with. He noticed Viktor staring at [y/n], while the girl kept her arms crossed, her gaze fixed on her lap. Both of them clearly digesting the interaction they had with [y/n]’s friend before boarding the chemcycle. Jayce sighed.
“So, [y/n]... Who was that guy? Raph, was it?” The taller scientist asked, snapping the girl back to reality. She bit her bottom lip, quickly glancing at Viktor before turning her attention back to Jayce, the cogs clearly turning inside her head.
“He's a… Childhood friend.” She answered nonchalantly, looking out the chemcycle window. Jayce scoffed.
“I don’t buy it” He bit back, sitting taller while crossing his arms in front of him. “That wasn’t the reaction of someone meeting just a friend.” [Y/n] glared at Jayce for a moment, a less-than-friendly comeback ready in her throat, but as she noticed Viktor’s gaze fixed on her, she sighed in defeat.
“It’s… complicated.” She murmured, looking down - elbows resting on her knees. “A bit stupid too…”
“Something that triggered such reaction from you cannot be considered stupid.” Viktor uttered, the sweetness and comfort in his heavy-accented voice making [y/n] look up at him in surprise, a slight blush across her face.
“I, ah… “ She mumbled, trying to get herself back together. She sighed, looking down again. “You know, I was young… and he was a dear friend." She opened her eyes for a second, looking for the right words. "I had a certain… fondness for him.” 
She paused, closing her eyes in a scowl as she brought both hands to massage her temples, seemingly trying to fight back the blush in her face from getting deeper.
"As a stupid hormone-high teenager, I spent a long time longing for him… And in my hubris, I confessed, believing he felt the same.” She sighed again as she stopped massaging her temples, opting to compress her face with her fingers, eyes still closed. “And of course he didn’t and… Shit, see, this is so stupid. I mean, it’s been years since this happened, I don’t even think about him in that way anymore, I guess I wasn’t expecting to meet him and the shock brought back a bunch of repressed memories?” She blurted out fast, stumbling over her words. “And learning he had a wife and was expecting a child shouldn’t have affected me, but it did and I feel so… stupid.” She looked up, surprising the men with teary-eyes. “At least that happened right by the time I got my scholarship to pursue architecture in the Academy, so it made parting ways with him much easier… and, yeah…”
They were silent again for a moment, [y/n] evidently uncomfortable, looking out the window, hugging herself. Jayce felt a pang of guilt, maybe he shouldn’t have pushed the subject. He was about to apologize when Viktor spoke first. 
“Time stopped for you.” He murmured, the same sweetness in his voice as before. “You said you left him right after that, I presume your confession was the very last interaction you had, yes?” She gazed at Viktor, her eyes looking for the usual mockery their exchanges often carried, but she found none. He was truly trying to comfort her. 
“Y… yeah.” She uttered. “It’s been at least a decade since we last saw each other.”
“See, you never got closure.” He continued, placing a hand on her knee. “You just buried everything inside, of course it would feel like it just happened.”
Both Jayce and [y/n] looked at Viktor in awe, still processing the tenderness with which he had just spoken. 
“Smooth.” Jayce murmured, making Viktor snap back into reality. 
“But uhh… What about other partners?” He teased, quickly pulling his hand away from [y/n] knee and sitting a little higher despite the pain in his leg. “I mean, don’t tell me you’ve remained a maiden for all this time, waiting on him? How old are you again?”
“Please, have you looked at me?” She refuted, wiping out the wetness in her eyes, engaging in the mockery duel Viktor just started. “It would be a crime against humanity if I remained untapped, I’ve had my share of partners.”
Before Viktor could answer, Jayce cut him off.
“But you haven’t longed so deeply for anyone else after that, haven’t you?” 
She stared at Jayce for a moment, her playful smile fading away. When she turned her gaze down, Jayce focused on her face, paying more attention to her reactions. For a brief second, he caught her eyes darting to Viktor before answering.
“... I haven’t.”
Jayce smirked. He was right, there was definitely something there. 
Night had just fallen when they arrived. Jayce paid the driver and soon [y/n] was guiding them through The Fringes up to her house - the last floor of a three storey building near the edge, a metal staircase lining the side of the edifice, connecting all levels. As they reached her door, Jayce spoke.
“I’ll walk back to the city to hire a cab, and then I’ll come pick you two up.”
“That would be great.” [Y/n] declared as she unlocked her door. “I’ll accompany you to the ground floor, it’s a bit tricky to get to the bridge from here. Viktor, go ahead and make yourself at home.”
Viktor nodded, getting inside as [y/n] and Jayce climbed down the metal staircase - the girl giving him directions.
“At your third left, you should be able to see the main street with the bridge at the end.” She finished as they reached the ground floor. “Got it?”
“Yeah, I think I’ll manage.” Jayce acknowledged. He turned to the girl, pausing a moment to study her features, trying to find the words to best convey his message. She raised an eyebrow at him.
“You know the saying ‘get a room’?” He started, scratching his chin. She frowned at him, still confused.
“... Yeah?”
He placed both his hands down on her shoulders, eyes locked on hers. She flinched in shock at the sudden intimacy, but didn’t budge. “Today you have a room. Use it while I’m out.”
She studied his face, trying to comprehend what he was trying to say. It didn’t take long for the pieces to fall into place.
“What the fuck are you implying?” She bit back at him, grabbing his hands and throwing them off of her shoulders. Embarrassment  evident in the tone of her voice and the redness of her cheeks.
“[Y/n] I’m not an idiot and you know you lack the ability to be discreet.” He retorted, eyes still fixed on her. “If I have to go through another one of your flirty banters with him, I will lose my shit. Get that tension out of your system.”
“Nothing is going on. There is no tension. You’re being highly unprofession…”
“Bullshit.” He parried, pointing up at her apartment. “The only one who didn’t seem to have realized it yet it’s him, because apparently being an academic genius comes with being emotionally dense.”
She sighed in defeat, looking down. Jayce relaxed.
“Even Mel keeps pestering me about you two.” He said softer than before. “He clearly feels the same.”
Her eyes shot up at his last words.
“You can’t be sure of that.”
“If I’m right about your feelings, rest assured I am right about his fee…”
“And what if you’re not, Jayce?” She questioned coarsely. Jayce rolled his eyes,  about to answer, but she held one finger out, asking for the floor.
“Even if he does, our relationship - and I mean the three of us - cannot stray away from professional grounds.” She continued, lowering her finger. “I can not stress the importance of the work we’re doing enough. You know I’ve been trying hard to get all this in motion for the longest time, and I only got my shot once I partnered up with HexTech. You two are the only chance I have to fulfill my lifelong vision of a better, safer, happier Undercity… I cannot risk it.”
They were silent for a moment, [y/n] looking down standing with her hands on her hips. Jayce sighed.
“What about a better, safer, happier you?” He murmured softly. “Don’t you deserve that?”
“I don’t seek this type of thing.”
“Didn’t seem like it with that Raph guy from earlier.” Jayce bit back, but quickly reversed his tone. “Look, just… give it some thought, yeah? You’ve been struggling by yourself far too long and he could use some affection.”
She simply nodded, not looking at him. “I’ll be off then.” Jayce muttered, turning away from [y/n]. She stayed frozen in place for a while, hugging herself, processing the conversation with the taller scientist. She sighed again, snapping out of her stupor before climbing up the stairs back to her apartment.
The moment she stepped back inside, an accented voice greeted her.
“I didn't expect Jayce to be so bad with directions."
Viktor was already sitting on her couch, cane resting on the floor. His head was thrown back over the back pillow, leaving his neck exposed - too exposed, [y/n] noted.
"Or perhaps you two took so long due to your lack of skill to give him said directions in the first place?"
“Terribly sassy for a man in pain, aren't you?" 
"My leg hurts, all my other faculties are all in pristine working conditions."
[Y/n] chuckled. "Say, care for a cup of tea while we wait?"
"Hmmm, can I have some coffee instead?"
"Damn it, Viktor. First time in my house and you wanna go picky on me?!" 
"I'm in dreeeeeadful pain over here." 
"Ugh, fine."
She made her way to the adjacent kitchen and started shuffling her cabinets, grabbing what she needed to brew some coffee. Soon, she had a kettle with water on her stove, igniting the burner as she placed a dripper stuffed with a paper filter and ground coffee on top of a glass server. She looked over at Viktor as she waited for the water to boil, he still had his neck held back, head lying comfortably on top of the backrest on the couch, eyes closed. 
She admired how angelic he is despite his thin frame. She had long ago decided this was as far as she would go with him - only admiring from afar while maintaining a strictly professional relationship. The risk of losing everything she worked so hard to achieve - all that time toiling away by herself at the UDS, trying to keep the section working despite the lack of funds, watching her colleagues leave one by one to pursue more prestigious projects, watching them rise socially and economically, while she was left sleeping in a make-shift bedroom, freshening up in an abandoned staff locker room - because of some carnal infatuation was unthinkable. Jayce was being too naive.
Yes, she liked Viktor. Yes, he permeated her thoughts at every waking hour. Yes, she sometimes had to bury herself even deeper in her work to stop her mind from daydreaming about some future where they are together, where she could hold him, burying her face in his chest as she breathed his maddening coffee-tinted musk in.
Jayce was right about their usual banters - they were filled to the brim with tension. At least, that's how she felt about them. It was like a duel, two bodies pitched against each other in a fight of wits, each one carefully studying their opponent in order to best strike them. Or like a dance, every step taken in coordination, each one intensely aware of the other, watching their every move. It was almost… intimate. It somehow helped quench the everburning thirst he inflicted her.
Of course, it couldn't possibly replace the sensation of his lips on hers, or the taste of his pale skin. Or even the… more raunchy thoughts she wouldn't admit made her company in bed at night.
"[Y/n]? I think the water is ready"
His accented voice snapped her back into reality, the high pitched noise of the kettle now super clear.
"Yes, of course." She turned the burner off, and proceeded to pour the water onto the ground coffee in swirls. "Sorry, I zoned out for a second there."
"I presumed so." He muttered back, turning his attention to her from over the couch. "Is it… that encounter back in the last Construction Site that's… bothering you?"
Ah yes, meeting with Raph. Raph, the childhood friend. The man she met when he was still a boy. The man with whom she shared her ideals of a better Undercity with. The same Raph that, past a certain age, sparked a turmoil inside of her. That Raph with whom she made a promise to work towards changing the lives of the undercitizens for the better together when they grew up. The Raph, whose plans she made with were spoiled rotten because she couldn't keep her feelings to herself.
Right now, it wasn't Raph that was bothering her. But a situation very much alike she had with him back in the day.
"No, no… I was just thinking about Jayce." She lied while finishing pouring the water in the dripper. "It's a bit hard to find a cab at this hour due to rush, so it might take him a while."
"That is true."
She opened up another cabinet, taking two mugs out of it and placing them in front of her. She poured them coffee, adding a handful of cream and sugar into the man's mug. She took the mugs to the living room, placing both of them on the coffee table in front of Viktor. 
"Here you go, unbearably sweet, just the way you like it." 
"How kind of you." He thanked her, grabbing the mug from the coffee table and taking a hearty sip. "Hmmm… It almost makes the pain in my leg vanish."
"Speaking of which, wouldn't taking those braces off alleviate the pain a little?" She asked him, looking down at the metal piece around his leg. She used to see him taking it off from time to time in the Academy, especially after spending a good chunk of time standing up.
"It sure would, but I'm afraid the ordeal today affected more than the muscles on my legs." He said, taking another sip of his coffee. "I couldn't bend down far enough to unclasp the braces down the shingles."
"Would you like some help?" She regretted her words as soon as they left her mouth. Helping him get the braces off would entail touching him rather intimately since the braces went up his thighs, dangerously close to where only her bedsheets knew she craved to get. She looked up at him, his mind connecting the same dots she did, as his cheeks flared up. "I mean… I understand if you're not comfortable with it and…"
"I could use… some help."
She studied his face for a moment, the embarrassment in his cheeks now completely visible. He looked away, waiting for her next move.
She sighed, carefully kneeling in front of him, positioning herself near his braced leg. Her heart was already racing from the sheer proximity, which looking up and spotting his amber eyes focused on her didn't help. She gulped before speaking.
"You're gonna have to guide me, I have no idea how to deal with this contraption."
"Oh… of course." He turned his attention to the straps around his foot. "See those clasps? You have to take the strap from underneath and pass it through the metal ring to unlock it."
"I see… Like this?" She did as instructed and was rewarded with a metallic noise.
"Precisely. All the other locks follow the same logic, you just have to continue."
[Y/n] carefully undid clasp by clasp of Viktor's brace, starting with the ones near his ankle. His scent, a mixture of his cologne, coffee and the musk cultivated throughout the day, invading her senses - the proximity intensifying the experience. Her fingers worked tactfully, avoiding touching his body as much as possible, but the occasional grazing of her fingertips on his clothed skin was inevitable - every touch sending sparks through her body. 
Due to her own internal turmoil, it took her a while to notice the heavy breathing was not coming solemnly from her. She undid the following clasp slowly, listening to Viktor's breathing - the rhythm of it was unsteady and he'd occasionally take a deeper breath, as if trying to calm himself down. He seemed… bothered.
[Y/n] looked up from the lock she was working on only to meet a pair of half-lidded amber eyes. It took him a second to realize her gaze, quickly averting his eyes when he did, his breathing getting a tad more unsteady. This whole ordeal seemed to be affecting Viktor just as much.
The conversation she had with Jayce played back in her head like a cassette tape.
Inside her, a battle of wills - on one hand, her resolve to keep this relationship professional to protect her work pounded on her head, on the other, this sign of proof of Jayce's hypothesis from earlier tugged on her chest, pushing her into further testing the water.
"What's wrong, Viktor? Not used to having a woman kneeled in front of you, helping you feel good?"
She blurted out, in a confidence-induced haze provided by the intimacy of the situation and Viktor's reaction. Teasing him into a mockery duel seemed like a safe bet, even with the sexual innuendo never before present in precious installments - this way, she could always brush it all off as a joke in case things escalated in the wrong  direction.
He was taken back for a second and she could see the moment his initial shock transformed into his usual battle-ready smugfull self. 
"I'm just amused at how eager you were to drop to your knees for me." He retorted, despite his face still being bright red. "You seem to be enjoying yourself very much."
"Oh, I'm just getting started." She scooted a little closer to his body, her hands reaching for the clasps on his knee. He flinched due to the added proximity, but didn't drop the act.
"You may be asking for more than you bargained for." He warned in a lower voice, his tone adding more fuel to her fire.
"I… " She stammered, a glimpse of doubt dawning on her. They were reaching a dangerous threshold at this point and none of them seemed ready to back down. But what if this was really what it always was… A banter? This could very well be Jayce rubbing on her, clouding her judgment and any step she'd take forward could mean her ruin. Viktor was proud, the flirty nature of this new installment wouldn't be enough to stop him, even if the situation was making him uncomfortable. This could very well be her reading too much into a usual situation. Maybe it would be better to step down and let him win this round instead of blinding charging forward in what could be a massive crash and burn. 
Another massive crash and burn.
"Hahaha yeah, maybe you're right." She said bashfully, turning her attention to the clasp on his knee and quickly unfastening it. "How could I be able to take on such a genius?"
She reached for the clasp on his thigh, but he quickly held her wrists in place. She looked up at him and saw anxiety where moments before was smugness. 
"I… I'm sorry." He croaked, his face even redder than before. "I got caught up in our exchange and… My body reacted before I could stop it. I didn't realize we weren't being serious."
She raised an eyebrow at him in confusion, searching his face for an answer. Her confusion didn't last long - as soon as she turned her attention back to the grip he had on her wrists, just at the corner of her eyes she could see a slight twitch further up his pants. Her eyes darted to the region below his belt, his pants stretched out, clearly holding a volume that wasn't there before.
She blushed a million shades of red at the sight.
"Did you… want it to be serious?" She asked, reaching his eyes again. 
But before he could answer, the sound of her door swinging open snapped them out of their daze. Jayce looked at them, mouth agape. His shocked expression quickly turned into a grin when he connected (what he thought were) the dots.
"I'll be back later." The taller scientist spat, closing the door as he left.
Chapter 1 /  Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 (END)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ENEMY (from the Arcane Soundtrack) - Official Music Video
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Me during Arcane:
Tumblr media
Me after Arcane:
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Forgive me Father
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Note: Priest!Sevika x fem!reader basically you go to church one night and end up in the confession booth with Father Sevika, sevika is not a good priest, goes to bars, sleeps around, drinks, smokes, and gambles.
Tw: nsfw, relgion, smut, Fingering (vaginal), body worship, size kkinks, punishments, manhandling, spanking, Preist/Father kink, uniform kink, power dynamics, Degradation, praise, dirty talk, humiliation, public sex(?)
Word count: 3,176
Even when the sun was set, and the moon peered from behind the buldings. The sun persisted, fighting to stay in the pinkened sky and yet the streets looked the same. Strangers that stood on the sidewalks of your not so busy town still chatted as their voices got lower and lower drowned out by the hum in your headphones. It was a bustling night however, and you even recognized some faces when they smiled as you walked by. As if on instinct you’d give them a small polite smile back and  in an attempt to avoid any conversations you so desperately didn't want to have, so you decided to put your other earbud in to drown out the unwanted buzz. The air was dull however as the talking died down and everyone had returned home or were on their way, the pink and orange sky turning darker. It wasn’t a fearful dark, since you always took the same route after work everyday, left, left straight for a bit left, right boom home. It was always the same. 
The only change up in your life was when you got invited out clubbing with your friends. Most of them loved to part as much as the next guy, you all found yourselves in a new adventure and whichever guy who was unlucky enough to end up flirting with you ended up with a bruised ego. Your friends knew enough to talk you out of giving him actual bruises, fortunately.
It was content, and calm. But seemingly bland.
You were heading home from work now tonight, your nerves relaxed as you blared the music of your headphones into your ears. "Pink rover, pink rover please send the coward over, and if he starts to holler but a knife up to-" you always tend to get lost within your mind. Music playing lets you escape from reality, although you really should pay more attention to your surroundings. Like now, your shoulder collided with something hard. Someone’s arm you noticed when you took an earbud out to apologize, looking up to whichever poor soul that had to deal with you trying to bulldoze them. And to your surprise stood a woman in a dark cassock, her posture leaning over you a bit. As you noticed her hand curled around your arm, her palms were very big against your bare skin and her fingers nearly long enough to wrap around your entire wrist. "That was an awfully crude song you were singing, my child." You couldn't help it, your eyes were wondering. The black of her could clung to her shoulders so you could see the curves of her muscles, you could see her perfect torso but the coat hung loose around her legs, you couldn’t help but to wonder if beneath the loose drapes were as chiseled as the parts you could make out.
But it seems she noticed your lack of response and took advantage of the silence and invited you inside. 
"Why don't you come in for the sermon, perhaps God brought you here for a reason" she said her gray eyes looked kind, with an intense stare that almost made you melt. You thought she could read your mind for a moment, you didn't know if you wanted her to or not at the moment either.
"Sure, sounds fun" you mocked undecided on attending, waiting simply for her response, you realized her large hand had made its way up your arm to grip your shoulder lightly. "The answer to that would be, Yes Father." She said dark lips curling up and her eyebrows raised, face a bit to yours for comfort. So close that you could smell the putrid smoke of her cigarette in her breath. You gulped your body starting to shudder, a bit.
You felt your cheeks heating up a bit, you weren't sure about the signals, but God you wanted to be on your knees worshiping her. You decided what you had to lose. It's not like you had much respect for churches anyways why should you care if you embarrass yourself. 
"Of course Father, anything you want." You smiled sweetly, your eyes wide at staring at her lips wondering what they felt like on yours, imagining her black lipstick smearing across your skin.
"Good girl" she replied, placing her hand in the middle of your back, guiding you inside,  your jaw clenched and you felt like your ability to breathe was taken away by every touch. 
The two of you walked in silence down the aisle between the pews, you could feel your heart pounding  "It should start in a moment, please take a seat upfront." It seemed you were already in front of everyone, not realizing you had made it all the way across the room. Luckily not many  parishioners had decided to sit in the front pews however. 
"Yes father" you replied,  going to sit down, patting down your short skirt. With your dark clothing, black skirt, collar and ripped nylons you didn't feel like you belong here. You could swear everyone was judging you the moment you walked inside. 
Before the priest had let go of your back she whispered "Keep your legs open for me, princess." Your eyes widened a bit at her brashness. You went silent, licking your lips as your mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden. 
"Okay…" you were able to mumble out quietly. Your heart started pacing faster than you thought possible as you sat down, the tingling in your core happy to have some pressure. You'd realized your knees were weak ever since you felt her hand on you. The scent of cologne and smoke tickled your nose still squirming a bit and realizing Father had already started her eyes looked at you for a moment watching you squirm under her glare. Her eyes glanced down to your shoes and you remembered your legs were supposed to be open. Slowly you opened your thighs, eyes glued to the priest, she seemed pleased. Or you assumed by the smirk that grew across her face as she turned to greet everyone.
"Good evening Father Sevika" 
So Sevika was the Father's name, huh?
You kinda stopped listening after that though, you did try to pay attention. You zoned out after a while, and brought your phone out putting a headphone in. Your legs were still wide. The cold air from the air-conditioner had you squirming a bit trying to get relief. You felt hot even though your skin was ice cold. Maybe showing this much skin is actually a bad idea. Not for the reasons they tell you though, goosebumps were covering your skin. Your music started playing finally "I'm not fazed, only here to sin, If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can.. Call me by your name-" you brought back into church when you heard a specific word come out of Father Sevikas mouth as she addressed her parishioners, you pulled your earbud out to listen. 
"And in Mathew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his" her eyes wander over the crowd until the intense eyes met you, legs still hung open for her as she studied your body so intensely, you thought you were gonna melt, and she could probably see the wet spot growing in your panties. 
Sevika went on smiling at the crowd as if she wasn't just undressing you in her mind.
Thankfully the sermon was over sooner than you thought. You noticed the church grew quiet and you bowed your head with them simply so you wouldn’t stand out even more than you already did, a moment later everyone began to leave and you stood with them quietly as they paced and and you watched the father dismiss the last stragglers. 
And you approached her and the two people talking to her waiting for your turn, they said their goodbyes and began to head out. 
"May I confess something, Father." 
Sevika's eyes stared down at you grey eyes studying you expression as you tried to fein your best innocent, desperate look you could. Her eyebrows scrunched a bit and you could see her cheeks move a bit clenching her jaw. "As you wish, follow me child."
You did, you followed her into another room. And the booth was not what you expected; it looked like an oversized dresser with curtains. "God is forgiving my child, please confess thy sins so that I may offer you penance." 
You looked at her for a moment, you were hoping you could say it right to her face, that this entire time she'd been up there you'd been imaging all the ways she should fuck you let your hand trail up those perfect arms as she tried her best to resist the temptation, so you could see the way she would look at you. So you coils see those gorgeous gray eyes darken glaring at you like she would eat you alive. 
"Do you know what to do my child, or shall I teach you" 
"I've never done this before." You said quietly before she placed a hand on your back. 
"Simple, go inside and kneel. Confess thy sins unto our creator and beg for forgiveness." She wasn't looking at you though.
It didn't sound simple. 
"Yes Father" 
"Good girl" 
You did as you were told, moving behind the curtain and kneeled. You weren't quite sure how to start so you just went with what you've heard before. 
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." You said, your hands against the edge of the room holding yourself still, the skin of your knees pressing into polished wood beneath you and it started to hurt. 
"I've never used a confession booth before and I’m sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness for my greed, my unfaithfulness, my lust. I've drank so much in my life, I swear, I use your name in vain. But mostly I need forgiveness for my behavior. I've been partying so much, hooking up without any second thoughts. I know you teach that our bodies are a temple that we must abstain until marriage, but women are so gorgeous lord, you made them irresistible. Even your priest here. Father Sevika, my mind has been lusting for her since I bumped into her. I was hoping she was going to have me confess on the pews. I wanted to watch her face as confessed how badly I wanted her to fuck me. that I wanted her to look into my eyes, and watch me undress for her. That I'd get on my knees and worship her like a God… excuse my language…" you snorted you couldn't even keep your face straight anymore. 
"Her eyes are so intense, I felt myself melt from the heat, her hands felt so big on my back, I wanted her hands to go further, to smack my ass to grab my chin and-" the curtain whipped open behind you and made you stop dead in your tracks. You were facing the opposite direction but luckily you were able to stand before she stepped inside.
"Do you think this is a joke?" 
You began to turn around and when you did she was extremely close boxing you in the booth she had to duck a bit as you felt your back press against the jagged wall behind you. 
"No Father I-" 
"I do not care for excuses, I do not allow pretty girls to act like sluts around me without some repercussions".
She didn’t look mad, infact her face oozes arrogance. She stood tall, completely eliminating your ability to leave her arms on either side of you. An eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips, satisfied by the surprise and fear in your eyes at her sudden actions.
You felt her hands on your hips as she turned you to face the wall, the front of your torso against the wood pulling your ass out towards her. You felt her breath on the back of your neck, it sent chills down your spine. Her large hands trailing up the sensitive skin of your inner thighs rough calloused fingers curling around the hem of your underwear, her short nails scratching a bit of your skin. 
“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?” You felt her dark lips press to the nape of your neck, her hand groping your ass. 
You felt her pants press against the skin of the back of your thigh, your underwear barely covering any skin. Her hand was warm against your skin. 
“Father, please,” you whispered.
“That’s not what I told you to say.” She growled in your ear, a sharp ‘whap’ sounded as you felt a sting on your ass. 
“The answer is ‘Yes father’, and when I spank you. You say ‘Thank you father.’ When I'm inside you, you say ‘Please, Father’. Do you understand?” She asked her lips trailing down your back hot skin teasing your skin as she trailed downward. Her other arm at the side of your head palm flat against the wood keeping you in place. 
“Yes Father” 
She spanked you again, harder. 
“Good girl” 
Your eyes squinted shut your face scrunching.
“Thank you, Father” You choked as her hand rang against your skin again. She smacked you a couple more times and you thanked her as you were told until you moaned it out, in which she stopped. You felt her hand and body leave your body. 
You wanted to look back but you didn't have the nerve your chest was heaving. 
All of a sudden you felt her body press yours against the walls, muscles pressing against your back hard wood jutting into your stomach as her teeth grated against your ear. “Are you fucking enjoying this? You're fucking filthy aren’t you princess.” She asked, gripping your sides, pressing her pelvis against your back, her fingers dipping in between your thighs. 
“Ahh, Yes father. Please..”
“That's right, beg for me.” Her finger began to toy with your clit, messaging it harshly holding your body still with her other hand, her thumb teasing your pussy, the tip of her thumb barely pressing inside but barely. Brushing agonizingly at the sensitive skin right inside of you. 
“P- Please Father”
“God youre so fucking wet, you like this? Getting fucked in church. You must feel so special, are you? Or do you just slut yourself out to anyone who you think could make you cum?”
“Father I-”
“I asked you a question.” She snarled her grip tightening, it felt harsh enough to bruise. 
“Mhmm- not everyone. You’re just so attr-Ahh.”
You were cut off by her shoving a thick finger inside you roughly, her pace was fast as she pumped in and out of you, your panties pulled to the side, and her clothed leg in between the two of yours, her dress shoe hooked around your ankle to keep your leg in place. 
“I didn't tell you to stop.” She huffed, her raspy voice hung lower now, you could tell she was starting to get out of breath. 
“Ahh- please father, you just looked so good standing there- you are so big and domminent, I thought you would fuck me until I went dumb for you Father.”
“Yea- you want me so bad you’d slut yourself out in church. That if you flirted enough with the priest that you’d get fucked like the little whore you are, huh?” You felt her smirk against your shoulder as she curled her finger right at your sweet spot and your legs nearly gave out. 
“C’mon princess you can take it can’t you” 
“Yes Father, Please, Please God you feel so good- Fuck- Please father” 
You couldn’t help but to give in completely, you were completely at her mercy. 
She added another finger and you clenched around her, her pace quickened. She felt big inside you, even with only two fingers, her hands were large. You felt her lean over you, her lips nearly grazing your cheek as her hot breath hit your face. “You sound divine, keep begging and I’ll let you cum.”
“Yes Father!” You were desperate, you needed her so bad, her fingers pumped faster inside of you, the hand on the wall gone as you felt her breath hitch against your skin, you assumed you knew where it went. There was a string of pleas and mumbling “Father” Each time you did you could feel yourself growing closer and closer the knot in your stomach tensing your legs stiffening as you tried to hold yourself up. “Fuck please I’m so close, please father”
“The cum for me princess, Give in. ” She closed the gap this time you could feel the hard skin of her abs against your back, her other hand reached around and pressed on your stomach right above your waist, it was a bit wet before it trailed down to your clit adding the sensation you needed. You began to squirm your hips, moving in rhythm with her hands moaning out her name. She didn’t stop after that, she fingered you through your orgasm until you were leaning on her for support, unable to stand on your own. “Give me one more baby girl, I know you can.”
She continued to finger fuck you until you came again, her hands wet with your slick. She pulled out slowly letting you drip all over your thighs, her hands supporting your body as she pulled your panties back into place. 
She gave you a moment. “You’ll come back next sunday then? You can get on your knees for me next time.” She said, waiting for you to catch your breath, her lips brushing against the skin behind your ear. 
When you could you turned around out of her grasp and leaned your back against the wall. “Wouldn’t it be a sin to worship you?” You teased lightly, still a bit out of breath. “It is, however its still tempting-” she said, stepping in closer to her lips near yours. “Isn’t it?” The soft skin of her lips brushed against hers as you went in to kiss them. Her lips pressed back her body somehow finding a way to keep you in the booth still a tooth scraped against your lower lip so you parted them, she sucked your tongue into her mouth. 
This didn't seem too holy. When she pulled away you were breathless again. 
“If I come back I need to know something first… Are you a real priest?” You couldn’t help but to wonder. 
“With power comes, the power to do what I want. Including girls like you.” She taunted smirking at you before backing away leaving you leaning against the wall. 
“Speaking of, do you need a ride home. It's a bit dark for you to be wandering home weakly in that” she commented, eyeing your outfit. 
You probably shouldn’t.
“Please, Father?”
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Reverse AU design by MUSH
Tumblr media
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aveimperator40k · 7 months ago
Shout out to the "Chuck the Bartender" at the Last Drop. He reacts basically how any sane person in Zaun or Piltover would react if Jinx popped up in front of them. "Oh Janna, is she gonna kill me this time???" He's a real one, glad Jinx let him live.
He knew her drink too, I can imagine that's the first thing they teach new hires. "Yeah, give her this drink and it seriously lessens the chance she uses a live bomb on you."
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angelltheninth · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm not ready for whatever will tear them apart
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mysticmousecat · 2 months ago
Don't get me wrong
I love kissing girls
But come on
Tumblr media
Don't argue you know I'm right
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drindrak-art · 6 months ago
[Part 1] | Part 2 | Part 3 | [Part 4] | [Part 5]
Arcane AU idea:
so like a year or two pre-episode 4, Jinx messes up big time on a job. Silco, in a fit of anger, casts her aside. He regrets it once his anger is gone, but by that time Jinx has already dipped and set up shop somewhere else.
Anyway, cue vigilante Jinx being a petty little shit towards Silco and his men, and really messing all his plans up.
And Ekko sees this Jinx and is like, Powder? Because she's being slightly less lethal and a bit more like her old self. Like, they don't exactly work together but they do sometimes end up targeting the same Shimmer warehouse lol.
They also know the location of each other's bases. Jinx takes an injured Ekko back to her base and then later Ekko ends up bringing Jinx to his base.
They have dinner together at Ekko's every Friday by an unspoken agreement.
So, when Caitlyn busts Vi outta jail, Jinx isn't as mad as canon, and she and Vi actually get to talk out their feelings.
The fact that said talk happens while Vi is fighting Sevika isn't important. What's important is that they reconcile, and Jinx doesn't think Caitlyn is going to take Vi from her.
lmao just after cait frees vi, jinx bursts into silco's office all like "you lied to me?!" and silco has no idea what she's talking about because it's been like two minutes since the first vi v sevika fight. sevika hasn't returned yet.
jinx just screams at him for a few minutes before she dips again after realizing that he legitimately does not have a clue about what happened to vi.
anyway silco is very confused about the whole interaction, up until the injured sevika comes back.
he just goes "oh that's what she meant"
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